Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My sorry excuse of an update

I've got some cute pictures of Leda taken in the past week. Okay, so I have one or two pictures of Leda taken in the last couple of weeks! I've just been really bad about using the camera these days!

Watching TV

I have no idea where she learned this. Really...neither Brock nor I sit like this. I don't remember ever seeing anyone sit like this. She will lounge there like this while watching a little TV (it only lasts for a minute or two, because she really doesn't watch that much TV!)

Leda in a Basket

This one I took tonight. We had our next door neighbor's mother over for dinner and Leda was showing off. She emptied this basket of all her toys that are normally stored therein and sat in it. Cute, huh?

We did have fun over the past weekend. My friend Kim (Hi Kim! She comes here all the time to read, but never comments!) was in town for the weekend so we headed over to the Durhams for a visit with her and her boys, Ian and Sean. Ian and Sean had fun tossing the football, playing on the swing and swimming in the pool while the big guys watched them and the little girls and the big girls (Jenn, Karen, Kim and I) sat around having some good wine and chatting about everything. With Kim living in South Carolina, these types of nights are few and far between! It was a very nice night and we had a good time. Chris even took a picture of some of us to mark the occasion (yes, I forgot the darn camera...sue me!)


There are some more pictures from that evening that I have to get from Chris's site. I'll post them later!

On Sunday we attended Jake Foden's birthday party! Jake turned 2 on Sunday! We had a great time at Jon and Floss's playing! Jake seemed to be having lots of fun, too, and I think he got some good loot to boot! ;-) Leda had a blast!

This week is a short one for us...we are off to the Thousand Islands again! Yep, but this time, we are going to be there for a longer time! We head out tomorrow after work and don't come back until next Wednesday. Yes, that means no updates until late next week! But I do promise that I will take lots of pictures! We will be spending the weekend with Grandpa and Nana and Uncle Daniel! Uncle Daniel is bringing his new girlfriend to meet the family! We are so excited to meet her and see everyone!

So, have an EXCELLENT Labor day weekend. Hope the weather is good where you are (and where we are going!) See you all next week!

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Muttley was the dog's name...from Dastardly and Muttley.

It was gonna drive me crazy if Brock hadn't figured it out!


Cowboys draw line, reportedly fining T.O.

what was that cartoon dog's name.. the one that had that great laugh - he'd always snicker behind the main character's back when something bad would happen. I thought it was a character from one of the Banana Splits show or Rocky and Bullwinkle...

I can't think of the dog's name or the cartoon he's from, but I can hear his snickering laugh in my head as I saw the headline and read the article above!

Anyone ever tell Dallas that a leopard can never change his spots?? Duh!

Friday, August 25, 2006

The memories...they are just shot!

We don't know what happened this August. Seriously, how could we forget, in a month where we have THREE family members who celebrate birthdays, ALL THREE????

Yes, we are horrible, nasty people. We didn't buy the cards three weeks early and forget to send them until the day of their birthdays, nope. We just completely forgot all together. We are just bad people.

Leda's not. Nope, not her...she probably has been telling us all month, you are forgetting birthdays, dudes! But, because we can't speak or understand Ledaese, we didn't do anything about it.

Nope, Brock and I are just plain bad.

So, here's the groveling...

Please, Scott, Bob and Kurt...forgive us for our bad memories. We love you all and beg for your forgiveness for forgetting your birthdays this month. The cards are in the mail!

And, yes Scotty, we will buy double the Boy Scout popcorn that we purchased last year, just to make it up to ya! ;-)

Next year, we are going to be a WHOLE MONTH EARLY! (but that only counts for August birthdays...everyone else has to settle for a call on your actual birthday and the cards that show up the following week!)

Can you hear the snickering??

Is our old friend t.o. at it again?

Couldn't happen to a better team! ;-) (hehehe snicker snicker snicker) (heck, let's throw in a wink wink and a nudge nudge while we are at it!)

Seriously, did anyone NOT see this happening? I think the only thing no one forsaw was it happening this quick...geez, the season hasn't even started yet!

(BTW, I'm with the guy who wrote the commentary...t.o. rates not enough to get capital letters from me either!)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bad Blogger

I am really bad. I promised I would update over the weekend, didn't I? And I didn't, did I?

Well, the weekend was busy. So busy, that I forgot to take along the camera to the party at the Durhams, so there are no pictures, of anyone!

So busy that when Leda and I were "lounging by the pool" on Sunday, I didn't take the camera out to take a picture of the cutest little girl EVER!

We did have a good time this weekend. We spent most all of Saturday at the Durhams for the party. Leda and Daddy went swimming with all the other kids and daddies (funny, but I do believe that not one mother got into the pool on Saturday - on the other hand not one kid except those under the age of 4 actually came out of the pool for more than enough time to eat dinner and get back in! Hummm, interesting observation!

Anyway, it was a great time, as usual. Good food (a PIG! They got a PIG!), good drink and great friends. Leda had a blast!

Sunday, Daddy went off to get wood and Mommy and Leda filled the pool (our blow-up wading pool) and sat by it and put our toes in to keep cool. And believe me, my toes were about the only thing I was putting in the pool...well water is REALLY freaking cold! Leda did get in and splash around a bit (I can't believe she didn't turn into a brick of ice). After a while, she got out and sat in her little seat next to my seat, and put her feet up on the side of the pool (I think she was trying to get her feet into the pool like mine were! it was really quite cute!).

This week has been nice. The weather is warm to hot, but dry and not humid. We have taken walks around the neighborhood for the first time this summer (I don't know why we didn't do more walking in the spring/early summer...could be it was raining back then! It's been way to hot and humid to go walking until recently). We met a little boy who moved in the neighborhood who is exactly a week older than Leda. We played on the playground at the church and saw the new elementary school building where Leda will go to school! Tonight, we decided to walk over to the high school to see if we could watch the marching band practice.

On nice summer nights, when it is cool enough to keep the windows open, you can hear the marching band practice over at the school. In fact, you can always tell the time of the year when you can hear that! This week is the second week of "band camp" ("this one time, at band camp" - the really scary thing about that line, the only line I can remember from "American Pie", is that I think I may have used it once or twice in my lifetime!). Anyway, it flashes me back some many years ago to when I used to have to go to band camp - I get shivers and I don't think in a totaly good way either! ;-) hehehe

Anyway, so off to the high school to see what we could see and lo and behold, we find the band practicing off in a corner field. The drum corps is practicing separately at the moment and our Leda is marching and dancing to the music! I am positive my time of band camp is not completely over yet! In fact, we were trying to get her to leave and all of the a sudden the band started playing and she took off toward the music, dancing and marching her little heart out! Yep, definitely gonna be attending umpteen cavalcades and football games in my future! And, I am pretty sure the kid, she will be part of the drum corps...she likes a good beat!

Do I have pictures of my little one marching? Nope...didn't take the camera. Maybe tomorrow night! And, if you are lucky, I might even blog about it! ;-)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sorry for the lack of updates

Been busy. Been work busy. Can't stand the computer. Computer's suck. Big time.

I get busy with work, I tend to want to run FAR AWAY from the computer when I don't have to be on it. So, sorry for the lack of updates, but blame work. Oh, and lack of anything substantial in my brain to report.

We had a visit from Grandma and Granddaddy this week. Leda was a little apprehensive at first, but it didn't take her too long to warm up to Grandma, which I am positive made my mother very happy, as Leda just wouldn't sit in her arms without crying or squirming to get down before Tuesday! Leda was actually going to my Mom without prompting by the end of the first day! In fact, she bonked her head (not too hard) on the table and I was sitting right there - she looked at me and immediately turned and ran to my mother for comfort! Yep, Chopped Liver, that's my name! ;-) And, we are pretty sure she said Mama on Tuesday. On Wednesday, she was chasing after my mother yelling MaMa,, pretty sure she was calling Grandma, Mama.

Yep, that's Ms. Chopped Liver to you!

I am going to have SO MUCH FUN torturing this child in her teen years. First date? I've got pictures I CAN'T wait to show the first date. The kid, she better start learning who I am and calling me by it pretty soon or I am pretty sure she's gonna pray for acceptance to a College far, far away from home! ;-) hehehe

Brock and I spent the evening last night with my mom and step-dad at the ball park watching the Phillies beat the Mets. We had great seats, right on the 1st base line - Brock didn't need those binoculars he brought! We were REALLY close! Thanks for the seats, Mom! Leda spent the evening at our daycare lady's house playing with her kids. We had her home in bed by 11pm.

We are looking forward to a party at the Durhams this weekend, a party at the Foden's next weekend, and the weekend after that, VACATION! We'll be having coffee by the St. Lawrence again. I can't wait.

Until then, hopefully I will be better at updating ya'll! I'll try to be a better blogger. I do have stuff to report about Leda - she's getting so grown-up! I promise to attempt a good update over the weekend! With pictures!

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Leda goes to Canada and learns to use a fork!

The weekend was a whirlwind trip to Canada and back! Friday afternoon, we packed the car full of our suitcases, a pack-n-play, the nextdoor neighbor's kid's stuff, Leda, Duff, Caitlyn and oursselves and headed north to New York. Caitlyn's friend lives in Watertown, and since we were heading right past there, we dropped off Caitlyn off on the way.

5 and a half hours later, we were airing out the island house and trying to put Leda to sleep. She decided that we really didn't need to go to sleep until 1AM!

Saturday morning we woke up to the beautiful St. Lawrence river. We spent a little time hanging out then showered and bathed, we headed off to Kingston, Canada via the Cape Vincent ferry. We were asked to bring some beer to the party we were attending, so Brock had grabbed enough to satisfy the customs limit, or so we thought!

Leda on the Cape Vincent ferry

So we get off the ferry on Wolfe Island and as we are going through Canadian Customs, we are asked how long we are staying (just for the day), where are we going (Kingston), do we have any alcohol? Why, yes, we have just the right amount that we are allowed to bring... less than a case per person (we actually had 42 cans, not 48!)

Well, not so fast, young can't drink 42 cans in one day! Apparently we can only bring enough alcohol for our own consumption for the length of time we are in Canada...since we had already offered that we would only be in Canada for one day, we would be hard pressed to drink 42 cans of beer in that time period. So, we had to pay duty...a whole $16!

So, once we paid our duty to Canada, off to the other side of the island to pick up the ferry to Kingston. We missed one, so we had a little lunch at the Island Grill, overlooking the river and Kingston beyond. It was beautiful. After a little lunch, got on the ferry and off to Kingston we go!

Leda looking at Kingston Ontario

The party was a blast. It was really nice hanging out with such wonderful people. Leda had a blast. The kid, she ate SO much shrimp we thought she'd turn into one! Come dinnertime, we grabbed our plates of food and we sat down to eat. Leda wouldn't have anything on her plate without the use of a fork! Yep, the kid, she can't say mama, but she can use a fork!

Leda at the One Lap Party

Don't know where the interest in the utensils came from, but she just all of a sudden wanted a fork! I figured maybe it was just a fluke...she probably wouldn't want to use a fork again, for awhile.

So, back to the Island house for bed and up the next morning to another beautiful day on the river. We cleaned up, straightened up and headed off to Alex Bay for a little lunch (which turned out to be a brunch buffet, but what the hay!). We gave Leda a plate of her own and she wouldn't eat any of it without the use of a fork! And, she got much better at the use of said fork! She would pick the food up with her fingers in one hand and put it on the fork she was holding with the other! Then, bring the food to her mouth! Amazing!

After lunch, back to the house to pick up the dog and pack up the car and off to Watertown to pick up Caitlyn and home in PA by 7pm! Wow!

It was a beautiful weekend, it was just too quick! I am looking forward to the long weekend we get to be there Labor Day weekend! Maybe the kid can learn to say my name that weekend WHILE she uses a spoon! ;-)

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Duck Days of Summer

It's hot here. Darned Hot! Apparently tomorrow is going to be better than the past week, but I'll believe it when I see it.

We spent all of about 15 minutes outside tonight, and only to check out the mama duck and her ducklings in the pond! First sight of ducklings this year (and the first set of ducklings in a few years, I believe). And, I got pictures and no duckling was harmed in the taking of them!*

Click to see bigger sizes...much better viewed at largest size!
Duck Family
Duck family

And, we saw the fish...they are looking good! There are LOTS of em, too!


And then we chatted quickly with our neighbor Susy...We have a bit of a mystery around these parts...the other day, Brock found a bowl of cherry tomatoes and hot peppers left by our back door. He thanked our neighbor to one side, she said it wasn't her, he thanked the neighbor to the other side, and she said it wasn't her. So we thanked Susy tonight, and she said it wasn't her! So, we haven't a clue who to return the bowl to or to thank for the veggies and such! So, if it was you, let us know! ;-) Anyway, we chatted with Susy for about five minutes, Leda climbed all over George' tractor and we ran back inside to cool off and dry off! Man, is it HOT!


We are off to Canada for the weekend (yes, we are nuts! Didn't you already know that about us??) Gotta go hang with the One Lap group at the annual One Lap party. It will be Leda's second time out of the country (and she will be going to the exact same place she went before!) So, have a good weekend, look for Canadian/Thousand Island pictures next week, eh?

*Several years ago, Brock was mowing by the pond and scared a little duckling from his hiding place by the side of the pond. He called me, and I grabbed my camera and away I went to try and get his picture. I first (not meaning to, by they way) scared him to one side of the pond and I was actually able to get pretty close to take a good picture, and GULP! One picture I got of the duckling and the darned snapping turtle gobbled him up. One second, duckling, next, nothing...not even a feather! It was sad, I was depressed for weeks. And Brock will not let me live it down. So, it was nice to know, that this time around, I got pictures of the babies without causing their demise.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006


Colleen and I have been discussing this for the past couple of days. How do you discipline a toddler. A child under the age of 2 or 3? One that barely has verbal skills yet?

You know, they tell you how hard the midnight feedings are going to be, how hard labor may be, how the sleep deprivation is gonna hurt, but they don't tell you that the hardest thing of all is trying to tell a 15 month old that she shouldn't be pinching, biting, hitting, kicking and you better get your butt off that window sill now, young lady. Nope, nothing about how hard it was going to be - I mean, that might have been the deal breaker had we known how hard discipline was going to be.

Oh, the kid is smart. Smarter than we should have to deal with, because we just aren't that smart. She knows how to push the buttons. We have tried a "naughty spot." We have picked the bottom step and we sit her there for about a minute. She will get up from that spot and within second go back to doing the same darn thing we put her in the naughty spot for. This can go on for a half an hour to an hour...depending on the amount of fun she is having driving her parents crazy! And, don't think we don't realize that she is doing this to get her kicks! She never smiles so brightly!

Some days, we think we hit the mark. Most days, it's just tiring. We have been trying to be consistent, we have tried to keep from yelling, and yes, she has had a swat on the butt occasionally (we have been trying not to at this point...that darn butt has got too much padding right now anyway!). I think we need to be more consistent in what we are doing, yes, but how long do you allow bad behavior to continue before you need to do something else??

Any tips for two tired parents? What did any of you try to discipline your children? Do I have to stick around for her teen years? And, will the Phillies EVER WIN??

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