Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Leda playing with a balloon...

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12 Months!


Happy Birthday to Leda!

A year ago today, Leda entered our lives. She became real - a tangible after 9 months of wondering what was going on in there!

I was scheduled to be induced a year ago today. We were trying to force Leda out so that Brock could be here for her birth, as One Lap was to start at the end of the week. We'd been trying to get into the hospital since the previous Wednesday, but weren't having much luck! They were too busy and elective inducements were low on the priority list! We heard stories of a woman who went in to be induced and was taken off the drugs and sent home, they were so busy!

So, Sunday, the 24th, we went to bed wondering if when we called the hospital the next morning at 7am if they would tell us they couldn't take us then, that we would have to reschedule for Tuesday. I wasn't nervous...not like I thought I would be. I was pretty calm, as calm as a 6 day over due pregnant woman would be when realizing her husband will have to leave in 4 days, baby or no! As it had become normal in my last two months of pregnancy, I was up around 2:30 or 3 am because I couldn't sleep. I read my book for a little while and fell asleep on the couch. Around 5 am, I woke up with a little cramping. It was what I had been experiencing over the past couple of weeks, so I really didn't worry too much. I had another "baxton hicks" around 5:30 or so, and then another one within 10 minutes. Then another. Then another. Then I woke up Brock around 6 because I wasn't sure I could keep time correctly! I was pretty sure by that time that it wasn't braxton hicks, it was Leda...no one was gonna force her out!

We called the hospital at 7, after we had called our Doc W., who told us to call the hospital and tell them we were coming in, regardless! We woke my mother up and told her we were heading into the hospital, I took a shower, we packed up the car and off we went.

When we got to the hospital, I was about 3-4 cm dialated. The nurse told us we could get the epidural then or I could walk a little and try to progress the labor. I wasn't to uncomfortable with the contractions - nothing like I had feared or I had heard of from other mothers - that we decided to walk a bit. We made laps around the maternity ward for about an hour and then my mother got there, and they checked me again. I don't remember if I had dialated after the first walk, but we decided to keep going for a little while. The contractions were becoming a bit more intense - not so much hurtful but tiring! So I would say it was about 11:30 or 12 when I requested the epidural, because I wasn't walking no more!

I remember wishing really horrible things about my anesthesiologist at first. He joked that this was his first epidural, then he talked cars with my husband. I was a bit nervous about the epidural...HATE NEEDLES...so having a guy joke with me while I was completely serious was a bit unnerving! But it took no time at all and I didn't feel a thing, so I was in love with him in short order! ;-)

The next several hours were pretty uneventful. I think it was around 5 pm when Doc W. and the nurse said we were ready to push...of course, Brock wasn't in the room at that moment - off smoking a cigarette and making some calls. So we had to wait a few minutes for him to get back.

Pushing was lots of work. I got pretty tired out and by the end, just wasn't sure I was gonna make it! I don't remember it hurting so much as it was exhausting! Doc W. helped extract Leda with the vacuum...three tries and she was out. 6:55pm, we had a 9 lb, 3 oz bundle of joy. And we had NO idea how wonderful it was going to be.

The last 12 months have been amazing.

A year ago today...

Today, one year later, in her Daddy's arms...
Leda in her Daddy's Arms

She's our perfect gift. And today, we celebrate the first of many, many years to come.
Birthday Girl!

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Weather Gods Won...but it was a Great Time anyway!

When I got pregnant and we figured out we were having the baby so close to One Lap (Brock's once a year, gotta be gone for two weeks, adventure), we were nervous. Then, I realized, we were having a Spring baby...wow, wouldn't it be nice to have a baby in the spring? All the flowers and trees blooming, it will be generally warm. A birthday party outside!

What I failed to realize was we were having a baby born in the springtime. Springtime in the northeast can be unpredictable - it can rain, it can be cold, it may snow, it can be warm, it can be sunny, it can be all of these things ON ONE DAY!

Now, not that it was that bad on Saturday (just really heavy down pours...yeah, heavy enough that last week, we were headed for drought...this week, ain't so worried about drought no more!) But when you are expecting 40 + people, and 10 or more of those people are kids, and you have a small house, you can bet that it was looking pretty darned bad!

It turned out to be pretty darned okay! Everyone seemed to have a really good time, and Leda, after awhile, actually let me put her down for brief periods of rest (for Mama, that is!) The cake was a big hit...she got her own "drizzle" cake that she could put her fingers in and make a mess so that the rest of us could eat some cake that didn't have snotty one year old fingers in it! I probably shouldn't speak for Leda, but I am pretty darned sure she liked it! ;-)

Leda's first birthday cake


After eating cake, Leda got to watch the kids open her gifts for her (Leda wasn't too interested in opening the gifts as much as she was interested in playing with the stuff the kids got out of all that paper)! Then, we allowed Mama to have a little down time, a little time to mingle with the friends and family who had come to celebrate with us!

Leda was up until 9:30 that night (a little sugar rush never hurt anyone!). She did go right to bed when we put her down. We had such a great time, we didn't even notice that it rained the whole entire time! (ha, yeah, I noticed.)

Seriously though, everyone had fun, the kids were well behaved, no one got hurt, everyone ate well, and Leda seemed to enjoy her day. Next year, we will pray a little harder for better weather! The weather gods may have won the day by raining on our party, but we won the bigger prize...we have the best little girl in the whole world and she is going to turn one TOMORROW!!! Who could have asked for more??

Playing on our new slide

This space is DYING for an update...

And boy, does it need it!

Let's see, in the past two and a half weeks we have entertained the Lillys by taking them to Philly for a day, drove to Wash DC area and visited with friends Dave and Judy in the morning, met up with the rest of the Yates family and headed over to the Wendels for Easter dinner, spent a day touring the Capital Building and the Supreme Court, ate a little Asian Fusion for dinner, toured the Air and Space Museum, saw Monets, Manets, Renoirs, etc at the National Art Gallery, saw the Hope Diamond at the Natural History museum, drove home, cleaned house, had Lillys and Sweats for dinner, then made sure the Lillys made it to the airport on time, entertained the Sweats for dinner and then had 40+ of our closest friends and family over for a party to celebrate Leda's First Birthday...Whew!

We had a lot of fun along the way. We took lots of pictures (of some of the stuff (Wash DC, not so much of some other stuff (Leda's birthday party)! We expect lots of pictures to be sent to us by others to fill in the gaps! ;-)

We really had a great two weeks, albiet, exhausting. During this time period, Leda decided that a one to two hour interlude around 1 or 2 in the morning was a good idea, so some of us haven't been sleeping too well, and, on top of that, developed a nasty cold. Thus, the silence on the blog...just haven't had the energy (much less time!)

Will get into our adventures over the past couple of weeks in the next couple of days. Will address to major milestones in the next two posts, so you will just have to wait on our DC trip! Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge! ;-)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

We are back and busy!

We are back from our three days in DC with the Yates clan and are busy getting ready for Leda's First Birthday Party! We are not quite prepared for the onslaught of family that this house will see starting tomorrow night, so probably won't post much in the next couple of days.

Besides, most of the people who read this blog are on their way here! ;-) hehehe

All of you others, will have to wait until I have a free moment that I am not using to sleep or use the restroom! ;-)


Friday, April 14, 2006


On a sunny spring day...

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Thursday, April 13, 2006


It's been crazy around here for a few days or so. I spent most of the weekend cleaning house to prepare for the invasion...the invasion of Lillys'!

Yes, the Lillys have arrived for a few days before they head off to places south (Williamsburg and DC) We will join them in DC on Sunday for a few days. Get to visit with the VA Wendels on Sunday (talk about invasion...most all the Yates will invade the Wendels! And, they invited it! Crazy! ;-) hehehe

Anyway, it's been a busy week or so. Leda is getting used to her cousins and Aunt and Uncle. She's pretty tired. But she got to go to see the Liberty Bell today with her Daddy and Aunt and Uncle and cousins (Mama had to work!) Hopefully she'll have as much fun down in the Nation's capital!

And, next weekend, more family and friends to help us celebrate Leda's first birthday! Wow! What a busy couple of weeks.

Hopefully I can up date this blog soon! It's starting to get a little stale! ;-)

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Oh, Oh, Oh....I must see the final XMen...

Just saw a preview for the final XMen movie (well, you never know, it may not be the last one at that!) Not that I was a huge XMen fan (in fact, not sure I ever saw the first one all the way through and am pretty sure I haven't seen any other XMen movie) but I am a HUGE Hugh Jackman fan...I don't care if he's got more hair on his face than usual...he's hot! ;-)

The first need for antibiotics...

Well, we have (are) experienced our first ear infection! It's not bad, but bad enough that Leda's had a fever for two days, has been miserable (on and off...I have to say, she deals with being sick much better than her daddy or I ever do!) and, on top of that, she's got two more molars coming in.

The molars are the reason why we didn't do anything right away...the fever appeared on tue evening, but we knew that the teeth were coming in. So, we just assumed that the fever was because of the teeth.

When she woke up this morning with a temp over 102, Brock called the doc and took her in for a little looksee. Turns out, just a little infection. So, we have some amoxicillin for the infection.

She's a little lethargic, a little tired. Hopefully the temp will be down soon and she'll be back to her usual happy little self tomorrow!

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