Saturday, March 18, 2006

Busy Week, Over

What a busy week. Lots of interesting things happened this week.

I started my new job on Thursday. Leda learned to walk up stairs this week! Not sure which one is scarier, but I am pretty sure I won't end up in the emergency room with my new job!

We have three steps (open) that go up from the living room to the dining room. We didn't have a problem before because we had Leda "barricaded" in the middle of the living room, she couldn't get to the steps. But she was really starting to out grow the area we had her in - it was getting harder to keep her in than just opening up the living room to her - so we did. So she started climbing up the stairs. She will watch to see what we will do while trying to climb up on the bottom step. I called Brock from work yesterday and he informed me she made it to the second step - standing on the second step. So, our eyes are now glued to the kid while in the living room!

She's quick, that kid...she RUNS! Not just walking - running! She's fast. You gotta be quick with her, because she moves. It's kinda scary. I kinda wish she didn't start walking so soon...for several reasons - one, we are on our toes at all times when the kid's feet hit the floor, and two, I don't have an infant anymore, I have a toddler...where did my baby go? At least other mother's have a little longer with their infants than I had! Geez!

Work is going to be hard...lots to learn...but I can probably safely say, I won't be bored anytime soon! I will explain what I am doing in a post later this weekend.

Brock and I topped off the week with a concert at the Keswick - Little Feat. I bought the tickets for Brock months ago - I figured it would be a good concert and I knew one or two songs, so it seemed like it would be a nice evening. Little did I know, it turned out to be on of the top concerts on my great concert list!

Wow. What a great concert. And, it turns out, I know a lot more Little Feat songs than I thought! (and yes, Dixie Chicken was one of the one or two I thought I knew!) It really was a great concert. Lots of jamming, but the jamming made sense, and really was fun to watch as well as listen to. And I now have a new favorite bassist! ;-) It really was good...I would suggest, if Little Feat comes to your town, go see was a fun time. We will definitely be seeing them again!

Leda went to spend the evening with our daycare provider at her house. First time we did something like that. Leda didn't go to bed on time...she went to bed just before we did! So, our kid was up until midnight! She did sleep on and off, but being a different place, she just didn't go to bed. She went straight to bed when we got her home and slept til 9 this morning!

Well, off to spend the day keeping the kid from climbing steps! Maybe doing a little exploring of the's sunny today, but not too warm, so we'll see!

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