Monday, March 19, 2007

Signs of Spring

Ah, the signs of spring.

Sign number one, I've changed the colors for springtime! I love spring time!

Signs of spring are all around us lately. Besides the 6 inches of sleet and the cold weather over the weekend, we had a few warm days last week and the ducks are back on the pond. And the fish are thriving (yes, there are fish in that there pond! That stinking heron didn't get them all after all (however, he did get all the mature gold ones! What we have now are a bunch of baby grey/black ones and one gold one!)

Brock even saw a very confused robin on Friday during the sleet storm. Then we saw a bunch over the weekend, then LOTS on Sunday, one even flew into the picture window (he lived, thank goodness!) Then today, LOTS OF LOTS of robins - I really don't remember seeing so many robins before!

We must have seen 20 or 30 hanging around our holly tree out back around dinnertime - they must be hungry because they were going after the holly berries (that they must have spent the day shaking the tree to get the berries to fall off onto the ground!)

It was raining/sleeting again when I took these pictures, but I think spring may be here soon - the robins sure as heck think it's spring!

Signs of spring

Robin on a fence III


I suggest, for best viewing, click on any of the pictures above and click All Sizes and look at the Large - the colors of the robins are amazing! And, as always, there are other pictures there, too!

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