Monday, March 20, 2006

What I do (for work)

Not a whole lot yet!

Basically I am in training. My title is system integrator. I will be installing shipping systems. Lots of programming involved.

I am working for a friend, which is something I have done before and it worked out okay, so here's hoping this works out okay too! Steve and his wife Kate happened to go out to dinner and a show (the Poco concert) with Brock and I the day I was let go from my previous job and heard the whole sorted story about all the stuff that went down (yep, not gonna talk about it here in specifics - have learned the "blog about work" lesson from fellow bloggers, don't even care if I don't work there anymore.) Steve asked me to email my resume to him and a couple weeks later, here I am working for him. We had our discussion about being friends and working together and how we just need to stay in communication about everything to make sure that one relationship or the other doesn't end up in the pooper!

Anyway, started on Thursday (officially) and so far, so good. I am learning a lot, and there is a LOT to learn. Sometimes not so sure I am going to get it all learned in the short time (90 days) I have in probation, but I think I can handle it. Each day I get a little more confident that I am going to do a good job and that I won't embarrass Steve! ;-) Seriously, it's a daunting proposition, learning a whole new industry! And one that's not exactly easy!

Probably the toughest thing about starting this job is the 4 weeks I got to spend with Leda and now, back to evenings and weekends! But, I have to say, the greetings when I get home now are a lot more exciting than they were when I worked before! THAT is worth it!! ;-)

So, the next couple of months are going to be tough. I decided to make them tougher and more stressful by starting to exercise in the morning before getting the day started...gotta get rid of the baby fat! Decided against dieting and decided to punish my body by making it work for it! That should make it feel bad for getting into the shape it's in - Ha!

So, there you have it. What I do, in a nutshell. Hopefully, as I learn more, will give you more detail as to what I do! Enough to fill a coconut shell, how about that? ;-)

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