Sunday, March 9, 2008

Growing up

I've been neglectful of the blog in the couple of weeks. Not because we are extremely busy or anything (no more busy than usual), but mostly because I haven't the energy to put into the creativeness to come up with a post. In other words, I've been feeling lazy.

There are a few things that have been happening around here, mostly with Leda. It's amazing to have noticed some of the signs that we no longer have a baby living with us but a full-fledged little girl. In the past couple months, she has just grown up so much. I guess it probably hasn't been over the past couple of months but more likely four or six months, but we have hit a pretty big milestone and I guess I took a step back and realized she's really changed!

That milestone - completely potty trained with very minimal accidents! The kid took to potty training amazingly! Once she figured it out! Since the end of December, she hasn't worn a diaper - we have passed all diapers on to our daycare for other kids. She had been wearing a pull-up at bedtime, but, except for one night since the end of December, the pull-ups have been dry every morning.

She is very insistent on using the potty when she needs to - and usually requires little supervision (except for making sure she washes her hands!) While in Florida, she even required that we get out of the pool so she could go use the potty (much to the relief of all those others in the pool!) And, on our way home, she was very insistent that we use the potty on the plane the moment we landed in Philly - she really had to go and didn't want to have an accident. She gets quite upset if she has an accident.

As of Monday of this week, she no longer wears a pull-up to bed. She's had so little accidents that I can count them on one and a half hands! ;-) The only time she seems to have accidents is when she is playing with her friend Paige - she gets so lost in the moment, she forgets! Other than that, she doesn't have accidents. It's amazing.

Another sign that we have a little girl - She's VERY interested in makeup and nail polish! She is very insistent on watching me put on my makeup and I have even given her some old makeup compacts (without any of the actual makeup in it) and a blush brush and I usually give her a little baby powder to play with so she thinks she is putting on makeup. She loves it. And she really likes posing in the mirror after she has made herself up.

As for nail polish, well that's something she learned about during out trip to Florida. Abby had some play nail polish with her and painted Leda's nails and toenails. She loved it! She has done nothing but beg for nail polish since we came home. So, I went out to find some. I couldn't find the play kind and ended up getting some real nail polish that Leda was told she could only have put on for her by Mommy.

A few days later, she found the place I had put the nail polish (bad Mommy, putting it within reach) and she grabbed it. She was told by both Mommy and Daddy that she wasn't allowed to play with it without supervision from Mommy and she agreed and put it down. But when we both weren't looking (bad Mommy and Daddy for not hiding the darn thing where the kid couldn't reach it again), she grabbed and ran.

A few minutes later, I asked Brock where Leda was and he said he thought she was in her room. I looked and her room door was closed. I new immediately she was up to something. And right I was...I found her hiding under a pillow painting her doll baby’s toe nails with the nail polish she was told she couldn't have! Thus, she was banned from nail polish for a week. Today, I painted her nails with one of my nail polishes. She's very happy.

She's also become more interested in dressing up. And even wearing dresses! Oh, the horror! Yep, she's definitely a little girl. We were sorting through the old baby clothes and through a box of clothes that she'll fit into this summer and we found a bunch of summer dresses. One of which she insisted she needed to wear. She wore it all day today. And she is making me promise to let her wear a dress during our girl’s luncheon out next week at Longwood Gardens. Yes, there will be a ton of pictures. Of course, I don't think she'll be wearing a dress because it is still going to be too cold for one!

Anyway, she's definitely growing up. In some ways, it's amazing. In others it is a little sad. Especially having spent the morning going through her baby clothes! But in all ways, it's pretty cool that we have a happy healthy little girl. Even if she's a little demanding and stubborn! ;-) I haven't a clue where she gets it from!

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