Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Season Change (finally), Blog Design Change

It is finally winter here - okay, it has been for a few weeks, but it took it's time getting here!

So, in honor of winter, the blog design has changed. I was getting tired of the fall colors!

Our little dancer

I had this great video moment last night.

Brock had his stereo (computer) tuned to an old Commander Cody concert and was playing it loud - "Hot Rod Lincoln" started and Leda just started dancing and clapping and bouncing around. It was so cute, I ran to grab the little digital camera that takes video (yes, that one that stopped working a few months back - long story short, Brock fixed it enough for it to start taking pictures again).

I shot video of Leda dancing, and clapping, and bouncing around to the music. It was just so cute. I was so excited to post it to the video blog (remember the video blog? yeah, me barely too!)

Well, we found something not completely right about the old digital camera. The video was dark (but that might have been the dark basement, so not completely surprised on that end) but most importantly, no sound. None at all. You couldn't hear the song, you couldn't hear my child laughing and giggling. You couldn't hear Brock and I laughing. Nothing. Nada. Silence.

So, I am not posting the video. I will, however, start using the old video camera that my sister-in-law passed down to us, now that I have a dvd record with VCR! I've gotta start video taping some of these more precious moments before they are gone.

All is not completely lost - I have a beautiful memory of my child dancing like she had not a care in the world. I hope she does that a lot for the rest of her life.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Joy

My Leda

When I feel just the little bit down, her laugh makes me smile and forget why I was down in the first place.

How awesome is that?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Great Blog/Video/Website

Where the Hell is Matt

This guy, he traveled the world and took video of himself dancing (albeit, badly) everywhere he went. He did it in 2005, too. The 2006 video is making the rounds right now.

You gotta see this video, and I then suggest checking out About Matt and his FAQs.

I highly recommend the video/website. Yes, he really sucks at dancing, but, wow, the places he has been! And, if your happy, dance, even if you dance badly! It's good for the soul!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Closer to 40

This past Friday I became 39 - one step closer to 40.

One good thing about my birthday was my sister, Aimee, was here to celebrate it with us! In town for business, she spent an extra day so she could sleep on a blowup matress in my cramped office space! Isn't she the best sister ever? No, wait, before you anwser, then she took us out to dinner at what is quickly becoming my favorite restuarant in town! Seriously, best sister, ever! Leda even behaved for the whole time we were at the restaurant, too! I mean, who else could possibly have that kind of affect on small children? You guessed it, the best sister, ever!

(that was laid on a bit too think, wasn't it? Oh well, it's true!)

Anyway, Aimee (or, as she is now known in our household, Aunt Maymee) spent the whole day on Friday with Brock and Leda (except for a few hours out during Leda's nap time and then we headed to the Black Lab Bistro for dinner. We had a great time. After we put Leda to bed, Aimee and I watched a little tv and headed to bed. An early flight had us up around 7am - we woke the little one up so she could say goodbye to Aunt Maymee (and she even graced said Aunt with saying her name - once while she was in earshot, but that was enough! - of course, for about 10 minutes after she left, Leda asked non-stop where Aunt "Maymee" was!).

Leda and Aunt "Maymee"

When we got Leda up, she was happy to go play on the bed where Aunt Aimee had slept. Duff was too!

Leda playing in the bed with Duff

The rest of the weekend - pretty darn lazy. Yep, you heard me - lazy. That means, no, I did no painting! I bought the paint. I had every intention of starting it this weekend. But my sister and brother-in-law and nieces bought me a book - a Stephen King book. So, I read. Yeah, I know. Procrastinator!

I did clean out the storage closet (sorta) and we will be shortly moving stuff from my office closet into it so we can put Leda's toys in it (it's a big closet!) So, all was not lost.

We had Chinese on Saturday night. Leda was the only one who ate a fortune cookie. Her fortune (which, I guess was technically mine, since I broke open the fortune cookie): At 20 years of age the will reigns; at 30 the wit; at 40 the judgement*

Great, one year away from judgement! Something to look forward to!

*Quote by Benjamin Franklin (who, by the way, was also a January baby and a Capricorn!)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pictures of Leda

I am not very creative tonight, so no special blog title. Just couldn't come up with one!

This past weekend was a nice one, albiet damp. Oh, and the Eagles losing - more on that later.

On Satuday Leda and I did crafts - actually, I did crafts, and Leda did what she wanted to do! We created a stepping stone for Grandpa and Nana (and for you other grandparents out there, you'll get one too - I didn't screw the first one up bad enough to warrent not attempting it a second or third time) and Mommy made a macaroni necklace while Leda munched on uncooked macaroni (never hurt me growing up!)

On Saturday night we headed over to the Durhams for dinner and the game. We left at halftime when I think we were winning. I put Leda to bed (which means her Westbrook jersey had to come off) and Brock and I watched the rest of the game. It was around the 4 minutes left mark (actually I think it was 3 minutes left to go - when they were going to attempt the 4 and 10 play, I think) when I realized that I had gotten into my pajamas, and although I was wearing my Eagles NFC Champions t-shirt, I had taken my jersey off. So I ran up and threw it back on, but we lost anyway. So, it's probably my fault for removing Leda's jersey - she should have slept in it.

Hey, can't be too upset this year - I mean, who expected us to get this far 8 weeks ago? Not I! So I can't be too upset - and they played a good game. And, the Cowboys didn't get this far! Ha! There's always next year!

I am looking forward to da Bears vs. New Orleans game. I will be rooting for Chicago, but it wouldn't be too bad to see New Orleans in the Super Bowl either!

On Sunday, the weather was damp and foggy, so we stayed in the house and made it a pretty lazy day. I read a book, Leda played, we watched football.

Leda and Daddy did go out to play on the porch for a little while. Brock was throwing a bouncy ball on the roof and letting it bounce down to the ground and Leda just thought that was the bees knees!


She's growing up fast!

Oh, and Brock took this one late last week - her Grandma and Granddaddy gave her a kitchen for Christmas which we set up in the corner of the living room for her to play with. She can take the sink out - so she did, then she climbed in the cabinet below and out the sink hole. Cute!
Leda in her kitchen - LITERALLY!

We are looking forward to a visit from Aunt Aimee later this week! That will be fun!

Friday, January 12, 2007

January Plans

You know what they say about best laid plans?

We had discussed early last month switching Leda's room and my office - Leda's room is small and my office is a little bit bigger, so we thought, considering the amount of toys that she has, and the fact that the toys just keep getting bigger, that moving her into the bigger bedroom now was a good idea. And, the fact that basically what used to be the guest room is no longer a guest room now that it is my office, the smaller room would be more than sufficient as an office.

So, now that you all know that if you were invited to our house, you would have no place to stay...

So, the plan was that during this month, I would spend one weekend cleaning the office, then one weekend painting the office and prepping it to move Leda's things into it and then one weekend moving the two rooms. The first weekend of the month I was pretty much down for the count - no cleaning my office, which during the holiday season, became the catch-all for just about anything and everything - if we had to have stored the kitchen sink away during Christmas, you would have found it under a pile of stuff in my office. I was lucky, I could still sit at my desk and work - guess I was just lucky that my desk is right inside the door!

I figured that maybe this weekend I would get a chance to start cleaning the room. I am feeling better, so that's a plus. Then I experience the week from h-e=double hockey sticks. Well, the first three days, anyway. Then, we had Thursday.

Leda has, in the past two weeks, been found trying to get her leg up over the drop gate of her crib. I started to think that maybe I was going to have to do something about that. Well, yesterday, just after Brock had put her down for a nap, we heard one of those sickening 'THUDS' from her room.

As my office is right next to her room, I was in there in a flash. I found her lying on her back and starting to cry (great sign, although, at the time, I was terrified).

She had attempted to climb out of her crib, and fell to the floor.

After about 5 minutes of crying - I was, strangely, terrified, but not crying - and checking all her limbs, her eyes, her head, every inch of her to make sure she was not scarred for life, we determined that the kid, she was fine. Brock was so bold as to think, well, she won't try that again. Ha!

Ten minutes after we got her calmed down and back in bed for her nap, Brock went back into her room to check on her and found her attempting to CLIMB OUT AGAIN!

So, our dilemma - do we convert the crib into the toddler daybed to keep the child from killing or maiming herself in the middle of the night? (and, subsequently, allow Mommy to sleep a little sounder - yeah right!) Or do we hold off as long as we can?

Decision time. If we can, we are going to try and hold her off until the end of the month when we can try and get her into the bigger room - maybe we can make it an event - move into a "big girl" room, get a "big girl" bed. Maybe will make the transition a bit easier. We also have to step up plans to place the gate at the end of the hall to keep her in the bedroom areas and out of the rest of the house while her Daddy and I sleep soundly in our beds!

So, this weekend will find me shopping for paint and prepping the walls of the office. Brock and I did get most everything that needed a home out of my office and into a place of its own, so really all I have to do is straighten up, clean and prep the walls. Next week, Aunt Aimee is coming for a visit, we may even have enough room for her to sleep in my office! When she leaves on Saturday morning, we'll be painting away! And, then, we may be so lucky as to move the two rooms the following weekend and we may have a "big girl" sleeping in a "big bed" by the end of January.

Remember last year this time? She was just starting to walk.
Now, she's about ready to move into a toddler bed. Time flies and she's getting so big and more independent. It's amazing!

So, those are our plans for January! If we are lucky, in February I can move onto the plans for the dining room! ;-)

Monday, January 8, 2007

Happy New Year

Hi! I'm back! Nope, not dead, just been a little under the weather. Between Christmas, New Years, a nasty cold and working like crazy, I just haven't had a chance to post. It's been a bit crazy.

Since last I posted, we visited with my father for Christmas, hosted somewhere around 40 people for a New Year's Eve Party, had colds, celebrated two Dallas Losses (Yippee) and two Eagles Wins (icing on the cake!) See, it's been a busy beginning of 2007! How could you expect me to post anything!

The last Saturday of the year we headed over to my father's to celebrate Christmas with GrandDad, Fay, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Wayne and Calean and Tristan. Leda had lots of fun running around with Tristan and Calean! And, it's funny how things barely change - when I was a kid, the house my father lives in now used to be my grandparent's and I remember not being allowed to go upstairs until it was time to go upstairs - at least, we weren't allowed to play on the steps - and what did my child want to do so badly? That's right, go up them darn stairs!

Trying to escape to the upstairs!

Click here to see some more photos of Leda and her Cousins!

On Sunday, the last day of the year, we prepared the house for the onslaught of party-goers we expected for the EIGHTH (!) annual Yates New Year's Eve party and breakfast. We had a lot of people and we had a lot of kids, and we had a toddler who somehow stayed away until 1pm and CRIED when everyone left! Of course, we didn't get a toddler who slept late - she sorta woke up around 6:30am and slept on me in a chair until around 9am!

My cold, that really started to bother me on the 29th really kicked in on the 1st of the year. And didn't really start to let go until today! So the past week has been one of little sleep (due to all the freakin' coughing I apparently can ONLY do at night!) and just plain yuckyness!

This past weekend we just hung around the house - I mostly didn't do much of anything but sleep on Saturday and lounge around on Sunday - definitely helped me feel better, but made me feel very sloth-like! The weather was strangely warm for January - I mean, it isn't often that we hit 72 degrees on the first weekend in January - in fact, the last time it happened was 1950, so technically, it hasn't happened in my lifetime! Unfortunately, I felt like crap, so didn't get to enjoy it much!

I did, however, enjoy the pants off myself (not literally) on Saturday night watching the Cowboys lose! Yep, that was priceless. I was probably more nervous watching that game, strangely, than I was watching the Eagles' game. I think that after the cowboy loss, everything that follows is icing on the cake! Truly, I didn't expect the Eagles to get this far - yeah, I know, I probably do deserve to be called a fair weather fan for that - so the fact that they got this far, and are going to the next round is pure icing!

So, this coming weekend will find me rooting for da Bears and the Iggles. And if they happen to meet the following weekend, I figure it out then! ;-)

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