Saturday, February 3, 2007

Music is good for the soul

Brock and I had a night out last night. One of Brock's Christmas presents (sorta - bought the tickets months before Christmas).

We headed out to the Keswick Theater to see David Bromberg Big Band. Brock has been wanting to see David Bromberg since we found out he stops at the Keswick at least once a year.

We had dinner at what is becoming our favorite place to eat in Glenside - Plush Lounge. The food is good, the atmosphere is cool - just a nice place to eat dinner before a show. There are a bunch of restaurants near the Keswick, but so far, we've been quite happy with Plush. And, they take reservations, so no waiting and hoping you get a table in time to eat and catch the beginning of the show!

We made the show in plenty of time to catch the opening act. I don't know why, but I wasn't really expecting a lot out of last night. The opening act! The Angel Band is a group of three ladies who sound so awesome together. They are backed by a few of the members of David Bromberg's band (as well as David Bromberg). I was really impressed by this band. They harmonized beautifully together and the music was really awesome.

Not knowing a whole lot about David Bromberg et al, I was surprised to find out that most of the performers last night were from the Philadelphia/Wilmington DE/Lehigh Valley area. They all did this area proud last night. I told Brock that their CD was mine before I left the building and just after the Angel Band departed the stage, I headed out to the Lobby to purchase my CD and, as luck would have it, the ladies were there to sign my copy and I was able to tell them how their music really moved me.

The David Bromberg Big Band was a lot of fun. A bunch of guys who apparently really enjoy making music together. Some blues, some rockabilly, some bluegrass. And, something I don't think I have ever seen before, a clarinet solo! It was really good and we had a lot of fun. Had me wishing that I had continued with the violin when I was in elementary school (if my mother could have standed it!). Seriously, I wish I had been a bit more diligent about learning an instrument and keeping with it. Yeah, I played flute for many years, but haven't touched it since I left high school. I wish I had learned to play guitar back when I was a kid. I finally got one a few years ago (the year before Leda) and I took some lessons when I was pregnant (until my belly got too big!) I haven't really had a chance to get back to it. Now that Leda's getting a little more independent, I might have to try and pick it back up.

Last night was a good evening of good food, good company and good music. It was good for the heart and soul. And, I recommend that everyone check out the Angel Band. They have clips from their CD on their website as well as some full songs for download. Let me warn you about "Lydia" - a very beautiful song, but very sad!

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