Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Leda Says

Since this will probably be the last post before I come back completely relax (yeah right!) from the seashore, I thought I would leave you with these gems...funny things that Leda says.

And, these are the things we CAN laugh at within her presence. There are lots of things she says that we can't laugh at or else she will think that she can continue to say them. Case in point: Brock and I having a pseudo-argument about his selective memory - I told him "bulls@*$". Leda proceed to repeat the word several times. It was funny, but we couldn't laugh at her. Thank goodness she hasn't said it again since. Of course, it's only been 24 hours and we haven't been in the presence of Priests, Nuns or Grandparents, so give it time! I am sure it will come up again!

Anyway, some of our favorite:

The Chicken Nugget store: If we are going out to dinner, we are going to the Chicken Nugget store (because this is the only thing that Leda ever gets whenever we go out to dinner. Not because we haven't tried to get her to have anything else, just that when we ask her what she wants, she answers, "Chicken Nuggets." Thus, when we go out to eat, we eat at the Chicken Nugget store. And, no, we do not always eat out at McDonald's!

The Bubble Store - same lines as the Chicken Nugget store. If Leda knows we are going to go get something specifically for her, such as bubbles, as she had run out for her bath, we are going to the Bubble store to get more. There's also the ice cream store, the Barbie store, etc. She doesn't ALWAYS get something from the store, but whatever she might want at the time also dictates what KIND of store we are going to at any given moment!

This morning, Leda must have fell on something in her room and hurt her butt. Now, whenever she hurts something, it usually "feels better" if Mommy kisses it. So here's my child this morning: "Mommy, Kiss my butt." This made Brock practically hysterical! And no, I did not kiss her butt. My answer to her was "no honey, that is something we don't want to encourage!"

We are off to the SeaShore on Saturday morning. Can't wait! See you on the flip side!

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