Friday, September 30, 2005

Thanks Lillys!

Because I have been a bad sister-in-law and haven't called;
Because your brother has also been bad, and hasn't called;
Because Leda is too young to use the phone yet (although, if given the chance she probably could call - JAPAN!);

You get this post -

Thanks Auntie Claire, Uncle Bobby, Sarah and Scott! We love the little outfit and the puppet/book! We've already drooled all over the puppet! ;-) Can't wait to wear the dress!

Love ya!
The Yates

102.8 - not exactly the right radio station*

Actually, not a radio station at all...instead, the degree at which Leda's fever got to last night! Poor baby!

Wednesday night, Leda and I didn't sleep very well. She woke up (sorta - she's not quite totally awake when she does this) crying. I actually, at one point, needed to rub her back to calm her down enough to go back to sleep. And then, yesterday morning, she didn't wake up happy - this child ALWAYS has a smile for us in the morning.

We had taken her temperature (for the VERY first time EVER) on Wed night and it was normal (well, what we figured was normal - 98.9). She had rosy cheeks, which is what prompted the temperature taking, but we figured it must just be teething...which is wierd to us, since the first two teeth came in without fanfare. Anyway, all day Thursday, Leda was all out of sorts - crying, just wanting to be held, not really playing much and DROOLING like it was going out of style! Thus, coughing! When I got home from work, she was happy to see me, but then ended up fussy and cranky for the rest of the evening.

So, we took her temp around bedtime. Got 102.8 Degrees. Got a tired mommy freaking out (well, a little) and we called the dr. When the dr. didn't call back right away (well, we gave him about 45 minutes), we called the dr. next door (our neighbor is an ER Doc). While on the phone with him, our dr. called back - now, how many people can say they had TWO drs on the phone at the same time??

Anyway, the moral of the story is, we gave her a little tylenol, put her to bed, woke her up an hour later, took her temp - it had come down a degree - gave her more of her bedtime bottle, put her to bed, woke her up two hours later, took temp - came down another degree plus, gave her Motrin and put her back to bed. She fussed her way through the night and woke up a little late this morning but feeling MUCH better.

So, we have had our first bout with "illness." It was either a small virus of some sort or just part of the teething process. Whatever it was, we have a much happier baby today, and a very tired Mommy and Daddy! But, one good thing that has come out of this episode...both Mommy and Daddy can take the temperature of Baby without freaking out! ;-)

*102.9 is Mommy's favorite radio station - now, wouldn't that have been poetic?? ;-)

Monday, September 26, 2005

5 Months Old!

Yesterday, Leda was 5 months old! (and her Granddaddie Sweat was 49 - for the umpteenth time! ;-)
Wow, in 5 months we have grown so big! We aquired two teeth (our bottom teeth!), we've rolled over from our tummy, we chew on everything we can get our hands on. We "talk" a lot more now, especially at night, it appears! ;-) We started eating veggies this past month and we LOVE our rice cereal! We want to spend a lot of time on our feet - we really want to walk - and we move all over our crib during the night. If only we could figure out how to move around during the day! ;-)
Leda with George and Jean
Here we are with two of our favorite neighbors, George and Jean. We love George and Jean!

We probably weigh around 18 pounds and we don't fit in our 3 month clothes any more (well, most of them - one or two outfits we can still get on, but not for much longer). We can fit into some of our 3-6 months stuff and some of our 6 month stuff - and we are trying to wear all the summer stuff before it gets too cold! We just got a walker from the Fodens and we LOVE it! We almost get the idea - and we can reach things from the walker, things we probably shouldn't be reaching for, so it may help us to learn how to get around in the walker quicker! (Mommy and Daddy are already taking things up so that Leda can't reach them!!) Daddy is looking forward to taking us out into the driveway to walk around! ;-)

We are looking forward to the next month! We'll see what it brings us!

(Oh, and there's probably a picture or two that Mommy will have to load later today, so check back soon!)

But Sweet Potatoes are Yummy!

Our second veggie was sweet potatoes - and we like those! The squash grew on us, but the sweet potatoes we loved from the get go!

But, apparently, sweet potatoes makes us wake up in the middle of the night to talk to ourselves! Or, we are actually sleeping and talking in our sleep! Whatever the case, Leda woke up in the middle of the night Saturday night and babbled to herself for approximately 1 1/2 hours! (Mommy knows this, because Mommy was awake most of that time!) Not sure if she was fully awake, or if she was talking in her sleep - the length of time this occured for makes me think that it was definitely awake talking, not sleep talking. And, again last night, babbling away at 4AM!

She's apparently not upset - she doesn't cry and we don't go in her room (we don't want her thinking she can get up at 4AM!) She just talks away to herself!

At least she's happy! Mommy and Daddy would be really happy if she'd sleep through the night and not wake us up with her talking, even if it is cute! Cute lasts only so long at 4AM!! ;-)

Well, on to carrots - we'll see what carrots bring us!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Squash is yucky...

Monday night, we gave Leda her first veggie...squash! Mommy likes squash, Daddy doesn't. And, it appeared, Leda could live without it too!

She made the funniest faces EVER! She then refused to open her mouth to the spoon...rice cereal OR squash was NOT going to make it past her lips! We even mixed the two together (she LOVES her rice cereal) to no avail! She just wouldn't eat it!

So we saved it, Brock figured he would attempt it at lunch the next day and see what happens. She ate it. Then, we had the rest of the squash last night for dinner. She ate it, still made some faces, but she ate it. We believe she may have said her first word during the process - Yucky! (just kidding... it wasn't yucky, but it kinda sounded that way!)

So, one or two more days of squash and on to sweet potatos! We'll see if she likes them more. One thing we do know, squash may not be in this child's future! ;-)

UPDATED: 10/2/2005 - Finally uploaded the picture:
Squash is yucky

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Got some pictures developed from the summer (well, August and September) that I figured I would share with ya'll!

They are photoworks albums, so each link will open in a new window...just follow the directions - if you have any issues and REALLY wanna see the pictures, email me:
cnbyates at!

Pictures of our Vacation in Avalon, August 2005
Pictures of our Vacation in the Thousand Islands, September 2005
Pictures from the Radnor Hunt Concours d'Elegance

Then, here are a few of my favorites! These are from our trip to the Thousand Islands earlier this month...(Thanks to Dan Corcoran who took the two family photos! They turned out great!!)

Mommy and Leda, Thousand Islands, September 2005 Daddy and Leda in the 1000 Islands (Grass Pointe Park)Daddy and Leda at the River, 9/8/2005

Yates Family, Thousand Islands, September 2005 Yates Family, Thousand Islands, September 2005

Monday, September 19, 2005

Weekend in NYC

Well, it wasn't a complete weekend in NYC! Just a Saturday night!

Brock and I headed up to NYC on Saturday afternoon to take in dinner and a show! Leda stayed home with Aunt Karen and did a little girl bonding (no QVC, but jewelry was apparently discussed!).

We stayed at the Hotel Belleclaire on the Upper West Side - nice little of those hotels that is just that - a place to sleep! No restaurant or bar (but there's one right around the corner) and if you are lucky, you can get a private room...we had reserved one, but apparently, due to a busted pipe, they were unfortunately a little on the full side with less than the normal number of rooms, and apparently we lost out on our private, we had to share a bathroom with two other rooms...ended up not being a big deal, we never saw our "bathroom mates" and never had to wait for the bathroom! And, we saved $110!

Took the VERY HOT subway down to the theater district and had a little dinner at Ruby Foo's. We had dinner at Ruby Foo's 3 1/2 years ago when a large group of us headed up for a weekend. We like Ruby Foo's but it's much better with a large group of people (LOTS of food!). After dinner, we took a walk down to the theater - Times Square is a mad house - I am not too sure I enjoy it - it's just too crowded. It started to rain a little bit, but just for a minute or two, and then we were at the theater - we went to see Spamalot!

What a GREAT show! It's "lovingly ripped off" of the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie. It's hysterical! Tim Curry played King Arthur and was awesome! Of course, somewhere in the middle of Act I, I for some reason had "Frank N. Furter" running through my head - have NO idea why! ;-) It really was a fun show - we enjoyed it!

After the show, another walk up Broadway to a little bar for a beer, then back to the hotel for bed.

We got up and packed and back home by 11:30! Karen and Leda where no worst for the wear, and we were happy to be home. But, heading off to NYC is fun! We really need to try and do it more often!

And, may I suggest, go see Spamalot! ;-) Just watch out for the Killer Rabbits! ;-)

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary, Honey!

It's our 7th anniversary today! And, it's Talk Like a Pirate Day! Bonus!

Seriously, if we had known about Talk Like a Pirate day when we got married...the possibilities would have been endless for a Theme wedding! ;-)

Can't wait for the next 7! Love you!

Talk Like a Pirate Day!

It's Talk Like a Pirate day!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

My biggest Winter pet peeve...

This interests me greatly, since it deals with my biggest pet peeve during the winter...those people who can't take the extra 2-5 minutes it will cost them (if that!) to clear the darned snow off the roof of their cars...

Bill aims to clear snow, ice off autos

Not only is it dangerous, it's just plain rude. Those who don't clear off the snow pretty much put everyone behind them in a white-out - and that's if it doesn't freeze first!

Would be perfectly happy if PA would be the second state to take up a bill like this.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The dog is hiding in the basement - it must be Football Season!

If you have ever watched a football game, specifically an Eagles football game, with me and/or any one of or group of my family members (that would be those family members on my mom's side), you know that it can get quite loud - okay, REALLY loud! We yell at everything...we are the 12th team member! Seriously, sometimes, the louder we yell, the better the team does, really! I've seen it happen! ;-)

Well, in our house, I watch football alone...Brock has too much fun rooting for the other team, just to work me up (which, as you may know, is really unnecessary), so he's not allowed to watch the game with me...and more than likely, he doesn't really want to anyway! He's a Cleveland Brown's fan, so what does he know anyway? ;-) The dog, Duff, can't stand the yelling...he apparently thinks I am yelling at him - so he tends to slink out of the room when the game goes on.

START RANT: I HATE Monday night games! Truly...Why do we on the East coast have to suffer a football game that doesn't go to halftime until 11pm and doesn't end until 12:30 or 1AM??? Why can't they start the game around 8pm or better yet, 7pm? If you live on the west coast, leave work early! END RANT.

So, last night was my first Monday night game with a sleeping baby in the other room...we live in a small house, so I know that my exuberance about the game must be kept at a very low level, or else I will have a screaming baby! How am I going to do this?? Well, I think, at least the dog won't leave the room...

So, I turn on the Eagles game, find out that Trotter and some two bit Falcons player have been ejected from the game BEFORE THE DARN THING STARTED! WHAT??? I yell that very quietly (really, I could barely hear it!)...the dog, looks at me, looks at the tv, and with his tail between his legs, ears down, looking like he just lost his best friend, leaves the room and heads for the basement to spend the rest of the evening with Brock.

Yep, it's Football Season at the Yates household!

P.S. I made it until, I heard the bad news this least it was close and at least Vick was shut out for a full half! Time to move on to San Fran!)

P.S.S. AND, what was up with that helmet hit to McNabb's chest??? Isn't there a rule about leading with your head?? That was completely a bad hit.

P.S.S.S. I think about a week ago I had said something like I wasn't ready for Football...guess I got over that pretty darn quickly!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Not so much interested in the TV as she is the remote control

Boy, is her daddy in trouble when she gets older! hehehe

Leda, for what ever reason (oh, I don't know, maybe because Daddy and Mommy seem to use it an awful lot!) is facinated by the remote control. And, not ALL remote controls, only the one that we used to change the TV channels (I've tried giving her the DVD remote or the stereo remote to no avail...want the TV remote!)

So, Saturday, on my shopping trip to Target, I picked up a toy remote for her to play with.

She likes it, she plays with it, but if that TV remote is in eyesight, forget it!

Here's Leda attempting to get the remote - the remote is in that wooden tray (our new coffee table configuration!)...and yes, she is standing - alone! Of course, you can see, the dog is giving Brock the "you'd better not let her fall or there'll be hell to pay" look...!

Hanging out at the St. Lawrence Riverway

Our little family headed up to the St. Lawrence River for Labor day weekend - we had such a nice, quiet time. We spent a week up there, hanging out and doing not much of anything. We did manage a trip over to Canada to visit with some wonderful Canadians. And Brock fished a bit (kept catching the same poor lil' bass! And, I mean little!! ;-)

We headed up late Thurs (9/1/2005) after Leda had her nighttime bottle - we figured, a 5 hour trip, best time to leave was when she would go to sleep for the night - it worked okay - she did seem to be awake for about an hour when we got there, but she just talked quietly to herself for that period of time and finally fell asleep! It was Nana Pam's birthday, and she had had a book signing that day (more about her book later) and Stacey, Stephanie and Missy had come up to surprise her, so it was a busy house at 2 in the morning!! Some of us went to bed, some of us hung out looking at pictures and talking until the early morning....guess who went to bed early (me, thank you! hehe)

Friday was a nice day...we were expecting some rain, but it didn't appear that way in the morning - it was simply beautiful.

Give Peas a Chance! Tree

We hung out, then we headed off to the Riversedge in Alex Bay for a little lunch. Leda was absolutely a joy at lunch - smiling and cooing at everyone! The rest of the day consisted of naps, a little reading, some fishing and some hanging out. It was nice. The Girls headed off for home around dinner and we had some dinner with Grandpa and Nana (well, Brock and Pam, since Leda had gone to bed by that time!!). The rain did appear in the late afternoon/evening, so we had a little rain before dinner - we had a little straight line wind come through which was pretty interesting! Very powerful!

Saturday was another gorgeous day! We lucked out on our pick of a week!Pam and I headed off to Clayton to return a dress that Nana had purchased for Leda - it was a little small so we exchanged it - and I couldn't resist a couple more outfits - they had westies on them, come on! Had to! Clayton is a bit different from Alex Bay - Alex Bay is kinda like Wildwood and Clayton is a bit more like Stone Harbor - or Alex Bay is a bit more honky-tonk and Clayton is a bit more refined, antique boat museum and all! We took a look into a couple more shops in Clayton and headed off to meet the men and Leda at the Riversedge for lunch.

The Riversedge is a neat place - you eat your meals while looking out across the bay/river at Boldt Castle. Boldt Castle is a castle...built by George Boldt for his beloved wife. It took years to get it to the state it is in today and all construction was stopped when his wife died. He literally had all construction can still see where they just left materials around the island. Anyway, it was taken over by the historical society and they are fixing it up a bit and it is now kind of like a museum of the High Society that used the St. Lawrence as their getaway back in the late 1800s early 1900s. Anyway, it's a beautiful view while you are having a little lunch! And, every once in a while, a cargo ship might go by! (but I am a little more interested in the beautiful Yachts that float by!)

The rest of the day consisted again of hanging out, napping, fishing (catching that same little bass - poor was like the school got together and elected him dork of the week! ;-) A little light dinner and off to bed.

Sunday, Nana and Grandpa took off for home and Mom, Dad, Leda and Duff hung out, napped and fished! (sensing a pattern here??) Well, we did go for a walk to the bridge and back. And we had an AWESOME display of nature with a sunset that seemed to set the sky on fire.

Sunset Sky on Fire

Monday dawned and was another beautiful day. There was an interesting fog that was just lifting off the river when we woke up.
Morning Fog (and Canadian Geese)

In the afternoon, we got dressed in our finest casual look and headed off to Canada.

We found a really fun way to get to Canada without having to sit in the lines at customs! We head on down to Cape Vincent (a 25 mile drive from the house in the direction of Kingston) and hop on a small ferry (fits about 10 cars, and that's if they are small and they are PACKED ON!!) to Wolfe Island - Wolfe Island is in Canada and you actually hit customs when you get off the ferry - it's pretty cool. We then head across Wolfe Island to the other Ferry - a much bigger ferry - that takes us across to Kingston. Then, it's not much further to Elginburg to visit the Corcorans.

Dan and Debbie are One Lappers! Dan and his son, Kyle, participate in the event, and Deb works on one of the timing crews. They are really great people who we try to visit everytime we get up into the area. They had us over for dinner and had Mark and Karen, friends of theirs, join us. We know Mark and Karen from many visits to the Corcoran's and Mark used to run the One Lap with Dan. We had a really nice visit with wonderful friends - and Leda, not only visited her first "foreign" country, but met her first foreigners! ;-)

We headed back to the U.S. around 9ish and made it through customs in record time (took 5 minutes! Wow!) - we had to come back across the bridge, because the ferry from Wolfe Island to Cape Vincent only runs until 7pm.

Tuesday was another beautiful day spent hanging out, napping and fishing! ;-)

Leda Leda checking out the St. Lawrence

We did spend a little time walking around Alex Bay in the evening before Leda's bedtime. But, that was about it! Oh, we also visited Grass Point State Park - a beach on the river - Leda loved splashing in the river - pictures are on the 35mm which need to be developed, so you gotta wait for those!

Wednesday was another beautiful day spent hanging out, oh, we did head down to Clayton for about an hour before lunch. Oh, and we did get a short nap - and I think that poor lil bass may have gotten hooked again. We did have visitors - the Corcoran's came over to have dinner with us.
Leda's first Foreigner - Debbie!
We headed out to the Clipper Inn in Clayton for a really nice dinner - wow, the Clipper Inn was nice...the food was great and plentiful! You should see their specials menu! It's as big as the regular menu!! We hadn't eaten there before, but we will eat their again. We had a nice little dinner with Deb and Dan - who were very gracious and took some family pictures out by the dock before dinner. We'll see what Dan got on the 35mm in a week or so, but here's what Deb got on the digital!
Thursday morning we woke up to overcast skies that threatned to drench us while we packed up the was going home day! We headed down to the dock to say goodbye...
Saying good-bye to the river! 9/8/2005
We ran around, cleaned the house, packed our suitcases, and ran out our stuff to the car in the pouring rain! We headed down to Alex Bay to have some lunch at the Dock by the Bay (an actual pub!) and then back to the house to gather up the dog and lock up...of course, as soon as we had everything and everyone in the car, it stopped raining! It figures! Anyway, we headed home.

We stopped around 5 for gas and I hopped in the back seat with Leda to feed her dinner. As we were riding back there, she was hanging out, staring out the window, I read a little of my book - Leda grabbed my hand and bit down...OUCH! Something sharp got me...a TOOTH!! WOOO HOOO! And not one sign to warn us (even better!!) She's sleeping fine, no diaper rash - she's just drooling and putting EVERYTHING she can get her hands on into her mouth! It's really exciting.

So, to recap, it was a beautiful week, beautiful weather, lovely family, lovely friends, hanging out, napping and catching one lil bass fish who got voted dork of the week! Oh and I finished TWO books and started a third! And, no, none of the books was Harry Potter 6, so don't tell me what happened!!!

Sorry for the long post, considering the recap, it might be overkill! ;-) And, as always, click any of the pictures to go to my account - there's always more pictures there!!

Friday, September 9, 2005


Well, now that I have your undivided attention...

Just a few quick items from our vacation, to hold you over until I can get the pictures loaded over the weekend...

*I finished TWO books...that's right TWO books...and no, one of them was NOT Harry Potter, so I still don't know what happens, so don't tell me! I actually decided to stop reading Harry until I can go back and re-read Phoenix, since I am completely lost...need to refresh my memory. No, instead, I read the latest James Patterson book (that's right, Mom, I have caught up to you! Ha!) and I read my mother-in-law's new book (her first!). Wanna check it out: The Gift of More

*On the way home yesterday, we discovered (actually, I discovered) Leda has a tooth!!! Yep, our little monster has a little white tooth pushing through! Of course, I discovered the hard way...she grabbed my finger and CHOMPED down! Ouch! It didn't hurt because she bit hard, but because that thing in her mouth is SHARP! Whatever you do, keep your hands away from the child!

*We have the BEST Kid and BEST Dog in the whole wide world! The two of them were well behaved all week long! We have the best little family we could ever hope for!

More on our vacation later! And, the pictures are to die for! So check back late in the weekend!

Thursday, September 1, 2005

September already??

Where does the time go??

Brock, Leda and I are off to the Thousand Islands for a week to relax and read books! We are looking forward to doing not a whole lot - other than visiting friends in Canada, we really are doing NOTHING! And it will feel good!

If you come here while we are gone, don't forget to help out our fellow Americans in the Gulf Coast region by giving what you can: Things look devistating for that region. Brock and I were in New Orleans in '99 when our friends Dan and Christine got married and it is a fun and neat town. It's amazing to think that a whole city (much less the whole region!) can disappear right before our eyes.

On the up side, check back here late next week/weekend to see what I am sure will be cute pictures of Leda tanning herself on the St. Lawrence.

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