Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hoping the French Don't Show up Again Tonight

Last night, Brock, Leda and I did something that Brock and I haven't done since a while before Leda was born (probably conceived) - we rented movies!

We headed over to Blockbuster to check out some movies for the first time in three years. This was before we headed out on the town for a little dinner. Plan was to head home, watch a family movie, and then Brock and I would watch an adult movie after Leda went to bed. First time in ages we have done this! Don't know why, we just hadn't.

So we are looking around the place, trying to remember what movies we really wanted to see but never did (the last time we went to the movie theater was when I was about 6 months pregnant. That was about the last time I could almost go the length of a movie without having to use the restroom!) Turns out, there is a lot that we haven't wanted to see in the past year. Most of the stuff that we wanted to see is old, and is not in new releases anymore. Sad!

We allowed Leda to pick out a family movie. No matter how much we pushed her toward movies that Brock and I would be interested in seeing, she had to have the Max and Ruby DVD. Oh, believe me, if you had not heard of Max and Ruby, I'll fill you in with a post ALL it's own later this week! We found The Da Vinci Code for Brock and I (yeah, we hadn't seen it yet! Pathetic, I know.) We also decided that we would just watch Ratatouille when we got home and let Leda watch her Max and Ruby the next morning.

Then came the time to go ahead and check out. Turns out, they removed our membership from the computer because we hadn't used it in THREE YEARS! Luckily, it was easy to retrieve and we were on our way to dinner.

We got home and we made some popcorn and we watched Ratatouille. What a really good movie. It was funny and it was really well done. You could almost smell the food. Leda liked it, too! When it was over, off to bed she went and we watched the Da Vinci Code, which was good, but the book was better. I was excited to see that Angels and Demons was being made into a movie - that was a much better book!

Anyway, both movies were littered with French speaking people....actually, both movies were set in Paris, France. Well, Da Vinci Code started in Paris anyway. This has to be the only reason that everyone in my dreams last night spoke with a French accent. It was quite annoying. And a little bit frightening.

So, gonna not watch anything that has any French in it tonight. We'll see if any show up in my dreams tonight. Goodness, I hope not!

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