Monday, June 18, 2007

Our Pocono Weekend (or How Bad My Immune System Sucks!)

We actually had a pretty nice weekend, all things considered. I woke up on Friday feeling pretty bad. Very tired, a little achy, but most annoying, a sore throat. What sucked the most was we were scheduled to spend the weekend in the Poconos with our friends the Durhams. Who wants to be sick on a fun weekend like that?

I fought my way through the day, and I went over to day care to pick up Leda as Brock headed over to the Durhams to pick up Uncle John and the refrigerator we were taking up to the house in the truck. When Brock got back, we packed up the car and Leda and I followed Brock and John up to the mountains.

The trip wasn't so bad, but I had to give Leda her binky (okay, I didn't HAVE to do anything, but for my sanity, I decided it was a good idea). The question, "Where'd Daddy go" was accompanied by "Where'd John go" for about the first half of the trip. Somewhere just after going through the tunnel, Leda thought it was funny to throw her Binky. Well, not so funny, since it got to a place I couldn't see or reach while driving. So a battle of wills was fought for the next 30 minutes until we go to Arby's to get some dinner!

Friday night Leda helped us unpack and get her bed set up - that's right, her bed. The kid, she did sleep in a big girl bed this weekend. We have one of those bed side gates to put on a big bed to keep the child from falling out. We put that on the twin bed and Leda was placed in bed somewhere around 9:30 or so and, although she did climb down to the bottom of the bed to look out the door a couple of times, she didn't get out of bed once and was REALLY good - she did do a little banging on the wall and singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" several times, but only for a little while! I was terrified she might not want to be in her crib when we got home on Sunday, but she was fine. I think after our trip to Portland where she will spend the whole week NOT in a crib or pack-n-play might doom the crib for good!

On Saturday afternoon, Aunt Jennifer (Jen-fer, as Leda calls her) and Paige joined us and we headed down to the lake beach for a little swim. It was a bit chilly, but the girls and their daddys had a little swim. Saturday night I made my "famous" chicken with tomato and tarragon cream sauce (actually, it's Granddaddy's famous recipe!) It gets made once a year. I need to come up with something different to wow my friends with!

At the Beach

Saturday night, the plan was that the girls would sleep in the same room - possibly the same bed - there is a double bed in the same room as the twin Leda slept in the night before. Paige decided she'd rather sleep in her Mommy's bed, so Leda got into her twin bed and went right to sleep.

On Sunday morning, Father's Day, after a big breakfast made by Brock and Jennifer, we all headed down to the lake for a little fishing. John, Brock and Jennifer did most of the fishing while Leda and Paige played in the water and through rocks into the water and I took pictures.

Father's day

Father's Day

We headed down to the beach for a little swim before lunch and napping. Then we had get to cleaning and getting ready to head home.

Paige and Leda have Popsicles

All weekend I was fighting the sore throat. I wasn't feeling as bad as I did on Friday, but the sore throat just wouldn't go away. I even woke up on Sunday morning with the left side of my face near my ear and throat a little swollen and tender. When I woke up this morning with the same swelling and tenderness, only worse than yesterday, I figured I had to call the doctor. Turns out, I've got Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease! No, not foot-in-mouth disease, although I've had that often enough!

Yes, somehow I caught a disease mostly associated with pre-school children. It is contagious but mostly oral-oral, so mostly likely I got it from Leda who got it from day care. I don't know how many times that child sticks her fingers in my mouth! Not to mention the nice wet kisses I get on occasion.

Nothing they can do to treat it. I just have to wade on through the next 4-6 days until it goes away. Nice thing about this disease, once you have it, you don't get it again! But it sucks. My throat hurts and I feel dirty! ;-)

Good thing I bought that Kandoo hand soap for kids this weekend, huh? Yep, will be teaching Leda to wash those hands a bit more than she does now!

It amazes me how perfectly healthy I was for approximately three years while attempting to get pregnant, through pregnancy and the first half or so of Leda's first year. I felt great, I looked great. I had great hair, I had the best nails of my life. I was the picture of health (especially after I had quit smoking).

In the past year or so, I've had goodness knows how many colds, walking pneumonia and now hand-foot-and-mouth disease. My immune system sucks! I just pray that I am cured and feeling better by next week - we head off to the Wedding of the Century in Portland, OR! Don't want to feel bad for that! ;-)

Click here for lots more pictures from our weekend in the Poconos!

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