Thursday, July 28, 2005


It's amazing the types of conversations I find myself having now with my friends (and even a few strangers!)

We used to discuss where we'd go on Friday's for happy hour. We used to discuss (okay, gossip) about who did what to whom or who is hot for whom, etc. I even remember a time, years ago, when we used to discuss the Melrose Place characters like they were real. And we hung out with them!

Now, we discuss our childrens' bowel movements.

And, we are excited about it!

We trade tips on creams that will help diaper rash.

And don't think twice about the conversation we are having.

We talk about color - but only in how it describes afore mentioned bowel movements.

In my life, I never expected poo to be so darned interesting! I CERTAINLY NEVER expected to have full blown discussions about it! And, I NEVER expected to not mind!


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