Friday, December 30, 2005

End of 2005

Wow, has 2005 been a good year or what?

We started off the year anticipating the birth of Leda, and end the year wondering what we are in store for now that she can almost walk, is crawling at break-neck speed and thinks she is talking! We went from a bump in the tummy to a little girl who seems to have learned to smile slyly at us! (Okay, who taught her that??)

What a difference 12 months makes!

I know, I forgot (well, didn't forget so much as I just didn't have time) to do the Eight Month post. This sorta makes up for that. I feel, now that it's 5 days past, it's a little late now! I'll make up for it in the Nine Month post!

Leda has been very interesting this week! Starting with Christmas (when we tried scrambled eggs for the first time and we found the ONE thing that she would finally spit out at us!) and all the furniture surfing she's doing, and all the new things she's tried this week. Besides the eggs, we've tried chocolate chip cookies (without the chocolate - BOY, I see a LOT of chocolate chip cookies in SOMEONE's future!), we tried a VERY little piece of Godiva chocolate (Only the best for my child! Oh, yeah, see a LOT of Godiva chocolate in SOMEONE's future, too!), we tried split seconds that Mommy made (we had to have a taste of something our Great Mom-Mom made - we liked it!), we even had a taste of chocolate shake and Arby's curly fries!! So far, the only thing we didn't like was the eggs...everything else, we could have had MORE!!

She's had fun playing with ALL her new toys! Our living room looks like a ToysRUs exploded in it! Thus, we have begun talking and planning the remodeling of our basement to allow for a more entertaining area and a place for Leda to play! Check back often, I am sure we will be blogging our adventures! I don't know if there's a favorite or not, yet, but she really seems to like the toy that Great-Grandmom Rose got her - it's one of those toys that you press down on the button at the top and the more you do, the faster the little people inside go around and around...yeah, I don't know what it's called (I am sure it was on the outside of the box, but we threw that out!) Anyway, she seems to like it...she's even pressed down on the button like she has seen us do!

Alas, the toys must be cleaned up, and all the christmas presents need to be put away...we need to get ready for the Annual Yates' New Year's Eve party! Yep, we are doing it again this year...this should be pretty darn interesting! Considering we think there might be more kids at this party than adults, and Leda may or may not go to bed until 2006! Not sure what the first day of 2006 might have in store for us. But we will have fun, spending the last night of 2005 as we have every year for the past 7 (WOW!!), with our wonderful friends! We will spend most of the night doing our Indian Polyanna gift giving, ring in the New Year with a little champagne (hehe) and eat a wonderful breakfast prepared painstakingly by Brock! It will be wonderful!

Unless I get real bored over the next day and a half, don't expect another post until probably Monday! (unless I find the time to do it Sunday!) Have a WONDERFUL last couple of hours of 2005 and here's to 2006...can't wait to see what the New Year brings!

All our best to all of you! Happy New Year!

Monday, December 26, 2005

The day after...

Wow! I never knew a more exhausting Christmas day! Wow!
Ain't I just the CUTEST thing you've ever seen?
We all had so much fun. Leda played with ALL her toys, but loved the pinch scoop the best!
Leda's favorite toy from Christmas!
That was until she was standing with it in her mouth and fell apparently hurt her (gee, I wonder why) and scared the bejesus out of Mommy, so, we don't play with the pinch scoop any more! (at least not while standing!)
Having fun with the Hippo!
We loved our gobbling Hippo - Haven't quite figured it out yet, but it's got these really cool little balls that spin on it and lots of blocks that Leda can chew!

And, we love our chair...
Sitting in my chair!

And the Leap Frog learning table was pretty cool too, but Mommy and Daddy didn't get around to putting batteries in it until today, so Leda didn't really get a picture of her playing with it yet to post! Maybe later today!

Anyway, today we spent a relaxing morning playing and now we are getting a little nap before we head over to Granddad's...Leda thinks there might be more paper and ribbons and bows in it for her! ;-)

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Merry Christmas to all!

Yesterday for Christmas Eve, Leda got all dressed up and had a picture done with Mommy...
Leda and Mommy!
We spent yesterday afternoon with Leda's Aunt Rachel, Uncle Wayne, Granddad and Fay and her cousin's Caelan and Tristan for some Christmas Eve was lots of fun and Leda found LOTS of trucks to play with (they weren't hers, but, whatever! ;-) She also got some neat gifts of her own! Her first Christmas gifts!
Granddad reading Leda a book
We came home and spent a few minutes over at our neighbors, the McCartheys and Leda got some presents from their kids! She got to stay up until 10 o'clock and then she had to go to sleep so Santa could come!!
Cool, Daddy, did you see all the stuff????
At 7 this morning, rise and shine...time to open presents! First we had a little breakfast...because today we turned 8 months old, we got to try scrambled eggs for the first time...and, for the first time, we spit something out! Apparently, scrambled eggs suck! But we liked the Apple Juice!!
Playing with Grandma Sally's Bowl!
On to the record time (well, actually it took about an hour and a half or so), we opened ALL the presents from ALL the family! We LOVED everything, especially the pretty paper, the pretty ribbons, and the BOXES WERE THE BEST!!! Thank you everyone!
More Paper? Wow!
(Mommy and Daddy enjoyed all the stuff that came in the pretty paper, ribbon and boxes...thank you sooooo much!)

The Carnage AFTER the opening of gifts....
The Christmas Carnage
MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! We hope your's was as good as ours! Love to all!
(click on any picture...there are more to see!)

Friday, December 23, 2005

The day before the day before

Went shopping...I'm done.

Put lights up outside the house (yeah, two days before christmas...we got a little behind)....done

Baked cookies, made chocolate truffles (they haven't killed anyone, yet)...done.

Wrapped everything that needed wrapping...done!

Okay, it's time for Christmas to be here. Yep, I'm ready.

We visited with our neighbors tonight...our little town has a cheese shop! Yep, a CHEESE shop! And, they have GREAT cheese...guess I am gonna go shopping again tomorrow!

Is it here yet? You know, Christmas?

Brock went to get beer from the beer store and came home with a Santa doll for Leda...the nice lady at the beer store gave it to her! Isn't that nice? I love our little town!

Is it Christmas eve yet? No...geez, when the heck is it gonna get here? I'm ready!

Off to have dinner at my sister Rachael's tomorrow. Looking forward to introducing Leda to her cousins Caelan and Tristan and hopefully Dylan will be there too!

It's Christmas now, right? No? Geez, how much longer do I have to wait????

Well, guess I will go off and eat my dinner, give Leda a bath, and hit the hay...Tomorrow is ONE MORE DAY TIL CHRISTMAS! WOOOOO HOOOOOO! We'll be a bit more busy tomorrow, so maybe Christmas will get here a little quicker! ;-)

Merry day before the day before Christmas!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Happy Birthday, Aunt Aimee

We won't post how old you are! ;-)

Hope you had/have fun today!

Love ya!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas tree all lit up!
Leda's first Christmas Tree.

Leda's First Christmas Ball!
Leda's first Christmas Tree Ornament!

Oh, and if you think Duff didn't get into the fun too...
Wizard of Oz
Yep, if you click the picture and go look at a larger version, you will notice our dog, watching TV...specifically, Wizard of has a dog just like Spike, our carin terrier, Duff's mentor...Duff just can't figure out how Spike got in the TV! ;-)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Big Christmas Tree!

Well, there are other ways of describing this tree, but there are children who read this site! ;-)

We went a huntin' our christmas tree yesterday! Brock and I found this great Tree farm way out in the wilds of Chester County a few years ago and we love going there. The prices are good and their trees are pretty darn good too. It's a cut your own, but they actually have guys out there who will cut your tree with a chainsaw and carry it back in on a cart! Wooo Hooo! So, yesterday, we had John, John and Biff help us with our tree!

We had specific criteria for the Christmas Tree (as we do every year); Brock wanted skinny, Cyndy wanted TALL! Leda doesn't have a say yet! ;-)

It took us all of about 15 or so minutes to decide on the 2005 Yates Christmas tree! Unfortunately, the first tree had a bit of a problem, it had a leader branch that was all the way at the bottom and cutting above it would mean half the tree wouldn't come home with us! So, we had to go choose another. (That's John getting ready to do the cuttin'!)
Cutting the Second Chosen Tree
Not very far from the first one, we found THE tree. So, we ordered the cuttin' and we headed back to wait for our tree. Leda found all of this a little boring (and a little windy and cold, but she was bundled up nice and tight and warmly, so she didn't feel the cold. She did look bored though! ;-)
Leda, a little bored at the tree huntin'!
So, we paid for our tree, loaded it in the truck and headed home. We didn't put it up right away because we had other things to do, and we went over to the Durham's for dinner, so the tree, well, he sat out on our back porch for the night.

Just a little while ago, Brock and I brought the tree inside. Leda was/is down for a nap, so perfect timing. We put the tree in the holder, and raised him up...OH.MY.GOODNESS!

Becareful what you wish for, you might get it...
Big Christmas Tree, 2005
I wanted a big tree...we got a 10.5 foot tree...Brock's gotta cut off about 8 inches at the top so the angel can sit there! With her head on the ceiling (now, tell me, with me afraid of heights, who do you think is gonna have to help decorate the tree this year???)

We have to do a little tying down of said tree...he's pretty stable, but maybe it's because of the little one, I want it tied down just in case! This IS the biggest tree we've ever had. I am MORE than satisfied with him! (he's gotta be positioned better, we are waiting for him to relax before we start moving him around...he does have a few open spots on him!

So, we'll be a decoratin' today! Leda and Mommy are gonna watch White Christmas while we put ornaments on the tree (well, Leda will watch, Mommy will put ornaments on the tree!) And, maybe later, if we have time, make some cookies and other treats! Yummmmm!

Can't wait...7 more days! WOOO HOOO!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Crazy week...

It's been a crazy week. I wanted to do a follow-up to my last post, but just haven't found the is a bit upside-down nuts right now. One wonders if I will still be working there much longer. It's THAT crazy!

On the homefront, things are good - Leda has stood unassisted for several seconds everyday for the past several. Her first step is just around the corner (she almost did it last night!) It's amazing...I was so looking forward and so dreading this moment - still am! Our last days of things being a little easier are coming to an end and our little girl is becoming more independent a little each day. Thank goodness it doesn't happen all at once! I'd be a basket case!

Anyway, we are hunting a Christmas Tree this weekend and decorating for Christmas. Of course, most of the decorations will be nailed to the wall and out of reach of the on the move little girl! Can't wait to see how we keep her away from the Christmas tree for the next couple of weeks! Now THAT will be a feat!

Will update over the weekend! Have a good one!

Monday, December 12, 2005

On the Move

We spend a lot of time these days watching that Leda doesn't fall down and smack her head on the ground!

She is constantly wanting to be standing up. She has barely started to crawl - she crawls around military style (like she's crawling under barb wire! on her stomach, like it hurts her knees to use them!) What she really likes is to stand...and then try to bend over to pick something up! Lots of fun!

Last weekend, I went in to check on her during a wasn't quite time for her to be awake, and I hadn't really heard anything on the monitor...just a little rustling around, not a lot and no talking. So I figured, I'll go check on her. What I saw when I opened the door...
Mommy, I'm awake!
Yeah, Boy am I happy I insisted to Brock several weeks ago that we lower the mattress one rung...if we hadn't she would have been able to topple out! I am thinking we need to go one more...yes, she more than likely won't be able to fall out right now, but, she's a resourceful little kid! She'll make a deal with Dela and some how end up on the floor...I am sure! (I'm tellin' ya, the kid and the cat are conspiring against us!)

Anyway, I really think she wants to walk. She loves getting in her Jeep...she can push it all around the kitchen and attack our ankles with it! She LOVES it! I noticed, however, that she uses her tippy toes to push it around. Then, I noticed when we hold her hands and she proceeds to walk forward, she does it on her tippy toes. Might making walking a challenge for her...and lots of entertainment for the adults in the house! ;-)

At any rate, she wants to be up on her feet. She is even furniture surfing a little...she can go between the couch and the chair...even without our assistance...we are just there in case! And, she loves it. I figure we are a good month (more than likely two) away from any true walking (of course, I could be COMPLETELY wrong about that...I mean, we thought two teeth at 4 months were great, but, come on, she's not going to have too many more before she's closer to a year...and, here we are, 5 more teeth later!) Besides, it's like she's trying to get moving so she can get away from these crazy people who won't let me do what I wanna do...I mean, what's so wrong about wanting to eat the phone, remote, dog? Huh?

She's got such a personality now. It's just interesting how different she is from the first month or two to now. She's definitely got a attitude...and, for the most part, it's a pretty agreeable attitude (thank goodness!). She does, however, make her disagreement with us well known...put her down and go get your dinner and DARE to leave her alone for two minutes, you will know, the neighbors will know, and, it's possible, the rest of the town will know. The kid, she does have a set of lungs on her!

(and, let me clarify "alone" so that we don't have social services knocking on our door...she gets put into her exersaucer, away from all implements of destruction, and in full view of the kitchen, when we are plating our food. She's alone for all of about two minutes. Of course, to hear her, you'd think we left the house, went down to the local bar for several drinks and didn't even leave the heat on for her!)

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Snow Angel

Yesterday we did go out into the snow, for a few minutes. Until Leda starts walking, playing in the snow will only last a few minutes. Besides, she really had no interest in it at all!

But, we did get her to make a snow angel.
Snow Angel

And before anyone (other than my mother, who has already channeled her mother) says, "Put some gloves on that child," we were only out for about 5 minutes total, she never touched the snow with her hands, and, YOU try putting gloves on a child that removes everything the second it touches her hand AND is screaming bloody murder because you had the audacity to put her in that pink snow suit. Geez!

Besides...we put shoes on her...isn't that enough? ;-)
Yeah, Snow!

Friday, December 9, 2005

Snow Day!

Budda Garden!

Wooo Hooo! It snowed all night and just ended at 9AM and we got all of about 8 inches, but the snow came so hard and so fast in such a short period of time, the office is closed and we get to stay home and play! Wooo Hooo!

Leda went down for her morning nap just a little while ago, Brock is out shoveling snow and I am going to take this time to stuff envelopes...gotta get those Christmas cards out! When Leda wakes up...out in the snow we go!!

BTW, that's my Budda Garden up there...yep, Budda's are Buried! Poor guys!


Thursday, December 8, 2005

My favorite Beatle

John Lennon...Silenced 25 years ago today. Imagine what could have been.

I remember waking up on the 9th, I had a clock radio in my room at the time. I really had just discovered rock-n-roll a year or two previous (I was 12). I loved the Rolling Stones (one of my best girlfriends at the time was a big Stones fan) and I had just received the Double Fantasy album that year (I think for my birthday, that Stones fan, Suellen, got it for me). It was the first thing I heard that morning. I don't remember how I felt...I do remember hearing it, I can even remember how my room looked that of those distinct memories...but I don't remember how I felt.

I know now. I would like to know what the world would be like if John Lennon was still in it.


Tuesday, December 6, 2005

A sign??

Okay, so what kind of sign is two robins right outside my window, playing in the snow??

Seriously, aren't robins supposed to be somewhere warm by now?

Is this a good sign or a bad sign?

Oh, and it ain't just's like 10, flying around from tree to tree, playing in the snow. I almost wish I had my camera.


Bring on the 2006 season...

Not even going to comment (except that, geez, did we have to lose Westbrook, too?? Seriously, all our starters are on the injured bench at this point!)

Bring on the 2006 season. Football is over for this town this year. It's a shame really. But, it probably had to happen at some point.

Let's just let them heal and start anew next year!

Love my Eagles and can't wait to see them strong year!

Sunday, December 4, 2005

It Snowed Out

This morning Brock was getting ready for work, around 5:30 AM, and I got up to use the restroom while he was in the shower. He says to me, "It snowed out." I said, "What?" "It snowed out."

It took me a few seconds to understand what he was saying. It appears that my husband may have picked up a Chester County or Southeastern PA colloquialism. How funny is that...if he starts saying, "Yous wanna go to dinner?" then, I'll worry a little.
Budda Garden under snow
Anyway, he was snowed out! Leda's first snow. It was about an inch. She looked outside and didn't seem to really notice it much. I plan on taking her outside later...we'll see if she notices then! :-) Of course, that is if I can get her into her snow suit without reinacting the scene from A Christmas Story, where her arms can't go down!

Hey Santa, I wanna Corvette!

Leda's First Visit with Santa
Leda met Santa for the very first time yesterday! She asked for LOTS of things, but specifically, the 1968 Corvette Stingray sitting in the know, the one that's original base price was about $4500??? Yep, that one!

Yesterday, with the Durhams, Leda and I went to County Corvette in West Chester to visit Santa. See, our friend, Denny, works there, and he worked really hard to set up a toy drive for Ronald McDonald house and he invited Santa to come and visit with all the boys and girls who would come out to donate a toy or some money to help out less fortunate boys and girls. Denny couldn't be there, so Santa played host instead! ;-)

Leda didn't seem too freaked out by Santa...she kinda was a little bored by the whole thing! He was, however, quite warm, and it was REALLY cold and windy yesterday! So, she didn't mind sitting next to him!
Leda's First Visit with Santa
Oh, and she really liked his beard...she almost pulled Santa's hair! In fact, I do remember him yelling "Ouch" as I tried to disengage her hand from his beard!

Paige, on the other hand, wasn't so happy about being near Santa!
Paige wasn't liking Santa so much!

We got a tour of the facilities here, which was REALLY nice...they have their own paint chamber! It was pretty awesome. Brock was really sorry he missed it...not only did he miss Leda's first visit with Santa, he missed seeing the really cool facilities! But, he had to work. Bummer!

Anyway, that was our Saturday. We went shopping later in the evening (and no, I am not going to say for's almost christmas! However, we did buy Leda her first Christmas gift, but she will start using it today...a new car seat, because she's grown out of the infant carrier! Wooo Hooo!)

As always, click on the pictures to see more and larger sizes!

Friday, December 2, 2005

Ha! Funny....

Okay, this will be funny to those of you who know both Brock and I, and how GREAT! we are at housecleaning!

Someone hit this site after doing a search for "pictures of housecleaning!"


They got this post: Housecleaning/updating

Not exactly what they were looking for! But it made me chuckle to think that a search for "pictures of housecleaning" would point to me! hehehehe


Our little girl, she is a changing!

It's amazing, for the first 7 months, she's changed gradually - I mean, there's been big milestones, such as teeth (oh, did I tell ya, she's up to 7 now - it's peeking through!), and being able to sit up and all, but she's starting to look different. Her face is much more expressive (and it's always been expressive). She's growing a little more hair (I still think it might be 2007 before we need to give the kid a hair cut). She's looking a little more, grown up.

She's discovered her tongue! Yes, we get lalalas now (yeah, I know, dada ain't far away...what is with these kids that they can't say mama first???? huh??? ingrates! ;-) But not only is she using it in speech, she tends to show it to us more than she used to. Not really sticking it out, but shes constantly opening her mouth and sticking the tongue forward...kinda like she's experimenting with it, trying to figure out what to do with it. It's really kinda cute! I don't know if it's this new discovery that makes her seem a little more grown up or not.

Last night, we had issues going to bed! We had a trip to Costco after dinner and Leda was wonderful! When we got home, she got to play for about a half hour before it was bed time at 8. We had our bottle and I lay her in bed and left the room (after saying goodnight of course!) Usually the bottle makes her sleepy, but I knew that we were going to have some issues because she didn't get sleepy!

She kinda russled around in bed for about 20 minutes, then the first crys started. They got louder, there was screaming involved. It was pretty comical, if it weren't so frustrating and horrible! They were angry screams and crys, so I tried not to go in to comfort her (because, then, they get louder and meaner!) She tends to cry and then stop, like she's listening to find out if we are going to come get her or not. If she crys for more than a few minutes, I tend to go in, stick binky back in and cover her up and walk out again - sorta our version of "cry it out."

Last night, when I went in, she was sitting up in bed, crying. I was shocked...this was the first time that we knew of that she had sat up in bed! Still, I didn't do anything but lay her back down, stick binky in, say good night, cover her up and walk out.

Long story wasn't until about 9:30 that she finally gave up (after twice I went in and picked her up to calm her...I'm a sucker!) and fell asleep. She usually is such a great kid to put to sleep, I just don't know what caused this.

Hopefully, the crying thing isn't a change that is sticking with us!

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