Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blog Neglect

I'm not on vacation (have to work!) but have sorta taken a vacation from blogging. Too darn tired! Christmas wore us out and now we prep for the big party tomorrow night.

Will blog over the weekend...hopefully with video from Christmas morning!

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is It Christmas Yet?

I'm sure my mother will agree, I'm probably the worst 'kid' when it comes to Christmas. I can't stand the waiting. It's different now, I'm all about the kid! And the husband. I'm excited I get presents too, but not like I was before I had a husband and kid. I get excited about buying their gifts and whether or not they are going to like it on Christmas. And right about now, I'M JUST READY FOR IT TO BE CHRISTMAS NOW!!!!!

(Even though my husband already knows what one of his gifts is...I will not be letting Leda know what Daddy's gift is next year..."Hey Daddy, there's no (insert word of thing that is ACTUALLY IN THE BOX) in that present. Nope, not in that box there for you!" Thanks kid!)

We are doing Christmas at home again this year. We'll head on over to Rachel's for dinner tomorrow night and we'll have Granddad and Fay over for dinner on Christmas day. Last year we tried Beef Wellington for Christmas dinner and I am so not lying when I tell you I have been waiting ALL YEAR for Christmas dinner this year because we are SO doing THAT again! Yum! I'm going to try a bread pudding this year for dessert...of course, as I always find out when I decide to do something THREE DAYS before, I will have to plan better for this bread pudding next year...panettone bread is called for but can I find that bread in our little hamlet? Not a chance. So I am going to substitute and hope for the best. It's all about the custard anyway, right?

Today was Leda's last day at Nursery school until next year (two weeks!) so they had a holiday program. And I will not lie...I cried. Okay, I didn't like full force ball out loud, I teared up. But another mother or two saw and thought I was cute, apparently. Oh well. What's a girl to do when her little child is singing Christmas carols with all the other kids and has the loudest 'HEY' during Jingle Bells?

(not the best video...and that's me trying not to laugh!)

Santa came in to visit with the kids after they sang, but Leda wasn't having none of that...She did go say hello just so she could get the candy cane, but there was no sitting on the lap or conversing with the man! I hope she gets what she wants this year! ;-)

I'm trying not to realize that my child is growing up. She's not a baby any more. There will be more holiday concerts and school stuff. She's getting close to writing her own name! We are stunned by this development. Tonight she was helping me make the cards for our neighbors and for Aunt Rachel and Uncle Wayne and she drew pictures of all of us. She said "this is Daddy and he's frustrated." Which was absolutely hilarious, but before we could think to laugh about it, we looked at each other and thought, "where did the kid learn that word? And how could she have just said that in context, with perfect pronunciation?"

But that wasn't all...later in the evening, she got in trouble for doing something that she was asked to stop doing, so she got a time out. She hates time outs...cries the entire time, every time! It was getting close to the end of the time out when she says, "I want to apologize now!" Okay, sure...HUH??? Did you just say apologize? With, again, perfect pronunciation? Do you know what it means? "I'm sorry," she says. Okay, seriously, why do they have to grow up?

The kid, she's going to Harvard...on scholarship...she's S.M.A.R.T! ;-)

So, I'm off to relax for the rest of the evening...I've finished all my Christmas Chores! All I can do now is wait for Christmas day! Oh, and fret about my box of presents for our family in Portland, OR, sitting in some UPS warehouse waiting for the snow to clear so they can be delivered! Yes, I decide NOT to procrastinate and get all my shopping done in time to ship UPS Ground and what happens? It snows. IN PORTLAND, OR! Totally procrastinating next year!

Merry, Merry Christmas! HEY!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Very Busy Weekend Before Christmas

Well, this was a busy weekend. I get to relax (sorta) and it's late on a Sunday evening...not much relaxing going on here!

We made cookies, decorated cookies, made more cookies, finished our shopping, wrapped the last of the gifts, cleaned house, decorated cookies, decorated the tree...had Granddad and Fay over for dinner and decorated cookies! Whewww! Lots of decorating going on!

Oh, and we wished Aunt Aimee a very Happy Birthday! (well, at least Mama and Daddy did...Leda wasn't in the talking mood!)

But we are now done. We can relax and enjoy the last three days before Christmas! Well, except for the planning and shopping for our Christmas dinner! ;-)

Some scenes from our busy weekend before Christmas....

(clockwise from top: Snickerdoodles, Split Seconds (with added sprinkles per Leda), Gingerbread Men, and Chocolate Chip Cookies (with DARK chocolate chips! Yummmm!)

New Penguin Ornament

New Wine Glass Ornament

Leda's 2008 Ornament

Other New Penguin ornament!

Not a very good picture of the Finished Tree!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday (Not So) Random 20: Christmas Edition

Since I completely stopped doing the Friday Random 10, you get 20 this week...Also, not so random because I picked some of my favorite Christmas songs. And no Christmas Song list would be complete without Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses or any Christmas song by BRRRRRUUUUUUCCCCCEEEEE!

I do believe that Leda and I will be listening to this playlist tomorrow while we make Christmas Cookies! We are going to experiment and make Gingerbread cookies tomorrow! Yummmmm!

Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town, Bruce Springsteen
Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You, Billy Squier
I Believe In Father Christmas, Emerson, Lake & Palmer
The Little Drummer Boy, Harry Connick, Jr.
Christmas Wrapping, Waitresses
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, Harry Connick, Jr.
Feliz Navidad, José Feliciano
Rock & Roll Christmas, George Thorogood & The Destroyers
Father Christmas, The Kinks
Santa Claus And His Old Lady, Cheech & Chong
Merry Christmas Baby, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
O Come All Ye Faithful, Amy Grant
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), U2
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, Harry Connick, Jr.
Christmas All Over Again, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, Josh Groban
Step Into Christmas, Elton John
Silent Night, Elvin Bishop
White Christmas, Bing Crosby
Ave Maria, Harry Connick, Jr.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Visit to Santa

Visiting Santa this year was a challenge!

Last year, the kid went right up to Santa, climbed right on up on his lap and had a conversation with him while the adults (including her mother and father) stood around looking absolutely amazed that the child was not frightened of the man as every other child her age was!

This year, after a false start (we attempted to visit on Monday night but the line was incredibly long and the kid hadn't had a nap all day!), we headed off for the mall again last night and after a quick dinner, got ourselves into line and only had to wait for about a half hour. Santa was on break but we only had to wait 15 minutes for him to return (apparently he was feeding the reindeer!)

This may have been the start of the problem...Santa walked in and walked down the line of parents and children and said hello and shook hands with all the kids as he made his way to his seat. Leda grabbed her visual aid (a picture of the ONE toy she was going to ask Santa to bring her) and prepared herself for Santa...as he got to us, the kid, she lost her nerve and hid behind me, her father, anything she could to get away from the Santa man! We were stunned! This is the kid that for the 15 minutes prior to the arrival of the Man in the Red Suit gave hugs and kisses to the little 1 year old girl in line in front of us and laughed with her parents...two complete strangers! But Santa, she hid from!

Well, I figured, we had several kids in front of us and Santa sitting down might be easier to deal with than Santa standing and walking, so I figured maybe Leda would calm down and be more than happy to speak with Santa and let us get a great picture of her with the Man! Oh, I am a dreamer!

Leda seemed excited about talking with Santa right up to the very minute it was her turn. She started to walk toward him and burst into tears...oh, it was very dramatic. I had to sit down next to Santa to show her that he wasn't scary, but that made her cry even louder. I coaxed her over to me and got her to sit on my lap, but she wouldn't look at Santa. I had her give me her visual aid and I showed it to Santa and pointed out all the things on it that she wanted - it was a picture of a Disney princess package that came with Cinderella, Prince Charming, a horse and carriage, and lots of dresses. I mentioned the Cinderella, the Prince and the horse. Leda finally piped up and said "and lots of dresses!"

The picture was a bust...looked horrible, so we decided not to spend the money. Brock did get the whole episode on video, but I will refrain from embarrassing my daughter and only post a picture from that video...our 2008 portrait with Santa!

Visit with Santa 2008

Santa was very patient (I guess he kinda has to be, it's not like this thing doesn't happen all day long to the poor man!) and very kind to Leda. She did sort of wave at him as we left, and he promised that she would get a visit from him on Christmas Eve night and I would bet a million that she will get EXACTLY what she asked him for (and then some!)

Maybe next year she'll be okay with Santa again!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Leda Sings Christmas

I think these are pretty self-explanatory...

Leda Sings Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer

Leda Sings Jingle Bells

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Musings....

I have a feeling this month's posts will not stray far from the Christmas Theme! Sorry!

Just a few thoughts about Christmas...or the month of December....

1. How come you can always find tape any other month of the year, but come December, when you REALLY need it, it is either completely gone, hidden, lost, etc? I always have to buy more! And then, somewhere around June, I will find a HUGE stash of tape, that I will put in a place that I THINK I will remember come time to wrap Christmas presents...you think I know where that place is??? NO!!! Unless it's Target where I will be headed tonight!

2. On the other hand, I have more wrapping paper than I know what to do with. I will not need to purchase wrapping paper at Target! Well, except for the roll that will be used to wrap Santa's presents to Leda because Santa can't POSSIBLY have the same wrapping paper as me! He doesn't shop at the same Target!

3. Each year gets harder and harder...the first couple of years of Leda's life (my goodness, I make it sound like she's 15!) I could go shopping for her Christmas presents with her in the same cart...now, I have to make sure I hide everything well...the kid's crafty! Will need safe as hard to crack as Fort Knox to hide presents in by the time she's a teenager!

4. Since when is the Lucy and Linus Theme a Christmas song. I've heard it played on the All Christmas All the Time radio station three times in the past two days! Don't get me wrong, I so bop my head to it each time it comes on...and Leda LOVES it. I just didn't realize it was a Christmas song!

That's it for now. Just some thoughts I've thought in the past couple of days. Not the only ones, just the Christmas Theme ones! ;-)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's in the Genes...

The ability to, come December, attempt to purchase EVERY SINGLE THING the child puts on her Christmas list.

I've already purchased way too much from Daddy and Mommy and I haven't even attempted to figure out what she is going to ask Santa for!

Since Brock is off to a automobile thingy show for the rest of the week, I was with the kid all day today. And since I was so fortunate to schedule a dr. appt on the same day he leaves, and it's not a day when she is at day care, I need to take her along with me! Lovely! (Just a note about my child - she is absolutely the most perfect child! She was the BEST kid today...she really helped me out. I am sure this means that by Friday, I will be wishing I had kept my mouth shut about how good she was today!)

Anyway, she announces to the nurse at the drs office that Santa is going to bring her a Prince for her Cinderella, a horse and carriage for her Cinderella and lots of dresses for her. Well, this is news to me! And, the kid isn't talking about the Barbie size Cinderella I purchased for her for Christmas either! She's talking about the little Cinderella's with the rubbery clothes that her father and I hate so much!

So, I got to thinking, maybe I should purchase the big Prince Charming and Horse and Carriage for the Barbie size Cinderella and have that be her present from Santa.

So I'm searching and I find just about everything...then I started to think...the kid isn't visiting Santa until next Monday. By then, she'll be planning to ask Santa for a set of WWF wrestler dolls and a ring for them to fight in (no, I don't let my child watch WWF...she has no idea what that is and I intend to keep it that way...I'm just being sarcastic here...about her wanting the dolls...oh, whatever!)

I think I will hold off on the present from Santa until I hear her ask him specifically for it. Let's just hope it is something I can get in the less than two weeks before Christmas that I will have at that moment!

Of course, I will probably just get the darn Prince, horse and carriage for the kid. It's hard for me not to over shop for the kid, I inherited the gene for Christmas overdoing it from my Mother! And I love it!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Blogging With a Preschooler on My Lap

I know, I know, I've been very neglectful of my blog the past week....but after a full month of posting, it's hard not to take a week off! ;-)

Besides, there's been plenty to do around here. Christmas is coming fast so we are in the midst of getting ready...finishing up the shopping, wrapping presents, getting ready to ship them off to various family members all over the country!

Then there's the Christmas cards to prepare and send and the New Year's Eve invites to make and send out! Oh my, and the parties! We attended Miss Paige's 5th birthday party this past weekend (FIVE!!! How the heck did she get to be five already! And does that mean my baby is actually going to be FOUR in a few months?? My goodness!)

This coming weekend is my company party in Atlantic City and Brock is off for Orlando for the four days preceding! Leda will spend the weekend with her girlfriends doing things 4 and 5 year old girls do when their parents are away (well, only Leda's parent's will be away, and someone will be supervising the girls!!)

And my baby is suffering a cold with a stuffy nose and a cough that is keeping her at night. Hopefully she and I will sleep better tonight. Currently she is supervising this blog post by sitting on my lap while I post and she's being very loving! Which means I will soon have another cold!! Yippee!

So you can see, I've been quite busy while I've been away. I will try not to be so neglectful anymore!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

For some reason, this past weekend, I really didn't feel much like blogging. Not much like elaborating upon what we did each day. I felt like relaxing and enjoying what we were doing (or not doing) and not worrying about blogging it.

We had a great time. We really enjoyed ourselves this weekend. It was kinda nice to see lots of snow (probably six inches) and keep ourselves warm inside with family. It was nice to enjoy Grandpa and Nana Pam and Great-Nana Rose and Aunt Stacy and Uncle Todd and Uncle Dan and Aunt Maggie.

Leda had a great time playing and showing off for the adults. She was the center of the universe this weekend and she pretty much knew it! She enjoyed it to the hilt. She dressed up in her Tinkerbell and Snow White outfits and pranced around on Thanksgiving. She had books for Grandpa to read to her. She played with all her toys.

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner. Nana Pam made an awesome turkey and my pies didn't turn out too darn bad...Thanks to Mom for the great pie crust recipe (although I used Apple Cider Vinegar instead of White Vinegar because we couldn't find the white vinegar...not that it matter much, the pie crust was a hit!). Stacy made my favorite corn pudding and the most awesome (but deadly!) mash potatoes EVER! There is nothing in the world that could not be made better with a pound of butter and a pound of cream cheese!

On Friday we relaxed...pretty much did nothing all day long. Which was SO nice. We napped in the afternoon and when we awoke, Uncle Dan and Aunt Maggie were here. And we had a great afternoon with them and then a nice relaxed dinner. And there was more pie!

On Saturday we relaxed...are you getting the pattern here? Brock made everyone a little breakfast on Saturday morning and we hung out and talked and relaxed and then around lunch time Aunt Stacy and Uncle Todd took Great-Nana Rose home to her place and Uncle Todd caught an airplane ride home. We were sad to see both of them go! Uncle Dan and Aunt Maggie and Brock and Leda and I and Grandpa went up to visit Grandma Sally's grave and put flowers on her and Great-Grandparents Kingsley's graves. It was kinda nice in the snow (but it always seems we when we visit there is always snow!)

Saturday evening was an evening of leftovers and very old Trivial Pursuit. We had a great time playing the game all evening, but the questions were really odd and really old (being as the game came out in the early 1980s!) It was fun, we laughed and had a grand ole time! We even kept Aunt Maggie up past her bedtime! ;-)

Sunday was the day we were coming home. We went out for a little breakfast and then packed up the car, took pictures with Grandpa and Nana and Uncle Dan and Aunt Maggie and headed home. The car ride home wasn't all that much fun...it precipitated all the way home! It was snowing when we left New York and was raining the rest of the way home through Pennsylvania! It pretty much sucked! But Leda had fun watching Sleeping Beauty twice and Aladdin once! And even got a little nap in while she was at it!

Uncle Dan, Leda and Aunt Maggie

Grandpa, Leda and Nana

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Sad to leave our wonderful family, but happy to be home. And not too happy about having to go back to work! The coming weeks we'll get ready for Christmas! We'll be home again this year (no more vacation time) and are looking forward to having a nice relaxing Christmas season. Guess we'll get those lights up next weekend!

Click here to see more Thanksgiving Weekend Pictures!

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