Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ticket prices...What????

Okay, seriously, $126 for a seat at a concert? Even a Jimmy Buffett concert. Seriously, you will pay $126 for the last seat in the last row at the Buffett concert in NJ.

There's something wrong with the cost of concert tickets. Considering that, what, maybe 50% of real people actually buy a ticket directly from ticketmaster...all the rest go to resellers who end up charging $200 bucks for a ticket on the LAWN that goes for $36 face value. Really, I would like to meet the people who will spend $200 to sit on the lawn with all the other crazies! And, if it rains...well, then is it really worth it????

So, for two people, you get two reserved seats, that's $260. Then you gotta get to the venue and park...probably gonna cost ya around 10-20 bucks...then you gotta eat...more than likely you'd tailgate, so you'd have to chip in....let's say you spend about $20 for food, and about $20 for alcohol (okay, $40 - this is a buffett concert!) Then you might get a drink/water while you are at the venue (remember, you can't take anything in, so you'll have to spend the money!) you will probably spend about $20 (for two) and you won't even get to keep the cap for the bottle of water - you drunks might through them at the performers or something - so you will have to hold the bottle until you are done, because you'll probably end up tipping it over if you put it on the floor! And, you might want a t-shirt to remind you of the evening, so thats $30 (you only buy one because you have no money left!) So, for two people to go see Jimmy Buffett, you will spend close to $400 (oh, and hey...that don't include the babysitter...that's gonna cost close to $100 because you are gonna go early to tailgate and you won't get home until late because it will take you at least 2 hours to get out of the parking lot!!!!) So...$500 later, you could have spent a weekend in New York!

Is Jimmy worth it? Sorta...I mean, he's a great performer and his concerts are always great. But the cost is just getting to be outragous. I think we might have to start saying no to Jimmy (I mean, I already say no to U2 and I love them!)

I guess we'll just have to get a few of our closest friends to come over, drink margaritas and play Jimmy CDs at full blast and get silly! It'll be cheaper!

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