Friday, July 29, 2005

Foot -n- Mouth

On our way home from dinner at friends last night, we passed by the dentist's office - the same office/sign we've passed by for YEARS.

I notice, the dentist is listed first (Family Dentistry), and the other doctor listed is Family Podiatry.

I say, "Huh, isn't that interesting. You can get your teeth checked by the dentist, and your feet checked by the podiatrist. Never noticed that before."

Brock, "Really, the other doctor is a podiatrist?"


"hmmm, Foot and Mouth."

I proceed to laugh my ass off! Foot and Mouth...Foot In Mouth. It just struck me as one of the funniest things I had heard in a while.

We are thinking they should replace the sign with one that says, "Foot -n- Mouth."

Thursday, July 28, 2005


It's amazing the types of conversations I find myself having now with my friends (and even a few strangers!)

We used to discuss where we'd go on Friday's for happy hour. We used to discuss (okay, gossip) about who did what to whom or who is hot for whom, etc. I even remember a time, years ago, when we used to discuss the Melrose Place characters like they were real. And we hung out with them!

Now, we discuss our childrens' bowel movements.

And, we are excited about it!

We trade tips on creams that will help diaper rash.

And don't think twice about the conversation we are having.

We talk about color - but only in how it describes afore mentioned bowel movements.

In my life, I never expected poo to be so darned interesting! I CERTAINLY NEVER expected to have full blown discussions about it! And, I NEVER expected to not mind!


Interesting evening without power

So last night, we had a cold front come through the area...which was good, because we have had the hottest and humidest (??) days EVER in the past couple of weeks...well, maybe not ever, but it's been pretty darn hot!

I got home before the storm hit, even got to spend a few minutes playing with Leda before it got so dark at 6PM that it felt like 9PM. So, while feeding Leda, the wind is blowing pretty good, but the storm hasn't really gotten to us yet - the electricity goes out.

Well, we sit there for a little while, couple minutes, wondering if it's gonna come back on. Brock decides to go out and investigate. A tree from the golf course has broken and fallen across the power lines and have pulled them down onto the street, for a good 100 yards up the road! Yeah, we are in for the long haul!

Brock checks in on the neighbors, I put Leda down for a nap. The rain begins and stops in about 15 minutes...I'll tell ya, the build up for this storm was pretty impressive...we expected a pretty intense storm - nope, a few flashes of lightening, a few rumbles of thunder and a little bit of was pretty anemic as storms go!

So the candles get lit, the neighbors disappear (to family/friends homes for dinner), the fire company comes to close down the road to traffic while waiting for PECO to appear to fix the lines. The three of us sit there in the house as the light disappears from the sky and the humidity takes over the house! (not so bad as it would have been if the cold front didn't come through, but a little air conditioner would have felt AWESOME!!)

A couple months ago, our neighbors had purchased some solar lights that they had put around their house - I liked them, and thought about getting some for our patio area and front of the house, so I asked about where she got them. Costco, $95! Well, Brock wasn't all that interested in spending the 95 bucks for some lights (15 of them, by the way!), but I bought them anyway. They soak up the sun, and as the sun goes down, the lights come on!

Solar Lights

So, about an hour or so into the evening, Brock appears from outside holding several of these lights - they screw off the stakes that hold them into the ground - and, although they don't give off a ton of light, they give off enough that you can see your way around the house, change a diaper, find the matches to light some candles! I say, "so, not so upset I spent that 95 bucks now, are ya?" Brock agrees, the BEST 95 bucks spent at Costco so far!

Now, something else about these lights, the top of the light is the solar panel that soaks up the sun and senses the light dimming in order to turn the lights on. When they screw off the stakes, they have about an inch in diameter surface under the light. Brock is attempting to balance the lights on this inch in diameter surface. I say, "why not put them upside down so that you don't have to worry about them falling over," to which Brock replys, as he is walking out of the room to place these things around the house, "because that's where the light sensor is." I wait a few seconds and say, "yeah, it senses NO LIGHT so that the darn thing will turn on!!" Wait a few more seconds, and Brock is walking back into the room, turn the lights upside down for more surface area. Yeah, my husband is a dork sometimes! ;-)

Solar Light as light source in Power Outage!

At some point, I see something out of the corner of my eye at the neighbors house - so I stood at our window, looking out in the darkness, wondering what I might have seen and all of a sudden, one of our neighbor's solar lights is waving at me! Apparently our neighbors came home and decided that we had the right idea using the solar lights inside the house!! I'm telling ya, you gotta get ya some of these lights!!

Anyway, we spent an old fashion evening, reading Harry Potter by candle light, listening to KYW on the old radio that used to sit in my Grandmother's kitchen (the only station that has ever been tuned into on this radio is KYW!), and hoping that PECO shows up to fix the lines before too long.

Evening Entertainment

And, instead of listening to my daughter on the monitor all night (since there was no electricity to do so!), I listened to Frank and the other guy who kept yelling to Frank fix the power lines outside my bedroom window! The electricity did come back on around 4 in the morning.

We did receive the most interesting sunset after the can see the downed power lines in this picture...

Sunset after storm

Monday, July 25, 2005

Three Months!

Leda is 3 months old today! Wow!

She's truly a delight. She smiles, and laughs, and talks...oh, boy, does she talk (seriously, with parents like us, did you expect anything less???). She's started to use her hands to pick things up (sorta! Sometimes, she doesn't quite make the target, but she's trying!!). And, drum roll please, she has started to roll over this past week! She hasn't gone from her back to her stomach yet, but she can lie on her side by herself!

She's not always sunshine and flowers! Occasionally we get to deal with Baby Hyde...she'll be smiling one second, and the next - oh, baby, watch out! The neighbors probably wonder what we are doing to the child! In fact, I do believe that the last two times she's had a complete melt down, she did so when it was cool enough outside to have the windows open so the neighbors get to hear EVERYTHING! Most of the time, we believe, this is because she's tired...we've tried all the other possibilities, and this is the only one she responds to: SLEEP! Of course, Brock thinks she's mad at us because we won't let her watch TV! ;-)

She loves to stand up...we are thinking she may go right to walking when she can. We are beginning to think that she's working up to making a break for it...and Duff may go with her too! I swear, occasionally, that the two of them are conspiring against us!

Three months ago...




Wow! I can't believe we did that!

A few days ago...

Yeah, I'm cute!

Isn't she the cutest? That smile can melt your heart! Wouldn't you promise the world to that smile? This kid's already got a porche, Daddy's credit cards, and a summer trip to Europe promised to her! Of course, that's what we promised her the last time she had a crying fit...don't ask what she gets for smiling like that! ;-)

Oh, and for those family members who are wondering if we were going to record her height on special occasions...yes, we have begun with her 3rd month time you head to use our rest room, look to your left (down, and to your left...will be a few years before you won't have to look down!).

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Happy Baby...Thank Goodness!

Happy baby!

Brock and I lucked out completely! We have the happiest baby we could hope for! Leda is truly a joy and seems to be a very happy child. She babbles a lot these days, and ALWAYS has a smile for us - seemingly ever moment of the day!

Of course, she has her moments...usually when she's tired or when she's hungry and we haven't produced the bottle fast enough (yes, I am sure if Leda had a blog, we'd be hearing about how we make her wait to eat ALL THE TIME!), but these moments only last for a very short time. We usually have a smiling, cooing and giggling child on our hands.

I think the thing I dreaded the most about having a child is that we'd have a baby that cried all the time. I am happy to announce that my fears are unfounded! At least, until someone at the hospital figures out that they gave us the wrong child!!

This past weekend, Leda had her first (of MANY!) trip to the book store. We headed out to Barnes and Noble on Saturday morning to purchase the new Harry Potter book! What an interesting trip. There was, of course, a long line - we had to wait to check out for about 10-15 minutes. But the curious thing was that the people waiting in line didn't seem to mind it. Everyone was up-beat and happy. Which the guy who checked me out mentioned - he wondered if it would last the rest of the day, and I wonder if it did!!

Anyway, we finally made it to the register, got our Harry Potter book (and a few others - can't go to the book store and buy just ONE book, geez!) and Leda, who up until this moment seem to be just soaking in the atmosphere, started cooing and babbling to anyone and everyone in the vicinity! It was sooooo cute! Everyone just thought she was a delight!

After our lunch and a nap, we headed off for the grocery store to buy stuff for the dinner I decided I would make for Brock, since he had to work all day in the hot and humid weather. (And, for those of you who just snickered at the thought of me making dinner...yes, I CAN cook...I just CHOOSE NOT to most of the time!!) Well, I had the happiest kid in the store. Leda proceeded to make her mommy look like the crazy lady who talks to her cats. She just cooed and giggled and made me laugh throughout the store...the looks from others were priceless! But, we had a great time shopping!

We turned 12 weeks last night and celebrated with Uncle Tommy, Aunt Tish and Granddaddy, who happened to be in town on his way home from playing with airplanes in NY ;-)

I have called you all here for a very important meeting!

We have a happy, healthy little girl who makes the sun shine, even when it isn't!

(We'll probably pay for this later! I am absolutely sure! ;-)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Strange feeling

Just discussing this with friend at work who is also a new mother...after nine months of being pregnant, for the first month or so after Leda was born (and sometimes still), if I left the house to go shopping or whatever, leaving her at home, I would spend the entire time wondering what I forgot...

It's a very strange feeling - Leda was with me for nine months, 24/7, everywhere I went, she went. Now, I can leave her at home and I feel like I am forgetting something!

Something to look forward to for the rest of my life!

See, the French aren't THAT bad

French give away wine at toll-booths

Seriously, how could you find anything wrong with a country that gives away wine? Okay, so, giving it away at TOLL-BOOTHS isn't the smartest way to promote one's wine producing regions, but hey, it would make traveling France by car REAL interesting, don't you think?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Back to work...


How in the world can it be easy to go back to work when you could spend the whole day looking at this face??

Can you say

Anyway, I am back to work as of Monday this week. It's not so bad - luckily I don't have to leave Leda with strangers, just a strange man - her father! ;-)

Brock and Leda have apparently been navigating this new arrangement just fine. I, on the other hand, need to figure out how to sleep at night! Or, better yet, Leda needs to give Mom a break! ;-)

Day 2 - I think we'll make it! Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Something I should have experienced at 21

Brock and I attended the Dave Matthews Band concert on Tuesday at the Tweeter Center as guests of Rudy, the IT guy for the band (he also takes pictures during the concerts for the band). Rudy ran the One Lap this year and invited Brock to attend the concert, which we gladly accepted.

This was going to be our first time leaving Leda for an extended period of time, but we are MORE than lucky to have the BEST NEIGHBORS EVER who have a daughter of babysitting age - So, off to Camden at 3:15PM, after handing Leda off to the capable hands of Megan (and, as it turns out, most of the McCartney clan!), and 2 and a half HOURS later (yes, 2 1/2 hours to get to Philly! Geez!), we are meeting up with Rudy...

Rudy not only offered us seats at the concert, which was generous enough, he offered to give us a tour backstage an asked us to have dinner with him, backstage! Who are we to turn down such an offer? So, a little past 6, we are walking backstge at the Tweeter Center with Rudy. Past 6 or so Motorcoaches, 8 or 9 semi-trucks, straight to the stage, before the doors opened and the masses were allowed in! It was pretty awesome and a completely different view! The venue looks so much smaller from the stage than it does as an audience member!

Rudy gave us the tour of the backstage area, introduced us to some of the production crew (the guys who run the boards, the lighting, etc.). We had dinner, served by 3 chefs that travel with the band (one is a pastry only chef! Wow!). And, dinner was really good! We then headed for the Lounge...this is the "holding place" for the guests of the's a place to keep them out of the back stage area (and out of the Band's hair!). There's a bartender, food, and a TV to show concert footage back there! It was pretty awesome! In anycase, this is our place to hang out before, during and after the concert - NICE!

We went to our seats to watch the concert. We were on the aisle of the center section, about 10-15 rows back...great seats! The concert was really good... the music was great - let me suggest that if you ever get the opportunity to go see the Dave Matthews Band live, do it - you won't be disappointed.

Rudy asked us to meet up with him after the show, so back to the Lounge after the show. Rudy escorted us back to the REAL backstage party!

Now, this is where I realize that this is an expereince I should have had when I was in my 20s, not when I am almost to my 40s (and yes, this is where I realized I am closer - MUCH closer - to 40 than I am to 20!) We are back on the loading dock, where the crew has turned a few of the semis that carry all the set and music and sound equipment to all the concerts into a bar, a place to play a little foos ball, there's a poker game going on, people are dancing, and having martinis (it was a martini party, after all!). We are hanging out, meeting some of the "groupies," and just plain having a good time!

It was about this time (midnightish) that I start thinking we need to get home soon to get the babysitter home at the time we told her parents we'd have her home, and we have a baby who will wake up early in the morning!! I then think, if I had been 10-15 years younger (it's amazing my head didn't explode when I realized that it's been that long since I was in my early twenties!!!!) I'd be drinking a few martinis, dancing with all the others and probably not thinking about needing to go fact, I don't think I'd be thinking about home at all!

It's amazing how one little 2 foot, 14 pound creature can make your life so different and make you love it different! How amazing it is not to feel like I was missing out on something...I mean, we were having a great time, but I didn't feel like I was missing out if we needed to leave!

Anyway, Rudy was very generous, a great host and we had a wonderful time. It was something neither of us will forget.

10 weeks of Parenthood

Leda turned 10 weeks this past Monday...I have to say, I have experienced things in the past 10 weeks that I never dreamed I would experience...and I like it! (not sure which scares me more, the things I've experienced, or the liking it part!)

She's such a great baby. She's so cute and when she smiles, it's enough to melt your heart! She barely cries (although, when she does, she makes sure that everyone in a 5 mile radius knows she's not happy). She started sleeping through the night about 3 weeks ago...8-9 hours a night...WOOO HOOO! She really wants to be upright now, always wanting to sit up or stand's like she has somewhere to go and she's got to go NOW!

She's had a busy three weeks...She attended Aunt Stacey's wedding, met her cousins, Sarah and Scott, and the rest of the Yates family (Aunt Claire and Uncle Bobby, Uncle Daniel and Grandpa and Nana!). We went to the Pocono's this past weekend and went on a boat ride with John and Jennifer and Paige! Leda got her first official government paperwork filled out this week (we applied for her passport)! And, our first round of vaccinations were administered yesterday (we didn't like that all that much!)

In the past 10 weeks, we gained almost 5 pounds (we are currently 13lbs 12ozs) and about 3-4 inches (it's hard to measure a baby...she's about 24 inches!!). We've started laughing, grasping for things, and boy, do we like to talk (go figure, look at who her parents are! The kid was doomed from the start!!)

It's amazing how much she's changed in a short time. I hate to think of the things I might miss, since I go back to work on Monday. Spending every moment with her over the past 10 weeks was a great experience, and although I am looking forward to doing something other than hanging out and watching TV, I am not looking forward to spending 8 hours a day away from Leda! If I could figure out a way to combine work and Leda, I would!

Parenthood is an interesting experience...I kinda like it so far! ;-)

Friday, July 1, 2005

Well Traveled Baby

Well, the beginnings of a well traveled baby!

We just came back from our first trip with Leda and all went well (actually, much better than I ever expected!!). And, we are home for a few days before we head off to the Pocono's with the Durham's for a few days! Yes, let the Yates' Summer traveling begin! Leda should be well traveled by the end of the summer!

We traveled the 5.5 hour trip to Wyoming, NY, last Wednesday morning...we had to stop only once to feed baby (and mommy and daddy and Duff!). On the way up, Duff climbed in the back on top of all the stuff we packed (WOW, what an awful lot of stuff we took!!) and watched over his was so cute, I had to take a picture!

Duff Watching over Leda, 2

We had a lot of fun with our cousins, Scott and Sarah, and our Auntie Claire and Uncle Daniel and Uncle Bobby and Grandpa and Nana! And Aunt Stacey and Uncle Todd's wedding was awesome (albeit HOT!!) and we had so much fun! I'll update more later about the wedding, but Stacey looked beautiful and Todd looked very happy!

Stacey and Todd

We had so much fun, and loved meeting the family! More on that later.

Anyway, we are excited to spend the weekend with the Durham's in the Pocono's - we will go on our first boat ride this weekend! Woo Hoo!

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