Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Leda Says

Since this will probably be the last post before I come back completely relax (yeah right!) from the seashore, I thought I would leave you with these gems...funny things that Leda says.

And, these are the things we CAN laugh at within her presence. There are lots of things she says that we can't laugh at or else she will think that she can continue to say them. Case in point: Brock and I having a pseudo-argument about his selective memory - I told him "bulls@*$". Leda proceed to repeat the word several times. It was funny, but we couldn't laugh at her. Thank goodness she hasn't said it again since. Of course, it's only been 24 hours and we haven't been in the presence of Priests, Nuns or Grandparents, so give it time! I am sure it will come up again!

Anyway, some of our favorite:

The Chicken Nugget store: If we are going out to dinner, we are going to the Chicken Nugget store (because this is the only thing that Leda ever gets whenever we go out to dinner. Not because we haven't tried to get her to have anything else, just that when we ask her what she wants, she answers, "Chicken Nuggets." Thus, when we go out to eat, we eat at the Chicken Nugget store. And, no, we do not always eat out at McDonald's!

The Bubble Store - same lines as the Chicken Nugget store. If Leda knows we are going to go get something specifically for her, such as bubbles, as she had run out for her bath, we are going to the Bubble store to get more. There's also the ice cream store, the Barbie store, etc. She doesn't ALWAYS get something from the store, but whatever she might want at the time also dictates what KIND of store we are going to at any given moment!

This morning, Leda must have fell on something in her room and hurt her butt. Now, whenever she hurts something, it usually "feels better" if Mommy kisses it. So here's my child this morning: "Mommy, Kiss my butt." This made Brock practically hysterical! And no, I did not kiss her butt. My answer to her was "no honey, that is something we don't want to encourage!"

We are off to the SeaShore on Saturday morning. Can't wait! See you on the flip side!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Let's go get 'im, Mommy....

Okay, I lied, I have a post...provided by Leda this morning while on the way to daycare.

Brock is off working today, so I had to take Leda to daycare this morning. On our way, we were sitting at a red light - just as it turned green, a white van sped on through the red light for the opposing traffic - guess it was a good thing I wasn't ready to go immediately upon the light turning green!

As I muttered under my breath about the jerk who just ran the red light, Leda asks me what am I saying. I explain to her that the white van in front of us just ran a red light. Leda knows her red lights and green lights, you see....

Leda: Red means Stop. Green means Go!
Mommy: That's right. So when you go on Red, you break the law.
Leda: That truck is bad, Mommy.
Mommy: Yes Leda, he's definitely bad.
Leda: Let's go get 'im, Mommy. You need to give him a Time Out!

Out of the mouths of babes! At least she is starting to learn!


It's summer. I've changed the colors. I have not a lot more to say! Yet...

We are off to the seashore for a week starting on Saturday. Plenty of photos to be posted and probably some more to say after a week at the beach!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This is a word I would like struck from the English vocabulary. I would like it to be abolished completely, never to be heard again!

If someone had told me that the "Threes" would be the year of "WHY?" I might have made reservations on a deserted island for the year. Every time I tell Leda to do something, not do something, or she asks for something or she asks a question, and I answer, the next question is always "WHY?"

No Leda, you can't have any desert because you didn't eat your dinner. Why? (well, let's see, BECAUSE I ALREADY TOLD YOU WHY!)

No Leda, you can't swing anymore because we have to go take your bath. Why?

Leda, come with me so we can go play. Why?

Everything is WHY!

I love her to death, I really do, but the question Why? DRIVES ME NUTS!

Probably because I sound just like my mother did after the 1 billionth Why of the day...Because I said so! That probably drives me crazy more than the question! UGGGGGGHHHH!

Sorry Mom! ;-) (of course, she's probably getting a REAL kick out of this post!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Weather Ate My Post...

Ha, no, but the weather knocked out our electricity for about five-six hours last night, so I couldn't write and post a blog like I promised! Here's what I wrote by candlelight last night.

I promised a blog and a little power outage ain't gonna stop me! Well, it can't stop me typing my post by candlelight to be posted when there is electricity to log onto the Internet. Funny thing about wireless routers, they need to be plugged in to work!

So, I find myself sitting here, by candlelight, in my bed, with my windows open (because that thunderstorm that knocked out our electricity, well it was a doosy and our electricity has been out for about an hour now, but it also knocked the heat right out of here - cause, man, it was DARN hot these past couple of days. I have a picture I took of our weather station that showed the outside temp at 100.5 degrees today! See:


I'm telling ya, it was hot!)

Anyway, back to my open windows, watching the traffic roll by and listening to the next thunderstorm rolling in, typing on my lap top and I am thinking, this is a little weird - I think it's the age, it's different now than when we were kids - if the electric went out, you played with the flashlights (maybe a little flashlight tag) and found other things to do in the dark (like read a book by candlelight) but now, we hope that our cells are charged and that our big screen tvs are unplugged and wonder if we can log onto the Internet to find out what is going on out there! I mean, because we need to know, we are so reliant on electricity for our connection to the world.

Our neighbors, the McCarthys, invited us over after work today to soak in their pool. Actually, Leda and Brock headed over a little after 4 while I had to finish work before I could relax. So we are sitting there very comfy in the pool around 6 or so, wondering what we are going to do for dinner and we all decided to do a little dinner together. So Brock headed home for our contribution and Lisa and John got the grill going and started the chicken and their friend Loraine ('Rain, Leda calls her) came over and we all sat around and had a little conversation while dinner was cooking and Leda was off trailing after Connor (their youngest and only son - he's gonna be 13 this year and Leda ADORES him!)

We knew the storm was coming, but luckily we were able to eat dinner before it really started - the wind was blowing something fierce - it was a little scary there - we grabbed everything we could and headed into the house for cover. The lights at our house and the McCarthy's had been off and then on and then off a few times, but by the time we headed into the house, they were on....for about two minutes, then out for good! We sat by candlelight and talked and watched the dogs run around together and Leda, again following Connor everywhere. The storm didn't last but 10 minutes, but it was a good one.

When it calmed down, Brock took Duff home and came back and we sat around for a little while longer until the next storm looked like it was making its way toward us, so we packed it in and headed on across the creek to home. That was about 8:30 and Leda was a little disappointed to learn that she wasn't going to get any books read to her tonight! Open all the windows and light some candles, let Leda brush her teeth by candlelight and off to bed she went and here we are, still wondering what the heck is going on out there at 9:15. Lots of fire sirens and police sirens can be heard, but not sure what is happening, other than there are probably some trees down somewhere.

Brock finally went and grabbed my grandparents old radio (which I believe is stuck on KYW 1060, the all news AM station in Philly as that is the only channel that has ever been tuned to on this radio in 25 some odd years!) and we are listening to the news to see if anything is happening. Just a lot of wind damage (man, it really did whip it up out there just before the rain hit!) and trees down and a little flooding, nothing major (or out of the ordinary for a pretty intense storm).

It was just after I wrote that last paragraph that Leda came in with me to our bed to see if I could get her to go to sleep. She wasn't afraid or anything, but with all the noise of the cars outside the house and the fire sirens, she wasn't gonna get to sleep fast. She and I played learning our ABCs on my computer for a little while until I got tired enough to go to bed early (around 10), so I sent her back to her bed and then both she and I fell asleep for the night.

Well, until a little after 12 when the electricity came back on and Brock and I jumped out of bed to turn off the lights we had left on and the air conditioner in our room!

It was an interesting evening. It was even more interesting in the light of day - our little town got hit pretty good - trees down and roads closed and even a house around the corner got a tree come down on it! We got lucky, no damage whatsoever (well, except maybe a bean plant that may have been killed by a small branch that came down in my garden.) But our area is in clean-up mode. Brock even headed over to our daycare to help them clean up the downed tree branches today.

At least the heat is gone! Wooo Hoooo!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blog Neglect

I know, I know, I've been really BAD at not posting anything. Too darn hot and busy to update the darn blog.

I promise, I'll update tonight, at least give an idea of how our weekend was! We had fun, regardless of the heat! (or, probably because of it!)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Girls Weekend

Last night I got home from a "girls weekend" in Savannah, GA. The girls of which I speak were my girlfriends, Jennifer, Karen, Kim and Kate. It was awesome!

Since we arrived home late in the evening (after 9), Brock had kept Leda awake to welcome me home. I told Leda I brought her a gift from my trip and she looked at me with all seriousness and said, "you brought me donuts?" I kid you not!

Needless to say, I did NOT bring her donuts, but a t-shirt from Savannah. She was as excited about the t-shirt as she might have been about donuts, which was good, because there were no donuts!

We had an awesome time! Jennifer, Kate and I flew down on Friday and arrived in the afternoon in Savannah where Kim and Karen picked us up (Karen had flown down the night before and stayed with Kim). We headed into Savannah, got a little lost, but found our way pretty quickly to the Westin which was our home for the weekend. Lovely hotel, across the river from River Street. There was a free ferry that you could take back and forth, which was nice.

This was my first visit to Savannah - not for lack of trying - I've been in love with the city since I read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and have been wanting to go spend some time there. One awesome thing about Savannah - no open container law, so if you haven't finished your drink before you are ready to leave the bar, you can take it with you! How awesome is that?

So after we checked into the hotel, we headed downstairs for a drink to start off the weekend and make a few plans for the evening. Shortly after that we headed over on the ferry to stroll up and down River Street, checking out the stores and the restaurants. We ended up at the Boar's Head Grill and Tavern and boy what an awesome pick we made - the food was AWESOME! I believe we pretty much all had some beef of some sort (I had one of the best Filets I've had in a long time!) and the desserts were pretty good too!

We headed off to have a few drinks, did a little walking around town and headed back to the hotel for the night. Saturday was a lazy day morning. We ended up watching a Hindu/Indian wedding ceremony outside the hotel which was pretty interesting to watch. The wedding participants, both men and women, were so beautifully dressed. After we watched the wedding, we decided what we wanted to do in the evening - a nice dinner and a ghost tour - we decided on the Haunted Pub Crawl! Does that sound cool or what? And everyone we met highly recommended it!

We headed back over to front street for some lunch and a little shopping. We did get back to the hotel for a little pool side relaxing and then we got ourselves ready for our night out in Savannah. We ended up going to the Olde Pink House. If you are ever in Savannah, book a dinner at the Olde Pink House. It was awesome! The she-crab soup was awesome, the shrimp and scallop fettuccine I had was awesome, the desserts - to die for! The rest of the girls LOVED their dinners as well. We really enjoyed the restaurant and the wait staff was just the best.

After dinner, we headed off to see if we could get a carriage ride before our pub crawl (which didn't start until 9, so we had time to kill). We weren't able to get a carriage ride, so we took a walk up toward the meeting place for the pub crawl, getting ourselves a drink along the way.

The Haunted Pub Crawl was awesome! Three hours of strolling around Savannah, being told ghost stories and just when your glass is empty, hey, look at that, another pub! That had to be the best tour I've ever been on and I highly suggest it...if you are ever in Savannah, call these guys and go on a tour. Wear sensible shoes!

The tour was awesome. Our guide, Robby, was pretty cool too! He took us to 3 or 4 bars, showed us some of the 'spooky' places in Savannah, like the Colonial Park Cemetery and Warren Square where they used to hang people. I took my camera and took pictures wondering if I would get 'orbs' - what ghost hunters think are spirits manifesting themselves in photos. I wasn't sure if it would happen, and if it did, if I would believe it or not. But hey, I was on a ghost tour and I was going to see what happened!

So we are at Warren Square, this is where they used to hang people, and Robby is pointing out the tree that was used. And the branch from which the hangings took place. And I took a picture. And I saw something in my picture. And I got goose bumps....really, I did! It was a little creepy! Thank goodness I was with 25 other people!

I showed Robby and he immediately asked me to email it to him, he thought I got something there...I was sure I had to...but when I saw it on the computer, in bigger format, I was amazed:


Just in the bend of the branch coming out of the tree is the first orb I saw. If you click on the picture and view it in large size, you will be able to see a large orb above the branch. Cool! I took a picture before and after this one, from pretty much exactly the same spot and there is nothing like this in the picture! It's pretty neat! I have to say, this square did creep me out just a little bit.

Another place that gave me goosebumps was Johnson Square, which was the main square just in front of City Hall. This was a square where they also executed prisoners (which we subsequently learned had been housed in the prison, across the river, about where the Westin sits today! Oh goodie!) Robby explained about the possible haunting of the square by a purportedly innocent woman who was hung there centuries ago. She was so mad, she would throw any Spanish moss growing in the square out into the streets. And, if you look around that square today, there is not one bit of Spanish moss growing! Robby explained that if we took a good look at Warren square earlier, there is no Spanish moss growing there either. I got chills!

We moved onto Moon River Brewing Company, which is in the building that used to be the old City Hotel. This was our last stop. We proceeded downstairs into this cool brick set of rooms and heard some more stories from Robby. I took a few pictures, one of which I saw an orb in after I took it. Turns out there were A LOT of orbs in it...


I was getting chills when we were down in this room the whole time. Now I know why!

Anyway, whether you believe it or not, it was kinda fun, and taking a look at the pictures when I got home was fun - it's kinda neat thinking there were a lot of other people in that room with us, we just couldn't see them!

We ended up taking a taxi back to the Westin that night because it was well after midnight before the tour finished. Sunday morning we were up, packed and off for a nice breakfast at the Westin's resort club house. Then we checked out and took a drive over to the city to take a look at the Juliette Low house - she started the Girl Scouts and since we had all been a Girl Scout at some point, it seemed like a good idea. But alas, we didn't have time to go on the tour, so we took a look in the gift shop and then took a quick drive up to Forsyth Park and then headed back to the airport.

It was an awesome weekend. It has been decided that there will be more Girl Weekends such as this (maybe with an extra day or two thrown in for good measure). It was nice to spend time with the girls and just relax and have some fun. Can't wait until the next trip!

More pictures of the ghost tour (with more orbs). Other pictures coming soon!

Oh, and a little 'ghost story' of my own to tell. Very early on Saturday morning (maybe 4 or 5 am), I felt someone sit on the end of my bed. I didn't bother to look up or open my eyes or anything, I thought it was Kate, looking for something near the desk in our room. I didn't bother to even think about it, didn't even bother to ask her about it. And I know it happened, it wasn't something that I dreamt (I mean, I guess it could have been, but it felt really real).

Anyway, after all the ghost stories on Saturday night, as I was going to bed (oh, and yes, after reading some more ghost stories in my Haunted Savannah book) I thought about the incident, thought to ask Kate about it, but didn't. Then, around 4 or 5 in the morning, I woke up (as I am apt to do) and in the process of trying to get back to sleep (which really didn't work), I got to thinking about the 'person' who sat on the end of my bed, and what Robby had said about the old prison being where the Westin is now - oh, and yes, gave myself a little freak out! When Kate woke up in the morning, I asked her if she had sat on the end of my bed, but she hadn't. So now, I wonder, who did. Apparently no one menacing, because I am here to tell the tale! Beware of room 1133 at the Westin in Savannah GA! hehehe

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