Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm Done With You

We have some rules at dinner time. If Leda wants to get down from the table, she is to ask please. And, she has to wait until everyone at the table is done. In fact, all of us have to wait until everyone is done. Else, how do you think we would be able to enforce this to Leda!

Brock has a few other rules he'd like Leda to follow, like using her utensils to eat, rather than her fingers. But we aren't too worried about that just yet - she's getting the hang of it, slowly! (Okay, I'm not too worried about it yet! If you've never seen Brock get all in a tizzy about something, you should come sit with us at dinner time! ;-)

Anyway, she usually will say, "I'm done, can I get down please?" She will usually check to see if we are done ("Mommy, are you done yet? Daddy, are you done yet?) Usually SEVERAL times!

Tonight, Brock finished eating and Leda asked him if he was done and he said he was and she replied, "I'm done with you, Daddy." To which I asked her, "are you done with Daddy or are you done with your dinner?" The answer, "I'm done with Daddy. May I get down please?"

Okay, we thought it was a little funny. I mean, we realize that she was telling us that she was done her dinner, like her Daddy was, but it was pretty funny how she put it! Considering Daddy just got home from being away for 5 days! The things that kids say!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Leda and I were on our own this weekend. We had a little summer company party to go to yesterday at the Shiers where we swam and ate and had a good time hanging out with the people Mommy works with and their families.

We had to go out and do a little shopping in the morning - we needed to find some floaties for Leda as she really is doing well swimming with just the floaties on her arms. We went to Target and they didn't have any so we ended up at the local pharmacy (that has EVERYTHING you could ever need) and we finally found them there.

Since we were doing a lot of driving around (well, to Target and back), we were in the car for a little while. Leda started to ask me for something from the back seat, but I couldn't hear what she was saying. Well, better yet, I wasn't SURE what she was saying. It sounded more like baby talk than toddler talk!

After a few times repeating it, Leda finally yelled, "I want the ooka ooka song." Ahhh, finally I get it...Hooked on a Feeling, as done by Blue Swede. That song starts off with the "ooka shaka" chant. The same chant used by the Ally McBeal show when the little dancing baby came on! Yeah, that one.

Any way, it turns out, this is Leda's favorite song now. I had downloaded it off iTunes on to my iPod. I had played it a few times. Leda loves it. So much so that she wants it played several times in a row! She'll dance in her seat when I play it in the car!

So, if my kid asks you for the ooka ooka song, you now know what to do!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I love books. I love them so much, I find it hard to sign books out at the library because I want so badly to keep them. At least, the ones I really love. Thus the reason I probably should own stock in several bookstores. Really, I could start my own library (even though I have a hard time loaning my books out - I'm terrified I won't get them back. I'll loan anyone anything else before I'll loan out a book. If you've borrowed a book from me, you can count yourself as a really trusted friend!)

I think that Leda has inherited this love of books from me. I don't know how many nights we have gone into her room just before we go to bed to check on her and have found every single book in her room in bed with her! Tucked in under the sheets. In her pillowcase with her pillow - so many of them that she can't even use the pillow because it is surrounded by her books!*

I've taken Leda to bookstores since she was a baby. I love taking her to the bookstore - she gets to pick out a few books and she will follow me around as I look for my books, paging through hers as we go along. She is usually a very well behaved child in just about any store, but I swear she's an angel in a bookstore. She doesn't seem to get anxious to leave - and I can spend a whole day in a bookstore if left to my own devices!

She got books for her birthday and I think she was most excited about the books than she was about anything else (well, except the princesses!) She can still point to any of the books she got for her birthday and will announce that the book was given to her for her birthday. In fact, I think she can point to just about any of her books and tell us where she acquired it from! Remind me to tell you about our kid's memory sometime!

She gets a few books (3-4) read to her every night before she goes to bed. This routine started probably around nine months or so every night. If we are out late (i.e., she doesn't get to bed until 10 or 11 because we were out on a weekend night), she doesn't get a book read, but not for her lack of asking! We've even resorted to taking away bedtime readings as a punishment. It is sometimes the only way to get her to understand what she did was wrong. Time outs are not as effective, believe me.

I only hope that with this much love of books that she grows up to be a good reader and that she always has books. Hopefully she will always have a really big bed and pillow for all the books she'll gather throughout her life! ;-)

*One of these days, I'm gonna have to take a picture of her in bed with all her books.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Movie Morning

I did a few things this morning that I haven't done in a really long time...1) I went to a movie. A real live movie, in a real live movie theater, one that smelled like buttered popcorn (do theaters smell like anything but?). 2) I went alone.

Yesterday I decided that I needed to go see a movie and since there was no babysitter lined up, I told Brock I was going to take off for a few hours and go see a movie by myself. Hey, he gets to go racing next weekend, I deserve a few hours of fun myself.

And there's only one movie I have been dying to see. And I really wanted to see it on the big screen (and not my tv!) So I went to see Sex and the City. And it was a great time!

I've never been to a movie so darn early in the day - I went to a 9:10 AM showing. I was the only one in the theater. That was SO cool! I had it all to myself. It was awesome.

The movie, well, I loved it. I had one little issue with it, but it really wasn't enough for me to not love the movie. I kinda wish I had watched Sex and the City when it was on HBO (but I was too cheap to pay for HBO). I really like the show and I really was looking forward to this movie and it didn't disappoint me one bit.

I'm not going to analyse it or give any review other than I loved it. That's it. Well, except that I really wish now that I had a designer something or other! But I am sure I will get over that sooner or later!

After the movie, I headed across the parking lot to Target (oh, yes, that haven of the best designers!) and did a little shopping - a pillow, a set of sheets, a little something something for Leda and some nail polish. Hot pink with sparkles. Then I came home, gave Leda her little gift, got her down for a nap and went and painted my nails (toes and fingers) with hot pink with sparkles nail polish. I don't think anyone will be mistaking me for Carrie Bradshaw any time soon, but for a little while today, I got to spend a little time catching up with her and her girls and for the rest of today, when I'll look at my nails and see the hot pink, I'll remember my great movie morning.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Made Me Giggle...Loudly!

Dooce has a post about little sisters.

It's funny. Really funny. On many levels.

Sorry to all the little sisters (especially my own!) but, it made me giggle. Okay, it made me laugh loudly!

Thank goodness I work from home!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This One Time, at Band Camp

For those of you reading who actually went to band camp with me, I am not spilling secrets, so calm down! ;-)

No, instead, I am referencing a quote from the movie American Pie - the one the Michele character started every story she told with. I was trying to find a clip of it but I couldn't find anything that was at least PG rated, so if you don't know what I am talking about, sorry!

Any way, I reference this quote because my daughter, she is so channeling this character!! Every time she starts to tell us something, like what she did at school or what she did down the shore or any story, it so sounds like "This one time, at band camp..." I swear, she has even started stories with "This one time..." Of course, she hasn't been to band camp - yet!

It's really kinda funny. There is a small part of me that cringes a little though, because I was like this in high school....oh heck, I'm like this now...and I know it must be pretty annoying to my friends and family sometimes. I just hope she doesn't ever feel like she is a geek, like I did.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Shore Site

If you want to know the goings on down the Jersey Shore, check out this site:

Down The Shore with Jen

Jen also wrote a travel book on the South Jersey shore areas. I almost picked one up in the bookstore in Stone Harbor last week. I just found out today she linked to my story about our trip down the beach. Thanks Jen!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Is Three Too Early?

This morning, watching the Today Show with Leda. Matt and Meridith are on the screen.

Leda: I like the boy.
Me: You do? Why?
Leda: I like boys!

Is three too early to start liking boys???? Boy are we in trouble!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Pictures from the SeaShore!

How I was able to pick 155 pictures out of the over 1000 I took, I haven't a clue! Yes, I LOVE my digital camera!

I've some stories I will tell with them, but in the meantime, click here to see our summer vacation!

Back from the Seashore

When a vacation comes to an end, it really SUCKS!

Especially when your vacation totally ROCKED!

I have like six BILLION photos to sort through and load on up to the Internets. Lots of great shots of both the girls on the beach, in the pool, at the zoo, on the boardwalk, fishing on the boat. We did a lot last week. We had the BEST weather EVER - if it rained, it rained at night when we were sleeping. Well, except for the rain that started at the EXACT moment the fireworks were being set off on Friday night! Well, at least it wasn't a total downpour, the fireworks went off and we made it down the beach in time for most of them!

I did think about writing up little notes on what we did all week long, but I ended up not doing that. I did turn on the computer and I did check email occasionally, but for the most part, I decided it was a good week to stay away from the computer and the Internets!

I only got one and a half books read, but that was because there was so much to do! We went to the beach like every day except one (A record for a week down the shore - we usually don't make it to the beach more than 3 or 4 times) The girls LOVED the beach - even though it was the COLDEST ocean water in YEARS! (possibly ever for July - was probably about 58 degrees the whole week!) The girls were in the water every day we were on the beach. Leda LOVED it. Thank goodness she gave up the eating of sand this year, but still loves to taste, and drink, the ocean water....definitely discouraged when possible! Yuck! They built sand castles - well, Jennifer and I and John and Brock built sand castles and the girls waited patiently so they could destroy them!

We made it out on the boat twice this week - our first trip out was at the end of the day for a "sunset" cruise. There was fishing done by everyone (except me, I don't fish!) Leda really wanted to try it with Paige's little fishing pole, which lead to a little bit of a "sibling" thing going on, so the second time we went out, which was in the morning, Leda got to use her own fishing pole that her Daddy went and bought for her after the first boat ride! She liked it, for about 5 minutes! ;-) At any rate, no one caught anything except John, on the second trip out, he caught a flounder - not a big enough one to keep, but a fish none the less!

We took the girls to the Cape May County Zoo again this year and they loved it. We usually go on a rainy day or a not so nice beach day, which is what we thought we had on Monday, but it turned out to be a sunny day and just about everyone in South Jersey ended up at the zoo at the same time as us! In any case, we had a lot of fun checking out the animals. We made it home for lunch and then headed down the beach!

There was our trip to the Wildwood boardwalk one evening. We had a little dinner on the boardwalk and then the girls got to ride some rides! They had a great time. Leda really wanted to go on the log flume ride, but she wasn't tall enough. Paige went with Jennifer and John and they loved it! Leda will make sure to remind us next year that it's her turn! ;-)

We had dinner with Grandma Sweat on Tuesday - she came to visit with us since she was so close (being that she was working in Vineland). We had dinner with the Shiers on Thursday night as they came down for the 4th of July celebrations. We headed down to the beach on Friday night to see the fireworks from Stone Harbor (and some from Sea Isle), even though it was raining a little, the girls had a great time!

It was a great week. We had so much fun. I think one of my favorite moments this past week came about mid week, when Leda looked at me and told me that she wanted to stay at the beach house "FOREVER!" Yep, definitely my kid!

I should have some photos up later tonight or tomorrow. I'll post a few here as soon as I get them loaded.

In the meantime, it's back to work week. Yuck!

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