Friday, December 23, 2005

The day before the day before

Went shopping...I'm done.

Put lights up outside the house (yeah, two days before christmas...we got a little behind)....done

Baked cookies, made chocolate truffles (they haven't killed anyone, yet)...done.

Wrapped everything that needed wrapping...done!

Okay, it's time for Christmas to be here. Yep, I'm ready.

We visited with our neighbors tonight...our little town has a cheese shop! Yep, a CHEESE shop! And, they have GREAT cheese...guess I am gonna go shopping again tomorrow!

Is it here yet? You know, Christmas?

Brock went to get beer from the beer store and came home with a Santa doll for Leda...the nice lady at the beer store gave it to her! Isn't that nice? I love our little town!

Is it Christmas eve yet? No...geez, when the heck is it gonna get here? I'm ready!

Off to have dinner at my sister Rachael's tomorrow. Looking forward to introducing Leda to her cousins Caelan and Tristan and hopefully Dylan will be there too!

It's Christmas now, right? No? Geez, how much longer do I have to wait????

Well, guess I will go off and eat my dinner, give Leda a bath, and hit the hay...Tomorrow is ONE MORE DAY TIL CHRISTMAS! WOOOOO HOOOOOO! We'll be a bit more busy tomorrow, so maybe Christmas will get here a little quicker! ;-)

Merry day before the day before Christmas!

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