Thursday, March 29, 2007

Love her eyes

Thank goodness I framed this photo well - I get a bit weirded out about posting bathing pictures to the internets! Too many weirdos out there.

I love her eyes in this photo. So big! And I love her expression. She's just so darn cute! (yes, I know, I am not exactly an objective observer!)


Thursday, March 22, 2007


It was a beautiful day here.

After work and before dinner, Brock, Leda and I went outside for a little while. Leda swang on the big girl swing (the "weeeee" as she calls it) and ate a little of the last of the snow (let's hope!) We checked out the fish in the pond. I took pictures.

Leda on the big girl swing

I was looking at the fish in the pond when I realized how still it was, the reflection of the trees and house in the pond was so clear it looked almost as real as the real thing.

Reflection I

Reflection II

I had to turn these photos upside down so that they look "real". They are the reflection in the Pond. I think they turned out pretty good (click on one and view it in large!)

And if this face looked up at you like that, wouldn't you hold her hand, too?

Hold My Hand Mommy

Here's hoping that Spring is here to stay!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

On a book kick

I've been on a book kick as of late.

Can't seem to get enough reading. Which is a good thing and a bad thing - I probably spent way too much time reading the past week than I should have. But it's been so long since I have really WANTED to read.

I go through waves. I can go months (lots of months) without wanting to pick up a book. I mean, it's like I am allergic to them. I just have no interest what-so-ever. I even force myself sometimes but just can't muster the energy to read.

So when I get into these moods when all I want to do is read, I tend to fall into it pretty hard.

In the past week, I've read two really good books. At least, I thought they were pretty good.

The Widow of the South by Robert Hicks is a novel based on historical events surrounding the Battle of Franklin, one of the last battles of the Civil War. The story centers around Carrie McGavock who's home has been commandeered by the Confederate Army as a hospital for the wounded from the battle waging in town. She cares for the sick and wounded and eventually decides it is her place to ensure that the dead have a final, peaceful resting place.

I've placed Franklin, Tennessee on my list of places I want to go to. The McGavocks really existed and their home is a museum now.

The other book I read this week, well, in the past three days(!!) is My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. Wow. It was recommended on another blog I read and so I picked it up at the store on Sunday. Wow. I just finished reading it after dinner - it was a "can't put this down until I've finished it" book. I couldn't. It is a story about a young girl who was conceived as her sister's bone marrow match as her older sister has leukemia. It was such a good read. And, if you plan to pick it up, make sure you have dozens of tissues close by. The ending will get you.

I've decided that Jodi Picoult is someone I've got to read more of. The story was captivating and really reeled me in. I wasn't quite prepared for the ending (although I thought I was - I LOVE books/authors who do that to me - make me THINK I know what is coming and then just totally blow me away!). I highly recommend it!

All in all, it's been a good winter for reading. I've read some pretty good books.

Lisey's Story, by Stephen King (Good read. I love me some King, but lately I've found his books lacking a bit. This one was pretty good!)

Little Children, Tom Perrotta (Another good book. The ending seemed a bit abrupt at first, but I guess it's because it was the way it had to end)

Cross, James Patterson (We finally learn how Alex Cross lost his wife. Not sure if I liked this one as much as I usually like a good James Patterson book. It was good, but felt like an ending, and I am not sure I am ready to give up Alex Cross yet!)

Step on a Crack, James Patterson (New character - liked the book, wondering if he plans to write more about this character. He's no Alex Cross, but I kinda liked him!)

Hiding My Candy, The Lady Chablis (If you saw/read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, then you KNOW who The Lady Chablis is! You know, when I first saw the movie, it was, of course, after I read the book, and I was stunned. I thought, that is EXACTLY who I would have gotten to play that character. Turns out, she WAS the character. This is a book she wrote after the book and movie had come out about herself and how she became The Lady Chablis.

There were a few others in there, but these were the ones I could remember! I still have Night by Elie Wiesel to read - but not sure I am ready for that type of material just yet. I also have Sex and the City by Candace Bushnell to read - I started it, but couldn't quite get into it the night I started to read it. And I picked up Children of Men by P.D. James. And, it seems, I might be going out and getting me some more Jodi Picoult!

We'll see how long my book kick lasts when the weather starts getting nicer!


I got caught last night.

I started watching that Dancing with the Stars while feeding Leda her dinner bottle two years ago. I watched the first season, maybe a show or two of season two and pretty much none of season three.

But when I heard that Apolo Ohno was going to be on season four, I had to watch. I could care less about the other 10 contestants - I'm all about Apolo!

I don't think I would have ever given short track speed skating a chance had it not been for Ohno in 2002. Wow, what a fun sport. And I think he's hot!

So, last night, I had Dancing with the Stars on while I was reading my book (another post for another time!) and waiting for Apolo to dance. Of course he had to be last!

Turns out, he's training for this show WHILE training for Worlds. Love it!

So, back to getting caught. So after the show is over, I debated with myself for about 5 minutes and apparently the really strange me won - off to the computer we went and onto to vote for the very first time in any of these reality tv shows. Yes, I voted for Apolo. Yes, I used all 12 of my votes for him!

While sitting in my dark office, voting for Apolo, Brock comes around the corner and catches me.

I'll never live it down. I know it. I also know that I'll be voting for Apolo next week, too! ;-)

Oh, but wait! Did I ever tell ya how much Brock wanted to see Kelly Monaco every week the first season? I wouldn't be surprised if he even voted for her once or twice! He LOVED her!

Hummm, guess I might be able to live it down after all!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Signs of Spring

Ah, the signs of spring.

Sign number one, I've changed the colors for springtime! I love spring time!

Signs of spring are all around us lately. Besides the 6 inches of sleet and the cold weather over the weekend, we had a few warm days last week and the ducks are back on the pond. And the fish are thriving (yes, there are fish in that there pond! That stinking heron didn't get them all after all (however, he did get all the mature gold ones! What we have now are a bunch of baby grey/black ones and one gold one!)

Brock even saw a very confused robin on Friday during the sleet storm. Then we saw a bunch over the weekend, then LOTS on Sunday, one even flew into the picture window (he lived, thank goodness!) Then today, LOTS OF LOTS of robins - I really don't remember seeing so many robins before!

We must have seen 20 or 30 hanging around our holly tree out back around dinnertime - they must be hungry because they were going after the holly berries (that they must have spent the day shaking the tree to get the berries to fall off onto the ground!)

It was raining/sleeting again when I took these pictures, but I think spring may be here soon - the robins sure as heck think it's spring!

Signs of spring

Robin on a fence III


I suggest, for best viewing, click on any of the pictures above and click All Sizes and look at the Large - the colors of the robins are amazing! And, as always, there are other pictures there, too!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bananas and Snow

Leda ate a banana the way you should eat a banana this weekend (usually we chop it up for her). She really liked eating it this way!

Eating a banana

Leda also ate snow this weekend!

Eating Snow

And my Buddha is still happy, despite the snow and cold weather!

Buddha in Snow

He must be thinking that spring is right around the corner. Just like the crocus that is now buried under 6 inches of sleet!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Potty Time!

Leda has become increasingly more interested in the toilet, especially since her bout with the stomach flu (or whatever it was!) That was because Brock thought it was important to teach her how to pray to the porcelain god when she needed to get sick - and, she actually did get sick in the toilet once or twice out of the hundreds of times she got sick that week, so it wasn't for naught.

And she's been a little bit more forth coming with us that she has a messy diaper - she still says no sometimes if you ask her, but she has begun to tell us on her own when she has a messy diaper, so that's a good sign!

So, I took her out this weekend to buy a potty to train with. I hadn't a clue which would be better, one of those actual pottys, the ones that are at their level that eventually you can use as an insert in the adult toilet and use the bottom (after cleaning and disinfecting it, of course) as a step stool. Or should I just get one of those insert ones and just have her learn to go on the regular toilet.

Well, as I was looking at the box of the actual potty, Leda, Dora and Boots made the decision - the insert potty with Dora and Boots on it - Leda, in the store, pointing, "Dora, Boots, BaPak (Backpack)! Dora Boots, BaPak!" Decision made.

So, we brought it home and after Leda's nap on Saturday, I showed her what to do. We actually put the potty on the toilet, put our step stool in front, climbed up, pulled down our pants, took off our diaper and sat down. Leda didn't do anything, but she did seem to understand that after a few seconds or so, you had to do something with that paper stuff that hangs on the roll, so we had to wipe and then we flushed.

We tried it again twice on Sunday, once to show Daddy our new potty.

Tonight, just before bed time, Leda headed upstairs, straight into the bathroom. Brock followed her and I heard him ask her if she needed to go potty, she said okay (because she doesn't really say yes, she just agrees with you or says no!) Apparently she went right into the bathroom and started to assemble her potty.

So Brock went through the motions - we figure we should every time she says she needs to go just so she gets used to it - and the next thing I know, we are congratulating our child who has just actually gone "tinkle" in the potty!

And I can't believe I am, but I am actually welling up at the thought that my child actually went tinkle in the toilet. Next thing I know she'll be out on a date with some guy who wears leather, has piercings in places I don't even want to know about and who's name is Spike.

I am so proud!


(as always, more pictures on if you click on the picture above!)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Peas and Dank Ou!

We have a very polite little girl these days.

About a week or so ago, she began saying "thank you" without being prompted. She would point at what she wanted and say "peas?" and we would give it to her (depending on what it was and if it wouldn't ruin her dinner, because most of the time it was M&Ms that she wanted) and right after you give it to her, she would say "dank ou".

She will say thank you for just about anything, and to just about anyone or anything. She says thank you to her toys, thank you to Mommy, thank you to Daddy and I believe I heard her say thank you to Duff today!

And, if you sneeze, she says "bess ou".

How in the heck do we get that to continue all her life? Because I know it will stop right around the time she turns into a teenager, or sooner, depending on the severity of the Mother's Curse I was given so many times as a child!

But, let me tell you, it is so cute and warms the heart when she says it!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Grandma came to visit

Grandma came to visit for a little while yesterday on her way to a client site. We were so excited and happy to see her, even if for only a few hours and a dinner!

Leda and Grandma

Leda was a little too interested in the TV during the photo session!

Leda and Grandma and Daddy got to spend a few hours together and when I finished work (well, took a break for dinner! Very busy work day yesterday afternoon!), we had dinner and then Grandma had to head west to central PA for work! Short and sweet, but good to see her!

Looks like we are expecting some snow tomorrow - hey, did you hear, my mother is in the area!* ;-)

*For years, when my mother would come to visit, just about EVERY time she did (in winter months) it snowed! It was so bad that even my friends call and ask if my mother is in town when we get a snow storm! ;-)

Saturday, March 3, 2007

The Police!

I had a feeling I would not get tickets this morning for either show The Police would have in the Philadelphia region - I just had a bad feeling.

Boy was I wrong! Thankfully! Wow.

I got tickets! We are going to see the Police at Herseypark Stadium in July! WooHoo!

I can't freakin' believe how quickly I got tickets - I think this was the fastest I ever bought tickets - had 'em by 10:03 - as did friends of ours (we had two of us trying for tickets and we both got a full set of tickets!

So now we have a choice of two spots to sit in the stadium and have to sell the rest - anyone interested in seeing The Police in PA? ;-)

So excited! Wow!

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