Monday, January 30, 2006

Apparently I DO have something to say...

Okay, what the heck is going on?? Global Warming? Did the earth tilt on it's axis? What is up with the weather in Philadelphia (for that matter, everywhere!)? It's January's 9:47's FIFTY-TWO DEGREES!

Global Warming....

And, what is with my freakin' camera and why won't the darned thing focus properly? I guess the next time I get a little time alone, I'd better read that darned camera manual, huh?

(the top number is the outside temp...the second number is the temp in the house. The next number, the time and the bottom number the date)

Family reading list...

Go see Susan Wendel Och's website....I think it is safe to say that writing definitely runs in the family! Susan is Brock's cousin...

French Road Connections

She also started a bread making blog...apparently bread-making also runs in the family as Brock loves making bread! Well, fried dough at least! ;-) It never quite gets baked in our house!


Hi...miss me?

I've got some pictures to show you, but don't have much else to say. Not busy at work (hate it!) but can't update from work either (else, I'd probably have LOTS to say!) By they time I get home, the last thing I want to do is think! ;-)

Leda's doing great...she's come up with a few new things that she is doing...She loves to reprimand us now...we get yelled out if we do something she doesn't like - like walk away from her or leave the room (even when one of us is still in the room!) She's a bugger! ;-)
As promised, here's the Nine Month picture! Yes, we feed the kid WAY too much orange veggies!
9 Months Old

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

9 Months Old!

Wow. 9 months old today.

What a little bugger she is! We would have never thought, 18 months ago, when we created this little creature that today we would be amazed by her ability to walk unassisted! Yep, 9 months old and she's taking 5, 6, 7, 8 steps by herself. She's even walking AROUND things in her way. Can you say baby proofing is underway?

Leda's developing quite a personnality. Who would have thought she'd end up stubborn - don't have a clue where she got that from! ;-) She get's something in her head and it takes forever to get her to focus on something else - take the t.v. remote for example. Wherever she is in the house, if that remote becomes available to her (i.e., within her reach), she drops everything she's doing to go after it. Brock has resorted to going to the Dollar store and buying cheap remotes to keep her from going after the good one. Tested the theory tonight...real tv remote becomes available and, with fake remote in hand (in death grip, that is!), off she goes to get the real remote. Theory disproved! ;-)

Visited the Dr. on Monday for Leda's 9 month checkup. She didn't have to get any shots (bonus!) but only because they didn't have the one shot she needed! We've got a 20.5 pound, 28 inch (not sure we trust the measurement, as this would mean she LOST an inch!) healthy baby! She's also very leary of the doctor this time around. Not sure she can trust him all of a sudden, and she sure as heck isn't gonna go to him! ;-) We've started weaning her off the formula and onto whole milk (wooo hooo, no more formula!) and need to start her on regular food, things she'll need to chew, which seems to be something she's ready for!

Leda will wave good-bye when I go off to work, or when Daddy leaves the room, or, it is completely possible that she waves bye to us because she wants us to leave! ;-) She's using a "gimme" gesture with her hands that seems to mean that she wants something and she's started to point - but not completely sure what that means yet. No words yet but she does seem to be wanting to communicate with us.

She's a trip. She can crack herself up. She "talks" while breathing's kinda funny! She does rasberries and seems to give us hugs on occasion. She doesn't seem to care much about Duff, although she will pet him if he's in one of our laps. Duff seems to like her. In fact, we think that her first word will probably be Duff!

Wow, 9 months! I just can't believe it. Only 3 months and she'll be a year old. I just don't know where the time has gone. I can remember her birth as if it was yesterday. Don't know what the next month holds in store for us, but, rest assured, all outlets will be covered, all electrical cords will be hidden, all heavy furniture will be nailed down. Our little Leda is on the move!

(will post pictures over the weekend...just didn't have the time tonight!)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Be afraid, be VERY afraid....

Yep, I think I said not too long ago that I wasn't gonna talk about T.O. anymore. Sorry, the temptation was just too much...

First, the reports are that Tampa Bay might want him. Hey, I was all for that! ;-)

Now, the reports are that the Dolphins might want him?? Oh, Uncle Kurt, your team might be in BIG trouble if they are seriously considering this!

Dolphins interested in Owens

Especially since at least three Dolphin's players have already indicated to the press that T.O. ain't welcome in their lockerroom...that's just a problem waitin' to happen!

I am sure we won't see much of anything happen before March, since I doubt there's anyone out there that would actually trade anything of meaning for T.O.!


Well, this sucks...Leda's favorite toy, recalled!
Sitting in my chair!
Actually, it's not so bad. We ordered the fix kit, so she should be able to play with her chair for months and years to come!

Funny, both Claire and Aimee heard about the recall...did we, nope! (of course, tonight, during the news, they'll probably mention it!)

Anyway, everyone rest assured that Leda will be JUST fine playing with her chair!

Monday, January 16, 2006

The "too tired to come up with a good title" Post AKA Mommy and Leda's Weekend in Florida


Someone has replaced my mild-mannered child with a clingy, whiny, screaming kid. Please, return said mild-manner child immediately, no questions asked. Clingy, whiny, screaming kid is ready to be re-claimed.

Leda and I headed to Florida for the past weekend. It was planned months ago. We were looking forward to it. I knew that I might be in store for some fun on the plane, due to the fact that she was going to be older, more mobile than when we traveled to Portland, but figured, once we got there, once she got used to seeing Grandma and Granddaddy and Aunt Aimee and Uncle Kurt and Abby and Sami and countless other Sweat family members, Leda would be just fine. HA! Lesson Number one in Child Rearing learned the hard way: Never EVER expect the child to act as you would expect the child to act!

The plane problem. Luckily, the person who had the seat next to us didn't show up for the flight, so we had two seats to stretch out on the way down to Florida early Friday morning. I figured that MAYBE Leda would take a nap, but nope, she didn't, but she was perfect on the flight down and the nice lady that sat in front of us and I had a wonderful conversation for most of the flight down, so the flight didn't feel like 2 hours, more like an hour and a half!

Enter, Grandma. Mommy needed to use the restroom, so Leda got to spend a few moments alone with Grandma. She seemed okay. No crying. I came out and she reached right for me, but otherwise, no crying. So, hey, figured, she'll warm up to Grandma pretty darn quick, right?


Somewhere in the time it took to get from the airport to Grandma's house, the switch was made. My child was replaced with a child who wouldn't let me move out of her sight, wouldn't allow ANY one to hold her, cried and screamed if I moved out of about a foot reach - just plain was miserable - the WHOLE weekend. Leda wouldn't go to Grandma, not to Granddaddy, nope to Aunt Aimee, and the only reason she didn't cry around Uncle Kurt for about 5 minutes is because he bribed her with whipped cream and Key Lime Pie! Around the kids, no problem. Leda loved Sami and Abby and Kate and Brad and Reagan. Any grown up other than Mommy - Forget about it!

Oh, and then there was the bed time fiascos! One hour to get her to go to sleep on Friday (seemingly normal) but over an hour and a half to get her to go to sleep on Saturday! Oh Mercy!

The flight home was uneventful, other than the delay of about an hour (not fun when you already had a late flight...we didn't get home and in bed until 12:30 AM!) and a really obnoxious flight attendant who played with Leda pretty much for the first hour and 15 minutes of a two hour flight. Yep, try to get a kid to go to sleep when a loud (albeit, very nice) flight attendant is in her face. And, no, she wouldn't go to her either! Anyway, Leda finally fell asleep during the last half hour or so of the flight.

This morning, she was tired, but woke up before I left for work and, although she cried for a little while this morning (for what reason, we don't know...she probably was just tired) she's been a normal child all day.

Anyway, Leda has promptly been removed from Grandma's will until further notice (haha, just kidding!)

In anycase, the weekend was exhausting. Put that together with the H.E. double-hockey sticks that is my job, I could use a vacation! I wouldn't expect too much posting this week.

Oh, and it was wonderful to see everyone, regardless of the child switch. It was fun and it's always good to see family. And the Florida weather was nice (cold for them, nice for us! hehehe) And Granddaddy made a Low Country Boil that couldn't be beat! Yummm! And we got to see the finished Marson Homestead. It's really nice!

Oh, and currently, I am rooting for Seattle to make the big game (since Da Bears decided to blow the game yesterday!). Don't think I could pick between Pittsburgh and Denver, but I guess I'll have to root for Denver due to family obligations and then hope that Seattle whips their butts good! ;-) Anyone but Carolina! ;-)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Walking and other stuff!

Almost! Yep, our little furniture surfer has taken the first tentative steps without assistance.

The first step (it was more like a half step) took place on Thursday evening (I think it was thursday evening, it may have been Wed evening...I don't remember exactly now, since I am EXHAUSTED, but that's another story!) Anyway, she took one step and fell into the couch. Then, the next day, over at the neighbors, and while Mommy was at work, of course, she took three more steps (Daddy's assessment!) Then, a few more over the weekend. We aren't exactly sure of ourself when we do take those steps, but we will take them, if there's something that we want out of our reach and there aren't any assistant-rendering pieces of furniture between us and that object.

So, yes, our lives will NEVER be the same again.

As for the exhaustion...we apparently have developed separation anxiety that apparently kicks in somewhere in the vicinity of 2-5 AM! We cry (and/or scream, depends on the response received!) and have to be put down several times over the course of about an hour before we fall back to sleep. It's lovely!

We also seem to be wanting to communicate...we have started to "wave." Not exactly sure what it means completely, but she's started to do the little baby wave...the one when you wave your fingers up and down, but your hand kinda stays still...if you turn it around, it's more like a "gimme" sign. I started doing this when I would leave for work ages ago and over the weekend, Brock put his jacket on to go out and stack wood, and Leda "waved bye-bye!" It was quite cute! But she does it all the time now....when we leave, when I say good-bye, when she's eating (although, then, she's doing it more in the "gimme" way!) In any case, it's interesting that she's picking up on how to communicate with us!

Leda and I are off to FL on Friday...Mommy's not looking forward to the flight! Hopefully little Baby will be too tired to wanna do much of anything but sleep (love those early flights!!) Anyway, Saturday is a day meeting every Sweat within driving distance of Jacksonville, so I hear! ;-) We are looking forward to the visit (well, Leda has no idea what I mean about visiting FL, but she'll figure it out sooner or later!)

Friday, January 6, 2006

Weird Site Hits...

I've got a stats meter connected to the website (that's right, I ALWAYS know how many times you have visited, Claire! ;-) hehehe. Anyway, it tells me when someone has hit, where (approximately) they are in the world, what network they hit from, etc. I have figured out most of who you are out there (Chris, you're comes up Penske! ;-)

Anyway, occasionally I get hits from a Google search. I don't usually mention this (except maybe to Brock every once in a while...some of them are just plain weird, but for the most part, not perverted!), but after seeing a hit from today, I had to mention...

This is the second time since October that I got a hit from someone Googling pictures of "largest cat." Dela is famous! Yep, because of this post where I posted a picture of the "largest cat know to man," I have gotten two hits to the website.

So, try Googling largest cat and go to page four, and scroll down toward the will find Dela in all her glory (if she ever finds out I posted that picture to the World Wide Web, she'll scratch my eyes's NOT very flattering!)

BTW, if you are the one who Googled largest cat, welcome! ;-)

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Sick again?

Well, I've been a bit under the weather since the day after Christmas - just a cold, but having not been sick for almost 3 years, I feel miserable - so it was just a matter of time before the kid came down with it.

Last night was miserable! (Except for Penn State winning...sorry Uncle Kurt! ;-) I did stay up and watched the whole game, all three OTs, too, and turned off the lights at 1am. At 2am, Leda started fussing and she fussed every half hour or so until 4:30 or so when she just flat out started screaming. We couldn't calm her down. We checked for a temp and she was fine, but boy, was she not happy. We did give her a little Tylenol and a bottle - figuring, if it was a sore throat, like my cold started, the warm formula might help her feel better. It did, for a little while. She slept for another half hour and woke up screaming again. This time, Motrin and another bottle - we knew she wasn't too bad, because she was eating like a champ, but she just wouldn't calm down. It was horrible.

Well, around 7, Brock took her downstairs and I went back to bed after calling into work...I figured, I'd get a couple hours and run in for the afternoon. Leda was fine. She ate a full breakfast, she played, she laughed, she acted as if nothing had happened. Then, she took the longest morning nap she's taken in quite some time! (yeah, well, you would too if you had been up since 2!) My boss actually called and told me to stay home, but I did run in to grab my computer so I could do a little work when I had some time.

We aren't sure what the deal was. She has a very low grade temp this evening (100 degrees) but that might be because she's tired. We thought that maybe her throat was getting dry in the night time due to her breathing through it rather than her runny nose, so we bought a humidifier to see if that helps. We'll try just about anything at this point to get a good night's sleep (for her and for us!)

Anyway, I hope this isn't a sign of things to come...I hope she's not getting really sick and it's just a little cold. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Happy New Year!

We rang in 2006 at home surrounded by our wonderful friends! And Leda slept through most of it!

Our first guest arrived early, as he does every year (my Brother, Wayne!) and then they all started trickling in around 8pm! Leda hung in there until about 9pm, when I think the crowd of kids got a little much for her...I think we had about 7 or 8 kids in the house at that time! She went down very easily, considering our house has NO sound proofing and it was like the party was happening in her room! It apparently didn't bother her at all, as she slept like a rock for the entire evening! At least, she let us sleep until 7:45am the next morning (of course, Brock and I had only gotten to be around 2:30-3am, as usual! Can you say, "everyone took naps the next day?)

Anyway, the party was a hit, as usual! ;-) And, as usual, we had more food than necessary! And, Brock's breakfast was a hit again! We had 10 adults for breakfast (I think...there might have been one or two more than that, I lost count!) and a few kids were still hanging in there!

I have to say, watching Dick Clark was sad...I mean, it's great that he is doing as well as he is, considering, but it was just sad to see America's oldest teenager struggle to speak.

Anyway, we toasted the New Year with a new "champagne" this year (sparkling was American!) Brock and I picked up two bottles of Fat Bastard Sparkling Wine and, it must be said, that Fat Bastard was da Bomb! Wow, what a great champagne! We had many people mention that they really liked it, and that was coming from people that don't like champagne! I enjoyed it, and I like champagne, but not enough to drink it regularly...this, I would drink regularly! It was really that good! I suggest you run out and get you some! (Besides, the name is a conversation starter!) ;-)

Sunday was a slow day for us. Wayne crashed at our place and we all were up by 9. Leda went down for her morning nap and us adults slowly got ourselves together to head over to my dad's for his party. We attended for a little while, but with the long night before, Leda's afternoon nap time and me feeling like an 18-wheeler ran me over (not from drinking, but from the head cold I had been sporting since earlier in the week!), we headed home for a long napping session for all of us!

Yesterday, I had the day off and played with Leda (while not sleeping!). Leda was a little out of sorts yesterday, so she had three naps (which was WONDERFUL!). I think, unfortunately, she might be coming down with the cold I have. Or, she wants more food at feeding time, or, she was just plain cranky yesterday. Anyway, our normally happy child whined and moaned and cried most of the day. Occasionally she'd stop to smile at us! ;-)

So, back to work today. No pictures to post (can you believe it? EVERY year, I take one picture at our New Year's Eve party...ONE...of everyone enjoying breakfast in the New Year! I COMPLETELY forgot to take the darned picture this year! Duh!)

Happy New Year! Here's hoping 2006 is as great as 2005 was!

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