Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Leda goes to Canada and learns to use a fork!

The weekend was a whirlwind trip to Canada and back! Friday afternoon, we packed the car full of our suitcases, a pack-n-play, the nextdoor neighbor's kid's stuff, Leda, Duff, Caitlyn and oursselves and headed north to New York. Caitlyn's friend lives in Watertown, and since we were heading right past there, we dropped off Caitlyn off on the way.

5 and a half hours later, we were airing out the island house and trying to put Leda to sleep. She decided that we really didn't need to go to sleep until 1AM!

Saturday morning we woke up to the beautiful St. Lawrence river. We spent a little time hanging out then showered and bathed, we headed off to Kingston, Canada via the Cape Vincent ferry. We were asked to bring some beer to the party we were attending, so Brock had grabbed enough to satisfy the customs limit, or so we thought!

Leda on the Cape Vincent ferry

So we get off the ferry on Wolfe Island and as we are going through Canadian Customs, we are asked how long we are staying (just for the day), where are we going (Kingston), do we have any alcohol? Why, yes, we have just the right amount that we are allowed to bring... less than a case per person (we actually had 42 cans, not 48!)

Well, not so fast, young Americans...you can't drink 42 cans in one day! Apparently we can only bring enough alcohol for our own consumption for the length of time we are in Canada...since we had already offered that we would only be in Canada for one day, we would be hard pressed to drink 42 cans of beer in that time period. So, we had to pay duty...a whole $16!

So, once we paid our duty to Canada, off to the other side of the island to pick up the ferry to Kingston. We missed one, so we had a little lunch at the Island Grill, overlooking the river and Kingston beyond. It was beautiful. After a little lunch, got on the ferry and off to Kingston we go!

Leda looking at Kingston Ontario

The party was a blast. It was really nice hanging out with such wonderful people. Leda had a blast. The kid, she ate SO much shrimp we thought she'd turn into one! Come dinnertime, we grabbed our plates of food and we sat down to eat. Leda wouldn't have anything on her plate without the use of a fork! Yep, the kid, she can't say mama, but she can use a fork!

Leda at the One Lap Party

Don't know where the interest in the utensils came from, but she just all of a sudden wanted a fork! I figured maybe it was just a fluke...she probably wouldn't want to use a fork again, for awhile.

So, back to the Island house for bed and up the next morning to another beautiful day on the river. We cleaned up, straightened up and headed off to Alex Bay for a little lunch (which turned out to be a brunch buffet, but what the hay!). We gave Leda a plate of her own and she wouldn't eat any of it without the use of a fork! And, she got much better at the use of said fork! She would pick the food up with her fingers in one hand and put it on the fork she was holding with the other! Then, bring the food to her mouth! Amazing!

After lunch, back to the house to pick up the dog and pack up the car and off to Watertown to pick up Caitlyn and home in PA by 7pm! Wow!

It was a beautiful weekend, it was just too quick! I am looking forward to the long weekend we get to be there Labor Day weekend! Maybe the kid can learn to say my name that weekend WHILE she uses a spoon! ;-)

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