Monday, July 7, 2008

Back from the Seashore

When a vacation comes to an end, it really SUCKS!

Especially when your vacation totally ROCKED!

I have like six BILLION photos to sort through and load on up to the Internets. Lots of great shots of both the girls on the beach, in the pool, at the zoo, on the boardwalk, fishing on the boat. We did a lot last week. We had the BEST weather EVER - if it rained, it rained at night when we were sleeping. Well, except for the rain that started at the EXACT moment the fireworks were being set off on Friday night! Well, at least it wasn't a total downpour, the fireworks went off and we made it down the beach in time for most of them!

I did think about writing up little notes on what we did all week long, but I ended up not doing that. I did turn on the computer and I did check email occasionally, but for the most part, I decided it was a good week to stay away from the computer and the Internets!

I only got one and a half books read, but that was because there was so much to do! We went to the beach like every day except one (A record for a week down the shore - we usually don't make it to the beach more than 3 or 4 times) The girls LOVED the beach - even though it was the COLDEST ocean water in YEARS! (possibly ever for July - was probably about 58 degrees the whole week!) The girls were in the water every day we were on the beach. Leda LOVED it. Thank goodness she gave up the eating of sand this year, but still loves to taste, and drink, the ocean water....definitely discouraged when possible! Yuck! They built sand castles - well, Jennifer and I and John and Brock built sand castles and the girls waited patiently so they could destroy them!

We made it out on the boat twice this week - our first trip out was at the end of the day for a "sunset" cruise. There was fishing done by everyone (except me, I don't fish!) Leda really wanted to try it with Paige's little fishing pole, which lead to a little bit of a "sibling" thing going on, so the second time we went out, which was in the morning, Leda got to use her own fishing pole that her Daddy went and bought for her after the first boat ride! She liked it, for about 5 minutes! ;-) At any rate, no one caught anything except John, on the second trip out, he caught a flounder - not a big enough one to keep, but a fish none the less!

We took the girls to the Cape May County Zoo again this year and they loved it. We usually go on a rainy day or a not so nice beach day, which is what we thought we had on Monday, but it turned out to be a sunny day and just about everyone in South Jersey ended up at the zoo at the same time as us! In any case, we had a lot of fun checking out the animals. We made it home for lunch and then headed down the beach!

There was our trip to the Wildwood boardwalk one evening. We had a little dinner on the boardwalk and then the girls got to ride some rides! They had a great time. Leda really wanted to go on the log flume ride, but she wasn't tall enough. Paige went with Jennifer and John and they loved it! Leda will make sure to remind us next year that it's her turn! ;-)

We had dinner with Grandma Sweat on Tuesday - she came to visit with us since she was so close (being that she was working in Vineland). We had dinner with the Shiers on Thursday night as they came down for the 4th of July celebrations. We headed down to the beach on Friday night to see the fireworks from Stone Harbor (and some from Sea Isle), even though it was raining a little, the girls had a great time!

It was a great week. We had so much fun. I think one of my favorite moments this past week came about mid week, when Leda looked at me and told me that she wanted to stay at the beach house "FOREVER!" Yep, definitely my kid!

I should have some photos up later tonight or tomorrow. I'll post a few here as soon as I get them loaded.

In the meantime, it's back to work week. Yuck!

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