Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sick house...

We were sick this weekend. In fact, some of us are still sick! yuck!

After that post on Saturday, after Leda didn't really sleep very well during her afternoon nap, she spent the rest of the day sleeping on me. At one point, I knew she had a fever because the kid was keeping me warm! We checked and lo and behold, 103.something. Call the doc.

Why does it never fail that when I need to call the doc after hours, I always get the one I can't stand?

Anyway, other than the fever and the general reluctance to leave my chest, Leda was fine. She ate lunch and dinner fine, she was taking in lots of fluids, she was outputting lots of fluids (from the right places!) Of course, at the same time, I am beginning to feel like crap, probably coming down with the same thing she got! Yippeee!

Anyway, on Sunday, her fever had broken enough that we didn't have to take her to see the doctor (thank goodness...can't stand that guy!) By Monday, Mommy felt like a Mac truck had run her over, and if it hadn't, she really wanted it to to get it over with! Baby still has a runny nose and a cough, but no fever. And, she's got molars coming in...when it rains it pours!

Anyway, we are hoping we get over all of this really soon. Can't stand being sick!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

10 Months!

Today, Leda is 10 months old! Wow!

In the past month, so much has happened. The biggest milestone is Leda is walking. Not just furniture surfing and taking a few steps between items, but full-fledged walking. No longer can we keep her contained in the walker when she wants to go places! She'll walk everywhere...can't carry her out of her room for breakfast anymore, nope, she's gotta walk out to the dining room.

Leda's spending time with other kids her age at daycare twice a week. That might grow to full weeks for a little while sometime soon. But she loves it! She loves playing with the other kids. We are pretty sure that's where she learned to walk. She's ready to get rid of most of her bottles (except for that nighttime one!) and is starting to use a sippy cup most of the time. Again, due to the influence of the little boys she hangs out with at daycare!

She has Tyler, who is about 8 months old. She bit him last week! Not hard, and she hasn't since. But, yes, we are seeing the beginning of the biting period. She tries to bite me when she's angry (which isn't too often, but it has occurred at least three times in the past month!) There's Liam, who is 18 months old and Sean who is 1 year old. Apparently, they are their own little gang!

We've been fighting a cold for the past two weeks. We visited with the Doctor this week and he said other than a little runny nose, Leda's fine. We are keeping an eye on those ears, just in case. Now, Mommy has the cold! The joys of the little germ factories! The Doctor was a little surprised by the mobility of the child! He got a sly little smile and laughed at me! "Figured you had at least 2 more months before she walked, didn't ya?" he said! Then, Leda bent over from a standing position, without holding on to anything and picked up her toy off the floor, which surprised the Doctor even more! "Wow, she's got pretty good forward balance, too!" he said. "You better get baby-proofed ASAP," he told me. Yes, we have a 10 month old who is walking around like an 18 month old!

She has a toy which the object of is to place little balls in the mouth at the top and they fall down into little buckets and spit out the holes at the bottom. She loves this toy and has been pretty good at placing the balls in the hole and loves watching them fall down the buckets. She loves books now...not necessarily to read, but to carry around and open up and close and chew on! Brock or I will read them to her but her favorite thing to do is page through them really fast, close them up and chew on the corner. Or carry it around the room! Brock asked her to point to the brown bear in one of the books the other day and she did! Brock turned to the page with the cat on it and Leda screamed, as she does when she sees Dela, the cat! She's going to probably be more intelligent than us! That could be scary! ;-)

She's just amazing. Each day she's more of a little person than a little baby. She's a bit more cuddly these days (which I love, but I am afraid when she feels better, she won't be so cuddly anymore! So I am enjoying it all I can!) She's endeared herself to everyone who meets her. She hasn't quite started talking, but she does say "da" a lot...sometimes she yells it when she's mad at Brock for leaving the room, and sometimes she says it when Duff enters the room! So, not completely sure she knows what it means yet! ;-) No "ma" yet, bummer!

I can't believe that in two short months, she'll be one year old. We already have a date for her birthday party (April 22) and are expecting lots of family as well as friends to help us celebrate. Of course, with being out of work at the moment, I am itching to start planning the party...I mean, the last time I was laid off, I had a wedding to plan! ;-) (I know, scary, huh? Don't worry, won't be as expensive or as extravagant as our wedding - not that our wedding was extravagant...oh, you get the picture!)

We are loving being parents, and are loving our little girl. She's so beautiful!
10 months old!

(if you can get past the runny nose and the drool! ;-) hehehe
(As usual, click the picture to see more!)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bagpipes put Leda to sleep!

Yesterday Leda and I met Aunt Rachel, Caelan, Tristan, Granddad and Fay at the Valley Forge Scottish and Irish Music Festival to see Uncle Nick's band, Rathkeltair, play. We walked around and saw all the wares that were being sold, danced around to other bands playing and ate some and Mommy had a Guiness! By the time Nick's band went on (around 2), Leda was tired. She had tried to run away from Mommy (she wanted down on the ground, put her down and boy did she start to go...started walking right away from me!) and she was dancing around to the bagpipe bands (she's told Daddy she wants to play the bagpipes when she's a bit older! ;-)

So, when she curled up in Granddad's lap and the band started playing, she just fell asleep. To bagpipes! That's my girl!

Leda sleeping to Rathkeltair's playing

The band was great! It was great to see Nick playing again. I, of course, purchased their new cd! Was hoping they would be around again up here soon, but it seems that they may go on hiatus for awhile as Neil (the lead singer and pipes player) is being called up and will be heading for Baghdad in the next couple of months! Hopefully he'll keep his head down and stay out of trouble over there.

Rathkeltair at Valley Forge Scottish & Irish Music Festival

Caelan and Tristan had fun, too! (at Rachel's expense! hehehe) Tristan is like the energizer bunny...he keeps going and going and going...he's one energized little boy! Caelan was having fun dancing around to his Daddy's music and he really was excited to see his Daddy. And Leda had fun hanging with her cousins!

Anyway, it was a good day. We had fun. Leda was exhausted from the fun we had at the festival that she went to bed a half hour early and slept an hour late! wooo hooo for Mommy! I think we'll have to head back to the festival the next year...Leda loved it!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Leda in the Sun

It was a sunny day yesterday and it streamed in the windows while Leda played.

Leda playing in the SunLeda checks out the plant!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Video Blog

I've set up a new blog that I hope to load Leda's video to. We'll see how it goes

The Yates' Video Blog

There's a link to it right over there on the side bar so you can always check it out once in a while.

No new video yet. But will have to take some more and load it up!

BTW, using Google Video to load up to the net. Cool!

Leda Walking...

We have proof!

Ignore the messy living room.
Oh, and proof she can do two things at once...walk AND drink Orange Juice! Wooo Hooo, she's multi-talented.

Monday, February 13, 2006


It appears that the daughter may take after the mother!

Today, when we were in Leda's room, with Leda on the floor, Leda reached between the rungs of her crib and grabbed her blanket...the one we use to cover her up at night and during naps...and carried it out of her room and into the rest of the house.

She played with her blanket for an hour or two, on and off, until her next nap.

It's a mint green blanket. It's the softest, squishiest, most comfy blanket* we received for Leda from one of the many people who gave us gifts during my shower. I almost kept it for myself! It's got a silky border and it is really a lovely blanket, and SO warm.

It's almost exactly like the blankie I had when I was a baby - except it's green and mine was pink and Leda's is a little more fluffier than mine.

Yes, I had a blankie...I had a blankie that I STILL have! And yes, I carried the darn thing for YEARS!

Of course, I sucked my thumb. Leda doesn't! At least she doesn't yet! She does love her binkie, but we only allow her to have it in her crib at night and during naps. Or on special occasions like plane trips or her first day of day care.

I wonder if this is the start of something! It was awfully cute. I did take a picture, but with the 35mm, because the digital's battery died JUST AS I TRIED TO TAKE THE PICTURE! Don't it always happen like that? And, then, the 35mm also died!

Of course, it could just be that she's got a cold and she's not feeling completely herself...she's really cuddly and clingly these days!

*This applies only to the store bought blankets...the hand made blankets are in a class all their own! ;-)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Okay, the weather people were right...

Wow, did we get snow! Currently we have something over a foot of snow! It's still snowing right now, but probably only gonna get a inch or so more.

Brock's out using the neighbor's snow blower to clear paths for everyone. Leda's napping - she didn't sleep very well last night. She's got a runny nose and a little cough, so I think we won't be playing in the snow later today. Maybe tomorrow or the next day - we'll see.

So, I didn't sleep very well last night. I did get to listen/watch the really neat ThunderSnow storm last night. Usually we get one lightening strike and one good thunder, but last night we got about a half hour of a thunderstorm last night. The lightening was so bright and the thunder followed IMMEDIATELY after the lightening, so it must have been right over top of us! Brock and Leda slept right through it.

So we've all been up since about 6-6:30. I would say that some naps are in order for ALL of us later today!

Some pictures from this morning....Gonna go bundle up and stay warm!

Leda and Daddy
Snow 12 Feb 06
Snow 12 Feb 06

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Well, see what ya get when you complain about the weather being nice? Yep, you get walloped by the Snow Gods!

Well, we'll see. The weather people of Philly are promising a "significant-to-major" storm. (hey, did you know that they now categorize snow events from 1 through 5, just like hurricanes? Yep, they do. Of course, they say, they can't really tell what category a snow storm really is until AFTER the fact. That leaves me to ask, "then why categorize the darn things??" Geez, freaking weather people!) Anyway, the weather people of Philly are always promising me a snow storm of 6 or more inches and then down grade the darn thing about two minutes before it gets here. So, I'll believe it when I see it!

I was going to complain that the snow is happening over a weekend, thus, not allowing me a possible day off from work, but it really doesn't matter this time around, as I was let go from my job yesterday! Yep, you heard me. I'm currently jobless!

It wasn't a shock. It's not making me happy, and I really am a little ticked off (ha! Little?) but it wasn't a shock. I knew this was coming for months. I sorta alluded to it a while back, but didn't wanna blog it, as that could have caused more issues if the people at work had found my blog. So, didn't say much. But it was coming for months. And it sucks, but I am probably better off. I just need to use this time to figure out what I want to do. It might be a really good opportunity for our little family.

So see, not the end of the world. I get to spend a little extra time with my child in the coming week or so. How could that be a bad thing?

This was going to be a different post, but, obviously, things got changed-up a little yesterday. In any case, Brock and I and Steve and Kate Shier got ourselves a babysitter for our girls and headed off for a little hibachi at the local Japanese restaurant (yeah, Phoenixville has a Japanese restaurant - who would have thunk it?) and then went to see Poco play at the local theater (the Colonial...the theater The Blob was filmed at...yeah, that Blob!)

Poco was good. I knew a few more songs of theirs than I thought! They did a pretty good job! The theater was awesome...its not huge, but its a nice little venue for music - acoustically it was great! And to believe that I lived across the street from the theater for 5 years and have lived in Phoenixville for over 12 years and I never (NEVER!) stepped foot in the theater before last night!! Well, won't be the last time, I can tell ya that!

Leda and Suzanna and Jane all had a great time last night with Megan. The girls where sacked out on the couches when we got home and Leda was fast asleep in her crib. Megan seemed to have a much better time getting her to sleep this time than the last time!

Anyway, today Leda and I are on our own as Brock is working. We're gonna go buy a Powerball ticket (or two or three!) and hang out and watch some Olympics and wait for the Snow Storm of the Century! We may go stop at the pharmacy and stock up on some cold medicine as it seems our little one has a cold starting! Other than that, its going to be a little relaxing weekend, maybe play in some snow tomorrow and watch some Winter Olympics and a little NASCAR. (and we may try to catch up on General Hospital because Leda is head over heals for Robert Scorpio and she can't believe that Luke and Robert are together again! Wooo Hooo!)

Monday, February 6, 2006

Super Weekend

Leda and I spent the entire weekend sans Daddy...well, not ENTIRE weekend, but during the day on Sat and Sun, there was no Daddy, just Mommy and Leda!

On Saturday we hung out, took a couple naps, went to Le Target for a little shopping and then got dressed in our finest (well, not exactly, but we looked good!) and went to meet Mommy's old boss (and old just means she used to be my boss before current job...Sophie is by no means old! In fact, she looked GREAT!) for dinner.

After deciding that waiting 3 HOURS to eat at the Cheesecake Factory (!!) was ridiculous and having waited about 5 minutes for Brock to arrive (he came directly from work), we decided on a meal at the Bamboo Club next door...at least we didn't have to wait for a table. Anyway, we had good food, good conversation and great company. And Leda behaved herself so well. She's really good at restaurants! She tried a little of my Mandarin Orange Shrimp and she seemed to like it. Then, she sucked on a lemon! Believe it or not, the kid seemed to like sucking on a lemon! She's her Daddy's daughter! (of course, we won't be letting that happen too often.)

Home went and to bed Leda went (only a half hour late!). She didn't sleep too well Saturday night (she had a couple talking to herself spells). But she did let Mommy sleep until 7:30 Sun morning!

Up we got and we had breakfast, a little hangin' out, watchin' a little SoapNet (Leda's gotta keep up on what's happenin' on One Life and All my Children...she's just not right if she doesn't know what's going on!) and checking out our new Big & Rich CD. Leda was having a great time dancing around with Mommy...she clapped for the first time this weekend, and I think she might have some rhythm! ;-)

We had a little Springsteen for lunch then we had a nap and then off to the Durham's for the Super Bowl. Daddy got there not too long after we did.

Leda's been walking for a couple of weeks now. But only about 8 steps at most before landing on her butt. But then again, we have SO many toys in the living room that it's hard for her to make it far with out tripping on something or finding something more interesting than whatever she saw on the other side of the room. Besides, our living room isn't THAT big.

Well, over at the Durham's in their room above the garage, where we sat to watch the game (Brock's pretty depressed about the Steeler's winning...well, he was for about two minutes last night, I think he's over it now!) Leda had LOTS of room to move, and BOY did she. I practically broke down in tears watching my daughter walk around the room! She was pretty good at it! She's getting so big!

And, then, my daughter danced and clapped to the Rolling Stones! Yep, she's definitely her mother's daughter!

Home to bed, only an hour late to bed and no bath. And, she didn't sleep all that well last night either. Don't know if she's just restless or what, but the past two nights she spent some time talking and playing in the middle of the night! Hope she grows out of that pretty quick!

Although they are exhausting, I enjoy these weekends for just Mommy and Leda. Of course, I'd enjoy them lots more if she'd sleep past 8! ;-)

Friday, February 3, 2006


Got bored with the old look of the old blog...this one, I can play with a little!

Let me know what ya think (if you wanna!)...just leave a comment.

Will be working out kinks over the weekend. In the meantime, if you need larger type (ahhem, New Glasses Boy), go to that tool bar up above and click on View and then click Text size and then select a larger type!

Of course, for those of you using Mozilla (ahhemm, New Glasses Boy), you are on your own! ;-)

His name was Rico, he wore a diamond

Don't ya just love cheesy shows that Barry Manilow shows up on?

I mean, Barry Manilow singing Copacabana on Dancing with the Stars on a Friday night while blogging and drinking a beer? How much better can it get??

I mean come on..."music and passion are always in fashion...at the Copa!"

(Now, do I have to really describe to you that I did stand up and sang and danced to the song? If I said I did no such thing, would you believe me?)

At least Leda went to bed and Brock is in the basement to save me the horror of being watched!

(UPDATE: I am pretty darn sure this post didn't warrant being posted twice, but apparently Blogger had other ideas...yep, when you do something completely embarrassing in the privacy of your own home and THEN Blog about it, you deserve to have it posted twice! Remind me never to blog something embarrassing again!)

(UPDATE II: Okay, second post of really embarrassing post has disappeared...apparently it was too embarrassed to stay! Geez!)

Just don't get it...

Seriously, I don't.

I already mentioned this a month or so ago...and since then, it's like everyone and their half-brother is doing a google search for "largest cat" and they end up here.

Seriously...FOUR today! That's right...four people in the world did a google search for largest cat and ended up here. The other 3 out of 7 people who visited this blog today are family (and Monkey Boy - Hi Chris! ;-) But then again, Chris kinda is family!)

So, you tell me...is there some kinda internet scavenger hunt going on? Is there an inside joke I am not privy too? What would cause 4 people to google "largest cat" in one day?

I'm just saying.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

6 more weeks of winter


Groundhog day doesn't make any sense! Seriously, Spring starts roughly 6 weeks from today anyway. Geesh!

Of course, that's what the calendar says. Now we got some oversized rodent confirming that we've got 6 more weeks of winter. I'll believe it when I see it.

Especially when this winter has been one nice spring day after the other. Well, for the most part!

Seriously...we had "lots" of snow in early Dec and ever since, we've barely gotten below 40 degrees.

Yes, there are those of you out there saying, "what is she complaining about? I'd LOVE to not ever have a day below 40 degrees. Geesh!" But what about winter? I mean, you gotta have those really cold, 20 degree days when you swear you will never be warm again so that you can appreciate those 90+ and humid days in the middle of summer. Seriously, without the cold, the hot is just unbearable.

Besides, if it don't get mean and nasty soon, we'll be getting mean and nasty in April/May/June when you don't want mean and nasty.

And, I really would like to wear my Victoria's Secret warm and comfy robe this season without having to take it off five seconds after I put it on because I am sweating.

Come on winter, get your act together. Give us some cold (and snowy) weather, darn it!

Oh, and as for you people in warm climates who think 40 IS cold...gotta get that blood thickened back up there, doncha? ;-) hehehe

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Leda's First Day of Day Care (otherwise known as Mommy Was Completely Distracted by Horrible Thoughts of Leda in Day Care Day)

Leda went to Day Care today.

I did nothing (that I can remember) of substance at work today.

When I went back to work after Leda was born, it wasn't as hard on me as I know it was on other women I worked with who had children in day care because I knew that I was leaving my daughter in the capable (don't tell him that) hands of her father. Leaving her for an entire day was hard, but not nearly as bad as it could have been.

So, with One Lap pre-run coming upon us in Feb and One Lap in May, we needed to find someone to care for Leda while Brock wasn't home and I had to work. Brock did find a nice lady who watched children in her home, close to us. We visited with her, we called the other parents who use her and we signed on up. She really is a nice lady. She's got an 18 month old and another one on the way and has two other kids who she watches. And, she's not that far from our house (albeit, I have to go the opposite way than work to drop Leda off, but it's only 5 minutes out of the way!)

So, we decided to put Leda in early a couple times a week to get her used to the idea of spending a whole day in a different atmosphere than what she is used to.

Today was judgment day.

Brock left with Leda before I headed off to work with instructions to call me immediately when he got back from dropping her off. He did so and informed me that my child was screaming as he pulled away and that Nice Day Care Lady would call me shortly to let me know how things were going.

Nice Day Care Lady did so call around 9 and informed me that Leda had screamed and cried after Brock had left but stopped after about two or three minutes (good, not the full day of screaming/tantrums I envisioned!) She was playing nicely with Nice Day Care Lady's son and the other little girl she watched. She told me to call whenever and how ever many times I wish during the day. I felt ten times better when she called, I felt ten times better than that when she told me to call whenever.

I called twice today. I wanted to call every 5 minutes, but didn't want to look like a completely psychotic maternal type. The second time I called, Nice Day Care Lady knew who I was before I said who I was (felt like completely psychotic maternal type at that moment!)Leda hadn't taken her morning nap by the first call, but by the second call had taken a short nap and eaten her lunch (not the regular amount, but that was because of all the extra stuff going on around her).

Brock went to pick Leda up at 4:30 and he reported that she didn't even notice he entered the house, until he said something and she immediately made for him like crazy, but it was more like, "hey, how ya been" than "hey, where the heck have you been and why did you leave me here all day." She was not worse for the wear and Nice Day Care Lady informed Brock that she was great all day long and that she and NDCL's son talked to each other all day long. She didn't nap more than the one small nap (and she is a tired baby, but happy!) and she had plenty to eat for lunch as well as her afternoon snack.

Leda is very talkative tonight and, although she is tired, she seems very happy. Apparently the only one with scars from today is me.

Oh well, just toughens me up for tomorrow - another day at Day Care for Leda...maybe I can get just a little bit more done tomorrow than I did today (ha!)

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