Monday, March 27, 2006

Funny things Leda does...

In the past week or so, we've tried to give Leda mandarin oranges...they are small and delicious, but she won't eat them. She ate them once, she will eat oranges (regular ones) but she won't do mandarin any more.

In the past couple of days, we have given Leda her food in a bowl, and last night, Brock put her fruit in a small ramekin. I've always hesitated because I wasn't sure that the food wouldn't end up on the floor or else where, but she's been pretty good about it. And, she seemed to love it, like it was one more step to becoming an adult so she could get the heck outta here!

So, tonight, I put her mixed fruit (which she loves! Luckily they make it in natural juices so it doesn't have added sugar) in a ramekin and put 4 mandarin oranges on the top. The kid didn't even bat an eyelash as she pushed the mandarin orange out of the way to get to the good fruit at the bottom! She continued this effort, barely touching the oranges until she got to the bottom and she had to take them out to get to the last little pieces of good, she threw the oranges to the dog, who, surprisingly, ate them! I was amazed...the kid has excellent problem solving skills!

Needless to say, Mama will be eating the rest of the mandarin oranges. Thank goodness they are in natural juices and there aren't any added sugar!

Then, when Leda got to the end of the fruit, there was a little juice left in the bottom of the bowl...I went to throw out a paper towel and in the second that my eyes left her, she had picked up the ramekin and brought it to her mouth and drank the juice out of the bowl!!! Brock and I were stunned...barely a drop was missed. Brock was on the phone with a One Lap competitor, who got to hear how amazing our little girl is! And, don't you think I didn't think for one second that we could throw out the bottles and the sippy cups...the girl can drink from a cup! I promptly threw that idea out, I'm not crazy! But, the kid, she's amazing!

And, I wish I had taken a picture of the kid's face as she drank that fruit juice out of the ramekin as her father and I marveled at her ability to drink without spilling. I swear she rolled her eyes and said to the dog, "what, have they never seen anyone ever do this before??"

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