Monday, March 31, 2008

The Things I Missed...

I got stuck in Boston this weekend for training. So I missed the trip to the Barn that Leda and Brock got to go on with the Durhams.


I missed the baby horse.

I missed Leda getting up close and personal to horses for the first time. She's been begging to go, but we just hadn't found the time to do it yet (well, and waiting until the weather was a little better). So while I was stuck in Boston in all day training sessions, Brock got to go take Leda to see the horses.

Leda and the Horses

Yeah, I'm a little bitter! ;-) At least he took the camera and took some pictures. And Leda told me all about it when I got home.

Leda and Paige

I just hate missing anything new that she gets to do. But I am happy she had fun with her Daddy and her friend, Paige!

More Pictures!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Longwood Gardens Pictures....

As promised, Jennifer supplied me with the pictures that she took when we went to Longwood Gardens with the girls last week...They came out awesome.

Here they are, and here's a few of my favorites....

Soakin' Wet! (this was within seconds of entering the Indoor Children's Garden!)
Longwood Gardens, March 2008

Longwood Gardens, March 2008

Happy Easter!

This morning the Easter Bunny left some stuff for Leda and she "loves it!" We had a breakfast of pancakes and bacon and then Leda and I watched Mary Poppins together. Well, I watched Mary Poppins, Leda occasionally veered off to play, but usually came back for the song scenes. I think she liked it a little. It might be a couple years until she really likes it - she's now watching Cinderella, her "most favorite movie!"

Easter 2008


Yesterday morning Leda and I went shopping. I asked her if she wanted to get all dressed up for the Easter Egg Hunt and Dinner at the Shier's and she said yes. I asked her what she wanted to get to wear and she replied "a dress!" So, off to Target we went to get a dress for Leda!

We found a very pretty brown dress with pink polka-dots on it and a pair of brown and pink Mary Jane's to wear with it. I got her some pink tights to wear as well and off for home we went. After some lunch, in to bed for a nap Leda went and when she woke up, we put her into a bath to clean up. She wasn't happy about that for some reason.

See, seems the child woke up in a grumpy mood. I thought it was clearing up after the bath...I put my makeup on as Leda bathed and when I was done, I cleaned her hair. At that point, Leda looked at me and said, "What did you do?" and I told her, "I put makeup on for the party." I was promptly told, "Take it off. I like you without makeup!" Well, so much for looking good! (I did leave the makeup on!)

So out of the bath we came and into the bedroom to put on our nice new that moment, Leda informed me that she didn't want to wear the dress. The nice new dress we just bought a few hours earlier...the one she said she wanted to get! So crying, whining child is FORCED into the dress (no child was hurt for the writing of this blog) and the tights and it comes time to put the brand new shoes on....The crying gets worse. "I want to wear my Dora shoes! WHAAAAAA" So I let her put on the dirty nasty sneakers that she wears every single day!

So, still whining and crying, the child shows her Daddy her outfit and there is some discussion about the shoes, and I finally give her a compromise she can live with...wear the new shoes until after the Easter Egg Hunt and then you can put on the Dora shoes....into the brown shoes she went and boy, was she cute! (BTW, the Dora shoes were not thought of for the rest of the day/night!!!)

Easter Hunt 2008

Easter Hunt 2008

So off to the Easter Egg Hunt we, what fun the kids had! Paige and Sydney were there, and the Shier girls, Suzy and Jane and the Allen kids, JJ and Taylor and Michael from down the street and Nathan from next door! They had a blast finding the 275 eggs that Miss Kate packed with goodies and hid all over the neighborhood! Leda was just beside herself with all the candy she got!

Easter Hunt 2008

We had an awesome time hanging with good friends and having good food and drink. The kids played beautifully together and let us have a wonderful meal without being accosted! ;-)

It's been a lovely Easter weekend. I'll spend some time this afternoon transplanting some of the seedlings into bigger pots (they are getting big!) and doing laundry! And maybe a little cleaning up around the house. It's too cold to go outside, so it's an inside kinda day! Oh, maybe we will go outside for a little while...the sun is shining bright! Hope everyone enjoys their Easter!

More Easter pictures here!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Hills are Alive...

I don't remember seeing the Sound of Music all the way through (if at all) when I was a kid. I think the first time I saw it I was in my 20s. Maybe 30s.

Around Christmas time (?) it was playing and we let Leda stay up to watch some of it. I am pretty sure she didn't get to watch it all. She sorta seemed interested in it.

It was on again last night at 7. Leda really seemed entranced by it this time. Very disappointed when the commercials broke in! "Where's the movie?" she would ask.

She only got to see the first hour as she was a pretty tired little girl and we have a big night tonight (the annual Easter Egg Hunt and Dinner at the Shiers). But I watched the rest of the evening.

And no matter how many times I have seen it, I always watch the whole thing like it's the first time I've ever seen it. Not sure if it is the music, the story or Julie Andrews, but I love it. Every time.

Last night got me to thinking, the way that Leda was so interested in the movie, that it might be time to show her Mary Poppins. My most favorite movie of all time. The one I can't even think of without getting teary eyed. Wonder what Leda will do when I start balling during the finale, "Let's Go Fly a Kite." See, I'm welling up right now.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring!

As my father reminded's Spring!! Woo hoo!

So, in honor of Spring and Easter, a color change is in order!

Not sure if I'm completely happy with the change, so expect there might be a change over the weekend!

Happy Spring Equinox!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I'm getting antsy to start my garden this year. I'm ready to get out in the garden, get things planted and start using the herbs and tomatoes and stuff! I also have a new fountain feature I am itching to start using! Yes, I am impatient for spring! Goodness knows that we'll probably have a noreaster blow through next week or the week after that (I'm off to Boston for training the last weekend of the month...expect nor'easter to hit that weekend!)

Any way, we did start some of our seeds two weeks ago (well, within the past two weeks) and we already have tomatoes (Roma), cilantro, tarragon, serrano peppers, hybrid hot peppers (from last year - they were good and hot - guess we'll see what we get this year!) and habenaros! We've also got basil, parsley and chives growing, too. If all goes well, I should be able to make my "world famous" salsa from scratch! ;-)

We plan on planting green beans as soon as the last frost is gone - I guess that's mid May - maybe sooner? I guess I should find out when that is! And we've got sunflowers to grow too, but just for show - they are the small hybrids, not for seeds.

Not sure what else I might attempt this year. I think this is plenty - I've never tried Roma tomatoes before or green beans. The peppers should be pretty easy, we've grown the serranos and the hybrids before. The herbs will be great! I've been thinking of maybe trying cucumbers as they are well liked in this house! I'm just afraid to bite off more than I can chew - we are going larger with the garden this year and I hope we can keep it going all summer and not kill anything!

In any case, I am really ready to get outside. This is the time of the year I start getting cabin fever...I am ready to get the heck out of this house and start living outside. I'm so ready for spring! It can't get here soon enough!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Garden Party

Yesterday Leda and I joined Aunt Jennifer and Paige and Aunt Karen and Sydney for a girls day out adventure!

After gathering over at the Durhams, we all hopped into Uncle John's big SUV (he was off at a race with other boys for the weekend, so we borrowed the car!) and we headed off for Longwood Gardens.

I haven't been to Longwood Gardens in many years...probably 6 or 7 years ago Brock and I headed over one night during the Christmas light show and I think we even went into the Conservatory to see how they were decorated for the season, but yesterday was the first time I had been to the gardens during the day for AGES! I think I might have been a teenager still!

Other than a little spit of rain that was clearing out and a little chilly wind, it was a nice day! The sun came out a few times. We headed over to the Conservatory to check out the new Indoor Children's Garden.

We were warned ahead of time (thank goodness) that it would be suggested that we bring a change of clothes and rubber boots. Because, there's lots of water features in the Children's Garden! And the girls LOVED playing with the water! Leda was soaking wet in 10 seconds flat! The girls ran around and checked out everything, every last bit of water was touched! And you will have to believe me on this because I FORGOT TO TAKE MY CAMERA. Yes, I'm still kicking myself for that. Hopefully Aunt Jennifer got some good shots that she'll send along to me soon and I'll post them later.

After a good romp through the garden, we got the girls changed into dry clothes and we roamed the Conservatory a little bit before the girls all announced they were hungry, so off to the Terrace Cafe we went and we had ourselves a little lunch. And after lunch, we took a walk in the gardens. The topiary garden was gated off, so we ended up walking down to the bell tower and around back to the entrance and then home we came.

It was a lovely day. I am looking forward to taking Leda back sometime this summer, when the fountains are running and the flowers and trees are in bloom. It's been so long since I explored the gardens and I really got a taste of the past by being there on Sunday. I am looking forward to going back.

It is a really awesome place to go if you got a few hours or so and you are in the Philly area. It's well worth the price to enter and they have all kinds of events year round. I highly suggest it!

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Other Left

Scene: Coming home from dinner tonight (great Thai dinner...awesome! Leda loved all the fruit and the know, it's weird to see a kid destroy the plate for all the fruit and the bean sprouts and THEN eat the shrimp. It's even weirder to know it's your kid!). We need to make a left onto our street, then a right into our driveway.

Brock: Leda, which way do we turn (the left onto our street)
Leda: That way.
Brock: Which way is that?
Leda: Ah....LEFT!
Parents: Very Good!
Brock: Now, which way into the house? (the right into our driveway)
Leda: Ah...LEFT!
Brock: No, which way is our house?
Leda: Ah....the other left! (said with all the confidence that she was absolutely correct!)

That's my girl!

Actually, Brock has done a pretty good job of teaching Leda directions (left and right, that is). Most of the time, I'd say about 80% of the time, she gets it right. She definitely points the correct directions out! Yep, he'll make a navigator of her yet!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Top Chef is Back....

...and how would you like to go up against Anthony Bordain as one of the judges in the first elimination challenge...

Ah, no. way.

Awesome. Only problem - Men in Trees is on at the same darn time! Finally got it moved from Friday to a day I can watch it and it has to be showing at the same darn time as Top Chef. ABC sucks!

Looks like an awesome season. I really dig this show! And I got Anthony last night, too! Bonus!

Take a guess at where I'll be Wed. nights at 10:00pm for the next several weeks! ;-)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


After a visit from Grandma last night, while watching TV, I discovered an awesome musician last night...David Broza.

I was flipping through the channels (as I am apt to do) and when I got to the local PBS channel, I saw and heard beautiful things. What was being shown was David Broza's concert at Masada - filmed at sunrise last summer. Wow. What a beautiful place and what awesome music. Go see a preview. He had Jackson Browne and Shawn Colvin join him.

I am almost sorry to admit I've never heard of this guy. Apparently he is like the Israeli Springsteen. Well, whatever, he's pretty great. Now, if only I could find the freaking DVD or CD of the concert I watched last night...guess I'll have to make a donation to WHYY to get the darn thing....I can't find it for purchase anywhere except the Detroit PBS channel (and I'd rather donate the money to my own PBS channel, thank you!) that filmed it.

I did, however, find him on iTunes, and I did download two songs of his....I have a feeling there are more to be purchased in my future! Go ahead, check him out. He's pretty cool. And if you are interested, check out your local PBS listings...I think it's going to be played over the next couple of months. It's well worth the time.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Baby Clothes, Dresses and Dress-up

This was a busy weekend for us - with some downtime in between!

I had a jewelry party on Friday night. I'm not usually one for those types of parties - the ones like basket parties and candle parties - I usually go but I don't usually buy and I usually don't offer to host one either. I just don't get excited about baskets and candles that way. I do, however, like jewelry - and inexpensive nice looking jewelry really works for me! So I hosted a party on Friday night.

So Brock took Leda over to the Durhams to hang with Paige and John and the ladies all came over and we chatted and had some wine and bought some jewelry!

Leda had a blast playing with Paige, as usual. She always wants to "do it again!" So, we invited the Durhams over for dinner on Saturday night as well as Karen and her niece Sydney. So Leda entertained the two little girls in her room as the adults had a nice dinner and good adult conversation.

We had gotten out Leda's dress-up box this past week as she is showing interest in dressing up now. Aunt Joan had gotten her a lot of stuff to dress up with for Christmas. So the girls had a great time dressing up in the clothes and pretending to be fairy princesses.

Leda dresses up

On Sunday, Brock and I got all Leda's old baby clothes down from the attic and washed and sorted so that we could give them away to another couple we know who is having a baby girl in the next month or so. Brock is very excited that FINALLY someone is having a girl and we can pass on the BILLIONS of boxes of clothes we have stored away in the attic. So, that's what we did. We got to see all the little clothes that one day, 2 and a half years ago, our daughter used to fit into. It's amazing!

We also brought down a box of clothes that will fit Leda this weekend. This box holds LOTS of dresses. Something that Leda has shunned in the past. I mean, trying to get this kid to put on a dress is horrendously hard. We usually have to offer something to her to get her in a dress. Well, she saw all the dresses and demanded that she get to try them on. She ended up spending the rest of the day wearing a sun dress. Luckily we weren't going anywhere at all!

Leda wears a Dress (and Daddy's shoes!)

Leda made a special request of us on Sunday morning. As sweet as you please, the kid had me pick her up and she looked me in the eye and said, "Mommy, I want a little baby sister, please?" And she begged for a little baby sister for the next five minutes. And let me now assure you all that she was promptly denied! But it was cute, and it was awful hard to say no. (HA! Yes, a little hard to say no, I mean she was pretty serious about it, and she did say please, but no, not awful hard!)

And all this on one less hour! I hate daylight savings time. But all in all, it was a pretty awesome weekend

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Growing up

I've been neglectful of the blog in the couple of weeks. Not because we are extremely busy or anything (no more busy than usual), but mostly because I haven't the energy to put into the creativeness to come up with a post. In other words, I've been feeling lazy.

There are a few things that have been happening around here, mostly with Leda. It's amazing to have noticed some of the signs that we no longer have a baby living with us but a full-fledged little girl. In the past couple months, she has just grown up so much. I guess it probably hasn't been over the past couple of months but more likely four or six months, but we have hit a pretty big milestone and I guess I took a step back and realized she's really changed!

That milestone - completely potty trained with very minimal accidents! The kid took to potty training amazingly! Once she figured it out! Since the end of December, she hasn't worn a diaper - we have passed all diapers on to our daycare for other kids. She had been wearing a pull-up at bedtime, but, except for one night since the end of December, the pull-ups have been dry every morning.

She is very insistent on using the potty when she needs to - and usually requires little supervision (except for making sure she washes her hands!) While in Florida, she even required that we get out of the pool so she could go use the potty (much to the relief of all those others in the pool!) And, on our way home, she was very insistent that we use the potty on the plane the moment we landed in Philly - she really had to go and didn't want to have an accident. She gets quite upset if she has an accident.

As of Monday of this week, she no longer wears a pull-up to bed. She's had so little accidents that I can count them on one and a half hands! ;-) The only time she seems to have accidents is when she is playing with her friend Paige - she gets so lost in the moment, she forgets! Other than that, she doesn't have accidents. It's amazing.

Another sign that we have a little girl - She's VERY interested in makeup and nail polish! She is very insistent on watching me put on my makeup and I have even given her some old makeup compacts (without any of the actual makeup in it) and a blush brush and I usually give her a little baby powder to play with so she thinks she is putting on makeup. She loves it. And she really likes posing in the mirror after she has made herself up.

As for nail polish, well that's something she learned about during out trip to Florida. Abby had some play nail polish with her and painted Leda's nails and toenails. She loved it! She has done nothing but beg for nail polish since we came home. So, I went out to find some. I couldn't find the play kind and ended up getting some real nail polish that Leda was told she could only have put on for her by Mommy.

A few days later, she found the place I had put the nail polish (bad Mommy, putting it within reach) and she grabbed it. She was told by both Mommy and Daddy that she wasn't allowed to play with it without supervision from Mommy and she agreed and put it down. But when we both weren't looking (bad Mommy and Daddy for not hiding the darn thing where the kid couldn't reach it again), she grabbed and ran.

A few minutes later, I asked Brock where Leda was and he said he thought she was in her room. I looked and her room door was closed. I new immediately she was up to something. And right I was...I found her hiding under a pillow painting her doll baby’s toe nails with the nail polish she was told she couldn't have! Thus, she was banned from nail polish for a week. Today, I painted her nails with one of my nail polishes. She's very happy.

She's also become more interested in dressing up. And even wearing dresses! Oh, the horror! Yep, she's definitely a little girl. We were sorting through the old baby clothes and through a box of clothes that she'll fit into this summer and we found a bunch of summer dresses. One of which she insisted she needed to wear. She wore it all day today. And she is making me promise to let her wear a dress during our girl’s luncheon out next week at Longwood Gardens. Yes, there will be a ton of pictures. Of course, I don't think she'll be wearing a dress because it is still going to be too cold for one!

Anyway, she's definitely growing up. In some ways, it's amazing. In others it is a little sad. Especially having spent the morning going through her baby clothes! But in all ways, it's pretty cool that we have a happy healthy little girl. Even if she's a little demanding and stubborn! ;-) I haven't a clue where she gets it from!

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