Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Leda's First Day of Day Care (otherwise known as Mommy Was Completely Distracted by Horrible Thoughts of Leda in Day Care Day)

Leda went to Day Care today.

I did nothing (that I can remember) of substance at work today.

When I went back to work after Leda was born, it wasn't as hard on me as I know it was on other women I worked with who had children in day care because I knew that I was leaving my daughter in the capable (don't tell him that) hands of her father. Leaving her for an entire day was hard, but not nearly as bad as it could have been.

So, with One Lap pre-run coming upon us in Feb and One Lap in May, we needed to find someone to care for Leda while Brock wasn't home and I had to work. Brock did find a nice lady who watched children in her home, close to us. We visited with her, we called the other parents who use her and we signed on up. She really is a nice lady. She's got an 18 month old and another one on the way and has two other kids who she watches. And, she's not that far from our house (albeit, I have to go the opposite way than work to drop Leda off, but it's only 5 minutes out of the way!)

So, we decided to put Leda in early a couple times a week to get her used to the idea of spending a whole day in a different atmosphere than what she is used to.

Today was judgment day.

Brock left with Leda before I headed off to work with instructions to call me immediately when he got back from dropping her off. He did so and informed me that my child was screaming as he pulled away and that Nice Day Care Lady would call me shortly to let me know how things were going.

Nice Day Care Lady did so call around 9 and informed me that Leda had screamed and cried after Brock had left but stopped after about two or three minutes (good, not the full day of screaming/tantrums I envisioned!) She was playing nicely with Nice Day Care Lady's son and the other little girl she watched. She told me to call whenever and how ever many times I wish during the day. I felt ten times better when she called, I felt ten times better than that when she told me to call whenever.

I called twice today. I wanted to call every 5 minutes, but didn't want to look like a completely psychotic maternal type. The second time I called, Nice Day Care Lady knew who I was before I said who I was (felt like completely psychotic maternal type at that moment!)Leda hadn't taken her morning nap by the first call, but by the second call had taken a short nap and eaten her lunch (not the regular amount, but that was because of all the extra stuff going on around her).

Brock went to pick Leda up at 4:30 and he reported that she didn't even notice he entered the house, until he said something and she immediately made for him like crazy, but it was more like, "hey, how ya been" than "hey, where the heck have you been and why did you leave me here all day." She was not worse for the wear and Nice Day Care Lady informed Brock that she was great all day long and that she and NDCL's son talked to each other all day long. She didn't nap more than the one small nap (and she is a tired baby, but happy!) and she had plenty to eat for lunch as well as her afternoon snack.

Leda is very talkative tonight and, although she is tired, she seems very happy. Apparently the only one with scars from today is me.

Oh well, just toughens me up for tomorrow - another day at Day Care for Leda...maybe I can get just a little bit more done tomorrow than I did today (ha!)

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