Thursday, February 15, 2007


We can actually have a conversation with our child now.

Well, not a conversation that will solve the world energy crisis or anything, but a conversation none-the-less.

All that complaining I did when she couldn't/wouldn't say my name - I will not say that I wish she would stop because no matter how annoying the "Mom-Meeeee, Mom-Meeee, Mom-Meee, Mama!" is, it's still the most beautiful thing that has come out of her mouth!

She's not too easy to understand all the time, but every once in a while, she will say something that is so clear, your heart just soars, because you are communicating with the most precious thing on earth!

We sit at the dining room table and draw or play with Play-doh. She is insistent that WE draw her a baby, a mommy and a daddy. And, then the baby needs a bottle! Over and over again, we are implored to draw this family for her. With the Play-doh, we are asked to create a baby and a bottle, which she will use to feed the baby. She will also ask for a blanket for the baby - nite-nite, baby! It's very interesting, she will play with the clay and draw on the paper, but is always asking us to do the honors! She loves to have her hand traced!

She's very maternal. She is always feeding her babies, wrapping them up in blankets. She will give everyone kisses - Duff, babies, her bear, Mommy and Daddy. She's even started to make "kissy" sounds she gives us kisses.

She can open the sliding door to the patio (something that scares me a bit). She can't close it though, and we have at times found the her sitting on the couch and the door slightly open and the dog outside. I watched her one night as she tried to let the dog out! Now, if she could just close the door behind him! Brock found her this morning trying to put a leaf that the dog had dragged in the house outside again! Something she's seen me do a thousand times!

And, the second most wonderful word has finally made an appearance - "yes"! How I love that word! It sounds more like "ges" but it makes a big difference in our lives! When we ask Leda something that we know the answer is yes, she actually says yes!

It's amazing. You can go for days, weeks not noticing the little subtle changes in your child and one day, it hits you. You are talking to your child. Your child is conversing with you. Your child is mimicking you. Your child is letting the dog out!

Seriously, it is amazing. She's just amazing. And I just love her.


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