Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hoping the French Don't Show up Again Tonight

Last night, Brock, Leda and I did something that Brock and I haven't done since a while before Leda was born (probably conceived) - we rented movies!

We headed over to Blockbuster to check out some movies for the first time in three years. This was before we headed out on the town for a little dinner. Plan was to head home, watch a family movie, and then Brock and I would watch an adult movie after Leda went to bed. First time in ages we have done this! Don't know why, we just hadn't.

So we are looking around the place, trying to remember what movies we really wanted to see but never did (the last time we went to the movie theater was when I was about 6 months pregnant. That was about the last time I could almost go the length of a movie without having to use the restroom!) Turns out, there is a lot that we haven't wanted to see in the past year. Most of the stuff that we wanted to see is old, and is not in new releases anymore. Sad!

We allowed Leda to pick out a family movie. No matter how much we pushed her toward movies that Brock and I would be interested in seeing, she had to have the Max and Ruby DVD. Oh, believe me, if you had not heard of Max and Ruby, I'll fill you in with a post ALL it's own later this week! We found The Da Vinci Code for Brock and I (yeah, we hadn't seen it yet! Pathetic, I know.) We also decided that we would just watch Ratatouille when we got home and let Leda watch her Max and Ruby the next morning.

Then came the time to go ahead and check out. Turns out, they removed our membership from the computer because we hadn't used it in THREE YEARS! Luckily, it was easy to retrieve and we were on our way to dinner.

We got home and we made some popcorn and we watched Ratatouille. What a really good movie. It was funny and it was really well done. You could almost smell the food. Leda liked it, too! When it was over, off to bed she went and we watched the Da Vinci Code, which was good, but the book was better. I was excited to see that Angels and Demons was being made into a movie - that was a much better book!

Anyway, both movies were littered with French speaking people....actually, both movies were set in Paris, France. Well, Da Vinci Code started in Paris anyway. This has to be the only reason that everyone in my dreams last night spoke with a French accent. It was quite annoying. And a little bit frightening.

So, gonna not watch anything that has any French in it tonight. We'll see if any show up in my dreams tonight. Goodness, I hope not!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Child of the 80s

And, darn it, I'm proud of it!

Okay, so I would have been more than happy to have been a child of the 60s or a child of the 70s. When music was awesome (okay, except maybe for disco.)

But not all the music of the 80s was bad. Yes, most of it wasn't groundbreaking and it probably won't live as long as music from the 60s and 70s, but, it had a good beat and you could dance to it. Oh, who the heck am I kidding....look it's what I spent my teenage years growing up with. You make do with what you have! Hey, at least when we had MTV, it actually showed nothing but videos!

Yes, I am leading up to something. Something I am about to cop to. And I probably won't be able to live down.

I've been seeing promos for this Eli Stone show that is going to be on ABC (after the premiere of LOST - by the way, no one call me next Thurs night, I won't be answering the phone!). I wasn't sure if I was interested in watching the show, but the music made me stop and listen/watch every time the darn promo came on.

See, apparently the show is about a lawyer type who all of a sudden starts hearing and seeing George Michael singing everywhere. No one else can see or hear it, only this guy. Weird premise, so wasn't sure I was all that interested. Then, I found out that George Michael is going to appear in the show and each episode will be named after a song of his.

Yes, I like George Michael. Oh, and yes, it goes as far back as Wham! I know, sad, it really is. Oh, and yes, I think he's hot. Still. Oh baby! (Yes, I know, I know - pathetic! Can I redeem myself by admitting I had no interest whatsoever in Andrew Ridgeley? So not hot.)

I used to tape albums to cassette when I worked at the college radio station (I was in college and had no money to buy music.) I taped Faith and my roommates and I used to jam out to it all the time in our apartment! Oh, and we sang Faith out as loud as we could, not to mention a few of the other songs on that album! They were fun dance songs that allowed for release of pent up frustration in a good way during finals, during stressful weeks of classes, fights with boyfriends, etc.!

But who listens to cassettes anymore? So, I had to....I downloaded Faith to my iPod and I am sitting here typing this blog while jamming out to Faith! I've been transported back to 87-88! I'm 19 again! (I hear you all snickering out there!) Seriously, I am having some serious flashbacks to this music. Wow!

So, there you have it. I have admitted to liking George Michael and 80s music. Let the teasing begin! (Just remember, I know a lot of you from the 80s! And I have the pictures to prove it - and a scanner!) ;-)

Next week, I admit my love for Loverboy. Oh yeah, Workin' for the Weekend, baby!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


A bunch of thoughts...hopefully they aren't too disjointed!

It's Snowing! Wooo Hooo! Of course, it is supposed to be getting warmer as the night goes on (weird!) and the snow is supposed to change to rain, so there will probably be no snow tomorrow when we get up, but there is about an inch on the ground now! And it was pretty. It's too dark to see it now, but it was pretty when there was light in the day! Almost forgot what snow looked like!

Potty Update - we are fully potty trained! It's amazing. In the last two or three weeks, Leda has started going to the potty all by herself (if Daddy or Mommy attempt to help, we get admonished - "I can do it all by myself, I don't need help" and we are sent packing).

Up until Sunday, Leda was wearing Pull-ups all day and night (no more diapers - wooo hoooo!) She has Dora and Tinkerbell underwear, but the pull-ups have the Disney princesses on them - Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc. Leda is very into the princesses these days, and when I suggested she wear Dora underpants instead of the princess pull-ups, chaos ensued. So, I took her shopping on Saturday to buy regular underwear with princesses on them.

We get to the underwear department and I am dejected - the only Disney Princess underwear they have are 4T - too big for Leda. Well, they do have the "Enchanted" series princesses in 2-3T (Leda's size), but they are dressed differently than the "real" princesses. And Leda ain't having it. "I want the real princesses, not those ones." Then, she spotted Elmo. "I want Elmo!" So I, she who can't STAND Elmo, grabbed the Elmo underpants, figuring that the princesses had been forgotten - nope!

I finally compromised with Leda and she got Happy Feet underwear, along with Elmo underwear, but no Princess underwear. She wore Elmo on Sunday. And she's been wearing regular underwear ever since (without accidents!) - except at night, when she still wears a pull-up. Although, at night, Leda will yell for me or Brock in the middle of the night so she can use the potty. Most mornings she wakes up to a dry pull-up. She's really got it! So cool!

Now, we just have to work on her hygiene - she doesn't quite remember to wash her hands after using the potty! Ewwww!

I am about to hit one of those milestones in age that scares the heck out of most people. I wasn't too worried about it until about a month ago. I think that was when it hit me - I'm about to turn 40, yikes! Oh, and I have a lot more gray now than I did when I turned 30. (actually, I think I might be more upset about the gray than I am about turning 40, I am just projecting)

I was much more upset about turning 30 than I am about turning 40. I think the big thing that has been turning around in my head for the past month about turning 40 is, I might actually have to be a grown-up. Even though I've been a grown-up for at least two decades (or something close to that).

In any case, I turn 40 this weekend. I get to spend it in the Poconos with my husband and child and some really great friends. Who, for my birthday, might go skiing and will NOT drag me along - they will allow me to go shop at the outlets and do things that will not probably end up in a broken leg or a skull fracture - or definitely several bumps and bruises that this old body just can't take!

Brock learned today that you don't take Leda shopping with you if you want to keep a secret!

Brock took Leda shopping with him this morning before lunch. When they came home, I left the office to see how they made out and Leda was alone in the dining room - Brock had gone down stairs. Leda looks all coy at me and says, "I bought you a birthday present!" Brock came upstairs a few minutes later and I said, "so, you bought me a birthday present, did ya?" and Brock said to Leda, "you tattletale!"

Yep, can't trust that one to keep a secret. Of course, all I know is I have a birthday present to open, I don't know what it is (yet, I've got two days to get it out of Leda! hehehe)

I was admonished today by my Sister-in-law for not posting any pictures of Leda lately. Haven't really taken any of her lately (yeah, I know, bad parent!)

I did take a picture of her last weekend when she climbed in on top of all her stuffed animals.

[tangent] This reminded me of an episode in my life that I actually remember bits and pieces of. My mother could probably remember what age I was, I don't remember that. What happened was I got in trouble and was sent to my room as punishment. Well, I got bored, so I pretended to play school (makes me think I was at least 5 or 6). Well, my chalk board wasn't big enough, so I started drawing on the wall behind my bed. At some point in time, I realized I was gonna be in some deep doo-doo - I had drawn over the whole wall! I started to pile my stuffed animals up against the wall hoping against hope that I could cover up my art work before my Mother saw it. It was in vain - I didn't have enough stuffed animals. My mother came in, saw the wall, left the room to get a camera to take a picture of it, then proceeded to punish me for being bad![end tangent]

I got to thinking, when I saw Leda lying in this pile of stuffed animals, that had I had Leda's stuffed animals, I may have avoided punishment for a few extra minutes!

Here's the promised photo(s):

Fun with stuffed Animals

Fun with stuffed Animals

We are off to the Poconos tomorrow night. Hopefully there will be more photos to post next week and my blogger's block will be cured! I'll think of something interesting to blog about! ;-)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Observation - Mis-Sung Lyrics

As I was on the way home from the bookstore this evening (because I don't have enough unread books sitting on my bedside table and one of my gift cards from Christmas was burning a hole in my pocket), and on my iPod comes Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meatloaf.

And it occurred to me, that even though for YEARS I have known the correct lyrics to the song, I still sing "Blowing like the meadow on the edge of night" instead of "Glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife" the first time it comes around in the song.

I can't help myself. That's what I originally thought the lyrics were when I first heard the song 100 years ago (when it was only produced on vinyl and 8-track - and for those of you who are unaware of what these two things are, click the links - don't, for the love of Mike, ask me what they are because I just can't be made to feel any older than I do right now!). When I actually listened to the song and learned the real lyrics, for some reason, the wrong ones still stick in my head and I always sing the first instance of them wrong.

Yes, weird, but it occurred to me that maybe there are others out there with the same affliction and I didn't want you to feel as though you were alone.

There's No Crying in Football...

...but it was sure sweet to see what I saw last night!

Really, the only thing I was looking forward to in this post season (considering both the teams I wanted to root for were done for the year) was watching Dallas lose. Even if I did have to root for the Giants - that was a small amount to pay for the sweetness that was last night!

What a great 2nd half. Of course, I probably wouldn't have been saying that today if it hadn't been for the interception in the last seconds of the game by the Giants. Oh, and then, the tears. I mean, who was TO channeling last night? Was he auditioning for Jerry Macquire II? Because that was no TO that the rest of the world knows. "That's my teammate, man" - TO ACTUALLY knows what a teammate is?? Dude, that was the sweetest of all.

I am rooting for Green Bay the rest of the way. In all honesty, after last night, could care less who wins or loses, but I'll root for Green Bay because I like Farve (as long as we aren't playing him! hehe). Last night is gonna last me until well into the pre-season for 2008. Awesome!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Holidays are Over and Leda is NOT Happy About it

Since I was sick last weekend, and that was the weekend we had planned to take down the holiday decorations, the tree, etc., it didn't really get done until Wednesday this past week, when I was feeling better.

We dragged the boxes down out of the attic and started by putting away the Christmas Village stuff - Leda was okay with that, apparently not too worried that we were packing up the village. In fact, since it was bath night, she was much more concerned about when she was allowed to get in the bath tub, so apparently her head just wasn't in it.

After she went to bed, Brock and I removed all the ornaments and lights from the tree. Brock would take the tree outside the next day. I put away all the Christmas decorations, the stockings, etc. The next morning, Leda got very upset when she saw no ornaments on her tree. Especially the ornament she made for us at daycare, which I decided I needed to hang in the dining room all year round. She promptly, with pouty lip, told us that it didn't belong where I put it, it belonged on the tree, with all the rest of the decorations. It was a scene.

I had purchased last year a small wooden manger scene that Leda could play with. We set it up in the big window and Leda spent time every day moving the characters around (all the animals and the wise men and Mary and Joseph and the good shepard and even little baby Jesus). Well, that got put away also on Wednesday night while Leda slept. She's been asking where baby Jesus is and why can't she have him back. Again, another scene.

Yesterday at lunch, I decided it was time to take down all the Christmas cards that we had received from our friends and family and put them away. Leda came home from daycare and noticed the wall with NO Christmas cards and started to cry and ordered me to put them back.

Each time she realizes that all the Christmas stuff has been put away, she gets very upset, starts to cry and tells me, "But, I want to do it again." And every time, we tell her, "We will, next Christmas, in 11 months." The kid, she don't get time yet. She will look at us and say, "Tomorrow?" Ugh!

So, to calm her down last night when she was once again, very upset that Christmas was over and we had put away all the Santa Clauses, I told her that the next holiday is Valentine's Day and that she and I would go shopping today and get some Valentine's Day decorations, wouldn't that be fun? She agreed, then suggested that we put Christmas decorations up too!

So, in the attempt to placate my child and try and keep her busy thinking of other stuff until it's December again, I am going to buy decorations and put them up for every holiday I can think of from here to December. This should get pretty darn interesting! I just hope that she will not spend every day until next December pointing out each and every place a Santa Claus should be or where the Tree should be (she made Brock take her out to the top of the driveway to say good-bye to the Tree yesterday - one last time before it goes off to the recycling place!) or baby Jesus, can I just play with baby Jesus one more time?

When I was looking forward to my child being all into Christmas, I didn't imagine that she'd be so into it that she'd never ever want it to end. Ever! ;-)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Leda is bilingual.

Tonight I was reading her a Dora book, in which Dora asks that they count to four in Spanish. Leda, without my prompting or saying anything, counted, "Uno, dos, tres, cuatro."

As clear as a bell.


Okay, maybe I am jumping the gun a little. It's probably more memorization than bilingual. I mean, it's not like the book hasn't been read to her over and over and over again. Oh, and the tutorial sessions that Dora holds on the TV day after day after day!

But she's still quite amazing!

Monday, January 7, 2008


Bad, nasty cold has now turned into bad, nasty sinusitis, which is making me most unhappy.

Maybe an update post later in the week. Depends on medication and how well I recuperate.

Hate being sick.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Great way to start off the New Year!

I got a cold. A bad cold. I feel nasty.

Been feeling pretty bad since New Year's night. Was tired and sneezing then, woke up yesterday feeling stuffy and sore all over. Just nasty. Not much better today.

So, no post on anything but my nasty cold. Until said cold goes away. Can't think of anything good to say, especially about this darn cold.

Hope this isn't a sign of what is to come in 2008!

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