Sunday, February 18, 2007

Been to the festival

Yesterday Brock, Leda and I joined Rachel, Calean, Tristan, Granddad and Fay at the Irish and Scottish Festival in KofP. Leda and I did this last year, this year Daddy joined us!

We went to see Calean's Daddy Nick play in his band Rathkeltair . We love Rathkeltair! I highly recommend if they play in your area that you make an effort to catch them live. And, if you have an Irish Festival in your area, go have fun - it's a blast! Us Irish know how to through a party! ;-)

Leda was having a lot of fun running around and dancing with her cousins. Especially Tristan, who runs EVERYWHERE! Leda would just run right after him. It was quite a workout for the adults!

There was GREAT music and some funnel cake and pretzels and ice cream and Guinness! (not for the kids, although Leda did get her finger in mine once or twice. What can I say, she's Irish, it's in her blood!) ;-)

We got to say hi to Nick and watch his old band Seven Nations play a few songs before we headed home with the group to meet Uncle Wayne and have a nice dinner made by Brock! Leda had so much fun and completely collapsed when we got her into bed after everyone left!

Of course, there would be lots of cute pictures, if I had remembered to bring the camera! Oops!

It was a great day. We had lots of fun! I think Leda really loves her cousins!

Today, the Daytona 500 and a bunch of guests to join us for the festivities! Daddy's making some chili and black bean soup! So we'll all stay warm while watching the race! Hope ya'll are doing something to stay warm and enjoy the day today!

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