Monday, February 5, 2007

Super Weekend

Leda and I had a girls weekend this weekend. Daddy had to go off to work for the weekend, so it was just the two of us!

What fun we had. We went book shopping on Saturday (I can't believe I walked out of a book store with one book for me and 5 books for Leda! I so have to do better next time!) Leda had lots of fin. This was her first time in the bookstore NOT in a stroller - she got to walk through the kids section and pick out any book she wanted. (Maybe this is where I went wrong! hehe) She had a blast. She got a Curious George book ("monkey!") and her Aunt Aimee's favorite book, "Big Dog, Little Dog" and a book about messy rooms and a book about the Luck of the Irish (being that she is Irish, and St. Patty's day is coming up here soon) and her favorite book, a music button Backyardigan's book. One of those books where you press a button and it makes noise - yep, one of those books - and it doesn't just have ONE button, or TWO buttons, or even THREE buttons! Nope, this one has something like 15 trillion buttons that make noise! (okay, more like 15 buttons, but you get the picture!)

Leda saw the book and had to have it! She loves the Backyardigans (as long as Mommy isn't singing the theme song!) So she picked it off the shelf and I figured, sure, why not. Then, I saw the price - THAT'S why not! 16 bucks for a kids book!!! My book has many more pages and was cheaper! But do you think that there was any way I was going to get that book back on the shelf and Leda out of the book store without a fuss? I mean, come on, there is a reason they put these high priced books at eye level for the kid in the section that is THE FURTHEST FROM THE ENTRANCE! That's right, so you HAVE to buy it so that you don't look like the worst mommy in the world as you lead your screaming underprivileged toddler through the whole store to leave! Yes, I fell for it!

Oh well, at least the kid has her first set of non-board books! She was very good at paging through the books without ripping the pages, so I let her get them. And, she's been very good about them since they came home. So, if we are lucky, we won't have shredded $16 kid book all over the living room floor!

The rest of the weekend consisted of us trying to stay warm and sane! It was cold this weekend so there was no outside play (Saturday we took the dog for a quick walk...only could spend about 5 minutes outside!) We had to find things to do inside to keep us busy and Mommy sane. I drank so much imaginary tea this weekend, it's no wonder I didn't sleep very well on Saturday night! All that imaginary caffeine!

Yesterday we headed over to the Durham's for the Super Bowl. Leda had lots of fun playing with Paige. We only stayed until just past half time, which means while we were there, I actually thought the Bears might have a chance! I found out better when I got home! Oh well, can't win them all! And it wasn't such a bad thing to see Peyton Manning win the big one. Besides, I can at least say that I picked da Bears way back in the beginning of the season and stuck with them - and they got to the Super Bowl! Maybe I'll get really lucky and the Eagles will do even better next year! ;-)

All in all, it was a Super weekend. We are looking forward to a busy weekend coming up - Leda will be moving into a big girl room next Sunday! (yeah, did you REALLY think that was going to happen in January? Come on now!) Just a little more trim to paint and the room is ready to be moved into! Not sure yet if Leda will be in a 'big girl bed' as she hasn't crawled out of bed since she fell out of it a few weeks back. Although, she has climbed INTO bed (tonight - the side rail was down to facilitate this!) We'll have to see about that!

Leda was cute this weekend - Multi-tasking...having a banana snack AND drawing at the same time!

Talking on the phone with Daddy...
Talking to Daddy on the phone

And tonight, she climbed into the laundry basket, took her blanket and covered herself up and pretended like she was sleeping. Too cute!
Leda in a basket

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