Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Last week, when I had to leave very early in the morning to keep my appointment for my mammogram, I had looked in on Leda before I was leaving and found her wide awake. She asked me where I was going and I told her the doctor's and she became very upset that she couldn't go too.

I told her she'd laugh about this when it became her time to go get a mammogram...about how hysterical she got when she was told she couldn't come with Mommy to the doctor. She was beside herself with grief that I was leaving her home with her Daddy. It was a real scene.

Anyway, on my way home from the appointment, I stopped at Wawa for some coffee and decided that it would be nice to bring home a donut or two for Brock and Leda (well, I couldn't very well go home with just a donut for me!)

So when I got home, Leda was so excited to see me. I told her I got her a special treat and she was so excited to find a donut (with sprinkles!) just for her.

This morning, I had a dentist appointment. So off I went to my dentist appointment (no hysterics from the child this morning, however. She hasn't even visited the dentist yet but must somehow know it isn't a place she really wants to go!) I came home from my appointment directly. I figured since I was only two minutes from home, I could wait until I got home for coffee.

When I arrived home, Leda greeted me with gusto! She seemed genuinely happy to see me. She said hello and then asked, "did you bring me a donut?" When I told her no, she seemed quite disappointed and went back to watching her show. Brock and I thought it was a bit cute.

Tonight I ran out after dinner to pick up Leda's portraits and grab a book or two for my flights to and from Savannah this weekend. I came home and Leda was just getting into bed. She greeted me and then asked, "did you get some donuts?" Again, disappointed I didn't get any donuts.

Anyway, I am starting to think that Leda thinks that when I leave the house alone that I should return with donuts. Poor kid! She's gonna have to learn to live with disappointment! ;-)

Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

At the last moment last week, we decided to take a trip up to NY to see Grandpa and Nana. Well, not completely last moment - we made the decision on Wednesday when we were lamenting about not having anything to do this long holiday weekend!

We had some dinner plans on Friday night with the Durhams and Karen, so we didn't leave until Saturday morning. The drive up was uneventful and we arrived mid afternoon. It was a beautiful day. We hung out with Grandpa and Nana and the dogs and we went for walks on the property and just enjoyed the day. Leda and I took a small late afternoon nap and after we got up, ran up to Wal-Mart for a game, because Leda got it in her head that she needed a game to play, since we wouldn't let her play with Scrabble (oh, wouldn't her Aunt Claire be happy to know that Leda REALLY wanted to play Scrabble!!).

Missy came over with pizza for dinner and we had a fun evening of playing with Leda's new princess Memory game - you know, the one where you turn all the cards over and you turn over two at a time and try to make a match. You have to remember where the ones that got turned over were. It was very entertaining, especially when both Leda AND Missy beat me! Yeah, well, if it had been a "name that tune" game, I would have beat them both, hands down!

Middle Falls, Letchworth Park

On Sunday, we headed over to Letchworth Park to see if we could catch the Air Balloons (we missed it!) and to take a look at the falls (didn't miss it!) and have a little lunch at the Glen Iris. It was a lovely day, we had a great time with Grandpa and Nana and Leda picked flowers and got to see lots of water and hear all of Daddy's "when I was a kid," and "when I used to work here" stories (Brock worked at the Glen Iris when he was a teenager).

Mommy, Leda and Daddy, Middle Falls, Letchworth Park

After a lovely lunch, we headed back to the house for naps and a little race watching (the finish of the Indy 500) and then a little dinner and then we headed out for some ice cream! Leda LOVED that! After ice cream we headed back to the house for bed time.

Monday morning we hung out all morning and relaxed, then we had a little lunch and got in the car for the ride home. Brock decided to take a different way home which took us up and down the mountains on winding roads. Leda slept the first half of the ride, then woke up and wanted to watch a video. We stopped for a potty break and put a movie in for her and she was perfectly happy for the next two hours. At some point she did ask for something to drink, and I gave her her milk.

Mistake! The milk was fine. It had been in a cooler with an ice pack. I think it was the winding roads that did us in. About 45 minutes from home, Leda started to complain of a tummy ache. Now, we didn't dismiss it out of hand, we did ask her about it, but the kid, she uses the tummy ache as a way to get a rise out of us when she wants something (yeah, we've told her the story of the boy who cried wolf, but she doesn't get it yet!). So when she started giggling, we didn't think much more of it than a way to get what she wanted (which was out of the car or another movie - it alternated for about 15 minutes last night!)

Then, she got quiet. For about a minute or two and when I turned around, she was not happy and salivating a little more than usual, so I told Brock it was time to pull over, but it was to late. The kid, she vomited. So, we got to a safe place and out of the car she came, off with the clothes, water was used to wash her down, etc. She seemed better after that.

So, once she was cleaned up and the car was cleaned up, we were on our way again. We decided to stop at KFC for dinner (Leda was SO excited about chicken nuggets!) About two minutes before we got there, Leda did mention her tummy hurt again, and I asked her if she could drink a little water, which she did and I asked her if it felt better and she said it did. When we got to the parking lot, she said she was fine, she skipped across to the restaurant and we went in and were looking at the menu. Leda asked me to pick her up, which I did and the next thing I know, I am covered in puke! Lovely!

Well, we couldn't get out of there fast enough. Home empty handed we came. Leda was fine, just a little residual from the ride home. She ate a dinner of scrambled eggs and toast without much issue and hit the hay with out issue. No ill effects. Of course, all that happened after Mommy and Leda it the showers the moment we got home!

So, moral of the story, NO MORE MILK on long drives!

It was a lovely weekend, drive home besides! We'll be heading back up in a few weeks, when the weather's a little more warm and Leda can go swimming!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Will Never Be An Idol Fan

Nope, will never. But I do admit, I have on occasion watched the show. Usually I am flipping through the channels during a commercial on another show I am actually into and I somehow get pulled in by something, usually the awful critiques by the judges.

Could someone who watches the show on a regular basis tell me if Randy actually says anything different? By the second "Yo Yo, Dawg, listen," I just wanna scream!

Anyway, I will admit I watched most of one season - I think the one with Fantasia (or whatever her name was). I can safely say I've never voted. I will never vote.

Now, with that said, I did watch last nights finale. There was nothing else on. Oh, and yes, I watched most of the songs sung the night before. And let me tell you, I am not all that impressed by the younger kid. Sure, he's got a good voice, but do we really need another Michael Bolton? Or Clay Aiken (shudder)?

Now, this other guy, he's pretty good. Of course, rock is my genre. I don't really dig pop (let me rephrase that - I don't like TODAY's pop). I thought he did a great job.

Oh, and Dude...ZZTop? Graham Nash? Cool! But gotta say, George Michael - disappointing!

Anyway - so, imagine my surprise when America actually voted for the right guy! Wow. There may be hope for us yet!

And that's all I've got to say about that!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Week Full of Mondays?

Oh, please, don't let it be.

So far this week, I've had a REALLY BAD Monday, and an EQUALLY BAD Tuesday, which pretty much renders it a Monday, based on the badness that was today!

Work-wise, that is.

Of course, starting off this morning with my first mammogram ever didn't help matters much!

And what is with the name, MAM-mogram? Okay, yeah, I know, it's based on the 'scientific' name for the breasts - the mammary gland. But when you turn 40 and you have to face the routine mammogram, and you are up early in the morning and have had more coffee before 7:30 AM than you are used to, you tend to think that it's another 'you old lady' insult - you know, as in, "here you go, Mam!" Yeah, not so nice!

Side note...maybe it's me, maybe it's because I've been through child birth, maybe a lot of things, but, ladies, it was as easy as pie, and, okay, yes, not something I would want to have happen on a daily basis, but it didn't hurt and was not even all that discomforting. Again, not something I would recommend to get your day started every day of the week, but not as terrifying as originally lead to believe.

Anyway, the week can only get better, right? I sure hope so, because a week full of Monday's would REALLY suck!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Fair - Parts II and III: The I Love a Parade Edition

I know that Memorial Day weekend, which is next weekend, ushers in the beginning of Summer officially, but around these parts, I believe the Dogwood Festival and Parade is the unofficial beginning of Summer!

Thursday night we headed back to the fair to join the Flogaus family for a little fair food dinner (yeah, two nights in a row) and some rides and games. Leda loves hanging out with Danny! The two of them spent some time swinging in the swings and climbing on the playground...the free rides at the fairgrounds!

After a little dinner and a little music from the kids from the Philadelphia School of Rock - they were pretty good - we headed off to the Ferris Wheel, where I held all the stuff and everyone else went on the ride! That's right, two nights in a row and I didn't have to get on the Ferris Wheel once! Woooo Hoooo!

Yes, that would be my kid practically hanging out the cart - click on the picture and view large to see the scene that right after I took this picture made me turn away and hope for the best!

Dogwood 2008

There was more rides ridden and fair games played. Danny really wanted a "light saber" from one game so he played to get it and won! When Leda played the game and won, we asked her what stuffed animal she wanted and she pointed to the "light saber" and said, "I want that" and couldn't be persuaded to get something more 'girl' appropriate. That's my girl, even though I wasn't too happy about the implement of destruction that she picked!

Dogwood 2008

Dogwood 2008

We left the fair on Thursday night and Leda exclaimed all the way home, "I miss Danny." Good thing we'll see him on Sunday (well, today!)

Yesterday was the end of the Dogwood Festival and that means PARADE! The Dogwood Festival Parade is the last day of the festival. Last year we watched it from down town, just three stories down from my old vantage point of my old apartment...I had the best seats in the house when I lived downtown for all the parades! This year, I wanted to watch from the parade route near the park where the fair was held, near the receiving stand. We ended up in the last block before the end of the parade, but still had great seats! We got to see everything, and not ALL the floats had candy left when they got to us, so less candy for the kid! Wooo hooo!

Eating a pretzel and waiting for the parade!

We had a great time and the parade was awesome! It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm, with a chilly breeze every so often, but definitely comfortable. Leda loved it, probably more for the candy than anything else, but had a great time nonetheless!

Can't wait for next year! Click here to view pictures of the parade!

Today consist of planting and then going over to the Flogaus's for a little afternoon of play and then this evening, who knows. Other than the rain that is expected later today, it should be a pretty good day.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Fair - Part I: The One Where Mommy Doesn't Have to Ride the Ferris Wheel

This is the week of Dogwood Festival. So down to the fair we went tonight to eat, drink and be merry. And lots of eating there was. Drinking was fair too, but of water and lemonade, and there was lots of merry. Until we had to leave.

The first thing we did was head for the food trailers...since the lines for the tickets were the longest things around! We grabbed us some good fair food, grabbed a seat and had us a great dinner in the park. Then we told Leda we had to go buy tickets to ride the rides. She announced she wanted to ride the swing set! Well, awesome...that's free!

So Leda got to ride on the swings for awhile, and then she decided she wanted to go on the Ferris wheel. So to one of the long lines to buy tickets we went and then Daddy and Leda got to ride the Ferris wheel. Without Mommy. Mommy felt pretty awesome about that. As long as she didn't think about her child so high up in a swinging tub. Oh, and yes, the bucket that Brock and Leda were in got stuck at the top while they were unloading the ride.

Dogwood 2008

Leda loved it. On to ride the little buggy ride and then a trip to the porta-potty...her first! Daddy was nice enough to take her. She apparently announced to him while they were inside, "Daddy, this is disgusting!" There were games played and really cheap stuffed animals won (for ridiculous amounts of money, but hey, it's a fair, it's required!) and then there was the funnel cake.

Dogwood 2008

Leda's Daddy can eat a whole one on his own. Leda and Leda's Mommy can barely eat a half of one. So about 3/4 of a funnel cake was wasted - apparently because it's no good once it cools off. We then headed home, at which time Leda told me that she wasn't going anywhere, she was staying at the fair! Oh, and yes, there was crying. And a little screaming, but some of those rides are pretty loud so no one really heard it!

As we were pulling out of our parking spot Leda announced, "I miss the fair!" And announced it three or four more times on the short ride home. We were telling her that we are going again tomorrow night with Danny and the Flogauses, but she wasn't having none of it. And there was crying and sassing, so there were no books read for bed, which produced more crying. Oh, what a lovely night at the fair!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Daddy's home...

Well, finally!

One Lap is over and I am no longer a single parent.

This weekend was a busy one...On Saturday Leda and I were on the go from first thing in the morning until she went to bed! We had portraits taken in the morning (Leda's 3rd year pictures - I also got a picture of her with me, but not sure I am happy with me in the picture! blah!) and then we spent the afternoon in downtown Phoenixville with Aunt Rachel, Calean and Tristan.

The 2nd annual Celtic Fest was held on Saturday, so that's were we went. It was a lot of fun, walking around and checking out the booths and getting some fish and chips and welsh cookies! We had so much fun.

We came home and the kids played while Aunt Rachel and I chatted. Since it was such a busy day, Leda didn't get a nap - she didn't really seem to need one! She was having so much fun with her cousins. We had a pizza dinner and then our visitors went home and Leda practically keeled over! She was in bed without issue by 8PM!

Does that mean that I got to sleep past 7 on Mother's day? Nope...up at 6:45AM!

On Sunday I made breakfast for Leda and I and we hung out for the morning and then in the afternoon, headed over to the Flogaus' for a little afternoon get-together. We stopped to get Miss Annie flowers for Mother's Day and Leda announced she wanted to get me flowers too...now, try not to get all vaklempted in a public place when your three year old announces that she wants to buy you flowers...even though you will be the one paying for the flowers!

She picked out a plant for Miss Annie and one for me. It was real cute! Then we were off to see Annie, Dave and Danny. We spent a few hours hanging out before we headed home for a late nap and to wait for Daddy to get home.

Around 6, Daddy was home! We ordered a little sushi from the Japanese place and we had a nice little dinner as a family for the first time in two weeks! Leda was real happy to have her Daddy home.

This morning, I was up early again to take Leda to the doctor - her three year checkup - I told Brock I would do it - since he had along drive yesterday. She's a perfectly healthy little girl. No problems whatsoever. And she loves her doctor!

So tomorrow, I may actually get to sleep a little later than I have been used to the past couple of weeks! Of course, with my luck, I'll be up no later than 6:30! Blah!

Friday, May 9, 2008

What Ever Happened to Air Supply?

This question is what I thought late last night as, tired as I am, I am flipping through the TV channels because I CAN"T GO TO SLEEP!

I had come across one of those Time-Life music CD collections - Soft Rock - commercials. You know the commercials that last for like an hour and try to get you to buy the amazing collection of Soft Rock songs, for just 9.95 bucks for a 30 day trial. What they don't tell you is that you will more than likely pay 4 easy payments of 39.99 if you decide to keep them!

Anyway, interspersed with interviews with 'real live people' who are just GUSHING wonderful things about the collection are little snippets of each song on the album. Then, there are these two old guys who are basically the 'stars' who are selling the collection - I know they are supposed to be somebodies, but I'm more interested in checking out the old videos they are showing along with the little snippets of music - which, by the way, are giving me fits because I am having memories of my youth smacking me upside my head with every track!

And then there's the ever present Air Supply song on the Soft Rock album - "Even the Nights are Better" - and I think to myself, "Self, what ever happened to Air Supply."

And I am thinking that I am going to have to Google them in the morning, find out what Air Supply has been up to. Along with about a dozen other bands/singers that brought back memories as I watched this commercial.

Then, they come back to the two old guys, and one has a guitar and they start singing "All out of Love" and suddenly, I know exactly what happened to Air Supply. Air Supply became two old guys who sell Time-Life music CD collections, specifically Soft Rock, late night on hour long commercials!

Seriously! Check em out!

I'll tell you, I was starting to worry I'd be up later than I already was thinking about Air Supply and wondering if they made it out of the 80s okay, but that didn't have to worry me any more!

And, no, I did not "pick up the phone now and call to order...but wait, if you act now, we'll throw in the kitchen sink!"

Although, I thought long and hard about it....there are some songs in that collection I just might have to track down!

Monday, May 5, 2008

This is My Life...

We had a pretty darn good weekend....albeit I didn't get too much sleep. We gardened, I mowed the backyard (all by myself!), we shopped, and we generally enjoyed each other.

Oh, and yes, I was up at 6:30 on Sunday morning as well! But don't worry, it wasn't the cat who woke me up, but the kid. Both are still alive and haven't been harmed in the writing of this post! The cat, on the other hand, was just DARN lucky this morning when she woke me up at SIX AM! I was so darn tired, I couldn't get out of bed to wring her neck!

Anyway, all was well over the weekend until just after dinner time Sunday night! Before dinner Leda had requested a lollipop. I told her after dinner. So, after we ate dinner, she immediately asked for the lollipop, which I gave to her, as she had eaten most of her dinner. Yes, the kid forgets NOTHING!

Then, the meltdown occurred.

I was on the phone with Brock, trying to get an update on One Lap and Leda was fooling around and after asking her MANY times (yeah, I'd fail the Super Nanny test!) to stop or I would take the lollipop away, I had to tell Brock that I would call him later and the lollipop was taken away and Leda had to sit in time out.

And, yes, I was mean mommy and threw out the lollipop. And no, I didn't give her another one after her time out. Which caused the child to run to her room and throw herself on her bed, screaming and crying hysterically.

Oh, I am good!

So, anyway, I sat down with Leda to calm her down a bit, and explain to her that she needs to be a good girl in order to get treats, and if she misbehaves or doesn't listen to Mommy or Daddy, she loses the opportunity to get or have that treat. In one ear, out the other, I am pretty sure. Sooner or later, it's got to sink in, right?? Ha!

I asked her to help me clean up her toys in the living room, which she did, and then we needed to tackle her bedroom. Being the bad cleaner that I am, I left her room in the disarray that it was after last Saturday's birthday party. Well, mostly - the kids (read: their parents) had piled up most all the toys into nice piles all over the room. I just needed to get everything in its rightful spot. So Leda was put to work (yeah, right, if work means playing with the toys while Mommy puts them away).

She did help some. That was good, and she did get praise for being a good girl and helping out. It was about 8 when we finished, which is bed time, so I told her it was time to get into Pj's and get into bed. She asked if she could have a lollipop and I told her no, that it was bedtime. I was then told that she was a good girl because she helped me and that she wanted a lollipop. I told her, yes, you were a good girl, and you did help, but it is bedtime and its not time for a lollipop.

Oh, and yes, it started ALL over again!

It wasn't so hysterical as the first meltdown. No, there was a little crying, no screaming. But then there was this....

Leda looked down at her hands, sat herself on her bed and with the most exasperated and defeated sigh, said, "This.is.my.Life!"

That's right, my THREE year old had decided that life really sucked. I almost wanted to tell her to wait until she's a teenager, then the fun REALLY starts!

I guess I can take solice in the fact that she didn't directly blame me for the sucky life she was experiencing last night! I am sure it's coming. I really expected it last night.

I can report, however, that it must have sunk in, those things I told her about doing as she was told and behaving herself, because this evening she was just about the bestest little girl in the world! She ate all her dinner (which got her some ice cream afterwards) and even cleaned up her toys in her room before getting into a bath! I really didn't expect that to happen, but boy was I surprised when I saw a cleaned up room! Wow.

See, this life ain't so bad after all!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Kid is Fine, The Cat May Not Make it

Leda has been waking up pretty much no later than 6:30 ever since we gave up the binky. So, I shouldn't be too surprised that I was up at 6:30 every morning this week.

I was, however, hoping against hope I might get to sleep until maybe 7 or 7:30 this morning, being that it is a weekend. It is Saturday. Who has anything to do early on Saturday morning??

Probably because my body is used to it, I woke up around 6:25 this morning. I thought maybe that Leda had actually woke me up so I sat there and listened for a few minutes. Feeling safe that the kid was still asleep, I rolled over and snuggled down with the dog for what I was hoping was another hour of sleep.

Then, just as I was about to fall back to sleep, the cat erupted in song.

Right outside the kid's room.


What good is a dog who sleeps through that? Seriously, isn't it a dog's job to go kill the cat if the cat wakes up THE ENTIRE HOUSE JUST SO SHE CAN GET HER BREAKFAST AT 6:30AM???

Yes, I did get up and give the cat a swift pat on the rump. No, I didn't do it hard enough to even hurt, so don't call the SPCA on me.

But the damage was done. Two minutes later, the kid, she was wide awake.

I think the cat may be down to one or two more lives left. And if she decides to wake us up tomorrow morning before I'm darn good and ready to get out of bed, the cat, she may be no longer! (and, don't call the SPCA on me, I am only kidding.)


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Amazing the Difference a Year Makes

I was refreshing my memory about last year's One Lap when I was left alone with a two year old!

Today daycare called and I had to go pick up Leda - she wasn't acting herself and she was spending a lot of time in the bathroom and complaining about a tummy ache. So, to err on the side of caution, I went and got her a little early.

Turns out, she is fine. She had no fever, no temp and she barely spent any time in the bathroom here at home. It may have been just an off day for her at daycare.

In any case, my daycare lady (whom we adore!) reminded me that practically the same thing happened last year...Brock goes away and the kid gets sick...only time she did in the past year, practically.

So, I was refreshing my memory and I re-read this post. And I'm thinking, what a wimp I was!

Although I am tired (and it's only been a few days so far), that has nothing to do with handling a three year old. That's more about how I really don't sleep well any more...man, that sucks! Nope, three is no where near as bad as two was. And two wasn't nearly as bad as some parents have it.

Seriously, I couldn't have brought home a 2 year old with an hour left of work and asked her if she wanted to watch a little TV and veg out on the couch for an hour while I finished up some work. (Oh, yes, I did so...and I will not be ashamed of it...I really needed to finish up some work.) Nope, that 2 year old couldn't be left alone for that long without doing something to herself, the living room or the dog that we just couldn't live with. A three year old, she sat on the couch, put pretend make up on her dolly as she watched a little Noggin and let Mommy finish work. Quietly.

Again, it's only been a few days. I reserve the right to post a rant somewhere around Thursday of next week when I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE!

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