Sunday, March 19, 2006

Couldn't have happened to a better team....

T.O. is outta here! Yep, gone and forgotten!

Dallas has him now. I'm not gonna gloat yet (well, not too much just yet), but it couldn't have happened to a better team. Hope they have all the fun that we had. I just can't believe that the guy is gonna keep his antics in check or keep his mouth shut while in Dallas. But hey, he's learned apparently (that's what he said).

Someone else I am happy to be rid of...that darned Drew Rosenhaus...good riddance to him. I don't know who was more annoying, T.O. or Rosenhaus. As my grandmother would have said, "what a pistol!"

That's it...last post about T.O. (well, until I can truly gloat about his stint with the Cowgirls!) hehehe

Seriously, I wonder how Dallas fans are gonna welcome him!

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