Monday, July 31, 2006

An evening out on the town...

...just isn't what it used to be!

But it was fun, nonetheless!

If you called and we weren't home, it was because Leda and I took Brock to his favorite restaurant in town - Liki. Our first and only Japanese Steak House. It is actually a very nice restaurant and we are ecstatic that it is doing so well - it only means it will be around for some time to come!

This is Leda's third time at Liki. We didn't get the edamame (soy beans) the last time we were there because apparently edamame is only something I like when pregnant. I couldn't get enough of them when I was pregnant. It was probably the only thing I craved when I was pregnant (besides Coronas! ;-)

Anyway, not that I can't stand them now, I just don't have the desire for them I did then. Well, apparently there is some truth to the kid liking something that you ate a lot of in pregnancy, because we couldn't get them out fast enough for her. She gobbled them up! She wasn't falling for Daddy's octopus either (definitely my child there!) and she had lots of her lovely noodles. She likes going there...the girls who work at the restaurant fawn all over her!

We had a good time spending the gift certificate that Claire called in just before we got there! Thanks, Claire! Then it was home and we all watched Countdown with Daddy! It was a super evening!

And, don't think that Leda and I didn't get him anything...his Big Screen TV should be here any day now! Yes, we will be sharing with him, but it's his present nonetheless. That and a trip to the Caribbean this winter (okay, so technically that's for me, too! Oh well, our days of getting anything that is "just for me" are long gone! ;-)

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