Monday, July 31, 2006

An evening out on the town...

...just isn't what it used to be!

But it was fun, nonetheless!

If you called and we weren't home, it was because Leda and I took Brock to his favorite restaurant in town - Liki. Our first and only Japanese Steak House. It is actually a very nice restaurant and we are ecstatic that it is doing so well - it only means it will be around for some time to come!

This is Leda's third time at Liki. We didn't get the edamame (soy beans) the last time we were there because apparently edamame is only something I like when pregnant. I couldn't get enough of them when I was pregnant. It was probably the only thing I craved when I was pregnant (besides Coronas! ;-)

Anyway, not that I can't stand them now, I just don't have the desire for them I did then. Well, apparently there is some truth to the kid liking something that you ate a lot of in pregnancy, because we couldn't get them out fast enough for her. She gobbled them up! She wasn't falling for Daddy's octopus either (definitely my child there!) and she had lots of her lovely noodles. She likes going there...the girls who work at the restaurant fawn all over her!

We had a good time spending the gift certificate that Claire called in just before we got there! Thanks, Claire! Then it was home and we all watched Countdown with Daddy! It was a super evening!

And, don't think that Leda and I didn't get him anything...his Big Screen TV should be here any day now! Yes, we will be sharing with him, but it's his present nonetheless. That and a trip to the Caribbean this winter (okay, so technically that's for me, too! Oh well, our days of getting anything that is "just for me" are long gone! ;-)

The Big 5-0

Yep, Leda's Daddy is Fifty today!

Daddy and Leda, Avalon, 2006

He doesn't look a day over 29!

Love you, honey!
Happy Birthday!
Love, Me, Leda, Duff and Dela!

Friday, July 28, 2006

The Landis hooha

Only thing I am going to say about this right now is I am waiting to see what happens with the second test.

I am disappointed, but not IN Floyd, FOR him. The US media covers the Tour only on the last day and only when an American wins. Yesterday, the US media covered a "non-negative" result (not a POSITIVE - a test is only positive after they test the second sample and IT is positive) got more coverage than the WHOLE THREE WEEKS of the Tour! That's just wrong.

That's it. All I am saying until more is known.

Just in case you were wondering.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Chicks Rule!

Dixie Chicks, Philadelphia, 7/25/2006

Went to the Dixie Chicks concert last night and they kick butt (this is a family blog, after all!)

AWESOME! They RULE! So seeing them again! And, if you get the chance, go see them. Good music, lots of energy. Great time!

Bubbles Video

Fun video from our weekend in the Poconos...Paige and Leda playing with bubbles!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Shape of a Mother

<---Link not suitable for all readers...Warning for those who have children come to my site! ;-)--->

You won't find me here...I don't have the nerve to attempt to do what these mother's here have done. But it sure does make me feel a little better about what having a child has done to my body and what I HAVEN'T done to it since having that child!

It's a great site. Real women with real bodies. Check it out.

Monday, July 24, 2006

The title that wasn't...

I just can't think of a good title for this post. Tried, just couldn't do it.

Well, let's see, what a weekend. We headed to the Poconos on Saturday to spend some time with the Durhams (yes, that would make it FOUR weekends in a row!) and the Gabbs and Shiers. The Gabbs and Shiers were sans kids as the four of them were heading to the NASCAR race on Sunday. The Durhams and Yates were with children, as they were NOT going to the race.

It rained like crazy on the way up to the Poconos. The Durhams had headed over to the track to watch practice, so when we got up there, there was no one at the house. We hung out, had a little lunch and waited for them to get back, which they did pretty soon after we had arrived, as there was no practice on Saturday due to the torrential downpours! We were watching a little coverage on the TV and they had tires floating around in the pits! Anyway, off to do a little shopping for dinner, the kids played with each other, the Gabbs and Shiers arrived and the party began. Mind you, not like the parties had in 'olden' times, but a fun time non-the-less.

A great steak dinner was had by all, the kids played with the bubbles from the bubble machine (see below and be prepared for a pretty funny video of Leda trying to catch bubbles later in the week). We all took a walk down to the lake after dinner and Leda went in face first, got up laughing and fell in back first, got up laughing and soaking wet (believe there might be pictures from someone later this week, will get back to you on that!) So, we headed home, got ready for bed. The kids went down to sleep and about an hour or so later, the adults followed! Boy, the parties start earlier now and so does bedtime for all of us!



The Gabbs and Shiers headed off to the race after a good egg and bacon breakfast (with a few donuts thrown in for good measure) made by Brock and the Yates and Durhams did NOTHING for several hours after! About 1ish or so, we headed down to the lake. It was a beautiful day, but a little cool, with a breeze, so swimming was a bit chilly! Leda had a great time playing with the sand and another little boy and girl that were on the beach, and Paige loved the playground set! We didn't stay for long as it was chilly, so back to the house to watch a little bit of the race before we headed home.

Too busy playing with sand to look at the camera

And yes, I did get to see a little of 'le tour.' I got to watch Floyd finish off the rest of the challengers on Saturday during the time trial and stand on the podium in Paris. What an amazing rider. I hope he gets to come back and try it again. We'll see how that hip is after it's been replaced.

It was a nice weekend. Too short, but nice. At least the weather was nice. After the week we had had weather wise, it was a nice change!

Today it was back to work. Brock and I are off to see the Dixie Chicks tomorrow night, and then I have to get up at the ungodly hour of O'dark-thirty on Wed to head to north Jersey with my bosses for a sales meeting. Yeah, how dare they schedule work that early the night after a concert. The nerve! ;-)

I am so looking forward to the coming weekend! ;-)

One last picture - Duff watching tv and Leda watching him watch tv...and yes, those would be Tellitubbies on the TV...Duff was trying to catch the little rabbits that hop around during the show. Yes, I have a dog that watches TV and a child that doesn't. How weird is that??
Watching TV

As always, click on any picture and it will take you to Flickr, where you can find more from the weekend!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Well, Just Goes to Show.... should never count a man down.

Wow. Pretty much the only thing I could say for about 10 minutes after watching the most exciting Tour de France stage ever. Not even a Lance Armstrong stage win compared to this.

Floyd Landis, who yesterday fell over 8 minutes out of the overall lead (and, let me tell ya, folks, in this race, that's like three years out of first place, especially with only three more stages to go, and the last one usually doesn't count - it's the Champagne stage) came back today and won the stage. Not only did he win the stage, he is only 30 seconds off the lead. 30 seconds! He's in third, but the two guys in 1st and 2nd he beat by over a minute 30 in the previous individual time trial. It's all coming down to Saturday's time trial. Landis beats those guys by 31 seconds or more, he's in yellow in Paris on Sunday.

Yes, I watched the race today. I only watched the last 20 minutes (I took an early lunch!)...I had been keeping track of what was happening online. What a race. It really was exciting.

Heard Landis traded some spectator his yellow jersey yesterday for a six-pack of beer after his horrible stage run. Maybe he should drink some more beer tonight! ;-)

Guess we all know who I am rooting for again! ;-)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

le Tour Update....

Floyd Landis lost the yellow today...hit a wall (not literally). Lost 8 minutes! Probably no way to come back and win the mallot jaune now. Darn it! It's been a really funny, weird Tour this year. All over the place. I don't know who to root for, just about anyone can win this thing (except maybe Floyd at this point - that SO sucks!)

Like anyone of you care! ;-)

Speaking of outages...

We had ourselves a wicked little storm last night. It has created chaos in our little hamlet. Power outages all over the place. We lost power for a brief time, but lost only the phone and internet for any length of time (all of today!)

We had headed over to our good friends Annie and Dave's house for dinner. They have an almost two year old boy, Danny, who Leda just had a blast playing with last night. Anyway, we got there and just past 7PM, the sky turned almost pitch black in a matter of minutes and the wind started and the rains came and the thunder and lightening were just wicked and then there was some pea-sized hail. It was pretty awesome. It rained so hard and the wind blew so hard, that they had water pouring in through the SEALED areas around their front door! It was pretty weird.

Anyway, just as we were getting ready to have dinner while the storm ravaged around us, the lights went out...good thing we were doing steaks on the grill and they have a gas stove! We had dinner by candle light!

The kids played in the dark after dinner and we just had a blast. We headed home and between there and here (probably about 5 miles?) it was dark. A very few places actually had electricity (and probably back up at that) and those places were PACKED with people. Because most of our town had NONE!

We got lucky...when we got home, we had no trees in our house and we had electricity. No phone, but electricity - AIR CONDITIONING!! Our neighbors had a huge piece of a tree directly in front of their house blow up against the house. It was pretty awesome...but no structural damage, thank goodness.

So there were lots of chain saws abuzzing around here today!

All in all, it had to be one of the worst storms we have had in a long while. Thank goodness we had had some limbs cut off a tree that, had we not, might have dropped those limbs right into our house. And when did we have this done?? Try Saturday! Wow, that was close!

Anyway, we are fine, everything is okay, our neighbors are fine, things are starting to get back to normal. Hopefully we won't have a storm like that any time soon!

Video up at other site...

Dancing video at other site...go see it!

Yes, some pictures might not be appearing, but the video is okay. Flickr is having an outage, apparently!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Leda found her Groove AND her belly button...all in one weekend!

(This post is probably going to totally ruin any thought any of you might have had that I am cool. Oh well! Such is life!)

Leda is a dancer. She loves the music. This is a kid who doesn't watch tv, but man, if you turn the weatherscan channel on, you know the one, the one that plays funky elevator music while displaying the current conditions in your area? Yeah, that one. Turn it on and my child immediately drops everything she is doing and starts dancing. Yes, dancing. She even turns to look at the tv, like she was just checking to make sure it was the channel she thought it was, yep, that's that funky music channel, turn it up, Mom!

I have video, but Google will take a day or two to load it, so check the other site later in the week!

Brock was off working this weekend, so Leda and I, we spent most of Saturday watching and dancing to the weatherscan channel. And, testing out if the music channels on the tv get the same reaction...not as much, but she likes them, too.

And, the dancing has taken on a new look. Instead of the jumping around she used to do, now she puts a little shoulder into it! We went over to the Durham's Saturday night for some dinner and a dip in the pool and Leda broke out her Axl Rose impersonation...she looked like she was dancing to "Welcome to the Jungle" instead of some country song that was actually playing. I have no clue where she gets that from (the kid starts to 'bang her head' and I will need therapy!)

This is where my reputation for being 'cool' is going down the toilet...

So, Leda and I are on our way home and I am playing some CD. It's fun music. It reminds me of childhood...okay, so it is, like, Barry Manilow 'Live.' Okay, there, I admit it. I listen to Barry Manilow and I like it. (it is the only Barry Manilow album I own, I swear, not including the one he produced for Bette Midler - I own a LOT more rock albums than I do Barry Manilow albums, so my quotient for cool is still pretty high! Hey, look, my child, she likes the elevator music they play on the weatherscan channel. Even Barry is cooler than that!)

Anyway, so, 'Daybreak' comes on and Leda and I are clapping and swaying (actually, Leda's swaying and clapping...I am driving) and Leda is just laughing her butt off, enjoying herself dancing in her car seat. Yes, at first, I thought she might actually be laughing her butt off at me, but I looked again, and she was actually enjoying the music! So there!

Anyway, we had a blast coming home from the Durhams, listening to Barry and just having ourselves a ball, dancing all the way home. And, yes, I sang! Yes, I know all the words. I'm not proud!

On Sunday, I showed Leda her belly button. And my belly button. And when Daddy came home, his belly button. Now, you ask her where her belly button is and she lifts her shirt and points at it and laughs. Ask her where my belly button or Daddy's belly button is, our shirts get lifted up and our belly button's pointed out with a laugh. She would not, however, show Steve (our friend and my boss) her belly button this morning - at least she has the good sense not to go showing her belly button to just anyone (I am sure that won't last for long!)

I took this picture last Thursday - Leda put her baseball hat on like this herself - after I took this picture, Brock and I looked at it and thought she looked, just from the pose, like the Shier's oldest, Suzy. She sure is darn cute, ain't she?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

le Tour

I do like bike racing. Yes, I got interested because of Lance. But I am still paying attention this year. Maybe not as much as I did in the past two years or so (I SO love OLN! I used to spend most of my day at work over the past many years hitting refresh on the website so I could see what was happening! At least the past couple of years I have been able to ignore it (yeah, right) at work and go home and watch the replay in the evening!)

I am really disappointed for Bobby Julich. It sucks to be out the way he had to withdraw. I am equally excited for Floyd Landis...practically a home-town boy, having come from Lancaster, PA, not an hour and a half from here. I am hoping he can pull it out and win it! I'm rooting for him and George Hincapie - two guys who helped Lance in recent years deserve a chance at the title.

It is disappointing, though, that Jan Ullrich and Ivan Basso got themselves thrown out of the tour for doping. I would root for USA, but these two really gave Lance a run for his money in the past couple of would have been nice to see one of them win this year...too bad they felt the need to cheat.

I hate biking, so it's kinda funny I like bike racing. I think I got hooked when I started going to the CoresState race in Philly like 15 years ago (which isn't called the CoresState anymore, since that bank no longer exists) friend Beth's mother used to work for the bank and would get us tickets to the CoreState employee tent, so we would head down for the day. It was a blast. I was there when Lance Armstrong won and I've been a fan ever since.

Anyway, it's really interesting - it's a wide open race now, with the top contenders out for doping and the guy who dominated the race for years retired. We'll have to see how Floyd and George do! I'll be rooting for em! If you have OLN, take a peek...even if you can't stand the racing, the French countryside is really beautiful to watch go by!

Monday, July 10, 2006

How could I forget??

One of the most important tidbits from our vacation - how could I forget??

I did 100% better this year on our vacation!! Did you get that? A Book. One Book. It's not exactly on par with my 9 books in one week, but it sure beat last year when I took 5 but only read NONE! Heck, ONE BOOK didn't even get cracked open last year. This year...I actually FINISHED one whole book.

I did crack open the second book. But only got about 4 chapters in. I finished it on Saturday and Sunday at home, so technically, it doesn't count.

In fact, the book I read this past weekend at home would be the THIRD book in the past three weeks that I have read. Yes, I said THIRD book. That means, I have found time in my Leda-laden life to read books - finally!

And, I recommend two of the three...

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini - what a great book. Very disturbing story, but a really good book. Offers a little insight into the world of Afghanistan.

Sideways by Rex Pickett - Yes, the book that the movie (which, I also recommend) was based on. Interesting look at relationships from a man's point of view. Also, interesting look at wine! The book I read down the shore.

The third book was The Husband by Dean Koontz. Not sure about this one yet. Just finished it and, although it kept my interest all the way through, it really kinda ended abruptly for me. And, parts of it were a little confusing. So, I am not sure I liked it enough to recommend it.

Anyway - one book! Maybe next year I will be able to read TWO books! At least I have found the time to read again (and the interest to read again...I think I may have been in one of my non-reading lulls as well as just not having the time!)

Odds and ends...

Some things I forgot to mention in my post about our week on vacation.

1. Leda developed a fixation on one of Paige's doll babies. This was one of those dolls with the rubbery head and the stuffed know, the ones with the head that looks real, but the body that is like a stuffed animal..except for the hands and/or feet, which are of the same substance of the head. (that description took all the fun out of doll babies, I do believe).

Anyway, Leda wanted that doll baby in the worst way whenever she saw it. And it wasn't just because Paige was playing with it either. Paige was playing with other doll babies, I just assumed that Leda was mimicking her. Whatever the reason, I went out to the 5 and Dime (and no, nothing costs a five or a dime - or even 15 cents...everything is much more than that!) and bought Leda a doll similar to the one Paige had. Except it was smaller. And not exactly like the one Paige had. Leda carried it around, but if she saw Paige's doll...well, the 5 and Dime doll got left behind a lot!

So, I figured, when we got home, I would go out and get Leda a doll more like the one Paige had. So I did - it's not EXACTLY like the one Paige had...this one has ARMS and LEGS made of the same substance as the head. But it's the same size. She does play with it, but not like she did with the one last week. I wonder if she was just copying Paige. How interesting, huh?

2. Leda's "baby talk" is really starting to sound like a language...a language that Brock and I will never pick up because we are just too darn old to learn anything new and we will never be able to communicate with our child because she has developed a new language and has decided not to learn ours (I mean, why should she? We aren't going to learn hers, geez!)

We do think that she is trying hard to communicate. We think she actually is saying down or done when she completes her meals. Of couse, there's 'do' and 'duh', both of which she uses when she points to Duff. And, she uses them when she points at other dogs, too, so we are pretty sure she's trying to say dog (or Duff). She does say 'da', but I don't think she has yet equated it with a name for her daddy. And, the ungrateful kid, still hasn't said 'mama'.

3. Leda is eating like an elephant. I mean the kid is putting it away! She is eithering going through a growth spurt or something ....she definitely has put on some weight in the past month or so. We are pretty sure she's grown about an inch since her birthday.

We didn't really try a whole lot of new food over the week we were down the shore. I gave her blueberries for the first time and BOY did she love those! I think she ate the whole container of blueberries in like three days by herself (rationed, of course, by me). She got to have fig newtons as snacks, but she had tried a fig newton before this week. She just ate REALLY well. We are hoping that she continues to eat so well, as we know that she is approaching that age when kids just stop eating altogether (except for the junk!)

4. Leda has no interest in TV other than to press the buttons on one (or the remote). Well, not exactly true...she did seem interested when there was music playing in the shows that were on...she would dance. Let me explain...

The TV where we were staying is on the's one of those older cabinet models. So, Leda had full access to the button that turned the TV on and off, and the channel buttons that, obviously, changed the channel off of channel 3 that was necessary for the cable, vcr and dvd to work. Paige would be watching Dora the Explorer ("We did it, We did it!") and Leda would walk right up to the TV and turn it off! Yes, it ticked Paige off to no end! (it was kinda cute though...especially when Barney was on for about 2 seconds and Leda just got up from where she was, walked over to the TV and without ceremony, turned off Barney...Good Kid! She got a cookie for that! ;-) hehehe)

But, except for the occasional glance, she really didn't seem that interested. I guess depriving our kid of TV worked, she doesn't need or want it.

Of course, now, I am kinda wondering if we will be able to get the kid to watch a little TV when we want her to so we can have a little peace and quiet! I think we doomed ourselves!

I have a few other odds and ends I have been thinking I should post before I forget them, and I will do that, as soon as I remember what they were! ;-)

Video from Vacation

Is up on the other site...two videos for your Leda enjoyment!

Saturday, July 8, 2006

At the Jersey Shore…Avalon, July 2006

(fair warning: it's long! I tried to shorten it, but just can't - we did SO much we wanted to tell you about!!)

What a week we had. I am always so disappointed when our week down the shore (or any time, for that matter) ends. I hate leaving the beach!

But we had a great week. Albeit, some of us didn’t get as much sleep as we would have liked (a few reasons…room we had was bright – not a huge bummer, but aided waking up early, well, and the street light outside our window! – and Leda sleeping in the same room makes for a very sleepy Mama!) It’s interesting to note that what they say about going on vacation with your kids…it really isn’t much of a vacation! ;-)

But who cares? We were at the BEACH!

The house we were renting was our friends the Durham’s, who accompanied us for the week. Our rent – some work around the house! We headed down on Friday night (since there wasn’t anyone in the house the week prior to us, we could go down Friday night instead of Sat morning) which was great…we got down there late, but we got a whole Saturday! Usually Saturday is a wash – once you get down there, someone has to go shopping, there’s unpacking to do, there’s just too much to do that by the time you get everything done, there’s no time for the beach. Well, we got beach time last Saturday!

Leda, well, she just ADORED the beach. Can you imagine a child of mine or Brock’s NOT liking the beach? Pah-lease! Other than the fact that the water was like -50 degrees (well, not that bad, more like 65 degrees – but it was darn cold!), the beach was wonderful! We took Leda into the water and, we think after the initial shock of the cold, she just loved it! She kept tasting it! Every wave, she dunked her hands in the water and sucked the salt water off her hands. She just loved it.

And the sand, well, that is apparently just as tasty as the water! Leda ate enough sand to start our own beach back here at home! You couldn’t stop her! (And, yes, we tried, and succeeded about half the time!) Leda played in the sand – in fact, it is probably one of the first times I have seen her spend more than a few minutes playing with something. She was fascinated by the shovels and the sand and the buckets. And she loved destroying anything her father or I built!

Avalon, July 2006

Most of the week was beautiful…warm – a few days humid enough to be uncomfortable – and sunny. We had about a day and a half of “bad weather,” but as I always say, a bad day at the beach beats a good day in the office any day of the week!

Saturday night we had corn on the cob for the first time! It was really good this year. Leda tried it off the cob (obviously she didn’t get a whole lot off the cob, Mama had to cut it off for her) and she loved it! On Sunday morning, Leda had her very first taste of a Kohler cream donut! We think she might have liked it! ;-)

Corn on the cob!
Corn on the Cob!

Kohler Donuts!!!
Kohler Cream Donuts!

Sunday night, we got to watch fireworks from the back deck! Avalon had fireworks for the first time and they were close enough that we got to watch and hear all of them from the comforts of our own back deck! Leda LOVED the fireworks (definitely my child!) and Paige even enjoyed them! We got to see some fireworks on Tuesday night (the girls were put to bed before hand, they were tired!) from the front porch – fireworks were in Stone Harbor – but not as good as the ones in Avalon…we hope they do that again next year!

On Monday, we all took a ride out on the boat. Leda really enjoyed it, but didn’t really like the lifejacket she had to wear and wasn’t all too keen about having to sit in Mama’s lap the whole time…it might be another year or two before Mama takes her back out on the boat…too much work for Mama! ;-) The idea was to catch some crab, but that didn’t work out so well, so John and Brock headed out to the local seafood market to “catch” our dinner! We had a great dinner of shrimp cocktails, shrimp and scallop scampi, really yummy swordfish and some really good crab cakes that Brock made with some fresh crab meat (obviously not caught by us!) Leda, herself, ate 5 or 6 shrimp! It was an amazing feast!

On the boat

On Tuesday we hung out, relaxed, hit the beach for a spell. Tuesday was a warm day, so we actually broke out the air conditioner, otherwise, Mama and Jennifer weren’t making dinner! I made my “famous” chicken tarragon dish with Jennifer’s help and we had a really nice dinner sitting in the living room in the air conditioner! And, we sipped champagne, too! (not the girls, the adults did!) After the girls hit the sheets, the adults took in a few fireworks from Stone Harbor…we couldn’t see them as well as the Avalon show, but we also had a really awesome lightening display to go along with it!

Wednesday we took the girls to the Cape May Zoo. We had done the zoo for the first time last year (none of us knew there was a zoo down there!) and we figured the girls were a little older now so they might enjoy it better. They did! Well, Paige probably got more out of it that Leda did, but it was a good day for them. After the zoo, we headed home for lunch and a nap (and no one napped!) before we headed off for the Boardwalk in Wildwood! Paige rode the flying elephant ride and the carousel with Jennifer. Leda watched from the sidelines because Mama wasn’t going to do the carousel again…she got dizzy the last time she did that! ;-) We had a little pizza and then walked the boards! Got ourselves some saltwater taffy and funnel cake and off to home and bed we went!

On Thursday, we spent some time hanging out, relaxing, really couldn’t do a whole lot, because it was rainy most of the morning and early afternoon. The girls painted with finger paint on the front porch...okay, really, Paige finger painted, Leda ate it! And got it every where...Mama and Leda had to take a bath after about five minutes of finger painting! In the late afternoon, before dinner, we headed down to the dock to do a little crabbing…hoping we might have another seafood dinner of our own catch! Alas, only three good sized crabs were caught (and one of those three was given to us by the other family out there catching crab!) So, we had leftovers! Then, after dinner, we all headed down to the ice cream place and had ourselves a little ice cream!


Avalon, July 2006

Ice Cream!!
Ice Creaming!

Friday was our last day at the beach, so we spent a good two hours on the beach having LOTS of fun. I swear that Leda was shivering the whole time (she had gotten in the water and the wind was blowing a little chilly) but you couldn’t stop her from playing in the sand and getting in the water! Leda really loved it. It warmed my heart to see her enjoy something that I get so much pleasure out of!

Avalon, July 2006

We headed home on Friday night because the men thought it would be better than fighting the traffic on Saturday. Men are mean! I could have walked the beach one more time this morning! Although, I did sleep EXTREMELY well last night, in my own bed!

Oh, and let me tell you about our night of NO sleep! I believe it was Tuesday night when Leda went to bed around normal time (around 8ish) and I think I crashed sometime around 10. Sometime around 2:30, Leda woke up. Not just cried out because she couldn’t find the binky or she had a bad dream or something, WOKE UP! I brought her into our bed so she wouldn’t scream and wake up the Durhams, but she wouldn’t go back to sleep. She was quiet, but she wanted to play with Mama, kick Daddy, giggle her way through the night!

I think around 3:30, I couldn’t take it anymore. We needed to get this child back to sleep and the rest of us too! The only think I could think of was to put her in the car and drive around until she passed out. We don’t usually do that, in fact, we had never done that, but I had no other options. At home, we would have let her play in her crib while we slept, but we couldn’t do that here, as there were other people in the house, and her being in our room, she would just start screaming every time we put her down to sleep!

So, into the car I put the child and I drove around Avalon and Stone Harbor for about a half hour. I think I saw four cars total moving around the island! There was NOTHING happening. It was quiet! Somewhere at the south end of the island, the kid, she fell asleep! So back home we went, quietly took her out of the car and into her bed and we were all back in bed and sleeping by 4:15!

Next year, the kid, she gets to share a room with Paige! ;-)

In all honesty, we had a wonderful week at the shore. We enjoyed the weather, the sun, the ocean, and, especially the company of our good friends, Jennifer, John and Paige. Leda and Paige loved playing together (for the most part! Paige really did warm up to Leda and Leda was just fascinated by Paige!) They got to play in the sand together, play with toys together (Paige let Leda play with her dolly!) and they even got to take baths together!

We are looking forward to doing it again next year! It’s a bummer to think we have to wait a whole year before we go back to the beach! But, it will be worth the wait!

Avalon bathing beauty!

Click here for all the pictures from our week at the shore!
And, as always, click on any picture to see bigger versions!
Video will be uploaded in the next couple of days over at the video spot!

Friday, July 7, 2006

Back from the Beach

Yep, we are home. Mean man of the house made us come home 12 hours early, just so he could beat traffic (and, can I tell ya, we ended up stuck in traffic for a half hour about a half hour from home...HA! Should have stayed down the shore!)

(I HATE leaving the shore. It sucks. I wanna go back!)

Anyway, we had a great week. Lots of sun, lots of sea, lots of sand. Lots of fun! Lots of pictures and some video to share over the next couple of days.

Now, going to go to bed. Leda is asleep in her own bed, in her own room, so Mama is going to have a GOOD nights sleep tonight! (Leda slept in our room all week...oh, that's a story ALL of its own!)

Check back over the weekend. I WILL update!

Wow, it was SO nice not using a computer for a WHOLE 7 days! Seriously...didn't even take it out of the bag!

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