Thursday, March 30, 2006


Tonight, Brock and I got the biggest scare of Leda's short life. She fell down the steps.

Yes, you heard me. She fell down the steps. Those three steps I mentioned before that lead from the great room to the dining room. She fell down those steps.

How could she fall down those steps, that have a gate guarding the child from being able to access the steps in order to fall down them, you ask?

Some how, the gate didn't latch.

How could she fall down those steps when someone HAD to be watching her at all times, you ask?

Mama had to use the bathroom and Daddy was on the phone. Mama thought the gate was latched, as did Daddy, and she left the room for a quick relief break. Usually the room is secure enough to allow this to happen.

What I heard next I don't think I will ever forget...the thump, thump, thump of my child falling down those darned steps. I was to her before she started to cry, but to see my child lying at the bottom of those steps, in obvious shock at what had just happened to her, I mean, geez, how could those grownups possibly have let this happen to her? I will see that image for the rest of my life.

She cried, I cried, Brock fell trying to get to both of us. It was panic and chaos for the next few seconds...we checked all the limbs for any obvious breaks, looked to see that she had all her teeth, examined for any bleeding. Within seconds, the kid was tired of our examination, she pushed her way down to the floor and was off to play with the nearest toy, "da da"ing and "ga ga"ing and laughing through the tears left on her face. I broke down.

She's fine. Absolutely fine. A little bruise on the side of her cheek, but other than that, not a mark on her. We will never be so lucky again.

The gate, well, it takes us about three minutes now to close the darn thing, to make sure it's latched, ah, check again, okay, nope, check again.

Well, at least we got that out of the way. We were waiting for something to happen with those steps. We have no idea how it happened exactly, how she fell down the steps (on her butt or on her head - but we are pretty sure it was probably her butt), but we are pretty darn sure it's the grown-ups' fault. And, another reason to not take your eye off the kid! And, ALWAYS make sure that darned gate is latched!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Funny things Leda does...

In the past week or so, we've tried to give Leda mandarin oranges...they are small and delicious, but she won't eat them. She ate them once, she will eat oranges (regular ones) but she won't do mandarin any more.

In the past couple of days, we have given Leda her food in a bowl, and last night, Brock put her fruit in a small ramekin. I've always hesitated because I wasn't sure that the food wouldn't end up on the floor or else where, but she's been pretty good about it. And, she seemed to love it, like it was one more step to becoming an adult so she could get the heck outta here!

So, tonight, I put her mixed fruit (which she loves! Luckily they make it in natural juices so it doesn't have added sugar) in a ramekin and put 4 mandarin oranges on the top. The kid didn't even bat an eyelash as she pushed the mandarin orange out of the way to get to the good fruit at the bottom! She continued this effort, barely touching the oranges until she got to the bottom and she had to take them out to get to the last little pieces of good, she threw the oranges to the dog, who, surprisingly, ate them! I was amazed...the kid has excellent problem solving skills!

Needless to say, Mama will be eating the rest of the mandarin oranges. Thank goodness they are in natural juices and there aren't any added sugar!

Then, when Leda got to the end of the fruit, there was a little juice left in the bottom of the bowl...I went to throw out a paper towel and in the second that my eyes left her, she had picked up the ramekin and brought it to her mouth and drank the juice out of the bowl!!! Brock and I were stunned...barely a drop was missed. Brock was on the phone with a One Lap competitor, who got to hear how amazing our little girl is! And, don't you think I didn't think for one second that we could throw out the bottles and the sippy cups...the girl can drink from a cup! I promptly threw that idea out, I'm not crazy! But, the kid, she's amazing!

And, I wish I had taken a picture of the kid's face as she drank that fruit juice out of the ramekin as her father and I marveled at her ability to drink without spilling. I swear she rolled her eyes and said to the dog, "what, have they never seen anyone ever do this before??"

Search Strings...

Okay, I've mentioned the "largest cat" searches that end up here before. Well, lately, we've had some strange ones (searches, that is) end up here. And, we still get searches for largest cat!

So, lately, we've had:

Orange Elf (???)
having fun brock one? (Totally don't get this one)
cute cyndy spit (Don't even want to know)
jones beach jimmy buffett tailgating (well, this isn't strange, but made me feel bad since we aren't going :( )
Brock Seafood (which led Brock to think he should start posting recipes)
parenthood expereince (which alerted me to the fact that I completely forgot to spell check that day!)
baby + clingy + whiny + warm (which we have had our fair share of in the past 11 months!)
brock little today (??)

Now, doesn't it make you wonder, when you do a search, how your search might look to another?? Scares the bejesus out of me! ;-)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

11 Months!

Better late than never! I wrote this earlier today, just didn't get the chance to finish posting it until now!

11 Months today! One month to go until the Big 1!

Leda moved from infant to toddler this past month. She's been walking for over two months, but this past month, she's just looks and acts more like a toddler than an infant. She walks everywhere, she even walks in circles, stomps like she's dancing, dances! She's totally aware of her surroundings and attempts to get everywhere and anything she can! The remote and the phone are still always in her eyesight and if either becomes available to her, she's got em!
11 Months Old!
We are a gated community now! Every opening is either gated or door closed in order to keep Leda from getting into things she shouldn't. The bathroom fascinates her, and we really can't keep her out of there, since that's where she has to go to brush her teeth. She especially likes the trash can and the toilet paper roll...especially the toilet paper roll! She's fascinated by the cat, whom has made it a point to be a part of the family lately. We keep her far from Dela, who we can totally trust not to rip the kid (or the rest of the family) to shreds! One day, I will have to write about Dela!

This past month, eating has become a marathon event! The kid, she eats EVERYTHING! We are amazed at how much she eats these days. She must be going through a growth spurt because we just can't figure out where she's putting it! She loves her fruit, especially pineapples, which are a fruit we have had in our mixed fruit, but not separately until recently. She loves it! She loves black olives (but that was a given, considering the Yates family love of black's one of the things that proves she's a Yates!) She loves meat...especially hot dogs, but we actually found that she will eat chicken sticks recently! Yeah, another meat! She will eat all her meat before she'll touch a veggie...yep, another piece of proof she's a Yates! ;-)
We also gained two more teeth to eat with; two molars, one on the top and one on the bottom!! We've got two more about to come in on the other side too! Wow!

We've found out that she kinda understands "give us a kiss." If you say this, she will "hug" you! Close and very, very cute! She understands a lot of what we say now, not that she will always respond the way you expect. If you ask her to "come here," especially if she is doing something you don't want her to do, she will stop for a moment and give you a look like, "why, what for? Huh? Like, I ain't doin' anything here, just standing here looking cute. Geez, I never get to do what I wanna!" So she definitely knows when we don't want her to do something that she might be in the process of or on her way to do! Doesn't mean she'll stop though! (maybe I have an infant that became a teenager instead!!)

Leda loves to clap, especially when she's done something that we think is cute and make a fuss about it. She will reach up at you when she wants to be picked up. If she wants something that is not in her reach, she does a "gimme" gesture with her hands. She is starting to communicate with us in little ways, but it's kinda neat...when you have spent months trying to figure out what a little person needs or wants without help from said little person, it's amazing to finally get a sign from the kid to indicate what she wants! I can't wait until she can talk.

Speaking of talking, she does talk...all the time! She babbles all the time to us, to the dog, to her toys, when she goes down for a nap, when she wakes up in the morning. None of it make sense to us, but she sure does like holding conversations with herself. It's a little scary though, when the kid finally can talk to us in a language we understand, she may never shut up! ;-)

What an amazing 11 months. We've learned so much, and really, I think we learn more each month. Leda's a little person now. More so than she was two months ago, or four or six. She's got a personality that's so precious. She charms the pants off just about everyone. The next month will be amazing, to be sure, and one full of planning for a very special day 30 days from now!! Oh, and lots of family to visit with since just about the whole family will be visiting the Yates household over the next month (Not all at once, but pretty darn close! ;-) So, here we go, the countdown to ONE YEAR!! May it be as fun as the last 11!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

New Video

Posted at Yates Video Blog...two of em!

Not the best, but show the stomping that Leda has started doing...and not when she's mad (although, she does it then too!) Mostly, she does this when she's having fun!

It's cute!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

What I do (for work)

Not a whole lot yet!

Basically I am in training. My title is system integrator. I will be installing shipping systems. Lots of programming involved.

I am working for a friend, which is something I have done before and it worked out okay, so here's hoping this works out okay too! Steve and his wife Kate happened to go out to dinner and a show (the Poco concert) with Brock and I the day I was let go from my previous job and heard the whole sorted story about all the stuff that went down (yep, not gonna talk about it here in specifics - have learned the "blog about work" lesson from fellow bloggers, don't even care if I don't work there anymore.) Steve asked me to email my resume to him and a couple weeks later, here I am working for him. We had our discussion about being friends and working together and how we just need to stay in communication about everything to make sure that one relationship or the other doesn't end up in the pooper!

Anyway, started on Thursday (officially) and so far, so good. I am learning a lot, and there is a LOT to learn. Sometimes not so sure I am going to get it all learned in the short time (90 days) I have in probation, but I think I can handle it. Each day I get a little more confident that I am going to do a good job and that I won't embarrass Steve! ;-) Seriously, it's a daunting proposition, learning a whole new industry! And one that's not exactly easy!

Probably the toughest thing about starting this job is the 4 weeks I got to spend with Leda and now, back to evenings and weekends! But, I have to say, the greetings when I get home now are a lot more exciting than they were when I worked before! THAT is worth it!! ;-)

So, the next couple of months are going to be tough. I decided to make them tougher and more stressful by starting to exercise in the morning before getting the day started...gotta get rid of the baby fat! Decided against dieting and decided to punish my body by making it work for it! That should make it feel bad for getting into the shape it's in - Ha!

So, there you have it. What I do, in a nutshell. Hopefully, as I learn more, will give you more detail as to what I do! Enough to fill a coconut shell, how about that? ;-)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Leda and Lambykins...


Her favorite stuffed guy...sleeps with it, plays with it, cuddles with it. It's a lamb, we can't figure out what to call the thing. I am thinking of naming it Fred...easier than Lamb guy or Lambikins. Or anything else we can come up with (mostly, I call it her Lamb Guy! Can't wait until she can start naming her own stuff!)

Couldn't have happened to a better team....

T.O. is outta here! Yep, gone and forgotten!

Dallas has him now. I'm not gonna gloat yet (well, not too much just yet), but it couldn't have happened to a better team. Hope they have all the fun that we had. I just can't believe that the guy is gonna keep his antics in check or keep his mouth shut while in Dallas. But hey, he's learned apparently (that's what he said).

Someone else I am happy to be rid of...that darned Drew Rosenhaus...good riddance to him. I don't know who was more annoying, T.O. or Rosenhaus. As my grandmother would have said, "what a pistol!"

That's it...last post about T.O. (well, until I can truly gloat about his stint with the Cowgirls!) hehehe

Seriously, I wonder how Dallas fans are gonna welcome him!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Busy Week, Over

What a busy week. Lots of interesting things happened this week.

I started my new job on Thursday. Leda learned to walk up stairs this week! Not sure which one is scarier, but I am pretty sure I won't end up in the emergency room with my new job!

We have three steps (open) that go up from the living room to the dining room. We didn't have a problem before because we had Leda "barricaded" in the middle of the living room, she couldn't get to the steps. But she was really starting to out grow the area we had her in - it was getting harder to keep her in than just opening up the living room to her - so we did. So she started climbing up the stairs. She will watch to see what we will do while trying to climb up on the bottom step. I called Brock from work yesterday and he informed me she made it to the second step - standing on the second step. So, our eyes are now glued to the kid while in the living room!

She's quick, that kid...she RUNS! Not just walking - running! She's fast. You gotta be quick with her, because she moves. It's kinda scary. I kinda wish she didn't start walking so soon...for several reasons - one, we are on our toes at all times when the kid's feet hit the floor, and two, I don't have an infant anymore, I have a toddler...where did my baby go? At least other mother's have a little longer with their infants than I had! Geez!

Work is going to be hard...lots to learn...but I can probably safely say, I won't be bored anytime soon! I will explain what I am doing in a post later this weekend.

Brock and I topped off the week with a concert at the Keswick - Little Feat. I bought the tickets for Brock months ago - I figured it would be a good concert and I knew one or two songs, so it seemed like it would be a nice evening. Little did I know, it turned out to be on of the top concerts on my great concert list!

Wow. What a great concert. And, it turns out, I know a lot more Little Feat songs than I thought! (and yes, Dixie Chicken was one of the one or two I thought I knew!) It really was a great concert. Lots of jamming, but the jamming made sense, and really was fun to watch as well as listen to. And I now have a new favorite bassist! ;-) It really was good...I would suggest, if Little Feat comes to your town, go see was a fun time. We will definitely be seeing them again!

Leda went to spend the evening with our daycare provider at her house. First time we did something like that. Leda didn't go to bed on time...she went to bed just before we did! So, our kid was up until midnight! She did sleep on and off, but being a different place, she just didn't go to bed. She went straight to bed when we got her home and slept til 9 this morning!

Well, off to spend the day keeping the kid from climbing steps! Maybe doing a little exploring of the's sunny today, but not too warm, so we'll see!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Nature of the Yates property

We have a wonderful little piece of earth that we get to call our own. We've got a creek that runs between our property and our neighbors that flows into a used to be the local swimming hole many many decades ago, before it filled into be a little swampy on one end and probably about two or three feet deep at the other end. Not much for swimming, but the life that lives around the creek and pond is abundant.

In the 8 years we've lived here (yep...8 years at the end of this month), the creek and pond haven't always been full of life. There have been a year or two when the creek barely flowed and the pond actually dried up. In fact, there was the one year we went to bed with a pond and woke up without one! (the "plug" that was used to create the swimming hole finally rusted and fell off! The whole pond drained over night! I think we've got pictures of Brock and/or John (our next door neighbor) saving the hundreds upon thousands of tadpoles we had that year!)

In the past couple of years, probably the past two or three, Brock has been dumping 50-100 goldfish into the creek and pond. The idea was, if they took hold, the mosquito population would die off (yes, the one downside to the pond was the mosquito population was horrific if you got anywhere near the pond...and they pretty much surrounded the area enough that you ended up getting ate alive if you spend a little time outside after dark!) Last year we finally saw a school of goldfish that seem to be taking hold and living off what the pond and creek would supply. In fact, the fish got so big, we were just stunned...these aren't no $15 plus koi goldfish, these are little 10 cent feeder fish! We've got one about 12 inches long!!! It's pretty amazing.
Fish in the Pond
This year, over the winter, we started noticing that there were more than we thought in the pond. We gold ones and we got one or two that are more white than gold and a lot of black ones (they are the babies...goldfish are black/grey when they are born and turn gold as they get older - some of our bigger fish are a combo of gold and black...they are really pretty). Well, the dark ones are hard to see, unless they move around.

With the weather being so nice yesterday and today, we surveyed the pond and were seeing a lot of fish. Today, Leda and I saw HUNDREDS. And I ain't exaggerating. It appears that our fish have been VERY busy fish this winter, what with the trying to stay warm, and probably cuddling together, well, you know where that leads too! Yep, our fish have been having fish!

We figure there must have been about 30-40 fish at the end of last summer. Now, there are LOTS of little black fish that weren't there at the end of last summer!!!

I haven't seen any yet, it may be a little too early, but I am sure we will end up with lots of tadpoles and frogs. And the snapping turtle is probably hidden beneath the mud and guck at the bottom of the pond. That is if there's only one...we had two at one point! Don't like the snapping turtles (well, I don't....I saw one eat a baby duckling one year....Brock loves the turtles!)

And, we've snakes! Yep, I said snakes. I love snakes, as long as they don't attack me! ;-) Mostly they are garter snakes, but last summer I saw a big black snake hanging out near the creek. According to Brock, none are dangerous. Anyway, yesterday as we were hanging out by the creek, Brock and Duff when to go over the bridge and scared one away from the area of the bridge. The snake hung out in the creek while we were there. I took a picture...
Snake in the creek
Today, as Leda and I were making our rounds of the property, as we were on the McCarthey's side of the creek, we were about to cross the bridge when we saw this...
I was stunned...there must be about 7 or 8 snakes in this pile!!

The McCarthey's have a swingset just up the hill from this bridge where we found, at the end of the summer, a nest of garter snakes living under the slide. The assumption is, these are those same snakes hanging out now near our bridge!

Leda and I backtracked around the pond back to our side of the creek and I took a few pictures of the snakes as they swam away from me...
A few had already swam off...I'd say there are at least 3 or 4 in this picture.

We also have some ducks that frequent our pond in the mornings mostly. And not far from our house, at the reserviour, there are rumored to be 4 bald eagles nesting. We have geese in the area (thank god they don't want to live at our pond...they are messy...and mean!) We have a heron that sometimes comes and feeds on our fish (hopefully he will stay away or not eat all our fish!)

For an acre or two of land that we share with our neighbors, we have such an abundance of nature. Outside the creek and pond, we have a groundhog that hangs out once and awhile. We've got a cat that lives in the trailer park that comes over and hunts frogs...funny thing is, she doesn't eat them...she doesn't harm them at all. How do we know this? We caught the cat's owner one year returning the frogs that she would carry home to him to the pond! With nary a scratch on them, at that! Funny! We had rabbits, or we have them...we don't see them, but one year, one mother rabbit nested in our garden. Unfortunatly, the babies didn't make it because Duff probably scared the mother away and baby rabbits don't live without their mommy. It was sad, but another sign of nature sharing our home with us.

Then, there are the bane of Duff's existance...the squirrels! We have lots of squirrels that live on our property. In fact, we have known some of them since they were little babies! Duff is constantly chasing the squirrels out of HIS yard!

I love the spring time. As the days get warmer and the flowers start to poke through the ground, the life that we share our home with awakes from the long winter. It's uplifting! Even if we didn't really have that bad a winter...but when we do have a cold, long, and dark winter, it's really uplifting this time of year, when everything starts to wake up!

Leda reacts to the prices for a Jimmy Buffett Concert

She's dumbfounded!

Ticket prices...What????

Okay, seriously, $126 for a seat at a concert? Even a Jimmy Buffett concert. Seriously, you will pay $126 for the last seat in the last row at the Buffett concert in NJ.

There's something wrong with the cost of concert tickets. Considering that, what, maybe 50% of real people actually buy a ticket directly from ticketmaster...all the rest go to resellers who end up charging $200 bucks for a ticket on the LAWN that goes for $36 face value. Really, I would like to meet the people who will spend $200 to sit on the lawn with all the other crazies! And, if it rains...well, then is it really worth it????

So, for two people, you get two reserved seats, that's $260. Then you gotta get to the venue and park...probably gonna cost ya around 10-20 bucks...then you gotta eat...more than likely you'd tailgate, so you'd have to chip in....let's say you spend about $20 for food, and about $20 for alcohol (okay, $40 - this is a buffett concert!) Then you might get a drink/water while you are at the venue (remember, you can't take anything in, so you'll have to spend the money!) you will probably spend about $20 (for two) and you won't even get to keep the cap for the bottle of water - you drunks might through them at the performers or something - so you will have to hold the bottle until you are done, because you'll probably end up tipping it over if you put it on the floor! And, you might want a t-shirt to remind you of the evening, so thats $30 (you only buy one because you have no money left!) So, for two people to go see Jimmy Buffett, you will spend close to $400 (oh, and hey...that don't include the babysitter...that's gonna cost close to $100 because you are gonna go early to tailgate and you won't get home until late because it will take you at least 2 hours to get out of the parking lot!!!!) So...$500 later, you could have spent a weekend in New York!

Is Jimmy worth it? Sorta...I mean, he's a great performer and his concerts are always great. But the cost is just getting to be outragous. I think we might have to start saying no to Jimmy (I mean, I already say no to U2 and I love them!)

I guess we'll just have to get a few of our closest friends to come over, drink margaritas and play Jimmy CDs at full blast and get silly! It'll be cheaper!



Our friend Bob calls yesterday to inform us that Jimmy Buffett tickets go on sale today at 10...when do I remember to try and get the tickets???? At 10:08! Do you think I got any tickets????? Nope.

Not even one freaking Lawn ticket!

Just checked ebay and only thing I've found so far are lawn tickets going for no less than 100 bucks! Geez the darned things are 36 bucks face value!

The idea of no Jimmy Buffett this summer hurts! Hopefully Bob got some or we can get some for Jones Beach instead (if he schedules a date there, which I am sure he will!)

I just can't believe I totally forgot to get tickets! Geez, my brains are mush!

Friday, March 10, 2006

What is this look?

Don't know what this look is, but I like it!
Love this look!

70+ Degrees!

What a beautiful day today is...a little windy and a little cloudy, but warn enough we spent some time roaming the property. We saw a snake and we saw all the fish hanging out in the pond (they've been busy this winter...there's like 20 new babies!!)


Thursday, March 9, 2006


I am tired! It's amazing how tiring work can be when you haven't been working for a long time! I spent the day with my boss (it feels completely weird to call our friend Steve my boss) at a client at which the product the company installs was going live. It was very interesting! And tiring! But in a good way...and no, I am not saying that because it is completely possible that Steve will read this! ;-)

We had to go to Newark, NJ, which is a two hour ride easily. So up early in the morning. I had set the alarm for 6am in order to get up and get ready and, by chance, spend a few minutes with Leda before I left...she was going to day care today, so it wasn't like she was going to miss me too much, but anyway! Well, Miss Leda had other ideas! Up at 5:30 AM! Love my new alarm clock! ;-) Well, that makes for a long day! Off to Newark around 7:30am and wow, what a day! Okay, so I've had long days when I didn't get a chance to eat until I got home, but those days were SO long ago! It was actually not too bad! Learned a lot. Am looking forward to learning more (and how!)

Anyway, off until next Thur when I start in earnest. Will make sure to update everyone on what I will be doing once I get myself acclimated!

Leda also had an interesting day...she was pretty tired when I got home - she spent the day at day care and apparently is doing a little more teething today than normal...apparently decided to use two of the kids at day care as a teething ring! No one was injured for life...but our kid, she's biting! Hopefully she won't continue, however, she did try to bite me tonight too...not viciously, but probably just to teeth. Can't wait until this teething this is over! ;-)

Anyway, I know, a little disjointed tonight. I'm tired. Am going to put ER on and see if it's a new one that I will sleep through or if it's a repeat that I can turn off and go to sleep! 'Nite!

Monday, March 6, 2006

Yates Household Update

Well, we are all (relatively) healthy again. That's a marked improvement over this time last week!

Leda's been motoring all over the house these days. She's like a little freight train - running from room to room (well, between the hallway to the bedrooms, the dining room and kitchen) and picking up whatever she wants along the way! Mostly, that's whatever we give her, as there's nothing else within her reach - except the kitchen towels, which she has taken a liking to! For whatever reason, she pulls the down from their rung and flips them over her head and around her neck...kinda like she's putting on a cape. It's quite humorous!

Another interesting thing she has been doing the past couple of weeks is carrying cans of food around the kitchen and dining room. We've taken to allowing her full access to the upper part of the house when we are up there, usually making her dinner or our dinner. It allows her the opportunity to walk around a lot more (since we "cage" her in the living room...she's got plenty of room in the living room, and it's not really a cage, so don't go calling social services on me!) Anyway, there's a shelving unit in the corner of the kitchen and the shelf she can reach contains cans of veggies that we purchase for her. They are the small cans, so they are perfect for her little hands. She loves to pick them up off the shelf and carry them around! The other day, I was making dinner (yes, don't act so surprised, I cook!) and she picked up two cans and carried them to the dining room. A few minutes later, she came back for one more. I decided to go get the two she had in the dining room and couldn't find them...she had brought them back to the shelf, replaced them there and picked up another one. It was bizarre! Never saw the kid put anything back before! ;-) Of course, 5 minutes later, I stopped paying attention for 1 minute and she sat down to eat the dog's food (which so happens to be near this shelving unit of which I speak!). Don't worry, she only got so far as to pick the food out of the dish and start to raise it to her mouth before I caught on! (the dog standing there looking very confused raised my consciousness of the situation!) Well, anyway, that was the last that she was given access to that corner of the kitchen!

Mama's favorite picture from today!

The child, she has discovered books! We've had one or two that she's carried around or chewed on and every once in awhile she'll sit still enough for a page or two of a book (mostly, she just wanted to eat the book, not have it read to her.) Well, in the past week or so, she's wanted us to page through and read the books to her. And over, and over, and over, and over again! And, of all the books we gave her (all the board books, as she loves to rip paper!!!), I mean, of all 26 books strewn all over the living room floor...only three or four does she want read to her OVER AND OVER AND OVER again! In fact, it really was one book that she wanted read to her over and over again...I think I read that book 58 times this morning. It is now hidden under the couch cushion in order to save mama's sanity! Seriously, I love that she's so interested in the books. She even gives hugs to the little boys and girls in the books! It's quite funny!

Tonight, she was playing with one of the kitchen towels in the living room. She would drape it over her head so that her face was covered with it and go running from one side of the room to the other. The extraordinary thing was she never ran into anything...we were cracking up at her and she was laughing as she was doing this, and every time she put the towel over her face, she'd run from one side to the other without running into anything! She'd whip the towel off her head and giggle at us, and throw it back over her head and head off in the other direction. It was funny, and a little weird!

Leda bled this weekend! She was walking with her sippy cup in her mouth, tripped over something and fell on the sippy cup. She cut the inside of her lip, right above her upper teeth. I was just getting out of the shower when Brock brought her upstairs to investigate the bleeding (because there was a lot, or so it seemed!) She got over it a lot faster than I did, as all I wanted to do was check to make sure she hadn't lost a tooth. I think I actually had a flash back to when I was a baby and I knocked out my bottom tooth! I was terrified my child would spend the next 8 years without a top front tooth! Well, all for not...she's fine - no lost teeth (not even loose!) And, we had our first bleeding incident and no one passed out, died or over reacted (well, I did a little, but I think I explained myself!) Oh, and we got a good look at her first molar which only broke through a little less than a week ago and is fully in now! Wow!

This will be the last week and a half I will spend with Leda full time! Mama got a job! That's right, I will be gainfully employed starting the 16th. I will be working out of the house (which is nice). I'll get into more details after I start...I have a lot of training/learning to do over the next couple of months! Today, we didn't do so much, but I think we'll be spending some time over the next week or so doing some spring cleaning of the house. We've got lots of family descending upon the house in April and a big birthday bash to plan!

Mama's second favorite picture today!

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