Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Visit to Santa

Visiting Santa this year was a challenge!

Last year, the kid went right up to Santa, climbed right on up on his lap and had a conversation with him while the adults (including her mother and father) stood around looking absolutely amazed that the child was not frightened of the man as every other child her age was!

This year, after a false start (we attempted to visit on Monday night but the line was incredibly long and the kid hadn't had a nap all day!), we headed off for the mall again last night and after a quick dinner, got ourselves into line and only had to wait for about a half hour. Santa was on break but we only had to wait 15 minutes for him to return (apparently he was feeding the reindeer!)

This may have been the start of the problem...Santa walked in and walked down the line of parents and children and said hello and shook hands with all the kids as he made his way to his seat. Leda grabbed her visual aid (a picture of the ONE toy she was going to ask Santa to bring her) and prepared herself for he got to us, the kid, she lost her nerve and hid behind me, her father, anything she could to get away from the Santa man! We were stunned! This is the kid that for the 15 minutes prior to the arrival of the Man in the Red Suit gave hugs and kisses to the little 1 year old girl in line in front of us and laughed with her parents...two complete strangers! But Santa, she hid from!

Well, I figured, we had several kids in front of us and Santa sitting down might be easier to deal with than Santa standing and walking, so I figured maybe Leda would calm down and be more than happy to speak with Santa and let us get a great picture of her with the Man! Oh, I am a dreamer!

Leda seemed excited about talking with Santa right up to the very minute it was her turn. She started to walk toward him and burst into tears...oh, it was very dramatic. I had to sit down next to Santa to show her that he wasn't scary, but that made her cry even louder. I coaxed her over to me and got her to sit on my lap, but she wouldn't look at Santa. I had her give me her visual aid and I showed it to Santa and pointed out all the things on it that she wanted - it was a picture of a Disney princess package that came with Cinderella, Prince Charming, a horse and carriage, and lots of dresses. I mentioned the Cinderella, the Prince and the horse. Leda finally piped up and said "and lots of dresses!"

The picture was a bust...looked horrible, so we decided not to spend the money. Brock did get the whole episode on video, but I will refrain from embarrassing my daughter and only post a picture from that video...our 2008 portrait with Santa!

Visit with Santa 2008

Santa was very patient (I guess he kinda has to be, it's not like this thing doesn't happen all day long to the poor man!) and very kind to Leda. She did sort of wave at him as we left, and he promised that she would get a visit from him on Christmas Eve night and I would bet a million that she will get EXACTLY what she asked him for (and then some!)

Maybe next year she'll be okay with Santa again!

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