Tuesday, June 26, 2007

So Very, Very Busy...

...getting ready for vacation!

Seriously, I'm gonna need a vacation from my preparation for going on vacation with a two year old. A two year old who will have to sit in a car seat on a plane for a cross-country trip. For which we will have to awaken her at the god-awful hour of 4:30 in the morning. What was I thinking??

That's right, we take off on Thursday to Portland, OR, for the Wedding of the Century. Brock's brother Daniel is marrying Maggie on Friday night. Leda's dress fits and we'll see how well she handles being the flower girl (ha! we'll see about that!)

We had better have everything we need for our trip because we don't have any more room in the bags we are taking! I guess we'll just have to get it there if we don't already have it.

We are really looking forward to seeing the family! Claire reminded me that it's been over a year since Sarah and Scott have seen Leda! They'll have the whole week to get reacquainted!

May try a post or two from our vacation, but only if I get inspired! And don't have something else to do! ;-) Happy Fourth of July!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You Know Your Daughter's a Redneck...

Husband: "Honey, our daughter's a redneck in training"

Wife: "Why do you say that?"

Kid: "Mommy, Watch This!" (Kid does something cute)

Husband: "At least she didn't ask the dog to hold her beer first!"

Monday, June 18, 2007

Our Pocono Weekend (or How Bad My Immune System Sucks!)

We actually had a pretty nice weekend, all things considered. I woke up on Friday feeling pretty bad. Very tired, a little achy, but most annoying, a sore throat. What sucked the most was we were scheduled to spend the weekend in the Poconos with our friends the Durhams. Who wants to be sick on a fun weekend like that?

I fought my way through the day, and I went over to day care to pick up Leda as Brock headed over to the Durhams to pick up Uncle John and the refrigerator we were taking up to the house in the truck. When Brock got back, we packed up the car and Leda and I followed Brock and John up to the mountains.

The trip wasn't so bad, but I had to give Leda her binky (okay, I didn't HAVE to do anything, but for my sanity, I decided it was a good idea). The question, "Where'd Daddy go" was accompanied by "Where'd John go" for about the first half of the trip. Somewhere just after going through the tunnel, Leda thought it was funny to throw her Binky. Well, not so funny, since it got to a place I couldn't see or reach while driving. So a battle of wills was fought for the next 30 minutes until we go to Arby's to get some dinner!

Friday night Leda helped us unpack and get her bed set up - that's right, her bed. The kid, she did sleep in a big girl bed this weekend. We have one of those bed side gates to put on a big bed to keep the child from falling out. We put that on the twin bed and Leda was placed in bed somewhere around 9:30 or so and, although she did climb down to the bottom of the bed to look out the door a couple of times, she didn't get out of bed once and was REALLY good - she did do a little banging on the wall and singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" several times, but only for a little while! I was terrified she might not want to be in her crib when we got home on Sunday, but she was fine. I think after our trip to Portland where she will spend the whole week NOT in a crib or pack-n-play might doom the crib for good!

On Saturday afternoon, Aunt Jennifer (Jen-fer, as Leda calls her) and Paige joined us and we headed down to the lake beach for a little swim. It was a bit chilly, but the girls and their daddys had a little swim. Saturday night I made my "famous" chicken with tomato and tarragon cream sauce (actually, it's Granddaddy's famous recipe!) It gets made once a year. I need to come up with something different to wow my friends with!

At the Beach

Saturday night, the plan was that the girls would sleep in the same room - possibly the same bed - there is a double bed in the same room as the twin Leda slept in the night before. Paige decided she'd rather sleep in her Mommy's bed, so Leda got into her twin bed and went right to sleep.

On Sunday morning, Father's Day, after a big breakfast made by Brock and Jennifer, we all headed down to the lake for a little fishing. John, Brock and Jennifer did most of the fishing while Leda and Paige played in the water and through rocks into the water and I took pictures.

Father's day

Father's Day

We headed down to the beach for a little swim before lunch and napping. Then we had get to cleaning and getting ready to head home.

Paige and Leda have Popsicles

All weekend I was fighting the sore throat. I wasn't feeling as bad as I did on Friday, but the sore throat just wouldn't go away. I even woke up on Sunday morning with the left side of my face near my ear and throat a little swollen and tender. When I woke up this morning with the same swelling and tenderness, only worse than yesterday, I figured I had to call the doctor. Turns out, I've got Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease! No, not foot-in-mouth disease, although I've had that often enough!

Yes, somehow I caught a disease mostly associated with pre-school children. It is contagious but mostly oral-oral, so mostly likely I got it from Leda who got it from day care. I don't know how many times that child sticks her fingers in my mouth! Not to mention the nice wet kisses I get on occasion.

Nothing they can do to treat it. I just have to wade on through the next 4-6 days until it goes away. Nice thing about this disease, once you have it, you don't get it again! But it sucks. My throat hurts and I feel dirty! ;-)

Good thing I bought that Kandoo hand soap for kids this weekend, huh? Yep, will be teaching Leda to wash those hands a bit more than she does now!

It amazes me how perfectly healthy I was for approximately three years while attempting to get pregnant, through pregnancy and the first half or so of Leda's first year. I felt great, I looked great. I had great hair, I had the best nails of my life. I was the picture of health (especially after I had quit smoking).

In the past year or so, I've had goodness knows how many colds, walking pneumonia and now hand-foot-and-mouth disease. My immune system sucks! I just pray that I am cured and feeling better by next week - we head off to the Wedding of the Century in Portland, OR! Don't want to feel bad for that! ;-)

Click here for lots more pictures from our weekend in the Poconos!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Father's Day

To all the Fathers and Grandpa/Granddaddy/GrandDads,

Happy Father's Day!

We love you all!

Phone calls will be made on Sunday, but due to travel for work, Father's day cards were not purchased in time for delivery! (bad me!)

We are off to the Poconos for the weekend. Hopefully the weather will warm up a little (but not too much! ;-)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Never did watch the Sopranos

Brock and I must be the only two people in the universe that have never seen an episode of The Sopranos.

Mostly because we are too darn cheap to get HBO.

Let me tell you, I will not miss being asked at least twice during each season over the past many years, if I watch The Sopranos.

Nope, don't watch 'em, never did.

But completely understand the fans that are mad today! If the creators/producers of Lost do that to me, well, let's just not even think about that happening!

First Song Recited

Leda surprised me (and caused me to get a little veclemped - and yes, this would be the second post in a row that I have used the word veclemped!) this weekend.

Yesterday, as we were sitting outside on the patio, playing with markers (washable, thank goodness!) and paper, Leda was holding them high up above her head, and I said, "are they way up in the sky?" And she replied, "way up in the sky!"

Next, she did something she's never done before, and I almost didn't catch it. She started to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

"Up in the sky,
Twinkle Star,
How wonder you are"

I asked her to repeat it - okay, and it's not perfect, but man, did my heart just soar. She was singing! Sorta, there really wasn't much of a melody! But it was beautiful none-the-less.

She may not win a real Grammy, but she wins my heart over and over every day!

Friday, June 8, 2007

iPod Nation

Well, I've entered the iPod Nation. I'm officially an owner of an iPod. I LOVE it already and I have barely scratched the surface!

I really didn't think I'd be all about this piece of technology. I'm 'old school' - I like my albums (see, I'm so 'old school', I still call them albums! Heck, I still REMEMBER albums! Oh, let's just face it, I still OWN albums!) I like my liner notes. My favorite activity after purchasing a new album (okay, CD!) is to put it in the stereo, turn it up loud and read the liner notes front to back while listening to the new music. I even do that with my old music - it's nice to get re-acquainted with an old friend once in awhile.

Over the past several years - probably due to parenthood, although I wouldn't trade it for the world - I haven't been as into my music as I used to be. The only time I really listen to music is when I am in the car. I listen to Radio Margaritaville on the Internet when working. I am not up to date on new music (really, I listen to classic rock - most of the 'new' music I hear is by 'old' bands!) I do occasionally hear something that really interests me and I have to hear more - I totally dig Joss Stone (and I am not a big R&B fan.)

In the past two months, I found an interest in getting more music into my life. Thus, I introduced myself to iTunes. I've purchased a few songs - mostly songs that I have liked over the years and don't have - Nina Simone, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (I get totally veclemped when I hear his version of Somewhere over the Rainbow, but I had to have it!), and the first Big&Rich single off the new album. I got to thinking about this iPod thing. I researched it, I thought some more.

I decided I must have one. Originally I was just gonna get one of the Nano's - nothing fancy, all I need is 4 GB, right? Then I got to talking to my sister, Aimee, and Brock can blame her for the 30 GB music/video iPod.

Oh yeah, when I fall, I fall hard!

I'm in love with my iPod. And I've only known it for a few hours. I don't know how I lived this long without one. And, why didn't they have these things back when I was in college?? Seriously, I worked at the college radio station - do you know how many albums I could have recorded to this thing?? At least double or triple the amount I copied onto cassette! Remember cassettes? Wow, how technology has changed. The freaking iPod is SMALLER than one of those tape cassettes! Mind blowing. Really!

I will still be purchasing CDs - I've gotta have my liner notes! But now, I can save them to my little iPod and take them anywhere I go! Without needing a suitcase!

Anyway, this summer you will find me spending my evenings saving music to my iPod and, if I can get my butt out of bed early enough, going for walks with my iPod playing away. It's my the-college-degree-is-almost-paid-for present to myself!

That's right, as of August, I will have paid my last installment on my College Loan. I will own my Bachelor of Arts degree outright! It's all mine! I think that's a pretty darn good reason to treat myself!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

First Friday

Last night Brock and Leda and I headed downtown for First Friday - every first Friday of the month is a big deal in our little town - the shops and restaurants all do something fun, they have music playing all up and down the street, there are street performers, lots of fun.

We hadn't been able to make a First Friday in the past two years they have been doing them - either we are too busy with other stuff, or too darn tired. Last night we decided to go down for the dedication of the "Children's Plaza" for which we bought a brick! They closed down a little one way thoroughfare that wasn't much of a big deal and paved it with bricks and put in a fountain and some benches and they will have some activities there over the summer for kids. It is a pretty nice little place.

So we went down for the dedication, and after they "opened" the plaza, the fountain was turned on and Leda needed to play in it! Luckily we kept her from getting IN it, but she had to put her hands all over the water shooting up out of the fountain! A local paper photographer took our picture - Leda touching the fountain and me holding on to her to keep her from falling in!

After the dedication, we headed over to the little sports bar and restaurant for a little dinner and lo-and-behold, our first time there, we find out it is their last night open! Apparently the owner of the building is trying to sell, so probably didn't renew the lease. That sucked!

Then, the rain came, so hurried to the car we did and headed home for bed!

This morning Brock went out and grabbed a newspaper and there we were, Leda and I, in the newspaper. We're famous! ;-)


The paper didn't have this one up online, so I had to scan it. And, it's not so flattering of me, but Leda's pretty darn cute!

Road Trip

Yes, I finally got my road trip. It wasn't too far and it didn't involve taking the kid. It did involve traveling to a client for some on-site face time, so technically it was work.

I had to drive out to York, PA to visit with a client. It just so happens that York is where I lived for 5 years while I went to college. So it was like going home for a day. I enjoyed the ride out, checking out the sites along the road I traveled back and forth on for 5 years. Wow, how things have changed. There's now a Target in the back yard of the "Real live working" Amish House and Farm attraction in Lancaster County (something a little obscene about that).

After my productive meeting with the client - who was also a graduate of York College! Small world - I headed down to the college. Now, the spring semester was finished about two weeks ago or so, so there was no one on campus. It was dead. They are building something new at the old gym building - gonna be REALLY TALL! Amazing! I got to drive the MINI through the creek (York has a creek that runs through the middle of it and you have to drive through it to get from the academic buildings side of the school to the dorm side of the school. Love that!)

I drove past the old Murphy's Study Hall (popular bar when I went to school here) and the old Depot (the other popular bar when I went to school). Murphy bought out the Depot after I graduated so it's got a new name, but same old bar!

I drove by my old apartment building, which is now owned by the school (the school used to rent out part of the complex to students when I was there) and WOW! There's now a whole "West Campus!" When I went to York, there was one campus consisting of 1 academic building that was really three buildings connected as one, a library, a gymnasium, a Student Union building and the financial and operational building. There was a dorm on the academic side of the creek and three dorns on the other side. During my tenure, they built more dorms on the academic side. That was it. Now, there's a whole 'nother campus!! Wow! I'm truly impressed.

It was neat going back and seeing everything, if only driving by it. I did get out at the school and walk through the Music Arts and Communication building - the department I graduated from got it's own building the year or two after I graduated. I found out my college adviser is now the Chair of the department! Unfortunately I didn't get to see anyone (schools out after all!) I think I might have to take a trip back in the fall and see if I can surprise anyone!

The fountain was running, but there was no soap in it! (There seemed to be soap in the fountain at just about any time during the school year when I was there!) The trees are bigger, the campus looked the same for the most part. It was kinda neat walking around the college campus with no one else around.

As I was driving around, I had a local station on (apparently the college radio station at which I worked for the entire time I was at school no longer broadcasts on the 88.1 frequency, so I didn't find it until I got home and looked it up!) and that station was doing "flash back Friday" which was a little ironic, but the worst of it was, it was flashing back to the 80s - so I got to have VIVID memories to just about every song that came on the radio as I drove around my old college town! BIZARRE!

So, after about a half hour of reminiscing and checking out the old stomping grounds, back on the road home.

The radio station stayed in range for most of the ride home, so imagine my surprise when, while stuck in traffic, I got to have a very vivid memory from my high school years - Culture Club's I'll Tumble for You came on - I could almost remember the steps from our marching band routine to that one (yes, I was a band geek and darn proud of it!)

It was a good day! I think I am good on road trips for about, oh, probably about a month, when we will be heading to NY State. Then, there will be the driving in Portland, OR, too! Can't wait (although, I am sure that Brock will be nixing the 80s flashback music!)

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