Monday, October 31, 2005

Ahead of the curve?

Leda's WAY ahead - we just found ANOTHER tooth coming in! That makes FIVE!! That's right, FIVE teeth! And we are not even 7 months old (in fact, we are only over 6 months by a week.)

And, we are scooting across the floor at break-neck speed. Well, not really, but she wants something, she will pull herself across the floor with her hands, and push herself a little more with her feet. It's quite interesting! We expect any moment, she will start really crawling.

She's really growing fast! I just hope she's not ready to go off to college until she's 18! ;-)

Leda and the Great Pumpkin

As promised...our little pumpkin (or orange elf, take your pick!)
Leda and the Great Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!

Yep, we dressed Leda up...and I got very cute pictures. However, I haven't had the time to download them off the camera to post them. Will later tonight, so if you check back then, you will see a cute little kid pumpkin with the scary carved one that Brock made! ;-)

The end of Daylight Saving Time...

You know what I hate the most about the end of Daylight Saving Time? Sure, we gain a extra hour over the weekend, but the shadows get longer quicker in the afternoon. That's what I hate the most about the end of Daylight Saving Time.

I just looked out my window and thought it was raining because it had gotten darker...nope, just that it's actually 5:20 PM and I am usually gone from here by now!

Oh well, here's me, waiting for April!

Leda's Second Words...

...will be "Bronco's Suck!*"

Of course, if the Eagles continue on the course they seem to be on at the moment...nope, don't wanna think about it.

*Those relatives in Denver will notice I didn't say Denver! ;-)

Thursday, October 27, 2005

No Doc Update....

Ever get so mad you could spit bullets?

Leda had a Doc appointment (6mo wellness check and shots) today at 9:45am. We got to the Doc office at 9:35am - figured if we got there a little early, maybe they would take us a little early - HA!

It was around 10:50am, after watching pharmaceutical sales person after pharmaceutical sales person go back to visit with office personnel, and little Leda's eyes red from being tired, that I finally went to the desk and told them to reschedule us for the first available appt in the am - very early in the am.

Yep, we waited over an hour for our appt and never did see the doc - never did get weighed, measured and shot up with lots of good for us vaccinations. And, boy, was Mommy mad that she had to take off 3 hours of work for NOTHING!

I love our doc - really, I do. He spends time with his patients - we are usually the ones pushing him to the door! But, when the office schedules visits every 15 minutes, that usually means that you may have a scheduled appointment for 9:45 that really means 10:30 (if you are lucky!).

I guess I don't understand why they don't schedule appts in half hour segments - especially knowing this Doc's propensity for running EXTREMELY late.

I don't usually mind when it's me, but to make a 6 mo old wait over an hour to see the Doc, when she's tired AND hungry, makes me spit bullets!

Yes, I was mad; No, I didn't take it out on the office ladies. I did, however, drive very fast back to the office! ;-)

So, we have to wait until next Wed to find out how much Leda weighs - Yes, we could weigh her ourselves, but we don't trust the scales we own! ;-)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Can you say, "Not a snowball's chance in ...."?

Grand Canyon SkyWalk

Seriously, 4,000 ft in the air, jutting 70 ft out from a cliff, with a glass bottom. Do you SERIOUSLY think that anyone with an INKLING of a height phobia is going to come within 100 yds of this "attraction?"

I am sure it will be spectacular, but I ain't putting it on my list of places to visit before I die!

My knees get weak just thinking about this!

Christmas Lists

For those family members who need Christmas purchasing ideas:

Leda's Wish List

Cyndy's Wish List

Items are in NO particular order. And yes, I have a very boring list this year. If I can think of anything I can't live without, I will add it to the list. Until then, happy hunting through my ever growing list of stuff I want!

As for Brock's list, well, we all know that we don't get that list until the end of November, if we are at all lucky! I know what I'm getting him, and no, I ain't telling! ;-)

Oh, and clothes sizes for Leda...anything 6-12, as long as it is winter/warm like clothing. If it's summer clothes, I would expect she'll probably be wearing something like 12-18mo by the summer time. She's wearing 6-9 right now - we just can't fit into the 3-6 anymore!

Now, since I have broken my own Christmas rule in getting lists out BEFORE Nov 1, you all can return the favor by sending me some lists of things to get for you!

Thank you, and Good Day.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hey, what happens if I pull this?

Hey, what happens if I pull this??

6 Months!

Leda at 6 months!

Today Leda is 6 months old! Unbelievable! I can't believe I am the mother of a 6 month old! (Most of the time, I can't believe I am a mother! So this is big! ;-)

Let's see, in 6 months, we have started sleeping through the night (well, geez, that got accomplished before she was 2 months!), we've grown FOUR teeth (FOUR!!), we've been eating solids for two months, we've ALMOST started crawling (we are HOURS away from chasing the kid!), we've smiled and laughed EVERY day, and we have brought more joy to Mommy and Daddy's lives than any two people are allowed to have in one lifetime!

Leda's absolutely, hands-down, the BEST KID ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH! And, no, we are not bias! ;-)

The past week we've had a few interruptions in the middle of the night (nothing longer than a handful of minutes, but Mommy's gotta get up and come see what's the matter) and we think that's because of teething (darned teeth - if they weren't so important, we'd just skip this part!) But that doesn't keep Leda from being happy in the morning!

Leda at 6 months!Leda at 6 months - Awaiting Breakfast!

I wish I could write something beautiful and meaningful, and it's not because Leda isn't all of that and more, but every time I try to come up with something, all I can think of is JOY. That's what she is - pure JOY. She's so easy to take care of, she makes dining out so easy. She smiles at us and we melt. She giggles and my heart wants to burst from my chest.

Saturday night, we visited with our neighbors - they were having some people (and a load of kids!) over for a little party for Connor who's birthday was yesterday. Leda was a little overwhelmed at the people and kids, but she was doing pretty good. She hadn't seen Lorraine (our neighbor's friend) in several months, and when Lorraine started talking too her, Leda got scared or something. She clung to me like she wanted to be part of me. She got a little weepy, but then started smiling at Lorraine, but she wouldn't let go of me for her life! This was the first time in 6 months that she really showed any need to have me close - she's always wanting to go, go, go. I practically melted onto the floor. I was blown away by the need to protect her, even though I knew there was nothing that I needed to protect her from at that moment, but I closed my arms around her tight and she calmed down. It was amazing.

Over the past 6 months, we've noticed that she's definitely aware of who we are and that we are her world (and that includes Duff, whom she just ADORES, although he keeps about two feet distance between her and him at all times!) It's amazing to see her discover the world around her, and that world gets a little bigger every day, as does she!

We have our 6 month visit on Thursday, so we'll find out how much we weigh and how long we are - we figure we are almost 20 pounds, and we definitely have grown height-wise. So we will do an update later in the week. We also get shots on Thursday, which we hate! Bluck!

In the meantime, we have a very happy baby. We (Brock and I) have realized, even if we were thinking of having another child, we couldn't, because we have the perfect child! Besides, we'd definitely have to pay for such ease! ;-)

Happy birthday, Leda. WE LOVE YOU!
Leda at 6 months!

Dinner with Grandpa and Nana!

Last night, we went to dinner with Grandpa and Nana, who are in town to promote Nana's book, The Gift of More.

We joined Grandpa and Nana at Taquet in Wayne and we had a GREAT dinner. Grandpa gave Leda a teddy bear that he purchased at the toy store across the street from the hotel they are staying in (Leda's all for Grandpa and Nana, and any other Grandparents that want to visit, to stay at hotels across the street from toy stores! In fact, any relatives that want to visit, just let us know and we will tell you what hotels are across the street from toy stores that you can stay in!) Leda loves the teddy bear and she was such a good girl while we were having dinner!

After dinner, Nana couldn't stand it anymore and had to hold Leda...

Leda and NanaLeda and Nana

(I really need to figure out how to get this darned camera to focus properly!!!)
(AND, you might notice that Leda's face looks really red and blotchy...she's sporting a nasty rash, which we believe has something to do with the's getting better and we will discuss with the Doc this week!)

Then, Leda got to sit on Grandpa's lap...
Leda and GrandpaLeda and Grandpa

Then, when desert came, probably against our better judgement, Brock let Leda taste a little Rasberry sorbet...
Trying some Rasberry SorbetRasberry Sorbet...Yum!

Regardless of the look, this kid LOVED rasberry sorbet (she even tried some of Mommy's Pear Sorbet and LOVED that too!) As soon as she got over the coldness and the different taste, the mouth opened wide for another spoonful! In fact, the looks she gave Daddy when he took a bite for himself where PRICELESS! Unfortunately, Mommy was laughing so hard at the faces she was making that Mommy only got these two pictures. And, the redness of her face this time is not the rash - it's the color of Rasberry! ;-)

We had a GREAT time with the Grandparents! Leda can't wait to see them again - and we will on Wednesday at Nana's signing!

Brock's Pumpkins

Brock carves the best pumpkins....

pumpkin 2003

pumpkin 2001

There's more to soon as I can find more!

Leda's gonna be terrified most of her life! ;-)

Monday, October 24, 2005

It's the Great Pumpkin, Leda

Yesterday, the family (sans dog - unfortunately, no dogs allowed) went out to Linvilla Orchards for a day of reminiscing and pumpkin picking!

My grandmother used to take us to Linvilla (hundreds of) years ago and I wanted to start a little tradition of our own for Halloween - The go-out-to-the-orchard-and-pick-out-a-pumpkin-that-Daddy-will-carve-and-pay-twice-as-much-for-it-as-we-would-at-the-supermarket-but-it-will-be-fun-to-see-all-the-pumpkins-and-stuff-and-listen-to-Mommy-wonder-why-it-isn't-exactly-like-it-was-when-she-was-a-kid tradition.

Linvilla changed a bit since I was a kid - there were HUNDREDS of people out there yesterday - it was crazy! And, the great big octagonal building that we used to go into to get the fresh farm/orchard stuff (all I can remember, for some reason, was the Linvilla honey that we used to ALWAYS get when we went there) is no longer there! It must have burned or something*, because it is gone - thus, I had a horrible time trying to get my bearings! It wasn't until we were leaving and driving by the place where the building used to be that I saw the old stone walls of the ruins of the building and I knew exactly where I was - of course, I was in the car and going away from the orchard at that time!

Anyway, we had fun...Brock got a pumpkin to carve for the Shier's Halloween party this weekend and we got a little pumpkin for Leda that Daddy will carve into something fun for her!

Leda in the pumpkin patch
Leda in the pumpkin patch
Chillin' in the pumpkin patch
Leda in the pumpkin patch

After we picked our pumpkins, we stopped by to see Granddad and Fay Teal. We had lunch and played for a little bit - Granddad took lots of pictures - and we watched the start of the race, then we had to go - Leda was due for a nap and we don't want to screw with nap time!

When Leda arose from her nap, the Eagles blocked a Charger's field goal and ran it in for a touchdown! The afternoon was saved - so we called Abby and wished her a Happy Birthday - She's Three! Wow! And, she got a new bike! ;-)

Now, if only I can be assured that while I am at work, Daddy isn't showing Leda HOW to carve the pumpkin! ;-)

*As I was looking for links to Linvilla...I found that the big octagonal building I was searching for DID burn down - in 2002. Apparently they are going to rebuild it, but haven't started yet!

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Trebek: "Answer: The only two singles from this album not to become top-ten hits were "Baby Be Mine" and "The Lady In My Life" *

Me: Thriller

Contestant: Thriller

Trebek: Right!

Brock: It scares me that you know that.

(personally, it scares me, too!)
*Not exactly the question word-for-word, but close.

Friday, October 21, 2005

One more point about my Anniversary...

To date, I have NOT smoked 10957 cigarettes!
I have added 2 months, 23 days and 16 hours to my life.
I have saved $2,466!

All for being smoke free for 548 days!

I think I deserve to buy something for myself!
Hmmmm, gotta think, what do I want to buy for myself? to go think!

Have a great weekend!

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth...

Well, cross that off Leda's Christmas List! We have Front Toothage!

Last night at dinner, we were trying our new "veggie puffs" (things to promote chewing) and since, for some reason, these are the ONLY things we pick up but DON'T put in our mouth, I was helping Leda eat them by placing then in her mouth (that she was opening up like a little starving birdy!) Well, my fingers lingered a little too long in her mouth and she bit down and it hurt...more than usual!

I checked, and yep, there's a top front tooth coming out of the gums!

No warning...nothing that we could point to and say, ah, yep, she's getting a tooth! Except for the excessive drooling (which she has been doing since she was 2 months old!) I guess there might be some signs, but none of them were ones that the book told us she would show us. Darned book!

Anyway, I guess we will have to add more things to Leda's Christmas List because those two front teeth will be here before Thanksgiving!

18 Months

Nope, not Leda...she's growing quickly, but not THAT quickly! ;-)

My Anniversary Date - Yep, 18 months ago, I smoked my last cigarette!!!! Haven't had one since! That's right, I have been going nuts for the past 18 months! ;-)

Actually, it's not that bad. Don't even want a cigarette, most of the time. Occasionally I do, but the longer I don't smoke, the easier it is to quell that urge by thinking about the fact that I've come too far now to fail. Besides, it would only give Brock more incentive to keep smoking. ;-)

So, Happy Anniversary to me and my lungs! ;-)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

New appreciation for Single Parents

I've spent the past 48 hours as a single parent of a 6 month old and I just don't know how single parents of infants do it all the time. It's hard work! I mean, usually the longest either one of us left alone with Leda is about 8-9 hours. I'm alone with the little monster until this evening and I am exhausted!

But, we've been having fun!

After a not so easy night on Friday - Leda had a bit of a messy diaper around midnight, which found her crying on and off for about a half hour after I changed it. Then, she decided at 6:30AM that I had had plenty of sleep for the night! Anyway, after an easy morning - all we did was vaccum the living room, well, and play - we had lunch and headed off for the Valley Forge Park for a little walk with the dog. After a false start (I packed EVERYTHING BUT the dog leash and didn't realize it until half way there! duh!) we finally got to the park and we had a good walk. At least we tired out the dog!

Only problem yesterday afternoon...I forgot to work in an afternoon nap - well, Leda slept for 2 hours between 12 and 2 - I actually woke her up at 2 so she wouldn't get too off schedule. We didn't get back from the park until 5 and she was going to have dinner around 5:30-6pm! So, we didn't get a nap. Which wasn't too bad, except Mommy really needed that nap! ;-) She did have a quick cat nap in the car when I went off to get a sub for dinner!

We had our bath and we got ready for bed, and we had our bottle, and we got into the crib, and we sorta fussed, then we kinda talked to ourselves, and within 10 minutes, we were asleep! The dog and I sigh! ;-)

We got to sleep until 4:45AM. Leda cried out in her sleep and I had to go "put the plug in!" (the pacifer) She eventually went back to sleep around 5:15 (I think) and I didn't hear her again until a little after 6, when she was talking to herself and playing quietly...I got up at 7 and we started our day! So far, that's consisted of talking to Daddy and playing. We are thinking of going off to the Mall later this afternoon...we'll see how our nap schedule goes. Our estate sale fell through - so we are on our own again!

Hopefully we will have a good day. Leda is, at the moment, yelling at me because I am on the computer, so, See Ya!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Valley Forge National Park

All my life (well, 99% of it, at least!) I've lived near Valley Forge. I really need to go back to the welcome center and take tour some of the buildings scattered around the park. I can't believe that I've never been in the Washington Chapel!!

Leda and I spent an hour or so with Duff walking up and down the path right outside the chapel. The weather was gorgeous today (considering the 8 or 9 days of rain and/or clouds!) The sun was warm and the sky was interesting. The clouds were fluffy and white, but every so often, the lighting would change and the clouds would look ominous - like a storm was on the way - but three minutes later, the sky would be blue and all the clouds would look like you could sink into them like a big, warm, soft chair.

Valley Forge National ParkClouds
Washington Memorial ChapelValley Forge National Park
Leda at Valley ForgeLeda

Friday, October 14, 2005

Girl's Weekend

Well, since Daddy is off to Orlando* for the weekend, Leda and Mommy get a WHOLE weekend, including a Friday, all to ourselves!

So, what did we do on our first day? We went to the Mall! WoooHooo!

Actually, this was pretty significant...this was Leda's first trip to the Mall. She did pretty well for about an hour...then she got tired and started crying. But, she got a whole new outfit out of the trip, so it wasn't too bad. We are excited...we bought our Thanksgiving outfit! And, it's cute! And, yes, it has fake leopard skin as part of the outfit...I couldn't resist! Guess you'll all have to come back after Thanksgiving to see the pictures!

Anyway, the rest of the weekend should be pretty uneventful, except for Sunday, when we join Karen and Jennifer for an estate sale. That should be fun!

*He says he isn't going to have fun, since it is sorta work, but we know better! ;-)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Yeah, good luck with that...

I don't know whether to laugh at this or join the "Free Katie" people:

Katie Holmes' silent Scientology birth

The jist....Scientologists believe that a "loud" birth could mentally affect the child. So, they believe that all those attending a birth, including the mother, should be completely silent. SILENT. ARE.YOU.KIDDING.ME????

There is so much wrong with this on SO many levels.

Seriously, I don't think I will ever be able to watch Top Gun or A Few Good Men EVER again. He has just totally ruined it for me.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

As if I wasn't inadequate enough....

Not only do I work out of the home (HORRORS!) and leave my child to be care for by her father (I mean, you KNOW she's playing with knives and power tools while I am way from the home!) and didn't breastfeed (well, now, that's Leda's fault! She just hated it!), now, NOW, here comes the "elimination communication" people who are going to tell me that I just am not that great of a mother because I didn't start potty training her at 3 months...that's right, POTTY TRAINING!

A Fast Track to Toilet Training for Those at the Crawling Stage

Look, I think this is great, if you have the time and energy to do it. I just don't want someone looking at me in the future and poo-pooing (no pun intended) me because I didn't start potty training my kid before she was eating solid foods. It's bad enough I have to deal with the guilt of not being with my kid 24/7, now I will be a bad parent for not potty training my kid at 3 months? Leda will grow up to be a well adjusted kid regardless of anything her father or I do to her - and we will spend the money for all the necessary therapy to ensure this fact!

We don't need no stinking "elimination communication!"

Leda's first words...

...will be,

"Dallas Sucks."

Count on it!

Friday, October 7, 2005

Why October scares me...

It's not because of Halloween. And all the Ghosts and goblins floating around out there.

It's not because it's the time of the year that could be warm or could be cold and you can't put away the summer clothes but you have no place for the winter clothes...

It's not because the leaves start to fall and if it rains, they can be like driving on ice...

Nope, none of that...

It scares me because any day now my mother is going to start bugging me for Christmas lists! Yep, can't even wait for us to get into November and get to a point in time when it is okay to start thinking about Christmas.

Not only do I have to make my own list, now I have to make one for Leda! (and, most of the time, I have to come up with things for work is NEVER done!)

Oh, and by the way, Brock and I actually saw the first Christmas commercial of the season...on WEDNESDAY!! Yes, that would be OCTOBER 5TH! A FULL 2 1/2 Months before the big day! Granted, it was a commercial for the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show, but it was a Christmas commercial none-the-less.

That's sick...I just can't think about Christmas until AT LEAST the day after Halloween...and it ain't because I like Halloween...I don't. I just can't think about it yet!

So, if any of you out there in the internets thinks you are going to get a Christmas list before November 1st, think again!

Or go here: Wish List

Thank you for your time! ;-)

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

If you need a license to get married...

...maybe you should have to get a license in order to have and raise children.

And, I don't mean this:
(not going there!)

What I mean is people who are too weird for their own good probably shouldn't be having kids....

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes expecting

I mean, come on. This guy has just gone off the deep end this past year. Now, he's pro-creating? I sure hope that Katie doesn't experience any baby blues or postpartum depression.

Oh, and I am not EVEN going to touch Britney and Kevin as parents.

We have to have licenses to have dogs, to drive cars, to get married...but anyone can have a kid. Geesh!

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

New commenting system added...

Added a new commenting system to the blog this morning so that you don't have to be anonymous anymore! Thus, it appears I have lost all the comments (not that there were that many to begin with) that people made on the blog!

Hey, so, make them again if you wanna! Or, don't. I remember what was said! ;-)

UPDATED: I think I fixed some of the old comments, so Never Mind! ;-)

Monday, October 3, 2005

Green Veggies...

Well, on Wed or Thur of last week, we started Green veggies with Leda. We decided to start with Greenbeans....I love green beans...I pretty much like all green veggies (except broccoli - Bluck!) was hoping the kid would love greenbeans too. No dice...we got it spit out at us on the first night, and then she wouldn't open her mouth unless a bottle or a spoonful of rice cereal was coming toward it. The second night, we got gagging! So, no greenbeans for this kid...well, at least not for now...we aren't sure, but it could also be that she was feeling poorly.

Then, this weekend, we didn't eat anything but our bottle...we really were not feeling well - we think it might have been Fifth's disease, since there was a rash and temperature, and Dr. John pretty much concured. Now, we just have a stuffy nose and a cough. No temperature anymore, than goodness!

So, last night we tried Peas...and much to my delight, this child will not take after my mother when it comes to peas! She seemed to like them! First veggie that we didn't get a strange face with the first bite! Wow! Now, I did warn her, no matter how much she likes peas, that her Grandmom will NEVER EVER make them for her, as they seem to be mean nasty things to Grandmom (don't have a clue what peas ever did to her, but she hates 'em!)

So, we will continue with the Peas for a few days and then try the greenbeans again. Hoping it was just a case of not feeling well, and not that the greenbeans have become for Leda what Peas are for her Grandmom!

Poor Bird

Last week, at work, the funniest thing happened. Well, it was funny, but not so funny...

My cubical was on the third floor, right outside an empty office which we used the leave the door open to so we could see sun light. I was down on the first floor cleaning/rearranging my new office that I was going to be moving into at the end of the week. I came upstairs and while on the phone, I swung my chair around and saw this:

Bird go smash!

If you look really closely, you will see a bird!

I had to think about it, too...I wasn't competely sure I was seeing what I was seeing. But I was - it's a bird. Well, what a bird left on the window, after apparently flying full force into it!

The report from the conference room on the first floor directly below this window was a large "thud" was heard and something black dropped out of the sky. We assume the bird is dead, although no one apparently actually checked to see if there was a dead bird.

I am REALLY glad I wasn't sitting at my desk when it hit...I would have probably jumped out of my skin!

Poor bird. It did provide a little comic relief though.

Sunday, October 2, 2005

Box full of memories

Mom-Mom's house

This house has been a part of my entire life. It's my grandparent's house, my Pop-Pop and Mom-Mom's house, although they haven't lived there for 13 or so years. My Aunt and Uncle live there now, or, actually, my Aunt will live there until around the end of this month. They are moving to Florida and selling this house.

Although I haven't visited them much here (we see them at my cousins or at our house or out at dinner), this house has always been there, waiting for me, as if it would always be there, would always house the memories of all the Christmas's, birthday parties, Fourth of July/Pop-Pop's Birthday picnics, Thanksgivings, MANY Eagles games where I learned how to yell and scream with the best of them!...all the hide-in-seek games my sister and my cousins and I played. It will be someone else's house soon. And that makes me sad, to think that someone else's family will now create their own memories in this house. But it sorta makes me happy, too.

What's most sad, I think, is that I will never be welcome back to this house with all the love of family. It will become another house you pass by and wonder what it looks like inside, do the people who live there love each other, does the powder room still smell like Mom-Mom?

It's not a big house, it's not a fancy house. It's plain on the outside, and pretty plain on the inside. It's not got a ton of land, it's only feet away from "the pike." In all honesty, it's just a house.

All the memories that this house holds, both good and bad, don't get sold to the next family that will live there. Those memories get to stay with us, in all of us who ever stepped foot in that house; who ever watched Mom-Mom play solitaire at the dining room table; brought Pop-Pop his scotch on the rocks in the living room where he'd be sitting in his chair and (before 1975ish) watch him smoke his cigarette and dump the ashes in that HUGE ashtray that used to sit by his chair; listened to KYW 1060 on the little radio in the kitchen (and can still hear that station jingle, over and over and over again!); learned how to knit with Mom-Mom in the living room with that big, big mirror behind the couch; watched an Eagles game with the Cunningham family; picked strawberries with Mom-Mom out of her garden; hid underneath the great big evergreen tree on the corner of the property; and so on, and so forth.

I'll miss this house. It was a good house. I hope the next family that lives there cherishes the memories it will help create as much as our family does.

Mom-Mom's house

Appearing for One Night Only

Appearing One Night Only


Well, finally got a few pictures uploaded and updated a few things....

Squash is yucky has proof now!

5 Months Old has pictures of Leda looking 5 months old!

Some other pictures that were very cute that Mommy had to share but had no place else to go but in this post!

Hey, whatcha doing down there?
Hey, whatcha doing down there??

Looking demure?
Looking demure, or merely faking it?

Fat Cat!
The largest cat know to man

Being Silly
Being silly with Daddy!

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