Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The day that tested Mommy's gag reflexes

Let me tell you how lucky we have been.

Leda has thrown-up once in her life. She apparently threw-up in her bed probably just before waking up (at least we hope so) and Brock had pretty much cleaned everything up before I woke due to the fact that I am a sympathy vomiter - if you get sick, I get sick, especially if I see, smell or hear it!

That was probably about a year ago.

Yesterday, Leda got sick.

And not once, not twice, but pretty much all day.

Poor thing.

I think I handled it pretty well, considering the fact that Brock tried to make it into a "positive" experience for Leda, and making funny throwing up noises and faces. During dinner. Yes, I was truly being tested - and not only for a gag reflex but for the don't-kill-the-husband reflex, too.

Brock really dealt with most of the gross stuff (thank goodness). He even had Leda going to the bathroom to use the toilet once or twice. Around dinner time she seemed better so we gave her some applesauce - bad move! That came up too. So I called our next-door neighbor doctor (that is SO convenient) and he suggested nothing but fluids, little at a time, and sent over some Gatorade to help keep her hydrated since just about nothing would stay down.

The next two hours she seemed fine, a little lethargic and tired, even falling asleep in my arms. She woke up around 7:30 or so and we decided maybe it was time to get into PJs and maybe go to bed. I put her down and she seemed ready to go to sleep. I was a little concerned that she might have a fever that we needed to treat, so I called our next-door neighbor doctor again who promptly told me to stop taking her temperature and giving her a little Motrin would be fine. So I went back in and prepared to give her the Motrin. She took it in and promptly projectile vomited in my general direction!

I handled it just fine, thank you!

We cleaned her up and she climbed into bed with Mommy for a little while. She fell fast asleep after awhile I put her in her own bed. She was a little fitful through the night, but sleep through and woke up feeling just fine this morning! Very thirsty, but just fine.

So, hopefully it was just one of those 24 hour bugs that has worked it's way out of her system. And hopefully the rest of us don't get it! And I am feeling a ton better about having to deal with this type of sickness. Not that I want to deal with it ever again, but now I know I can comfort my vomit-soaked child without getting sick myself. What a relief!

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