Monday, April 24, 2006

The Weather Gods Won...but it was a Great Time anyway!

When I got pregnant and we figured out we were having the baby so close to One Lap (Brock's once a year, gotta be gone for two weeks, adventure), we were nervous. Then, I realized, we were having a Spring, wouldn't it be nice to have a baby in the spring? All the flowers and trees blooming, it will be generally warm. A birthday party outside!

What I failed to realize was we were having a baby born in the springtime. Springtime in the northeast can be unpredictable - it can rain, it can be cold, it may snow, it can be warm, it can be sunny, it can be all of these things ON ONE DAY!

Now, not that it was that bad on Saturday (just really heavy down pours...yeah, heavy enough that last week, we were headed for drought...this week, ain't so worried about drought no more!) But when you are expecting 40 + people, and 10 or more of those people are kids, and you have a small house, you can bet that it was looking pretty darned bad!

It turned out to be pretty darned okay! Everyone seemed to have a really good time, and Leda, after awhile, actually let me put her down for brief periods of rest (for Mama, that is!) The cake was a big hit...she got her own "drizzle" cake that she could put her fingers in and make a mess so that the rest of us could eat some cake that didn't have snotty one year old fingers in it! I probably shouldn't speak for Leda, but I am pretty darned sure she liked it! ;-)

Leda's first birthday cake


After eating cake, Leda got to watch the kids open her gifts for her (Leda wasn't too interested in opening the gifts as much as she was interested in playing with the stuff the kids got out of all that paper)! Then, we allowed Mama to have a little down time, a little time to mingle with the friends and family who had come to celebrate with us!

Leda was up until 9:30 that night (a little sugar rush never hurt anyone!). She did go right to bed when we put her down. We had such a great time, we didn't even notice that it rained the whole entire time! (ha, yeah, I noticed.)

Seriously though, everyone had fun, the kids were well behaved, no one got hurt, everyone ate well, and Leda seemed to enjoy her day. Next year, we will pray a little harder for better weather! The weather gods may have won the day by raining on our party, but we won the bigger prize...we have the best little girl in the whole world and she is going to turn one TOMORROW!!! Who could have asked for more??

Playing on our new slide

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