Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Getting Better

What a week it's been.

Leda seemed to be better by Thursday night last week, just in time for Brock and I to spend the overnight into Friday getting sick! I thought that in our marriage vows there was something about not getting sick at the same time? huh, guess I was wrong.

Friday morning Leda was good. Fine even. Ready to go and have a great time! Brock and I on the other hand were looking for someone to take her off our hands so we could die in peace! One babysitter was sick with the same thing, so off to the other babysitter she went.

Brock recovered better than I did. I actually went to bed at 7pm on Friday night. I think the last time I did that I was 4!

Saturday found Brock off to work for the weekend and me hoping that I had recovered enough to spend the day with an energetic child. Seeing as I got like 50 billion hours of sleep the night before, I was up at 6am to take a shower and get myself ready to go before she actually got up.

Leda and I hung out, played, went off shopping for a birthday present, as she had her first birthday party to attend the next day, took naps and then off to see our cousins Tommy and Michael Cunningham for a little while in the afternoon. Saturday night Leda seemed to be a little tired, and even seemed a little on the warm side, so I took her temperature and lo and behold, she had a little temp! So much for her feeling better. By 7:30 she had had a bath, some Motrin and was into bed. A few hours later her temp was normal.

Sunday morning we got up and everyone seemed fine. We hung out and played and then went to Sydney's third birthday party. It was held at a gym so the kids got to play in a Moon Bounce, run around a gym, play with balls, go over an obstacle course, and even play with a parachute! I had been feeling pretty well up to about 10 minutes before we got there. Nothing too bad, just a sour stomach, so getting in the Moon Bounce, that Leda insisted I do, wasn't exactly something I was looking forward to!

Leda had a blast! She loved the Moon Bounce, once she got over the initial nervousness. She bounced around and would go in and out (I think she liked sliding out of the thing more than she liked being in it!) When the kids started playing with the parachute, Leda didn't want to hold onto the edges and shake it, she wanted to get under it when the kids made it go up in the air! She was just having a blast!

After the party we came home and tried to get a little sleep - Leda had been doing well other than the fact that she really hadn't eaten much in the past couple of days. All of a sudden, the diarrhea kicked in! Oh yeah!

She finally got down for a quickie nap around 3 and by then the snow had started! When she got up from her nap (and I from my own short nap) we hung out and played until Daddy got home. We all had a little pizza for dinner and Leda started to feel a little warm, so the temperature got taken again and again it was a little elevated. And, there was a little cough that seemed to be coming into the picture too.

Off to bed went Leda, off to watch the Oscars went Mommy and sometime in the middle of the night we had another diaper that HAD to be changed. Also, a child with a slight fever and not quite wanting to go back to sleep, so Monday morning was no fun! Leda stayed home due to the fact she still had a bit of a fever and was a little congested. Mommy felt pretty awful too, but worked through it as much as possible.

Leda went to bed last night with a coating of Vicks vapor rub on her chest to help open up her little stuffed up nose. Poor thing didn't sleep all too well over night, but woke up this morning with no fever/temperature and in good spirits. Off to day care she went and she's doing much better (a little runny nose and a little cough, but tons better than she was yesterday).

So, hopefully we have all recovered from our various illnesses/ailments from the past week and we are all getting better.

Well enough for Leda to enjoy her favorite food for dinner - "Ketchup!"

Leda's Favorite Meal

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