Friday, December 8, 2006

Gotta love Christmas time....

So, here's one of the last pictures taken with my old camera...

Leda's not so sure of the big guy!

Leda wasn't real sure about this Santa person. Out of about 100 people milling around at this toys for tots event, Santa was the ONLY one Leda had issues with - what is up with that, anyway? The old guy with the corvette is okay, but the big jolly guy in the red suit is off limits??

Anyway, we did get some pictures with Santa - albeit, Mommy had to be in the picture AND between Santa and Leda.

These are some of the last pictures taken with my old camera. Brock was able to get the camera to give up the pictures, but in order for it to ever take pictures again, it will probably cost us a bit of money! Don't know what happened to it, but it just doesn't want to cooperate with us.

I was pretty bummed about the camera. I mean, how can a camera give up just before Christmas? Does it not understand that yes, it is needed other times of the year, but Christmas is really when it is worth all the money someone spent on it??

It just so happens that I was really hinting around about a nice camera this summer and Brock wasn't giving in enough for me to go purchase one. Well, when the camera really gave up the ghost this week, and this being not such a great week (kid wasn't sleeping so well this week, Mommy not getting any sleep, work pretty much sucking), my wonderful husband and daughter went out and bought Mommy a great gift for Christmas.

When Mommy got really depressed about not being able to use her camera, and had the worse day of work of the week, Daddy and Leda gave her a Christmas gift early...

I got me a great camera! A Nikon D50 - just what I wanted! Santa was good to me this year! Guess what - that means GREAT pictures of Leda opening presents on Christmas day!

And, pictures of Leda at 6AM in the morning...

Leda with Mommy's New Camera

Yes, Christmas came a little early this year! It's a gift that will keep on giving! Can't wait to take pictures! (gotta little to learn about this one!)

Check back in the next few days for pictures of Leda hunting a Christmas tree, decorating the house, decorating the tree, etc! Tomorrow we head out to the woods of PA to cut down our tree and then leave Leda to entertain our neighbors while Mommy and Daddy head off to Atlantic City for my Company Holiday party (woo hoo!) On Sunday we will return to decorate the tree and house and try to finish up all the christmas shopping we've been putting off! Can't wait!

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