Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Getting Better

What a week it's been.

Leda seemed to be better by Thursday night last week, just in time for Brock and I to spend the overnight into Friday getting sick! I thought that in our marriage vows there was something about not getting sick at the same time? huh, guess I was wrong.

Friday morning Leda was good. Fine even. Ready to go and have a great time! Brock and I on the other hand were looking for someone to take her off our hands so we could die in peace! One babysitter was sick with the same thing, so off to the other babysitter she went.

Brock recovered better than I did. I actually went to bed at 7pm on Friday night. I think the last time I did that I was 4!

Saturday found Brock off to work for the weekend and me hoping that I had recovered enough to spend the day with an energetic child. Seeing as I got like 50 billion hours of sleep the night before, I was up at 6am to take a shower and get myself ready to go before she actually got up.

Leda and I hung out, played, went off shopping for a birthday present, as she had her first birthday party to attend the next day, took naps and then off to see our cousins Tommy and Michael Cunningham for a little while in the afternoon. Saturday night Leda seemed to be a little tired, and even seemed a little on the warm side, so I took her temperature and lo and behold, she had a little temp! So much for her feeling better. By 7:30 she had had a bath, some Motrin and was into bed. A few hours later her temp was normal.

Sunday morning we got up and everyone seemed fine. We hung out and played and then went to Sydney's third birthday party. It was held at a gym so the kids got to play in a Moon Bounce, run around a gym, play with balls, go over an obstacle course, and even play with a parachute! I had been feeling pretty well up to about 10 minutes before we got there. Nothing too bad, just a sour stomach, so getting in the Moon Bounce, that Leda insisted I do, wasn't exactly something I was looking forward to!

Leda had a blast! She loved the Moon Bounce, once she got over the initial nervousness. She bounced around and would go in and out (I think she liked sliding out of the thing more than she liked being in it!) When the kids started playing with the parachute, Leda didn't want to hold onto the edges and shake it, she wanted to get under it when the kids made it go up in the air! She was just having a blast!

After the party we came home and tried to get a little sleep - Leda had been doing well other than the fact that she really hadn't eaten much in the past couple of days. All of a sudden, the diarrhea kicked in! Oh yeah!

She finally got down for a quickie nap around 3 and by then the snow had started! When she got up from her nap (and I from my own short nap) we hung out and played until Daddy got home. We all had a little pizza for dinner and Leda started to feel a little warm, so the temperature got taken again and again it was a little elevated. And, there was a little cough that seemed to be coming into the picture too.

Off to bed went Leda, off to watch the Oscars went Mommy and sometime in the middle of the night we had another diaper that HAD to be changed. Also, a child with a slight fever and not quite wanting to go back to sleep, so Monday morning was no fun! Leda stayed home due to the fact she still had a bit of a fever and was a little congested. Mommy felt pretty awful too, but worked through it as much as possible.

Leda went to bed last night with a coating of Vicks vapor rub on her chest to help open up her little stuffed up nose. Poor thing didn't sleep all too well over night, but woke up this morning with no fever/temperature and in good spirits. Off to day care she went and she's doing much better (a little runny nose and a little cough, but tons better than she was yesterday).

So, hopefully we have all recovered from our various illnesses/ailments from the past week and we are all getting better.

Well enough for Leda to enjoy her favorite food for dinner - "Ketchup!"

Leda's Favorite Meal

Thursday, February 22, 2007

More testing!

Well, we thought that we had finished with the 24 hour bug - apparently it just took off the last 24 hours and it's back again! Leda woke up early this morning and promptly threw-up on me.

We're taking a sick day (sorta, do still have a little work to do!) and will be visiting the doctor later.

Hope this goes away soon! Hope neither of the grown-ups get it. Even as Brock is saying he's not feeling good (but he's half hypochondriac anyway! ;-)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The day that tested Mommy's gag reflexes

Let me tell you how lucky we have been.

Leda has thrown-up once in her life. She apparently threw-up in her bed probably just before waking up (at least we hope so) and Brock had pretty much cleaned everything up before I woke due to the fact that I am a sympathy vomiter - if you get sick, I get sick, especially if I see, smell or hear it!

That was probably about a year ago.

Yesterday, Leda got sick.

And not once, not twice, but pretty much all day.

Poor thing.

I think I handled it pretty well, considering the fact that Brock tried to make it into a "positive" experience for Leda, and making funny throwing up noises and faces. During dinner. Yes, I was truly being tested - and not only for a gag reflex but for the don't-kill-the-husband reflex, too.

Brock really dealt with most of the gross stuff (thank goodness). He even had Leda going to the bathroom to use the toilet once or twice. Around dinner time she seemed better so we gave her some applesauce - bad move! That came up too. So I called our next-door neighbor doctor (that is SO convenient) and he suggested nothing but fluids, little at a time, and sent over some Gatorade to help keep her hydrated since just about nothing would stay down.

The next two hours she seemed fine, a little lethargic and tired, even falling asleep in my arms. She woke up around 7:30 or so and we decided maybe it was time to get into PJs and maybe go to bed. I put her down and she seemed ready to go to sleep. I was a little concerned that she might have a fever that we needed to treat, so I called our next-door neighbor doctor again who promptly told me to stop taking her temperature and giving her a little Motrin would be fine. So I went back in and prepared to give her the Motrin. She took it in and promptly projectile vomited in my general direction!

I handled it just fine, thank you!

We cleaned her up and she climbed into bed with Mommy for a little while. She fell fast asleep after awhile I put her in her own bed. She was a little fitful through the night, but sleep through and woke up feeling just fine this morning! Very thirsty, but just fine.

So, hopefully it was just one of those 24 hour bugs that has worked it's way out of her system. And hopefully the rest of us don't get it! And I am feeling a ton better about having to deal with this type of sickness. Not that I want to deal with it ever again, but now I know I can comfort my vomit-soaked child without getting sick myself. What a relief!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Been to the festival

Yesterday Brock, Leda and I joined Rachel, Calean, Tristan, Granddad and Fay at the Irish and Scottish Festival in KofP. Leda and I did this last year, this year Daddy joined us!

We went to see Calean's Daddy Nick play in his band Rathkeltair . We love Rathkeltair! I highly recommend if they play in your area that you make an effort to catch them live. And, if you have an Irish Festival in your area, go have fun - it's a blast! Us Irish know how to through a party! ;-)

Leda was having a lot of fun running around and dancing with her cousins. Especially Tristan, who runs EVERYWHERE! Leda would just run right after him. It was quite a workout for the adults!

There was GREAT music and some funnel cake and pretzels and ice cream and Guinness! (not for the kids, although Leda did get her finger in mine once or twice. What can I say, she's Irish, it's in her blood!) ;-)

We got to say hi to Nick and watch his old band Seven Nations play a few songs before we headed home with the group to meet Uncle Wayne and have a nice dinner made by Brock! Leda had so much fun and completely collapsed when we got her into bed after everyone left!

Of course, there would be lots of cute pictures, if I had remembered to bring the camera! Oops!

It was a great day. We had lots of fun! I think Leda really loves her cousins!

Today, the Daytona 500 and a bunch of guests to join us for the festivities! Daddy's making some chili and black bean soup! So we'll all stay warm while watching the race! Hope ya'll are doing something to stay warm and enjoy the day today!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


We can actually have a conversation with our child now.

Well, not a conversation that will solve the world energy crisis or anything, but a conversation none-the-less.

All that complaining I did when she couldn't/wouldn't say my name - I will not say that I wish she would stop because no matter how annoying the "Mom-Meeeee, Mom-Meeee, Mom-Meee, Mama!" is, it's still the most beautiful thing that has come out of her mouth!

She's not too easy to understand all the time, but every once in a while, she will say something that is so clear, your heart just soars, because you are communicating with the most precious thing on earth!

We sit at the dining room table and draw or play with Play-doh. She is insistent that WE draw her a baby, a mommy and a daddy. And, then the baby needs a bottle! Over and over again, we are implored to draw this family for her. With the Play-doh, we are asked to create a baby and a bottle, which she will use to feed the baby. She will also ask for a blanket for the baby - nite-nite, baby! It's very interesting, she will play with the clay and draw on the paper, but is always asking us to do the honors! She loves to have her hand traced!

She's very maternal. She is always feeding her babies, wrapping them up in blankets. She will give everyone kisses - Duff, babies, her bear, Mommy and Daddy. She's even started to make "kissy" sounds she gives us kisses.

She can open the sliding door to the patio (something that scares me a bit). She can't close it though, and we have at times found the her sitting on the couch and the door slightly open and the dog outside. I watched her one night as she tried to let the dog out! Now, if she could just close the door behind him! Brock found her this morning trying to put a leaf that the dog had dragged in the house outside again! Something she's seen me do a thousand times!

And, the second most wonderful word has finally made an appearance - "yes"! How I love that word! It sounds more like "ges" but it makes a big difference in our lives! When we ask Leda something that we know the answer is yes, she actually says yes!

It's amazing. You can go for days, weeks not noticing the little subtle changes in your child and one day, it hits you. You are talking to your child. Your child is conversing with you. Your child is mimicking you. Your child is letting the dog out!

Seriously, it is amazing. She's just amazing. And I just love her.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

First REAL Snow of the season

Of course, the weather people started hyping this thing up over a week ago. Made us figure we were in for a MAJOR snow storm. As usual, got my hopes up just to be dashed by Sunday night when they starting scaling back the storm to a little snow and ice.

But Brock and Leda made it out into the snow today. I took the pictures from my new office window with the telephoto lens...not the best, having to deal with a dirty window as well as a storm window that could use some cleaning as well, come spring.

Enjoying the Snow

Still, it is our first significant snowfall of the season.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Chicks Rule!

Dixie Chick's performance from last night's Grammys (where they kicked butt!)

Was putting Leda to bed so I missed this performance. Luckily I saw this in person. Awesome!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Dude, I just saw the Police on TV and all I can say is we are SO going to their concert if and when they tour!

And, Wow, Sting is looking good! Stewart Copeland ain't too shabby either. I never did have a thing for Andy Summers, but he looked pretty good too.

They had so better tour!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Super Weekend

Leda and I had a girls weekend this weekend. Daddy had to go off to work for the weekend, so it was just the two of us!

What fun we had. We went book shopping on Saturday (I can't believe I walked out of a book store with one book for me and 5 books for Leda! I so have to do better next time!) Leda had lots of fin. This was her first time in the bookstore NOT in a stroller - she got to walk through the kids section and pick out any book she wanted. (Maybe this is where I went wrong! hehe) She had a blast. She got a Curious George book ("monkey!") and her Aunt Aimee's favorite book, "Big Dog, Little Dog" and a book about messy rooms and a book about the Luck of the Irish (being that she is Irish, and St. Patty's day is coming up here soon) and her favorite book, a music button Backyardigan's book. One of those books where you press a button and it makes noise - yep, one of those books - and it doesn't just have ONE button, or TWO buttons, or even THREE buttons! Nope, this one has something like 15 trillion buttons that make noise! (okay, more like 15 buttons, but you get the picture!)

Leda saw the book and had to have it! She loves the Backyardigans (as long as Mommy isn't singing the theme song!) So she picked it off the shelf and I figured, sure, why not. Then, I saw the price - THAT'S why not! 16 bucks for a kids book!!! My book has many more pages and was cheaper! But do you think that there was any way I was going to get that book back on the shelf and Leda out of the book store without a fuss? I mean, come on, there is a reason they put these high priced books at eye level for the kid in the section that is THE FURTHEST FROM THE ENTRANCE! That's right, so you HAVE to buy it so that you don't look like the worst mommy in the world as you lead your screaming underprivileged toddler through the whole store to leave! Yes, I fell for it!

Oh well, at least the kid has her first set of non-board books! She was very good at paging through the books without ripping the pages, so I let her get them. And, she's been very good about them since they came home. So, if we are lucky, we won't have shredded $16 kid book all over the living room floor!

The rest of the weekend consisted of us trying to stay warm and sane! It was cold this weekend so there was no outside play (Saturday we took the dog for a quick walk...only could spend about 5 minutes outside!) We had to find things to do inside to keep us busy and Mommy sane. I drank so much imaginary tea this weekend, it's no wonder I didn't sleep very well on Saturday night! All that imaginary caffeine!

Yesterday we headed over to the Durham's for the Super Bowl. Leda had lots of fun playing with Paige. We only stayed until just past half time, which means while we were there, I actually thought the Bears might have a chance! I found out better when I got home! Oh well, can't win them all! And it wasn't such a bad thing to see Peyton Manning win the big one. Besides, I can at least say that I picked da Bears way back in the beginning of the season and stuck with them - and they got to the Super Bowl! Maybe I'll get really lucky and the Eagles will do even better next year! ;-)

All in all, it was a Super weekend. We are looking forward to a busy weekend coming up - Leda will be moving into a big girl room next Sunday! (yeah, did you REALLY think that was going to happen in January? Come on now!) Just a little more trim to paint and the room is ready to be moved into! Not sure yet if Leda will be in a 'big girl bed' as she hasn't crawled out of bed since she fell out of it a few weeks back. Although, she has climbed INTO bed (tonight - the side rail was down to facilitate this!) We'll have to see about that!

Leda was cute this weekend - Multi-tasking...having a banana snack AND drawing at the same time!

Talking on the phone with Daddy...
Talking to Daddy on the phone

And tonight, she climbed into the laundry basket, took her blanket and covered herself up and pretended like she was sleeping. Too cute!
Leda in a basket

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Music is good for the soul

Brock and I had a night out last night. One of Brock's Christmas presents (sorta - bought the tickets months before Christmas).

We headed out to the Keswick Theater to see David Bromberg Big Band. Brock has been wanting to see David Bromberg since we found out he stops at the Keswick at least once a year.

We had dinner at what is becoming our favorite place to eat in Glenside - Plush Lounge. The food is good, the atmosphere is cool - just a nice place to eat dinner before a show. There are a bunch of restaurants near the Keswick, but so far, we've been quite happy with Plush. And, they take reservations, so no waiting and hoping you get a table in time to eat and catch the beginning of the show!

We made the show in plenty of time to catch the opening act. I don't know why, but I wasn't really expecting a lot out of last night. The opening act blew.me.away! The Angel Band is a group of three ladies who sound so awesome together. They are backed by a few of the members of David Bromberg's band (as well as David Bromberg). I was really impressed by this band. They harmonized beautifully together and the music was really awesome.

Not knowing a whole lot about David Bromberg et al, I was surprised to find out that most of the performers last night were from the Philadelphia/Wilmington DE/Lehigh Valley area. They all did this area proud last night. I told Brock that their CD was mine before I left the building and just after the Angel Band departed the stage, I headed out to the Lobby to purchase my CD and, as luck would have it, the ladies were there to sign my copy and I was able to tell them how their music really moved me.

The David Bromberg Big Band was a lot of fun. A bunch of guys who apparently really enjoy making music together. Some blues, some rockabilly, some bluegrass. And, something I don't think I have ever seen before, a clarinet solo! It was really good and we had a lot of fun. Had me wishing that I had continued with the violin when I was in elementary school (if my mother could have standed it!). Seriously, I wish I had been a bit more diligent about learning an instrument and keeping with it. Yeah, I played flute for many years, but haven't touched it since I left high school. I wish I had learned to play guitar back when I was a kid. I finally got one a few years ago (the year before Leda) and I took some lessons when I was pregnant (until my belly got too big!) I haven't really had a chance to get back to it. Now that Leda's getting a little more independent, I might have to try and pick it back up.

Last night was a good evening of good food, good company and good music. It was good for the heart and soul. And, I recommend that everyone check out the Angel Band. They have clips from their CD on their website as well as some full songs for download. Let me warn you about "Lydia" - a very beautiful song, but very sad!

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