Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sing With Me

Last night, on our way home from shopping (after ice skating lessons and dinner with Daddy), I had the radio on to the local classic rock station and Pure Prairie League's "Amie" came on. This is one of Brock's favorite songs, one which I have on the iPod and is part of a playlist entitled "Leda's Songs" because it also has the "UgaUga" song on it (also known as "Hooked On A Feeling"). So it's a familiar song!

So, driving home, I'm singing along with the radio, as I am apt to do and at some point, I realize, I'm not the only one singing. Leda's singing along with the chorus. And not just humming, actually singing the words!

In fact, when we got home, I had her go sing the chorus to Brock and she sang it just perfect!

Awesome. I'm breaking out the U2 and Rolling Stones!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Missing My Baby

I've been missing my baby and her daddy for the past couple of days. They headed up to spend some time with Grandpa and Nana and I had to stay home and work. It's been quiet around here!

Thank goodness they come home tomorrow!

The kid is growing up fast. The past month she has started signing her name to everything. If she finds a pen and paper lying around, she signs her name. In fact, when we had to make 14 valentines cards for her preschool friends, she signed every single one! Wow. Blows me away! She was just a baby not too long ago!

Each day they have called me. Leda has been talking to me on the phone - not just hello and thank you very much but I have things to do, but really talking to me. Telling me what they have been doing. Telling on Daddy!

Yeah, so she calls me this afternoon - they spent the afternoon with Nana Rose and went to a kid's museum in the Rochester area. She gets me on the phone and she says, "Mommy, I have something to tell you," and I say sure, go ahead, and she says, "Daddy smoked a cigarette in the car!" And boy was she mad. She knows Daddy isn't allowed to smoke in the car. And I told her we would give him a time-out when they got home! Brock goes on to elaborate that he didn't smoke it for long, had the window down but she yelled at him and gave him so much grief, he threw it out. Good for my kid! Daddy ain't getting away with anything anymore! ;-)

Anyway, I'm missing my baby. Missing my family. Duff and I will be very happy to see them when they get home!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Where the "White Man Can't Dance" Came From

A blogger I read on a regular basis (Blurbomat) had a post this week entitled Why YouTube Was Invented. The ensuing comments brought out more stuff that could be evidence of why YouTube was invented, but I think this sample indicates how the notion that the white man can't dance came to be. Best evidence of this happens at about the 2:50 mark.

I am also deeply scarred from watching this. I am not sure whether to laugh or cry.

This may also be further evidence as to why disco died. Or, better yet, why it had to die.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Tonight was the start of Leda's ice skating lessons.

There were several kids at her level or lower (meaning they've been on the ice once or never) and then there were several kids at a higher level (meaning that they were 3 feet-tall rockets on the ice...geez!) Leda wasn't going on the ice without me so I asked and the teacher said that was fine, so I went out with her. Basically tonight was learning to 'walk' on the ice and if you fall, how to get up on your feet again.

Leda did well at the 'walking' although she spent the second half of the session hanging on to me more than doing it herself. She was doing great until she had fallen for the umpteenth time...the one time she fell and it hurt! She was fine, no damage, just a little scare, that, oh, maybe if I don't do this right, I might get hurt. There was more hanging on after that. But she did really good for the first 20 minutes. Then, her attention was all over the place, especially with the candy and the toy coin machines! And, when can I get one of those?

We got ourselves off the ice for a few minutes, to re-group. I asked if she was having fun (for like the billionth time) but this time, instead of nodding, she replied "No!" I asked her why. "I don't like to fall." Oh, big lesson here...if you learn how to skate properly, then you won't fall! "Mommy, when can I get some candy." Lesson apparently over.

I did get her back out on the ice for the rest of the 30 minute class. I wanted to make sure she wasn't giving up just because she had fallen. After a few more minutes, we got off the ice and then she got her toy. And then we packed it up and headed on home.

We discussed the class on the way home and I kept telling her we would be heading back next week for the next class. She seemed to understand, but then she might have been too busy thinking about her toy or the dinner we were about to get! I'm thinking that this might end up being her first lesson in economics when I have to 'force' her back out onto the ice next week because, "Mommy paid money for this, Leda. You are GOING to learn how to skate whether you like it or not!"

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Time For an Update

Wow...two weeks without a could I ever stand to stay away for so long? Um, it's called mid-winter blahs mixed with writer's block. Bad combination.

Seriously, I really should start to think about finding a house in the Caribbean that I can work from starting the beginning of January until the middle of March or so! So really hate these winter months.

Anyway, it's been a crazy bunch of weeks here. Really not a lot happening, but when something is happening, it's a lot! Last weekend we took Leda ice skating for the first time. I've been ice skating a total of like 3 or 4 times in my life (and all in the second half of my life) and Brock hadn't been skating for, like, ever. So what do you think qualified US to take our almost 4 year old skating for the first time? Absolutely nothing!

But we got her laced up, got ourselves laced up, went out onto the ice only to have to turn around and get off because by the time we got to the rink and got skates and got them on, it was time for the Zamboni to come out to clean up the ice! So we watched and then we went out on the ice. Brock promptly lost his balance, his feet went straight up into the air and down on his back he went. Needless to say, he sat out for the rest of the skate. So it was up to me to take Leda around the rink. I got her up against the wall, so she held the wall with one hand and around we went. And down she went many a time. Amazingly enough, I never fell. Not once. Thank goodness for those many Saturdays at Mountain View rollerskating my teens away.

We skated for a bit more, Mommy got a few turns around the rink on her own and then we headed home. Where we all relaxed for a bit, then decided that Daddy need to go to the ER because his back REALLY hurt. Two hours later, it's just a bad bruise, but Daddy got some good drugs to help him feel better! Luckily it wasn't another broken rib (or three!)

Leda really liked the skating so I took her back again this weekend (notice, Brock did not attend this skating session!) and we signed her up for lessons before she and I hit the ice for a little while. She'll start lessons next week! We are both excited...she'll take lessons and afterwards, we get an hour or so of free skate. Good Mommy/Daughter time! Hey, I might actually be able to burn a calorie or two if she knows what she's doing!

Waiting for the Zamboni to finish


The rest of the two weeks consisted of trying to teach Leda how to clean up her toys. Oh, was that a load of fun. There was a battle of wills and thank goodness, Mommy won. Needless to say, it was not a fun evening, but the point was made and Leda will now clean up her stuff when asked...for the most part. There still is a lot of whining and crying to go along with it.

Today there was a day at the barn with Paige and Miss Jennifer and Mr. John. Miss Virginia let Leda 'borrow' Comet (a pony) for the day as Leda's pony and Leda got to go for a great ride around the riding ring. I don't have pictures yet to post because I was helping, so I have to get pictures from the Durhams! Leda loved it. She got to brush her horse and ride and put her away. And then she got to help feed the horses! The kid wants horse riding lessons now. We are in deep!

Miss Virginia, Leda and Comet

Mud Puddles!

So it's been pretty busy, but still a little relaxing around these parts. Leda will start her skating lessons on the 18th, so we'll have lots to say after her lessons. And we will be going to the mid-winter Irish Festival next week with our cousins Calean and Tristan, so we should have more pictures to post then! We'll try to keep you up to date on our goings ons as much as we have stuff going on! Stay tuned. Spring is just around the corner!! (I sure hope!!!)

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