Wednesday, June 15, 2005


When I quit smoking (cold turkey, no less) last year, I decided I needed to keep my hands busy in order to not smoke! So, I started gardening!

I decided I could only really attempt this gardening thing (I was not blessed with the green thumb in the family) with something contained...something I did hanging baskets. Then-how I came about the idea, I haven't a clue-I decided to try a patio pond...complete with fish and plants!

It went pretty well...of course, Brock and I found that when it comes to growing plants, petunias are about the only thing we can't kill! The patio pond did well, but I only got one bloom out of the waterlily all season, and it only lasted one day and it wasn't all that impressive. The fish did well, and ended up coming into the house (whole 'nother story!) and are living still (the oldest living goldfish in my history...also the biggest 12 cent fish I've ever seen!)

This season, since I am a bit busy with a newborn, I really hadn't had the chance to do anything with the pond but put water in it and pull the waterlily out of hibernation. Within weeks, I got this....(click on picture to see more...will open in a new window!)
These two blooms lasted about three days! And, there are more coming up! Wow!

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