Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Leda, who will be 2 months old on Saturday, will be attending her first wedding...her Aunt Stacey is getting married! And, she gets to meet the rest of the Yates' clan, especially her cousins Sarah and Scott...she's looking forward to meeting them...and having them change her diapers! ha!

So, expect lots of wedding pictures when we return sometime next week...Leda's got a great outfit! She might upstage the bride! hehehe ;-)

Don't worry, Brock and/or I are designated drivers, so Leda should be fine! You know how she can get on that formula! ;-)

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Things that suck...

...the hiccups. They suck so bad, that everyone has a cure for them...there must be a hundred thousand ways to get rid of them, right? I bet if I had the hiccups, and I was in a crowd of 20 people, there'd be at least 2o different cures thrown at me...

Now, imagine you are a 7 week old infant who gets the hiccups at least once a day! It's not like you can do ANY of those cures, other thank drink something...Now, imagine you are that infant getting the hiccups WHILE drinking... Now, THAT SUCKS!

And I used think getting up early sucks...geez!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Leda Laughs

Leda has been smiling for a few weeks now...actual smiles, not just gas! And, she was doing what we figured was the beginning of a laugh...she would through her head back and open her smile WIDE OPEN! But nothing came out...a silent laugh!

Today, something came out! It was too cute... Just a little sound, but the beginnings of a laugh!

Oh, and yes, I apparently am cursed...she's gonna be a morning person (she's much happier in the morning than in the evening...go figure!)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

About and for Leda...and other stuff!

This is my way of getting out of having to email all friends and family every so often information about Leda! ;-) I might also add other stuff to the mix....thus the title (it's a working title, so don't be surprised if it changes! Hey, I'm a woman, it's my prerogative to change my mind!!)

Seriously, I didn't want to keep forgetting who I emailed, if I remembered to include one person or another, and thought this might be a great "journal" of sorts for Leda to read when she gets older!

I also thought this would be a great place to "store" photos of Leda...click on the photo and a new window will open...you will be able to view more!

Leda Smiles 06JUN05

So, check back on occasion and see how Leda is doing...or to make sure Brock hasn't used any of the Pink Duct Tape yet! ;-)


When I quit smoking (cold turkey, no less) last year, I decided I needed to keep my hands busy in order to not smoke! So, I started gardening!

I decided I could only really attempt this gardening thing (I was not blessed with the green thumb in the family) with something contained...something small...so I did hanging baskets. Then-how I came about the idea, I haven't a clue-I decided to try a patio pond...complete with fish and plants!

It went pretty well...of course, Brock and I found that when it comes to growing plants, petunias are about the only thing we can't kill! The patio pond did well, but I only got one bloom out of the waterlily all season, and it only lasted one day and it wasn't all that impressive. The fish did well, and ended up coming into the house (whole 'nother story!) and are living still (the oldest living goldfish in my history...also the biggest 12 cent fish I've ever seen!)

This season, since I am a bit busy with a newborn, I really hadn't had the chance to do anything with the pond but put water in it and pull the waterlily out of hibernation. Within weeks, I got this....(click on picture to see more...will open in a new window!)
These two blooms lasted about three days! And, there are more coming up! Wow!

Leda Chillin'!

Heading out for a ride in the car!

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