Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Santa brought us EVERY THING we wanted (and then some that we didn't!)

Let me start by saying that Santa is one awesome guy! Only thing I really wanted this year was a win over the Cowboys on Christmas day, and did he ever deliver! I was a very happy Eagles fan! (that's not to say that I am not grateful for all the great stuff I DID get!)

We had an awesome weekend over all! We headed north to NY on Friday night in the driving rain, but all-in-all the trip wasn't too bad. Arrived around 11 or 11:30 and Leda was back in bed by midnight. Up early the next day asking for "Pop Pa" and "Na Na" and wasn't disappointed when they woke up not too long after we did! Saturday was a pretty laid back day catching up with Grandpa and Nana and Nana Rose and seeing Aunt Stacy and Uncle Todd. And, checking out that HUGE Christmas Tree in the front hall. With all the MANY presents underneath - and Santa hadn't even arrived yet! (Gluttony at its best!)

Christmas tree

Sunday was another relaxing day - Leda played with Nana and Grandpa and Aunt Stacy and Grandma Rose and the doggies! She was having so much fun. We only had one time out that I can remember, but probably should have had more. It seems that Santa brought us an early Christmas gift this year and that would be the Terrible Twos! Yes, our wonderful, mostly obedient daughter has been replaced by a child who tells us to "stop it" and "you bad" when she's being punished for something she did that was bad. And, that "you bad" don't mean we cool, you catch my drift?

Nana and Leda

It all started on Thursday when Brock took Leda with him to drop Duff off at the groomers. Duff has never been dropped anywhere when Leda has been in the car, so this apparently was a bit distressing for her. She cried and yelled at Brock all the way home, pointing at him and yelling "stop it." On Friday, Brock was watching Leda and he went into the kitchen for one moment (not a few steps from Leda) and she took off - this is a regular occurrence, but we are pretty good about keeping an eye on her. This time, she didn't run into the bedroom as she is known to do, no this time, she ran down the stairs and OUT THE BACK DOOR into the back yard (which is, luckily, enclosed by a fence that has the latches on the outside so she can't get out). Well, she had scared the bejesus out of me, so I sat her down and told her she was bad, that she shouldn't go outside without Mommy or Daddy and that she scared Mommy. I was immediately admonished for being "bad" and had that little finger wagged in my face and a litany of "stop it"'s and "you bad" hailed at me. Well, it was so cute I had to laugh! Yeah, lot of good I am at this discipline thing.

Well, the cute factor kinda lost it's luster by the second or third time she talked back (adding either a hit or a bite, depending on your vicinity to her). But with all the excitement and all the "audience" that Leda had this weekend, time-outs were a bit difficult to enforce, but we did try.

Leda helps Grandma Rose with her wrapping!

This weekend also saw the first remove-diaper-while-supposed-to-be-napping incident. This was not so much fun, as it included not only wet sheets, but nasty smell ones at that! No, our daughter couldn't be content to remove just a wet diaper, but a dirty one as well! Oh joy!

Christmas Eve

Sunday night we had a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner and Leda was sent to bed with visions of sugarplums dancing in her head. Well, maybe not, since she probably hasn't a clue what a sugarplum is yet, but she went to bed without issue. Santa arrived without delay (a little rain is all we had this year, no snow!) and on Christmas morning, we all woke up ready to see what he brought us.

First, we had to wait for everyone to awake and come downstairs. Luckily, we didn't have to wait much past 9am (Leda couldn't take it much longer!) Into the center hall we went and Leda went right to the doll baby Santa brought her and gave her a hug. She was so entranced by the baby doll that she barely noticed the rocking horse that had been left for her as well!

Very excited about the Baby Doll from Santa

Baby rides the horsey

After Leda got her baby doll acquainted with the horsey, off the the races we went! Everyone opening presents and Leda enjoying her baby. She ended up with many more babies, and she was just happy as can be with them all! She spent time feeding her baby dolls while Mommy cajoled her into opening more presents, alas, ending up opening many of them by herself!

It was a wonderful Christmas day. We had a great time, got lots of great stuff and Leda seemed to enjoy the whole thing. Especially the baby dolls! ;-)

Babies ready for a Christmas Feast

Christmas dinner was nice and relaxed - Missy came to join us and we had lots of fun with the Christmas Crackers after dinner. Off to bed, exhausted everyone and a good nights sleep before we had to pack the car stuffed with our new stuff (and, believe it, we got it ALL in the car for the ride home with room to spare!) We did get a snow shower or two before we left, so that was nice! Our trip home included some rain as well, but for the most part was pretty uneventful and we were home by dinner!

Great-Grandma Rose and Leda

Christmas 2006 was lots of fun. Leda loved being with Grandpa and Nana and Great-Grandma Rose and Aunt Stacy and Uncle Todd! She woke up this morning asking "where Pop Pa? Where Nana?" We had a great time!

To see all the pictures from Christmas 2006, click here!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

As this will be the last night I have before next week to post, here's the annual Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays post...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Holiday weekend starts right after work tomorrow and I plan not to be anywhere near a computer for the following four days! I am SO looking forward to the time away!

Here's hoping Santa remembers to bring me that extra special present on Christmas know what I am talking about, that one that starts around 5PM on Christmas night and if my in-laws are so inclined to let me watch (I have promised to behave myself - as long as no one there is rooting for the cowgirls) will have me celebratin' real good by 8PM? Yep, that one. Else the next post here might not be so cheery! ;-)

Happy and Safe Holidays to you all.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Weekend Recap (or Leda decorates a Christmas Tree)

Wow, two weeks in a row only two posts. Gotta get better than that!

This past weekend was a busy one! Friday night we headed over to the Shiers for the weekly get-together-for-dinner-so-the-kids-can-play-with-one-another-and-the-adults-can-have-adult-conversations or whatever we have been calling them - really, just a way for us parents to gather our children in one house and ignore them for a few hours! ;-)

Leda discovered a rocking horse which she just thought was awesome!

Leda and the Rockin' Horse

Saturday found us cleaning the house, readying it for putting Christmas decorations up and laying down our new carpet in the living room.

New Carpet!

We purchased the new carpet in the beginning of November, picked it up two weeks ago and finally found time to lay it down on Saturday. This is a big deal as we got a good carpet - plush and soft - AND padding for it! Leda has already tested it out several times and the "thud" is much less noticeable now!

Also, Aunt Claire was coming for a visit!! Claire was in NYC this weekend with her friend Angela and the two of them drove down to see us Saturday night. We headed over to the Fitzwater Station for a great dinner and the girls headed home. It was a quick visit, but we were happy to see Claire for what little time we got!

Leda and Auntie Claire

On Sunday, I made my annual get-up-early-on-a-Sunday-in-December-and-go-Christmas-shopping-while-everyone-is-at-church trip. Leda helped by waking up at 6:30, so I was out the door and at the mall by 8am. Got my coffee and off I went. 4 hours later, I was done my Christmas shopping for 2006. Woo Hoo! (well, not exactly, but the rest is easily done online!)

Sunday afternoon found us finally decorating the tree we purchased a week ago! Granddad and Fay came over to watch and help and Leda enjoyed pulling things out of boxes. She loved the balls - she would point and say "ball" then pick it up and throw it! Yes, I am REALLY glad we put down that new carpet with padding! Saved that Waterford glass ball for another year!

Christmas tree 2006
Christmas Tree in Natural State

Christmas Tree 2006
Christmas Tree Decorated!

Nothing broke and we had the tree decorated in time for dinner. We all had a great dinner while watching the Eagles beat the Giants (not gonna get my hopes up - been here before, not even going to mention the "P" word!).

Leda and Granddad

All in all, it was a great weekend. We are really looking forward to heading to NY to spend Christmas with Brock's Dad and visit with some friends in the area. I think Leda's gonna have a blast!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekend Recap

What a busy weekend we all had. Friday night we headed over to the Durhams to help Paige celebrate her 3rd birthday! Leda had fun playing with the kids and watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman with Sydney and her Daddy, John.

John Leda and Sydney, watching Rudolph

On Saturday, we went hunting for a Christmas Tree. This year there was no snow, but the wind was cold and we had to go to a far away field on a hill to find a tree. Luckily it turned out okay, but got me thinking about getting an artifical tree here soon. Don't know if I will breakdown and do it or not. Gotta say, the smell of pine really makes me re-think the idea and I think we will head out again next year to cut one down!

Huntin' a tree

Saturday afternoon we all packed up and Leda headed over to our neighbors for the night and Brock and I headed down to Atlantic City for my company holiday party at the Borgata. Very nice place and we had a blast! Dinner was at Wolfgang Pucks and the food was great - the drink just kept a pouring, so I was pretty hungover the next day, but I am pretty sure I behaved myself! Best part of the night, when, during dinner, as the rockin roll played in the backgound, the Eagle's "Take it Easy" came on and our whole group (about 20) broke out in song. Easily the most fun I've had at a company party in a very long time! We didn't gamble, but had a great night just the same.

Yesterday was for recovering - Brock and I from a late night and Leda from having way too much fun with the McCartheys!

And, let me say, I am SO lovin' my camera! Takes awesome pictures!


Leda being Leda

Friday, December 8, 2006

Gotta love Christmas time....

So, here's one of the last pictures taken with my old camera...

Leda's not so sure of the big guy!

Leda wasn't real sure about this Santa person. Out of about 100 people milling around at this toys for tots event, Santa was the ONLY one Leda had issues with - what is up with that, anyway? The old guy with the corvette is okay, but the big jolly guy in the red suit is off limits??

Anyway, we did get some pictures with Santa - albeit, Mommy had to be in the picture AND between Santa and Leda.

These are some of the last pictures taken with my old camera. Brock was able to get the camera to give up the pictures, but in order for it to ever take pictures again, it will probably cost us a bit of money! Don't know what happened to it, but it just doesn't want to cooperate with us.

I was pretty bummed about the camera. I mean, how can a camera give up just before Christmas? Does it not understand that yes, it is needed other times of the year, but Christmas is really when it is worth all the money someone spent on it??

It just so happens that I was really hinting around about a nice camera this summer and Brock wasn't giving in enough for me to go purchase one. Well, when the camera really gave up the ghost this week, and this being not such a great week (kid wasn't sleeping so well this week, Mommy not getting any sleep, work pretty much sucking), my wonderful husband and daughter went out and bought Mommy a great gift for Christmas.

When Mommy got really depressed about not being able to use her camera, and had the worse day of work of the week, Daddy and Leda gave her a Christmas gift early...

I got me a great camera! A Nikon D50 - just what I wanted! Santa was good to me this year! Guess what - that means GREAT pictures of Leda opening presents on Christmas day!

And, pictures of Leda at 6AM in the morning...

Leda with Mommy's New Camera

Yes, Christmas came a little early this year! It's a gift that will keep on giving! Can't wait to take pictures! (gotta little to learn about this one!)

Check back in the next few days for pictures of Leda hunting a Christmas tree, decorating the house, decorating the tree, etc! Tomorrow we head out to the woods of PA to cut down our tree and then leave Leda to entertain our neighbors while Mommy and Daddy head off to Atlantic City for my Company Holiday party (woo hoo!) On Sunday we will return to decorate the tree and house and try to finish up all the christmas shopping we've been putting off! Can't wait!

Monday, December 4, 2006

Can't get the picture...

My camera is broke.

Just decided to quit working.

And with Santa pictures on it, no less.

And three weeks before Christmas.

Wanna talk mad??

Need to resort to the 35mm for Christmas, which means no one is getting any Christmas pictures anytime soon!

Today, is not a good day.

Don't even get me started on the approximately 3 hours of sleep I got last night due to one child who decided that 2:30am was a good time to wake up and NOT go back to sleep. Until 5:30am.

Hopefully the week will get better. It can only go up from here (one can only hope!)

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