Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blame it on the Rain

I know, no posting = bad blogger. But it's been raining here for 40 days and 40 nights most of the month and we've seen the sun so rarely I believe that I am suffering Seasonal Affective Disorder in JUNE!

Besides that, we really haven't done anything fun since I last posted, except for this past Saturday night when we went to the Jimmy Buffett concert! That was a blast and a half! Leda stayed the night with Paige so Brock and I had the evening to ourselves, didn't have to worry about getting home to relieve the babysitter, so we even stopped on the way home for a beer. At a bar. A real beer in a real bar. Exciting stuff!

The weather people keep telling us that the weather pattern will be changing soon. Which means we will go from REALLY WET to REALLY HOT and feeling WET (humid). Well, at least everything is green (of course, most of it is moss and mildew!) so things look pretty!

My garden has exploded, so I apparently planted well for monsoon season. I'm thinking, when I have a good weekend (i.e., not raining!) I might be moving some things around. We'll see about that. I definitely have ideas of how I will plant things next year! I'm quite happy with how things are growing. I will have to start coming up with more recipes that use tarragon though, because I have a TON of it!

We are going to head on up to visit with Brock's parents this weekend so I expect I'll have some fun things to post next week. Until then, I will refrain from giving my review of Real Housewives of NJ (Oh.My.Goodness, what a mess!)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Parenting FAIL

DISCLAIMER: If you haven't seen Marley and Me and have no idea what the movie is about and plan to see it in the future, please don't read any further. There are spoilers!

So Friday night, after dinner, Leda asked if we could watch a movie. We said, sure, let's see what is available On Demand...Look, Marley and Me is available and we haven't seen it yet, would you like to see that. Leda would LOVE to see the movie of the book she got for Christmas (only her Marley book from Christmas isn't quite the same as the book the movie is actually based on, but what the hay, it's a PG movie, doesn't look to be too bad and isn't a movie that Brock and I have seen a billion times already!

Here's the first failure of the night. I read the book the movie is based on (it's is a good book, I recommend it!) so I am quite aware of what happens at the end of the movie. Not even thinking that this is a bad idea! That was the first failure!

Anyhoo, we get the movie started and we are all quite enjoying it. About, oh, maybe a half hour in or so, there's a montage while the lead character voices over about all the things they did in a year...a quick 5 minute review of a year to get you up to speed for the next scene. During this montage, there is mention of Disney World. This is a place we have not as of yet told Leda about. She is clueless to the existence of Disney World. She's totally aware of Disney, but not that there is a place that you can go visit and spend lots more of our hard earned dollars on Disney paraphernalia. And we are quite happy about that for the moment. Anyway, so Disney World is mentioned. Leda perks up immediately and says, "Disney World? Mommy, what is Disney World?" Oh yeah, we are screwed now!

The movie is moving along, it's got some good parts. It's not as good as the book, but no movie is ever as good as the book for me...some come close, but, I just am picky about movies that are made from books...I happen to believe that no one could make a movie better than my imagination. I'm a snob that way! Anyway, so the movie is okay for the younger family real bad language (I think there was one bad word in the whole movie) and no real 'adult situations' that embarrassed the kid's parents!

But, then, there was the end. See, here's the spoiler, Marley gets old and sick and well, he dies. Thus leaving the three Yates blubbering idiots! Brock was the first to start crying, me following pretty soon after and Leda, well, Leda became hysterical by the closing credits. This was the complete failure! I knew exactly what happens at the end of the movie and didn't THINK that this would throw my child into hysterics when I KNEW it would cause her father and I to cry! So, for 20 minutes I tried to console and calm down my poor child who was just beside herself that Marley had to die at the end.

I finally got her to stop crying, "But, Marley dies!!" over and over again and got her to focus on some good stuff and for a good 5 minutes she and I giggled about all the funny stuff in the movie. Of course, she followed up with, "But, then Marley dies" and lots more crying for the next 10 minutes! I finally got her to calm down enough to fall asleep.

Her father and I braced ourselves for the kid to come in to our bed at some point during the night after nightmares of poor old dogs meeting their maker, but she made it through the night without any nightmares and the next day was just talking about the funny stuff in the movie, never mentioning about how Marley dies at the end. So maybe it wasn't as bad as we thought, but I will definitely think twice before I let the kid watch a movie where a beloved pet dies at the end!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Beauty School Dropout

What a weekend. It was a lovely one here. Not humid, but warm and sunny. Perfect, really for the weekend we had.

I woke up Saturday morning needing to get some work out of the way and after I did, I relaxed by tending to my garden and reading a book. We then got ourselves showered and dressed and off to the barn we went to join the Durhams in helping Ms Virginia with her post and rail fence - the boys dug the holes (well, they had already been dug mostly, they dug what they needed to to get the posts in) and centered and leveled the posts and the girls put the rails in. The little girls hung out around the barn and with Ms Virginia's puppy and were very good!

After we finished up what we could there, we loaded up Ms Virginia's tractor and took it over to the Durhams to dig holes over there! As the boys were playing with the tractor and digging the holes, the little girls were playing on the playground and in the field with the dogs until they apparently got tired and headed up to the house. I followed to check on them and they were playing nicely in the den. I saw nothing amiss and told them I was going to go back down to where the other adults were (bad move!) and that if they were going to leave the den or the house, to come tell us where they were.

So, I left them there, walked on down into the backyard. Jennifer was ready to come back up to the house, so we walked back up. The girls were left alone for 7 minutes tops. We walked in the kitchen, yelled for girls who told us they were in the den. Shortly after that, Leda was crying, she had climbed under the coffee table and had gotten her elbow stuck in the rungs. So we extracted her and as I was consoling her, asked her what she was doing. "Hiding," she said. Didn't occur to me to ask from what, assumed it was some game they were playing. Then I got a look at her. And hair was coming out in clumps. "Leda, what did you do?" "Cut my hair."

Can you say devastated? Oh my I was just beside myself. She isn't as bad as I am going to make it seem, but BANGS? She had to cut her bangs practically down to the roots! And not all the way across, mind you, just half way! Then, she cut some off the sides. And not even either, one side is shorter than the other.

Seems she and Paige found some scissors and decided to give themselves haircuts while the adults weren't around. Oh, Leda and I have had talks about scissors before, but apparently those talks didn't do anything! So we had ourselves another little talk. She is banned from scissors unless she has adult supervision. And if she is found with scissors or having used scissors without prior permission, she can kiss using scissors again until she's able to move out of the house on her own. And that was drilled in over the next 10 minutes or so as I brushed out her hair and tried not to burst out in tears.

Oh, and the girls won't be allowed unsupervised playtime for quite some time.

Of course, I had to take the obligatory picture of Daughter's handy work to embarrass her with the rest of her life!

Being 4, she has no concept of embarrassment, so she'll go to school tomorrow with not a care in the world! Oh well, I just keep telling myself that it could have been worse...if we hadn't come back in 7 minutes, what they might have done to the rest of the hair on their heads!

Well, a few drinks (for me, that is!) and all was better a little while later! And after a good night's sleep, we got up on Sunday morning, got showered up, got our hair fixed up (as well we could) and we headed over to the Durhams to meet Aunt Jennifer, Aunt Karen, Paige and Sydney for a trip to Longwood Gardens! The girls had a great time, as did the adult girls! The tree house features were a blast! Except the second one, I didn't like the second one, too high up and they had a glass floor - didn't do well for my fear of heights! But I did climb up there, so give me a bit of credit!

Sydney, Paige and Leda

See more pictures from Longwood here!

After a whole morning and early afternoon at Longwood, back the Durhams for some pool time and some dinner and home again in the evening. What an exhausting and fun weekend we had! Even if we did make it through with a little less hair than we started it with!

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